Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For Today... March 15, 2011

The Ides of March. A good friend of mine was married on this day, long ago. I've lost touch with her over the years, though. I miss her.
Good Morning... Yeah, I'm late in writing this up, today. I went back to bed after seeing Jerry off to work and taking the dogs out to potty. My tummy is still not what it should be, but it's getting better. Jerry said he's is not so good either so maybe it's something we ate over the weekend. Who knows for sure, right?
It's going to be another cool, dark and dreary day. When we go out tomorrow it's going to look a whole lot different, that's for sure. Have you ever noticed that, in spring you have a few days that just drives you to stay inside and then, a nice great day to be outside and everything has changed? the leaves have popped out on the trees and the flowers are all in bloom and the birds are singing in all the trees and .. well, you get the idea.  It just takes those two to three days of not going out and looking around for things to happen.
I've already gotten half the camper straightened up for the day. Yesterday, I had to remake Jerry's bed three times from where the kittens played under the edges of his blankets that were hanging over the edge of his mattrise. his are lighter than mine are and they will also slid easier as well.  Today, I don't have them as far over the edge as they were yesterday. I put a small bowl of kitty food on the back counter for the kittens. yea, I had to put a couple in Kitty jail for a few minutes, but now they are figureing it out that they don't get treats for kitty jail. They are setteling down for the day now. and all will soon be fast asleep. later today, I have to rinse out both kennels.
I wanted to let you know, I made a compaint at our local Walmart this past weekend. With 4 kittens we go through a lot of kitty litter. I buy the large bucket of the stuff. I have a use for the buckets so I don't regret that at all.. but I can usually slide one off the middle shelf into my cart as it's the first thing I pick up. Well... this time no way !!! All of the 35 pound buckets were over my head, on the top shelf. I know these shelfs can hold a lot of weight but really.. are you sure it's rated for over 15 bukcets that each weight over 35 pounds.. and all over head, and all double stacked? I had to have help getting one off the shelf.  I said I wanted to make a compaint about it. and the gal who helped me said just one minutes and I'll get you someone.  And she did, he was walking past just as she was calling for him. He wanted me to tell him. I said, "No, follow me and I'll show you."  I took him the few steps over to the shelf and asked him "Just how stupid is this. to have all these buckets over head, double stacked for someone of my height of only 5ft 3 inches tall?  on the middle shelf were the lightweight single stacked cloth small pet carriers. Really !! either put the heavy stuff on the bottom or middle shelf, not over head. I'm not suppose to lift heavy stuff down from over my head and I'm sure a lot of other people are the same way. I said it's a safety issue as much as a convience issue. It's just pure stupid to have heavy stuff over 4 foot off the floor.
he and the man with him, said they'd look into it.  IF I find it still stacked on the top shelf like that. I'll shop elsewhere, even if its' going to cost me more, because that just shows they don't take safety serious enough.
Outside my door ... dark, drab and dreary. looks like rain but it's not raining. our high today is to be in the mid 50's and overnight low in the upper 30's.  I like tomorrow forcast much better. high in the mid to upper 60's, and only partly cloudy.
The dogs ...
 Are healing well. Still a bit brused and sore but getting a bit more playful as well.. with the occasional "oops" look if they do too much. Macon is much more playful than Rocky even before and he wanted to play yesterday. Rocky came close to me, so I'd get Macon to leave him alone, then turned and tackled Macon.. not fair. so I let them have a few minutes of rough play, then called them both to heel. Just a burst of pent up energy. I hope to walk off any extra energy this afternoon with the dogs.
The Kittens ... are still trying to terrorize the camper. but not as much as they are realizing that it's not fun to be pent up all together in the kennel. They now have to sleep in it at night because they won't stay out of things.
My Pets are good for me.
My dogs make sure I get up and walk 4 to 5 times a day. Otherwise I would spend all my time sitting and messing around on the comptuer. I don't to anything special with the computer. I don't have a job, nor do I sell stuff from it. It's just a good toy for me.
the kittens make sure I bend over time and again.. straightening up rugs, or picking up things they have moved.

Kittens are so easy to entertaiin
A paper bag on the floor, A pinch of catnip.. will last for about 3 days before the bag is so far gone to hold any shape anymore.
A string tied to a door handle.  A while back I found a hay string while walking the dogs and, knowing what they do to mower blades, Picked it up. Brought in home and forgot I had it in my pocket.. until I started wearing that jacket again in the cold mornings. tossed it on the floor, and took the dogs out.. when I came back, the kittens had it in the kennel. which was ok. but the other day, I was cleaning and it was in my way. so I tied it the door handle and it's been there every since and the kittens play with it. In a way, it helps sharpen (or is that dull) their claws and I'll eleave it there until it's just a nub of string. I will pick up more of those hay strings next time I come across them while walking the dogs.  protects the mowers and gives me kitty toys.. a win win sistuation.
From the kitchen... I bought a small slice of ham this past weekend and I'm thinking of cutting it in half. It's more than enough for two servings. I think I'll also fix some rice with it. Of course we will have salad and I'm not sure on dessert yet. Maybe some sugar free pudding.
I am hearing... The View, on the tv. Man.. are they ripe today. Talking about the bad, horrible joke another comiedian said, Glenn Beck and now The Batchlor. I don't watch Batchlor, so I don't know what's happning on it. Don't care either as I find that to be gossip. Agree that the joke was in very bad taste, expecally if your from Japan. and wish I had seen that Glenn Beck show. to know just what it was he said and compare it what he was saying a couple of weeks ago.  I like watching Glenn Beck as I tend to talk back at him. Either agreeing or not to a point he's trying to make.
I am wearing... Dark grey sweatpants and a black top. Depressing.. maybe. Warm, yes.
I am reading... I'm up to chapter 13 in "the Greatest Knight". Not too thrilled with Chapter 12 but it wasn't too graphic in details. I was sad, to read about the baby though.
I am thinking... It's wrong to tell a bad joke about Japan, but it's also wrong to get fired for telling such a joke.. as much as it's wrong to protest at a funeral, but it's allowed anyway.. I'm seeing a law suit in the makings, I'm sure.
I am thankful for... The ability to say what I want when I want. But I'm also Thankful for the ability to know when it's appropeate to do so, and when it's not. I'm also thankful for the morals  that allow me to know that's it's just wrong to say things just cause I can, and not worry about how my words may hurt someone else at the time.
Billie C.


"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood." – Marie Curie

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