Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22, 2017

It's Spring!!!
And the weather is Spring Like. We had some strong winds last night and after the worst was over, I took the dogs out for their last potty of the night, I discovered that the Trash Can was missing. I had to ask Jerry to get me a flash light so I  could try to hunt it up. I was afraid that it might have gone into the creek and if it had, I would never had found it. I found it half way between the other side of the driveway and the Creek. The bags of trash were also scattered and I picked them up. They were in the can but were not heavy enough to keep that can from blowing over and rolling away from the front of the camper.
(These pictures were taken on Monday, the day before the storms came through)

See that tree over there, the second to the right of the dish? the  trash can way behind it. The largest bag of trash just at the edge of the grass and two smaller bags were over where that tall stuff is to the left.   


It was a nice, warm bright day on Monday and even Tuesday was warm before the storm. The trees are still not leafed out yet.  Some are, The Cottonwoods have dropped their blossoms and now have leaves and the Tulip Popular's have also bloomed then dropped their flowers and have new leaves on them. But the rest of the trees are still no yet put out leafs yet.  The brush is greening up though. 


Over the weekend, on Sunday to be more precise, WE took the Grand Kids out for breakfast then we went to Walmart to get some new tires put on the car (very needed as they were falling apart) After our jaunt through Wal-mart, We went to Lowe's. Jerry was looking for a Laser Level or something that he needed a Laser for. He didn't have any luck finding what he went for. but I took the kids over to the Lumber area and let them pick out a flat panel each. Grandson needed one for a wood burning project and I though that his sister might want to try her hand at it as well. I'll have to take her my wood burning set this next weekend. so she can work on her wood as she wants to. I'm sure "Mom" is loving me for this. She's the one who is going to have to cut the panels down to size for the two of them.   The kids then went with me to the Garden area and helped me pick out these flowers. The pans, I got the night before at the auction for $5 a piece. one for the flowers, two for a confined fire and one to be able to cover it if the wind come up. I can put a couple of binder clips along the edge to help smother it, as well.


Someone challenged the group members to post some Spring pictures. The first flowers of our Spring are about done. but there is always Dandelions  and there are by the rock wall at the back of our camper.


As I said, the Daffodils are about gone now.


Some of the area that I want to clean up soon. There is a lot of rocks behind the rock wall.  and there are other flowers starting to poke their leaves up from and I will get more pictures of them soon. There's a Koi pond here as well. I might pick up a couple of Koi for it soon.

Billie C.

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

We "Almost" had a snow over the weekend. Wish I had taken some pictures. Hubby didn't have to work this weekend and we took care of a few things on Saturday. Shopping and errands that needed done, like taking the trash to the city's recycle center.  Hubby needed to replace a meter for work. We went to the local Pawn shop and he found just what he was looking for there. He also found a tablet with detachable keyboard (I don't recall just what it's called). I found a nice, plain wedding ring that is just a bit too small. The Pawn Shop is sending it out to be enlarged and it should be back by Friday. I lost my original band years ago and have been wanting another one but just never saw what I waned or if I saw something I liked, it was way too pricey.  Besides, A ring is not what makes you married. But now I will have a nice ring to wear that will be an sign that I really truly have found the man who completes me.  I am in hopes that it will also be polished before I pick it up.
While we were looking around, I asked to hold and check out a hand gun. The last one we looked at, I could not pull back far enough to load the first shell.  This one, although still new, has been 'racked' a number of times and I found I could pull it all the way back. I'm very happy with it and the man who sold it to me, knew what I was looking for since we have been in several times, looking at the hand guns. This will fit into my handbag, if I feel like I might need to carry it. I do have my Conceal and Carry permit. Of course, he tried to sell me a more expensive gun. One with a laser pointer and I had to tell him that the pointer is all but useless for me. Oh, I can follow it well enough, but it would be more of a distraction than a help. I was taught 'Old School', how to shoot a hand gun. Look at what you want to shoot, raise the gun to your eye level and pull the trigger. Your hand will automatically point where you are looking. I may not hit "Center" but it will hit close enough to stop someone who may be wanting to harm me. I'm not expecting or looking for trouble, but I am prepared for it. And, around here, a hand gun is also a good investment. It's re-sale value, even after it's been fired a few times,  is very close to it's whole sale value. I can take it back to the pawn shop and they will purchase it back from me.
Too bad it was too cold and raw to go and see just how well I would be able to hit a target this weekend. Next weekend looks like it will be better weather for getting in some practice with it.
We had to replace a tire on the car on Sunday, and there isn't any place open on Sunday to do that, in our town. We went out for breakfast, Saw some snow on our way to breakfast, then headed to Kendal Tennessee's Walmart (closest without having t climb a mountain) and Hubby had both front tires replaced. Oh, now the ride is much smoother. 
We did want to go to the auction on Saturday evening, but the chance of snow kept everyone away. We did see some snow but we only had a little of it settle on the top of the car.
While we were shopping on Saturday,, I did pick up some more earrings. I got four sets of "Saint Patrick's Day" earrings. I will be looking for some for Easter next weekend. I made sure my new Saint Patrick's Day shirt made it into the laundry and was washed.
Growing up, my brother would take any opportunity to pinch me on Saint Patrick's Day so I would go to bed wearing something Green, and to this day, I still make sure I have some 'Green' on when I wake up on March 17. 
A few years ago, I got a 'Build a Bear' bear. I have her wearing a red gingham top and red shorts most of the time.. Right now she also has a green bead necklace and a green bowler style Glitter hat.

Billie C.

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017
Sunday, we found a place we can go and shoot our handguns at. Jerry hot a few rounds through each, just to be able to compare each against the other. We then took a short walk on the property and maybe we might be able to buy it sometime in the near future. It is way off the main road and in an out of the way place. It will take a lot of work but we can see much potential for us in  the 35 acres. I found a tiny tick on me later yesterday evening. It's tick season and for some reason ticks like me, a lot.
I was trying to take a picture of Barney's "Mowhawk" and the other two had to get in on the action. They love to ham it up for the camera.
We went to an Auction on Friday in a near-by town. We will not be going back. Just too many parking issues and what they were selling was not worth what it was bringing in. 
We went on Saturday to our local auction and picked up a few things.
For a raffle, the tickets were taped to some knifes and Jerry ended up with 8 knifes. We didn't win the raffle though.  Of the three things on the table, I would have picked out the camp lantern. There was also a fishing pole, a head lamp and some sort of tool kit.
I did win the bid on this sheepskin "rug". We paid $5 for it. Someone started the bid with $3 and then got to talking to someone and didn't pay attention that we had bid on it. She got very upset that she lost the bid to us. The auctioneer told her, "You snooze, you loose."  The man who brought it said he has two more and will bring them next weekend. I hope so, I want another one, for a friend. 
We picked up a wind chime for $3. I won't be leaving it hanging from the air unit, but for now it's a good place for it. Now, I want to get the rest of my wind chimes out, sorted and cleaned up. Hubby also picked up a craft knife kit for me.  He also sent a couple of toys to the back for this next season's Christmas toy drive. A Cricut whet through, but I had looked at it and since it didn't look in good shape didn't want to bid on it. The lady sitting behind us got it for $10. The cartridge and the cutting mat were missing and I'm not sure if the power cord was there or not.
Last week, We picked up a small zip bag of magnets. I had picked up this wipe off white board when we went shopping. I picked out what few magnets I wanted and will offer the rest of them to Heather and Beth when Beth comes in for David's wedding. The board has fallen off the hooks at least three times already. I'm going to have to find a better way to hang it up.
The plants that Hubby bought me a few weeks ago are doing very well.
I got the drawers last Sunday and put them in place on Monday and filled the drawers, as well.. But the great thing is my corner now looks so much nicer. I have got to break my habit of just laying things down on it though. There really should only be three things on it. the two plants and the lamp. I do like the lamp up on it better than it being on the table.
I'm ready for Spring now. I need to get into my box of "Holiday Decorations" and see what else I have for "Spring" that isn't just "Easter".  I also need to find my Saint Patrick's day decorations.
I have matching towels for the pot holders. I also have towels with tiny Shamrocks on them, for Saint Patrick's day.

Billie C.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017

We had some windy weather yesterday. And lots of rain. A few branches hit the top of the camper and it was rocking for a little bit due to the wind. I had to clean up outside before Jerry got home because the wind blew those branches into the area he parks the car in. I picked up twigs and smaller branches from the driveway, as well.  Otherwise, yesterday was just another day in the life of me.
I have started the shift from "Winter" to "Spring" with packing up and moving to storage the heavy winter clothes and getting out some lighter clothes. I picked up some white T-Shirts and have washed them so I can decorate them for this year.  I'm not sure just what I'm going to put on them just yet.
The plants that Jerry got me a bit ago are doing great. The Coleus is spreading out and the Bamboo is still very limber and I an trying to train some of it to wrap around the rest of the bamboo in a pattern I have to adjust it each week. I have a large green/blue marble I would like to put in the middle as an accent piece but I wasn't able to put it in yesterday. I'll try again in a couple of weeks. Or I might try an plastic Easter Egg instead. I'm not sure yet. I think I'll use the plastic first, then switch to the marble later.
I've put away the winter tea towels and have put out some with Spring colors and some with Shamrocks on them in the kitchen. I want to look for some pot holders to match the Shamrock ones.
From my Crafts Newsletter, I made these Anti Pinch charms and gave them to the Grand kids this past weekend. There were fun to make and are filled with Nerds. (yes, I ate the rest of the box, but not all at once but over a few days) I still have two of the small glass vials left and will do something with them soon.
I Love shopping at The Dollar Tree. I'm not sure just what I'm going to do with the Shamrocks, but I picked up a pack of them
I'm keeping out the Green Mardi Gras beads since they are the perfect color for Saint Patrick's day. and that small green hat. I may just have to wear one myself. Much to the embarrassment of my grown children.
But in the meantime, My Bear is "Stylin it" with the beads and a Hat.
And last week, I made another "craft" from the newsletter, A mouse pad from sheet cork and scrapboking paper.
I'm not really "Happy" with it though. I'm just not one to use a mouse pad, I guess. But it's not going to waste either. I have it under the terra cottas pot that is on the top of the drawers I bought and filled this week that is now sitting on the back bench of the dining room table.

Billie C.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This Morning 03 01 2017

This Morning

This morning,Pre-dawn,  while I let each dog out to do what a dog must do outside, I was noticing the different shades of "Dark".  I could almost see that the grass across the driveway, in the other yard, we almost green. I mean, it was dark, but just a hint of very dark green to it. The sky was not Blue and not white but not dark. The dark finger like tips of the still bare trees were pointing up-wards towards.  The brush over by Coopers Creek was moving with the breeze just a little. Or maybe it was a squirrel in the brush, starting off it's day before the storms were to come in. With the trees still bare, but almost ready to put on leaves, I can see through them a bit, to the mountain on the east side of the valley. I could see a few sparse lights up the side. I'm just not sure if they were lights inside a home or a street light and they turned off about the time some people around here are leaving for work. A few Dark clouds skutted along on the upper winds above the valley, as if racing towards Chattanooga ahead of the storm to warn them, a Storm is coming and you better be ready for it.
And we did get a good down-pouring of rain, while West of us,, my Husband said they only got a brief light shower. I saw on the news that some places got some golf ball sized hail. For a bit I thought we were getting  Hail, but when I looked out all I saw was rain. A very hard rain and I heard several things hitting the roof of our camper.  After the rain stopped, I looked out and saw several limbs in the gravel in the lot next to ours.  Oh what a mess. I had to take the dogs out, They had been inside all day due to the stroms and rain. Once they were finished, I had to move a few things in the front storage, and get out my fold up wagon and a tarp. The tarp, folding in half, fits well into the bed of my wagon and helps keek it nice and neat. I picked up them fallen limbs in the lot, along the driveway and a few from another lot on my way to the fire pit. The wagon was full by the time I got over there. I forgot to take a few pictures because I had to start dinner once I finished cleaning up the lots. We had a lot of rain in a short amount of time. I had to walk most of the way around the fire pit to find an area dry enough that I could get close enough to empty the branches out of my wagon, take it back to the camper, shake out the tarp, fold it up and put it in the storage area, then fold up the wagon and put it back into the storage area in a space I had to clean out for it. I also got out two bottles of cola, one each, so we would have them to dink with our dinners tonight. I drink light colored cola's mustly diet 7up or Sundrop, sometimes Mountain Dew. Hubby drinks Diet Coke Cola.

Billie C.