Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Evening

Whew.. what a weekend.
I just lazed away most of yesterday.. it was cold, rainy and nothing much to watch on the tv. Even the dogs slept most all day long.
then.. well. Jerry called at just a bit after 5pm.
He was on his way home.
with the tools in the back of the van.
after just three weeks on this job.. yikes. no wait.. don't panic
He's to go to work Monday in New Albany. It's only down the road a bit.
So... today we..
got up
wasted  time until Ryan's opened
Wasted as in looked up Geocaches in New Albany
Ate breakfast at Ryan's.
did I mention we had the dogs with us?
Drove out toward New Albany,
got lost.
Jerry was giving directions to the job site.. Guess what.. not the right ones.
at end of ramp turn right. go to light, turn right. past two cemeteries. See a place to turn around, because Jerry knows it's the wrong way.
Turned around at a blue road sign. you know the kind. the ones that are history related. This one is about the Mississippi blues Trail.
go back the way we came.
stopped at a gas station for Jerry to ask directions.
I made a pit stop. the dogs barked at everyone
Got back in the van.
drove on down the road to the other side of New Albany.
found the job site.
drove out the way we came in.
stopped at Walmart to put the numbers for three caches into the GPS.
Turn right.... turn leftt... turn left turn a tight right. drive down the road a litte. stop !!! back up!!! Wow.. we are beside the river. and close to one of the three geocaches we had entered into the gps. but the gps says it's over .3 of a mile away.
leave out the way we came in.
went under the interstate.
turn right, turn right again.. get in the right turn lane.. go into the park.  park
hum.. leave the dogs or take them with us.. leave them.
A nice little walk. past one,... two.. no wait. three disk golf stations. the path is near a road right here. and a pallivian. the gps points to the Pallivian.. no it points past it across the road. cross the road. stand at the largest phone pole facing north
look over my left shoulder. that's where the cache is suppose to be.
Jerry walks over then, then walks off. ?  ?? ????? a small path looks to be right there.
I go to the path. and right there, in the fork of a tree, is the cache.
sign and date and then re-hide were I found it.
Back to the van. another nice walk. we can see a bridge,, but Jerry says it's not creasote so it's can't be the right bridge. I see where the road we crossed starts at as we walk back to the van.
get in the van.
drive back the way we came. turn left.
follow said road until it ends. and pass the second mark on the gps.
turn the van around
park the van, get out. walk toward the bridge
look on the left
look on the right.
look on the left again.. under the girders, in the rocks. around the trees. it's slick and slippery and we dont want to look under the bridge, to hard to get to, right now.
look on the right side again... still no luck.
we looked for 20 minutes then gave up.
walk back to the van get in.
drive back to where we were before. the right turn, left turn. right turn.. and this time we get out and walk the trail.
We looked along the trail.
we looked around the benches
we looked in the trees.
I found a great tree to hide one in, a nice large hole at the base of the tree, but it's not there. So far we have found one out of three stops.
Back to the walmart.
enter in numbers.. what the ??? says it's over 50 miles from us.. no way
enter again.. same results.
I get out my laptop, turn it on. and give jerry the same numbers again.. still says far away.. wait.. remove a few old waypoints.
ah ha.. now it says it's less that 3 miles from us.
We drive back down the hiway. to the first exit for New Albany
left turn.. first light- left turn. park across the road from that same blue sign we turned around at, this morning.  Church is just getting out. and we are trying to find this small geocache at the base of the sign. I'm reading the sign out loud to Jerry while he's looking for the geocache. People are coming out of the church.. Um. how to put this politely. It's a predominately African American church. We are looked at "funny". I'm still reading the sign out load, Jerry is acting like he's listening to me, while he's still looking for this cache. After 10 minutes we give it up.  found 1 for 4 now.
Oh, I did say "Good Morning" to a couple of people and they even asked if we were doing ok or did we need any help.
One young man walked past us very nicely dressed and I had to wonder what he wore to school. he sure looked great in that suit.
Back in the van.
enter in one more set of numbers.
back to the highway
back toward Tupelo. Get off the highway in Sherman
following the GPS, turn in on a road behind the "Welcome to Sherman" sign.
walk around the fence to the sign.
GPS shows it near the back corner.
We looked all around that sign, up on the sign, down on the ground. in the foliage. behind the sign in the foliage. along the fence line.. we are now 1 for 5 and it's time to head back home.
take the dogs home, giving them walk before we put them in kennels. that is Jerry walked while I took another potty break myself.
Jerry's potty break
time to do our shopping for the week.
back in the van.
go to the store.
spend $75
take it home in 7 bags. two of them filled with cola's.
The man who packed these bags has no idea what he's doing and I thought the man who did it last week was bad, right??
Banana's in with a cola. Frozen in under box goods. milk in with a couple of boxes as well and tipped over.  Man it's to the point I'd rather bag up my own stuff.
take it home.
put it all away in less that 10 minutes.
eat a sandwich for lunch (it's 2pm)
oh wait, we need to go to walmart, again.
forgot to pick up ink so the printer will print out our tax papers.
for some reason it won't print a grey scale if It's out of color ink. first time I've had that happen.
So we get the ink and we pick up a box of remain soup when we pass it as I recalled we only have two packs left at the house.
oh, yeah.. better get "Office" envelopes to mail the tax papers off in.
Stop for gas on our way home. 
back home.
clean up the small messes the kittens made while we were gone.
sit a spell
then get up and make dinner. only we are both not really hungry for chicken ad it's what I had down. I'll boil the chicken breasts in some water and turn it into soup or dice up the meat for a couple of lunch meals later this week for me.
Still hungry but don't know what we want to eat. so we are trying bits and draps. tossing ideas at each other then saying , naw, that's not what I want either.
And to think, I have to drive with Jerry on Wednesday cause I'll need the van, so the dogs can be fixed.
Billie C.

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