Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Morning, everyone

Good Morning... First off, Praying for all those along the Pacific rim.
That is very scary to me. To have that much water heading toward me.
I've cleaned out the cubby above the toliet, and wiped the blind slats. I'm donig a more than just picking up cleaning today. I feel like Spring cleaning !!

Jerry got the water fixed when we got home last night.
He was so disappointed with Ryan's last night. They have raised their prices but didn't have much on their food bars. The salad didn't look all that good, and I found several pieces of green pepper with bruises on them in the container. Jerry didn't get any salad at all, and I fixed a small one for me. He ate a huge helping of mac and cheese, but he didn't much care for the meats they had out. He ended up with putting some of their taco meat on top of mashed potatoes. I'm sure we will be finding a new place to eat. We were going to eat at Western Sizziling, they are closed for remodeling. Drats!
The dogs are doing well. sleeping lots, which I expected. Giving them their meds is intresting. They were very leary of taking the peanut butter I put their pills in yesterday.. so I'm figuring they were fed peanut butter laced with their sleep meds at the clinic. We were at Walmart so I picked up beef bites and turkey bites to slip their meds into. that worked out well last night.

The kitten are already in kitty jail, this morning. I caught two of them on the kitchen counter.
We have sun. It's peaking in through my windows now. Our high is to be in the lower 60's today, so I'm sure I'll be able to open windows and the door this afternoon.

Dinner will be Salad, fish portions, alfredo noodles and I don't know what else, just yet. I'll fix something for dessert this afternoon.
Outside my door ... I can hear a few birds singing their morning wake up songs. The sun is just above the horizone and turning every thing golden with the morning light.
The dogs ... are sleeping. They went out when Jerry left for work, came in, grumped at the kittens jumping from bed to bed, then went to sleep.
The Kittens ... are in Kitty jail. I have to be careful that they don't always get a treat to intice them into the kitty jail or they will constantly been getting in trouble, just for the small amount of cat food I toss into the kennel to get them to go in.
From the kitchen... Hum. good question. Fish for dinner, alfredo noodles, Salad. not sure of dessert yet.
I am hearing... Morning news. We don't have our local channels yet. The cable was out most of the day, yesterday. We are getting Memphis news, though, and a few other channels.
I am wearing... my blue house dress, going to put on black sweat pants and a tshirt before I walk the dogs again.
I am reading... emails. I have over 600 of them. I'll read 5, then go do "something" then come and read 5 more.
I am thinking... If Jerry works this weekend, we will use that extra to go to Tuscaloosa in a couple of weeks to renew the tags, and pick up the stuff in storage. Need to call around and find a good storage unit here in Tupelo. need to be cheaper than what we pay there. I would love to find a good enclosed utility trailer to pull behind the car, next time we have to move.
I am thankful for... Knowing where all my family is, today. My younger brother was stationed in Okinawa (sp) when he was in the air force. I don't know if he kept up with any one he knew there, or not. Just praying that everyone is okkk and away from the raising waters.
Billie C.

"The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart." - Helen Keller

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