Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Luck. or lack of .

We just don't seem to be having any good luck right now. Well we do have some good luck. Jerry loves his job here. But, we were driving around a bit on Friday, mainly to get the dogs out of the room for a bit, when the car blew a head gasket. There was a lot of water in the oil. After stopping at a garage that was closing for the night, all three determined that the car was not worth fixing. It did get us back to the motel room, with the dogs. (So that counts as good luck, with a lot of prayer thrown in as well) But now Jerry had to rent a car.. and when we called Beth to ask if we've gotten anything in the mail for the Goverment.. oh yeah.. you did... Our check went to her place. (our address we used on our forms) because there was some problem with the numbers to route it to our checking account. So, at least we know where the check is.. and she sent it to us, now it's in our hands ( US Post cost her $4 for the fast service.) Jerry bought burgers for dinner on his way home from work last night since I don't want to keep putting the dogs in a kennel in the 2009 Impala he's rented. (yeah, it's a NICE car) Of course the dogs are not happy with not getting a ride in the evening. Tonight Jerry is going to go check on a truck and van we spotted in car lots over the weekend. That is, if they are open that late. We have the car until Saturday.. and Friday is only 8 hours instead of 10 so he'll have some time to look on Friday evening as well. But we had other plans for that money. Once we get it cashed, I have to pay property taxes on the farm in Missouri. So that's going to cut down how much we have for a down payment. I don't know if I want the van or the truck more. The van has more room, of course, but I still want to pick up an RV this fall if possible and we will need a place to put the toolbox when we head down the road.

I've had the dogs out three times so far this morning.. first time was a quick pee run... and a trip the the medium strip for one to poop. The second trip was longer, and involved a rope, but it ended up stopping rather quickly as well... the third trip was longer and we still took the piece of rope with us again.. and now I have two dogs sleeping in kennels.. I can only hope they stay that way until noon.

Today's plans are to straighten up the room and remove some files from my comptuer this afternoon, and not get out another net card until around 3.. this one will be up around 10:45 so I need to send this in and then get back to reading emails I need to deal with right away.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We got here and Jerry is now working. He loves his job. The motel we are now in, is on the small side but is pet friendly. We did do some driving around over the weekend to learn the lay of things around here. It's a collage town. Plenty of shopping. We ended up by the collage and it was cool. the football stadium is huge. We miss all the channels we were able to watch in GA. I do wish there was more on tv than the 7 sports channels and 3 news stations ... tnt, usa, cbs, abc and nbc.... that's about it, here. I did some price shopping on line last night... I can hope we can afford a RV before fall.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hump Day

Hello. Tuesday morning, around 9:30, Jerry got "A" call. was he working? The answer was no, he was looking for a job. He's called this same job 5 time in the last 4 weeks. Ok.. let me check on something and I'll call you back. At around 10 am, another call... Are you still looking for work. "Yes" let me check with someone else. I'll call you back. (confusion here, you bet) at 10:45, another call. Did you get a call? Yes.. ok, let me check on something and call you back again. By now we don't know to laugh or cry. We don't know for sure if we are staying or going or what. Tuesdays are a strange day to get a job call, I think.. Then, at about 1 pm. we got "The" call.. can you be here by 7 am tomarrow?

Talk about rushing around. We had to get a rental truck. Pack it up, Call Aarons to come get the furnature we rented. Make a mail drop, turn back in the internet access modem (cost us to turn off the service, what's with that??) pack it all up, and leave. We had everything either in the truck or in the car by 6:45. waited and waited for Aarons to show up (didn't) talked to the neighbor about selling the tv. he called the landlady's son. He was suppose to call his mom, but didn't. Bubba caught her as she drove in from her store and told her we were packed and ready to go.. which was a shock to her. She knew Jerry was laid off and job hunting. She gave us $70 she had on her and said the rest of the asking price, should cover the power and gas bill we hadn't paid yet. Jerry wasn't pleased with so little but it wa all she had on her. And we don't have to worry about the bill and the house was left reasonbly clean. I even scrubbed the stove top. left 4 bags of trash on the back porch.
We left a little after 9 pm and got here around 3 am. I had to make 3 "Pit" stops along the way. We fell into bed and got up around 5:30 this morning. got dressed and went two doors down to the waffle house for breakfast. The prices are higher here than they were in Forsyth by about a doller. I had a waffle and two eggs, scrambled. Jerry had meat lovers breakfast. They kept asking if I wanted more than coffee, waffle and eggs.. Nope that was more than enough... I don't usualy eat that early in the morning but I was hungry. My sugar reading was in the low 200's. High but not bad considering I had eating that waffle. My after noon reading was back down in the low 130's. Now, I'm waiting for Jerry to call me and let me know he's on his way back to me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Monday

It's been a long, rainy day in Georgia. I got a phone call from Polk County Police. Someone has been in to my fathers' property. I have never been to the place so I am no help at all. I was told a couple of wood clamps, a saw (Maybe 2) and a boat moter was missing. I have no idea of any thing that would be there or not there. Jerry's phone didn't ring all day long. He did look up flights just in case I have to head back to Missouri. One way isn't too bad, but that would leave him taking care of the pets and if he got a phone call, packing up everything and going to the next job without me. So we still have no idea what we are going to do, yet. Apparently the officer also had my 1/2 brother's phone number and he would know more since he lives closer, and has been to Dad's place a few times. Funny.. I had to look up an email address and found I still had his email address, I just wrote him today, asking if he knew our Dad had passed. I forgot I even had that addy. I have a place I can stay in MO which isn't too far (couple hours drive) from Dad's home, but I would have to use the van we left with our daughter. She sleeps days and works night so it wouldn't be that hard a thing to get for the day. I just would have to be back to her place before 9 pm. it couldbe worked out, if we "have" to. I still havn't heard from the court or his lawyer. I just don't know how the officer got my phone number in the first place.

otherwis it's been a quiet day of t.v. watching.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Plans

Easter Plans, or rather lack of. We picked up Jerry's meds and cat food from Walmart. We then spent around $50 at the grocie store for 4 to 5 days worth of meals. No plans for Easter outside of fixing a Ham slice, some potatoes and a salad for dinner. No kids here, and I don't have family close enough to go visit. Beth plans on sleeping most of the day. Heather is planning the day with friends and I havn't heard from David yet.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well, we are 8 days into April and I don't have much to write. Jerry is still job hunting. We don't have any plans for Easter this year. And all my craft stuff is packed up, waiting for us to move. Rocky, Macon and Kelly are all doing fine. We've had some rain, some cold nights and some sunshine. My life right now, is boring.