Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Update From April 23 through 28.

On April 23, we had minor flooding in the campground. I was able to get a ride, with the dogs in their kennels, up to Heather's home. Where we spent the night. It didn't take long for the water to go back down. One of my steel pots floated away but I was able to find it on Wednesday along with two of the Elephant Ear roots that has washed out of it. I had called Jerry at work and explained that the water was raising and I was going to have to head to Heather's with the dogs,walking, and he needed to come home. Keith and his wife asked if the dogs would ride in their kennels in a trailer long enough to get to Heather's place and that is what we did, We loaded the kennels onto his short traler, then I put each dog into a kennel, and Keith got the guns out of the camper for me and put them in his truck and took us to Heather's home. We unloaded and by the time he got back to the camper the water was to our hitch and Jerry was soon there and between them they got everything unhooked (Power, wate and sewer) and someone from the Rescue Squad came with an old Surburban and pulled the camper to the front of Keith's place. Keith took a picture of it and the water was to the under side of the camper when it was pulled out along the driveway. (I'll see if I can get that picture) Of course I was worried about the camper, but I was more worried about getting me and the dogs out at the time.
Monday, I mostly just slept.  My sugar was up then low, then up then low again. We had bought a few things to eat at Heather's house and we ended up leaving a bit of it there for her kids to have. Some cereal,  fresh bread, and bananas. The water went back down rather quickly and Jerry called Keith about putting the camper on a different site. One on the other side of his house. Which is a larger, nicer site, but the wifi will not reach that far. It's a good trade-off and, if the water raises again. I'll have a bit more time to prepare to leave the camper and we now have a plan for that. Keith can more is Pop-Up, then hook up his small trailer and take me and the dogs to Heathers'. and while he's moving his Pop-up and can ready ours to be moved by getting everything out of the way of the slide out, and once the dogs are loaded, I can pull in the slide out, and also help with unhooking the services before he takes me up the mountain. We are just praying that there is no "Next Time".
Tuesday, I spent cleaning up the kitchen area and taking care of a few things that I should have taken care of before it flooded. Tossed some stuff, cleaned up a skillet of ham that got left out, by giving it to the dogs to enjoy. I then washed up the dishes. put a fan on the living room area carpet to help dry it out from where the water leaked in from under the slide-out. It wasn't a lot but it took two days to get it all dry again. I cleaned out the fridge and took inventory of what we would need for the rest of the week, which wasn't much at all, really. I then started on Cleaning the Bunk room. Yes it took two days to do that and I'm still not done, but I need some tubs t put things in to make it work better in there. We went shopping after Jerry got home from work and we had sandwiches and chips for dinner with fresh fruit for dessert.
Wednesday, I cleaned more in the bunk room. I had put it off for way too long. I didn't do much to the upper bunks but I straightened out both lower bunk beds. Jerry and I had one one of the upper bunks about a week before. He was searching for something. we are thinking of drilling a hole near the foot of the lower right bunk for the coax for the internet connection to run iwithout having to lift that decking and having to move all of that to the kitchen area until the man is done getting that set up. Wednesday was an 8 hour day for Jerry and we went to the local Telephone ompany to see if we could get internet and cable. You have to join the membership, and have their telephone service in order to get the other stuff.  I talked to Jerry about just getting the cable while we were there, but he said he wanted to see about getting our dish moved first. We had Hot dogs, Has Brown potatoes and chips for dinner.
On Thursday,  I had Jerry's  phone and he had mine and the Dish man showed up about 4 pm. He tried and tried but could not get a good line of sight on any of the satilights for our tv  service (Directv) and so that ended up being for naught.  We ended up eating dinner out, as it was just one thing after another keeping me from starting dinner. But Heather brought home the kennels from my taking the dogs to her place and she brought home the handguns we had taken to her home, the day the creek left it's banks.
Friday Morning, around 2 am. as we were getting Jerry up and ready for the day, the foot feed to the toilet broke off. Jerry decided that he better stay home anyway, because he's in the bathroom with urgancy every 20 minutes or so.  He called around looking for a replacement toilet and there is one, in Ring gold Gergia which is about 50 miles from here, and we would have to join their membership club to get the discount price that still wasn't as low as what Jerry's search of the "net" showed and that didn't please him at all.  We went to Heather's to use her "Net" and Jerry found one on-line for about $60 less including the shipping and handling charges, but it will not be here until Tuesday. In the mean time, we can use the toilet, it's just we have to put our face kinda close to the seat in order to flush it. and we have to use either the shower hose or a bucket to put water back into the bowl. But we can handle doing that until it arrives next week.
A couple of weeks ago, Mary and Steve were thinking of comeing to Dunlap the first weekend of May, not realizing that is when David and Jamie are getting married. But I chatted with Jamie and she said the more the merrier and said they could come to the wedding. But now, because they had to fix Mary's car, they may not e able to come at all. Jerry and she talked for about 40 minutes this afternoon. it would be nice if they can still make it, but the changes are slim right now that they can do it. Heather has offered them a bed so they don't have to go to the motel while they are here and Jerry said we could cover the cost of any of their meals while they are at her house.  So they have a wedding to come to, a place to sleep and family to visit.  But as with almost all plans.. things happen. Mary said she would know "For sure" on Wednesday this week if they can make it out or not. but don't count on it.
Heather is using me as a back up if something happens while she and Corbin are camping with his scout troop. Bailey is in Dollywood with the band and also has my number. So if anyone calls me, I can relay the messages as needed. They both have my cell phone number in case they need to call someone. We just didn't know if Jerry would have to work this weekend or not.
Tonight (Friday, the 28) as we were winding down, I set up some Tiki torches in the yard and near the camper so we could sit outside without being bugged too much. It was nice and peaceful to just sit and watch as the world got darker and darker. Jerry was falling asleep in his chair and so now we are inside and He's already asleep and I'm typing this to go out as soon as we get the "Net" back again.
I slept very little last night. I would sleep a few minutes then wake up and struggle to get back to sleep, I had figured on going to sleep after Jerry left for work, but as I wrote before, He stayed home today. Oh, we got a lot done though. We went and changed our order at the phone company to include the basic cable. We really don't watch much more than the national stations any more most of the time, and we can afford Netflix once we get the "net", and can catch up on shows through that. We went to the pawn shop where Jerry was told some more guns were coming into the store, and he had to check that out. And yes, we put another one on lay a way.  He also picked up a power washer / sprayer.
After we left Heathers' it was back to the pawn shop for some more information on a gun Jerry had looked at, and then we decided to just go to the camper for a light lunch of sandwiches and cola's.
Tomorrow (Saturday the 29 th) I think I'll be moving some of my plants around a bit. I want the two steel pans on the top of the empty Propane tanks at the front of the camper.  That will open up the metal step stool I have and it can go to the back of the camper to sit on while we open the black water tank every two weeks. Of course, I could put that near the backdoor and put plants on it, and just take them off when that tank needs to be emptied. I hate to leave things in sight at the back of the camper if we are not going to be using it on a daily basis.
Sunday's plans are...laundry (ugh, that is going to take at least 7 hours, I'm sure) Heather and Corbin should be back home around 10 am. I don't know when Bailey is due home but I am guessing mid to late evening. But once Heather gets home, She and Dad will come to the camper, pull it forward about 4 foot wit her truck. place down some boards on one side, then back the camper onto those boards to make it much more level.  After that, the plan is to move Jerry's gang box full of tools out o Heather's car port and take it to storage. I am in hopes that they will move that old spa tub out and either take it to Heather's home or find someplace else to take it. Just get it out of our storage so we have more room for "our" stuff. Heather said something about her maybe getting some of the things she's got stored in there and taking them to her home to sort, and discard the majority of. Most of what it is there, is the kids school papers from Kindergarden through last year. And she's got a few craft things in there to take care of, as well.  I want to try to set up "Zones" in the storage for things like Craft at the back, Seasonal clothes in the middle of one wall, Jerry's stuff, better orgainized, near the front. and outdoor stuff behind his stuff along one side and that would leave more space for things we have but don't Need Right Now, in the camper.  Maybe we will bring home the base for a pop up shade. Or Heather may want it over her picnic table. We have two or three of them in different sizes.
I know that the orgainzing won't get done on Sunday, because I'll be doing the laundry while Jerry and Heather deal with the storage.

Billie C.
How much can a dragon carry?
As much as it thinks it can"
Anne McCaffrey

Psalm 144:15
Happy are the people with such blessings. Happy are the people whose God is Yahweh. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017

I got my hair cut short.
We talked about wether or not I should color my hair for the wedding, but once it was cut, Heather was pleased with how it looked and helped me decide to not color my hair at this time. As I told the two, I'm 59 years old. I should have silver on my head. They laughed about that. I have come a long, long way from my bright red color of my youth. One reason I don't want to color my hair is I'm afraid it will look "fake" and not natural, and the second is that I'm not sure i would be able to keep up with keeping it colored.. but once the wedding is done, I might get a box of color and let Heather try her hand at it. I would want something that has the high lights and low lights in it, I think.
My "Before" picture
My "After" Picture.