Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jack Pot !!!

Man.. did I have fun... I fixed us a good dinner. But we wanted dessert and I didn't make any tonight. So, since Jerry is looking for anti sway bars to pull the camper with, I suggested we try the auto place just down the road from us, and Walmart. 
I sat in the van while he went in to the auto place.. looks like we are in for an adventure to find these things.  as well.
Next stop is Walmart... I never can seem to go in there and just pick up what I went in for... Jerry headed back to automotive and camping  It was a long shot and we knew it. Nope, no sway bars there.
I, on the other hand, didn't make it much past the front doors.  there were 5 carts with signs on the handles. all items. .50 .
And by the time I got to the last cart they were bringin out more stuff... and Jerry was coming down the front isle for me.  I ended up with over 40 items from the carts.  Beads, clasps, scrapbook stickers, calendars, doll kits, apron kits,  stencils, and Now I can't recall what else.. I was in pure bliss.  Oh yeah,, some ribbons.  I don't know why she put it all in 5 bags, I reduced it down to 3. now to find a place to keep it and keep the kittens out of it. THAT will be the challange.
Bits and pieces of things that I use for my own crafting at 50 cents. I just couldn't pass that up.
Billie C.


Don't build your happiness on someone else's unhappiness.
Richard Rose

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April said...

I got my swaybars from craigslist.org. Makes a huge difference in the pulling!