Monday, November 18, 2013

Howdy.... Good Afternoon.

Howdy....  Good Afternoon. I hope this note finds you doing well.  I am at the office, doing laundry and there isn't any Wi-fi.  I came up here to also download my email and send a few things while I wait for the machines do their work.  Ah well. it is what it is. I'm just surprised that no one is here at the office yet.  I'll go look around the corner in a few minutes and find out if the office hours have changed again.  Today is a nice day. Saturday was gray and foggy all day long. If it wasn't foggy then it was smoke in the air from some forest fires that  are way away from her but the air stream was bringing the smoke up this way. We could smell the smoke every where we went. Yesterday wasn't as bad. it stayed cloudy but it was warmer.  While Jerry took a nap in the afternoon, I came up to the office to download my mail from the weekend and found Deb was soaking some of her Hubby's clothes in the sink. I knew she would be here soon, so I also down loaded a couple of book for the kindle reader on my PC.
Yesterday I got a pleasant surprise, I got two dollar coins in change. I could have asked him to take them back, but I collect them to spend at special events and if I find I'm getting more than a few then I know I have a good chance of going to an event.... I hope so.
Outside my door ...  We have a good breeze going, it's close to 70 and I don't have to wear a jacket even to drive the gold cart to do my laundry or take the trash to the trash bin. It's Sunny. The last three or four days have been cloudy and just plain out dreary. We had rain over night but it all blew out before the sun come up this morning.
The Dogs ... have been enjoying the cooler weather and I have given them more room on their leads to run and play with each other. The brown drive along has left and so there are only 5 campers up in our section. One has someone come in one day each week for a few hours, besides ours, two are being lived in full time and the other one is parked but not being lived it.  The other two full timers are hardly ever home during the week days so I can give the dogs a bit more lee way when it comes to barking and rough housing with each other in the afternoons.
 Rocky has become more playful with the cooler days and will even start a game with Barney. Macon is always ready for a good romp with Barney, as well.  We have finally taken the dogs for a ride in the cab of the truck. Two rides really. The first time was around the country block. The second was not nearly so far, it was to the trash bin and back home.
The Cats ... have discovered that I have an electric blanket and I turn it on at night. They all three want to cuddle up around my feet. I didn't have to turn it on last night, and two of the cats stayed outside last night. The third one slept with Jerry last night. They will come in around 7 PM. Stripes will try to lay on Jerry, if he's not on the couch then he tries to lay on my shoulder. Fuzzy tries to find a place on Jerry's lap. Tupelo goes straight back to the beds and is content to find a corner to stay in.
From the kitchen...
 Salad, Pasta with ground pork in the pasta sauce, Pudding for dessert. I think I better make cinnamon popcorn today after I finish up doing laundry because I need a fairly dry day to make it in and tomorrow looks like it may be rainy a bit. much cooler at least.
I am hearing...  The three dryers going. A jet went over head a bit ago. I hear the dry leaves tapping along the sidewalk because I have the door open.  The laundry room gets a heavy smell to it from time to time and needs aired out badly. 
I am wearing... brown sweat pants and a black shirt that has horses on it.
I am reading... Dragon Girl, and just started Amish White Christmas.
I am creating... some Santa Christmas ornaments. I printed out some Santa's last week . I found some frozen juice lids I had saved and used one to draw a circle around so I could cut out the Santa's to fit inside each. Painted each lid with white spray paint. Sprayed each Santa with Clear Paint (sealant) and used my Xyron to put glue on the backs of the pictures and set them in each lid. Now I'm debating on wether to pour some resin in each or just cover the rims with ribbon and put a magnet on the back of each.
I painted my finger nails with a brown I found at Wal mart that looks like it may be for a dark person to use for French Nails, then put a brass sparkle on top of that. I found a yellow sparkly polish at Dollar General and put that on one thumb to see how that looks over the brass and I like it. I need to figure out a way to make a card that tells me what polish I used and have it look like what is on my fingers.
One of my favorite things... watching the wild life around here. They have so much fun.
A few plans for the rest of today...
Put away the clean laundry
wash the spare kennel
make dinner, including pudding for our dessert
clear off the table so I can start sewing a dress I have cut out for Bailey
A few plans for the rest of the week...  Some baking, some cleaning. some packing, some organizing, Turn a yellow sweat shirt into a light jacket for a friend. I need to cut it, turn the edges and sew them down, then crocheted around the edges with some yarn.

Billie C.

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