Monday, February 13, 2017

ebruary 13

I hope you are doing well.
We are have some very warm weather. Chattanooga made it to 73 yesterday, and broke the high for the day that was first set in the late 1890's.  Today we are going to be in the mid 50's.. That's jacket weather.  it's nice and sunny out so I might get out my wagon and move a few twigs and small branches over to the fire pit this afternoon.
I don't know what flowers are around the trees here. Almost all the trees have a ring of  rocks around them so I am guessing that they may have flowers, as well. I might scatter some fower seeds around the trees in a couple of weeks. to help add intrest.. and long the rock wall
I worked on two crafts last week. I posted a video on YouTubeof the first one. You can watch it here. 
The other craft I worked on, is sanding some wooden boxes. I thought I would be able to finish one before my Oldest grand daughter's birthday this week, but now I'm doubting that. But that's okay. There will be other times I can give it to her that will be just as special. And now I am thinking I need another box, one for her brother, as a treasure keeper box.  when I finish the box for GD, I'll post a picture of it. 
I started a crock pot of vegetables for some Egg Rolls and ran out of room for some of them. I want to finish that up early this week. What doesn't go into the Egg Rolls I can eat for my lunches this week.
I posted a few "Selfies" to face book. I am thinking I may have to step back from posting things to face book for a while. Things "Political" are getting to me. There shouldn't be this much drama and angst Three Weeks after the President has been sworn in.

Billie C.

Friday, February 10, 2017


I can't give details just yet... and I'll be praying every day for this to happen for my older daughter but when It's ofical you all will be the first to hear it from me.
Praying she does so well in the next few weeks that she Wow's every one with her news.  She so needs this.
She's got this. I know she does. She's been working so hard for this to happen. It's her time to Shine!!!!
Billie C.

February 10, 2017

 I am trying to keep my blog up to date.
I've been working on keeping the camper straightened up even when I don't feel like it. I need to sort through more stuff and send some to storage until I am more ready to work on it
I did go through two tubs this week. One is Christmas things. Some of those things were from way back in 2008. Some things that I made were still in very good shape
There are Aquarium, flat sided marbles held together with glitter glue. I think I need to find some Red ones next time I'm at the Dollar Tree Store.. and other colors as well for a nice mix of all colors.
I think my camera lens is a bit dirty.. or I'm just not good at taking pictures.. anyway. This is one of those Cinnamon and Glue ornaments I made in 2008.  The rest had either clumped together or crumbled.   I still like making these.  I had found some I made a few years after I made this one and kept one in the truck until Jerry found it and tossed it. It still smelled good.
I had also sorted through a box of "Holiday" stuff and only found one Valentines Day item. I know I have more decorations but I can't recall where they are now. 
Here are all the Earrings I wore in January. Yes, I ended up skipping a few days, and on those that have only one earring in a square, look next to it and you will find it's mate. I wore them two days in a row.
This is Today's Selfie. I post "Selfies" to my Facebook.   I'm not vain or self centered. I just thought that my kids would like to have a few pictures of me.

Billie C.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Monday after Superbowl 51

We missed the game.. Not that I minded that. But it does sound like it might have been a good game. Of course, I heard all about it on the morning news, before leaving the house this morning to take the rest of our laundry to our daughters home to get it done while Hubs is taking the car to get the starter replaced... and it took us over 1/2 an hour to get it to start this morning and he had to walk to the parts store for some starting fluid.
Daughter and the kids were just headed out their door when we got to her home to do a bit more laundry
I'm going to do a bit of straightening up in the bathrooms to help Daughter out. They are not in bad shape, but a good sweeping and picking up of a few things will help out. The kids are, well... kids.  So use to Mom picking up and doing that they don't see that they are leaving a mess for someone else to clean up.. I feel a bit sorry for when they move out on their own and discover that their dirty clothes will stay in the middle of the bathroom floor until they pick them up and deal with them on their own instead of them "Magically" putting themselves into the dirty clothes hamper to be washed by that "Magical" machine in the other room. Now, I can't say all that much. I waited until each of our three were in their tweens before really getting on them about picking up after them selves  and then really getting on them to do the daily stuff like dishes, cooking, laundry and just in general, picking up after they were done with stuff. I was not and still am not a 'Clean Freak'. 
I looked into the kids rooms... of course the boy's room is typical of any 9 yr old boy.  Not impossible but sure could use his attention in there. He sleeps out in the living room as does his sister so the rooms are almost more like "office" for them.. a place to keep the things they are not needing at the moment.  Her's looks much neater but at going on 13, it should. 
I admit, I spent more than I should have at the store before going to their home yesterday.  I had already made up my mind to cook or at least provide, dinner..but when the roast that Hubby brought me was way too small for 5 people and way too much ($12) I asked him to put it back and get me two pounds of burger instead. He bought the "good" stuff at 93% lean... it was just over $7 but it sure went a lot further than that roast would have gone. And So, burger, two cans of Beans in a Chili sauce, two cans of diced tomatoes and two packets of Chili seasoning and we were set. Since it's her kitchen and she was home. I just had Daughter put it together. She said her Chili never comes out very good.. I do wish I had thought to get an onion but then Hubby might not have eaten it if he knew there was 'real" onion in it.(He's funny about onion) Still, it turned out very well and there isn't any left for today. Of course the boy didn't want any chili but he never eats much of what I cook anyway and she got him a small pizza instead... he'd not been feeling well for two days so I'm surprised he ate that, but it's one of the "go to" foods for him.
The "Flu" is going around the schools and I am doing what I can to keep from getting it since I wasn't able to get the shot this past fall. The county north of ours has closed schools for today and tomorrow because of the Flu and I'm in hopes it stays up there and not come down here. If it does, I may end up staying at Daughters for a few days to help care for the kids while she's at work. I  can do that. WE will see. Hubby hasn't been feeling well for a couple of days so his missing today might help him get over it without having to call in sick. He had already arranged to have today off, to get the starter on the car replaced. We have the starter, he just can't get the old one off so the new one can go on. There is an auto shop 1/2 a block away that said they can put it on the rack and do that for us. Don't know how much that is going to cost yet. Depends on how much they charge for shop time any more.
My "Craft Project" for this week is to find all the cards I have kept and put them in a binder, in page protectors, and use them for ideas to make my own cards with. I have found Christmas Cards, Thank You cards, Thanks for being my friend cards and a couple of cars I can't remember when they came in but are cute so I kept them.
I have two other projects I want/need to work on.  The Soon to be 13 years old Grand Daughters' birthday is next week and I have started her a recipe box two years ago, putting in recipes that I thought she might like to have. I sat here at their table last light and went through her recipe book and wrote down all "Her" recipes so I can print them onto index cards and put into a wooden recipe box. But the box needs to be finished before I give it to her and I think I now know what I'll be doing to it. I'm going to find pictures of the family and use some mod podge and cover the box with them. But first I need to get some sand paper and go over it to make it smooth.
I also want to make a Mouse pad for her. I have the cork, I just need to go through all my papers and see if I can find one with peace signs on it. I want to make one for myself, as well.. and If I can find the paper I am thinking of, I'll make one for her brother to use. Either "leather" or Steal Plating" paper. That would be very "Male" for him, I think.

Billie C.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feb 2 2107

Hello. I know, I know... I am not keeping up with my blog at all.
(SIGH) I am trying to though.
January went well.
We got rain. We got a lot of rain. We got so much rain that the creek behind the campground got very high. But the good news is it didn't get out of it's banks.
I'm not sure why there is this "cut out" to the creek. but this is how high the water got. Only another foot or more and it would have been out of the banks.
(not sure if this picture is going to turn sideways when I post this, or not)
I have a lot of earrings. They are about the only jewelry I wear. I set up some fun foam "Pages" to keep the ones I have worn on.
Notice the Red, White and Blue ones? I wore them on the 20th, for when Mr Trump became President Trump.
I set out to make 5 cards, I made this one..
out of all these stamps, I had to settle on just which ones I wanted to use.. and I had already sorted through all my stamps to get down to these for makiing 5 cards. I still have 4 to go, plus 5 more for this month.
I posted a few selfies of myself on Facebook. as well as the earrings of the day.
The dogs have been sleeping a lot. They usually do in wintertime.
We had a few nice days that I was able to have the door open and on those days, they took turns looking out the door or sleeping in the one spot of sun shine that came in through the door.
We replaced the pillows we sleep on and the dogs are not allowed on them. I've been keeping the dogs off the bed and the couch as much as possible. I need to wash the blankets and hope to do that soon.
Hubby had to make a stop at Lowe's on his way home one night and asked if there was something I wanted. I told him, Succulents. He brought me plants. I transplanted them out of the store pots into a terra cotta pot and have them on the dining room table so I can see them all the time and remember to water them often. He also got me some Bamboo that I asked for. I need to get a taller, wider pot to transplant them into. I want to look up and find out if I can propagate more bamboo from a leaf.
I am ashamed to say that I had this for over a year before I mended it for my grand daughter. I still need to put it in the mail back to her.  I think I'll use a small Express Mail box and get it out this weekend if Hubby doesn't have to work on Saturday. I need more stamps, as well and will pick those up when I send out the box.