Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Day of March

Well. Hello again. It is the last day of March.. It came in like a Lion and it's leaving like a Lion as well, here in middle Georgia. We had our only snow on the first day of March.. I should post pictures of it, I guess.

Here is our car, right afer we noticed it was snowing. Yes, it's a black car.
This is about 1/2 way throgh our snow fall. the bamboo canes ended up touching the ground before it was all over with. We had some kids stop by, willing to cut them out for us so we could get out if we needed to.. I reassured them we were ok, and had a way out if we had to get out. By the time all the snow melted the canes were standing back up straight and tall.
Another picutre of the canes. This time from the road side. Here you can see that some are just about to touch the roadway.
This is the powerlines that service close to our home. We never lost power. Surprise, surpise. Again. once the snow melted all was back where it belonged.
The last two weekends we have had lots of rain. I think we are almost out of the drought that has been a big problem here in Georgia for the last few years. Like I said, it's raining again and April is coming in with lots of rain as well. I've seen lots of colorful flowers around. Wish I knew the names of all the flowers I've seen.
Jerry is job hunting. The phone has not rung, yet. He's used the computer to look up jobs, gotten numbers from friends and even paid for a trades book to find even more numbers in. Many of the jobs listed state that they wil lstart hiring Electrictions after the first of April.. We were so hoping that we would get that call before the end of today. No such luck.
I have packed up the two bed rooms we've used for storage and most of it is in the space behind the couch. I know we will have to rent a small truck to move everything, cause the car will not be able to handle pulling a trailer and we have Jerry's large toolbox we have to take with us. I'm not sure just how much room we will have left after that box is put on. Then the next thing will be finding a motel in the area of the next job. We will need one that lets us have the pets.. hopefully on the ground floor. A pool would be nice, but it's not number one on the list of got to haves. So far, every place Jerry has mentioned would be fun and good for us to go to.. One in the mountains of Eastern TN. One near the coast of South Carolina. One up in Maryland and one in Centrial Alabama. All places I've not been. One is in an area he's been in. Jerry said he didn't do much looking around when he was there before.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another rainy day in Georgia

Good Morning from a Rainy Georgia.

It's not a pour out of your boot rain, not even a gentle, soak into the groud rain that is so needed here. It's more a humid almost ready to rain type of day. Macon, just down the road, may not like the rain this week. Only because it's the Cherry Blossom Festival this week. Yes, it lasts a whole week. Free ice cream in one of the parks. Not that we plan on going the 20 miles for an ice cream. Each day something else is also in the park. Oh yeah.. have to add in the sea lion show. It's each day this week as well. There's suppose to be some organ music at one of the local churches I wish I could go hear.
Jerry is job hunting this morning. Letting the computer help him out. He's ordered the Indrustrial Trademan Magazine. A magazine put out by construction company's for people who work in the trades. We've gotten job's through it before, We can take it off the taxes this next year if we decide to go itemized on our forms. That works only if we have a lot of expences. We can take off all travels, tools and such.

Today's plans include finishing up that middle bedroom. I want to get it done. It's dragging me down not getting it finished up yet. Just not get up and go to go do it with. From there, I need to do the stored things in the hallway.
Bathrooms won't take me long to pack up. The bedroom will take about 45 minutes at most. I figure the kitchen will take me almost 2 hours at the rate I'm going, to pack up. One reason the bedroom is taking so long, besides the fact I Keep taking naps is I only work one box at a time, toss everything out of place into a box, bring it to the living room, sort it out into boxes with like things in them... sit at the compute a bit, then repeat. Add to that, we have to make two trips to Macon and that takes at least 1 1/2 hours or more, in the middle of the day. No wonder I'm not getting any thing done. OH, yeah. I got to get the stuff on the front porch ready to go as well.
I asked Jerry what we were going to do for Easter Dinner. He said he just don't know, yet. because we don't know where we will be, yet. I was thinking of coloring up 6 eggs, just cause I can. I would like some potato salad. but since I'm the only one who likes it, may just do without it this year. I figure a small canned ham. fresh bread, a couple of baked potatoes, a salad and maybe some green beans will be our Easter meal this year. Oh yeah. I may open a small can of olives as well as cut up some cheese.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well durn it

It was fun while it lasted, any ways. We will be on the move again, as soon as a job calls Jerry. He's hoping for Tuscaloosa Alabama.. I'm hoping for Bristol TN. Either way, we have to move and go into motels again.. This time with three pets instead of just one. With the jeep going, and driving a Crown Vic, we will end up renting a U-Haul Truck to move everything with. I've been doing some cleaning out of a couple of the rooms we don't use a lot. The ones I just put things in to store them. I have one done and the other almost done. I've been doing a lot of napping and just don't seem to have any get up and go to get up and get it done. I'm guessing it's the meds I'm on for my Diabetis. It's take two days for Jerry to get his un employment set up and we still don't know for sure if it's done or not cause he's having to file in IL since that is two quarters ago. Remember we moved to GA on my birthday this past year. That quarter isn't in the books yet, either.

I havn't told the land lady yet. Nor have we told the furniture rental place either. We will have to do that soon. We are paid up through the end of the month of both. So we are just waiting to see how soon we have to pack it all up and move first.

So, I have been gathering up all my craft stuff and puting that in one cart. I need to get all my sewing into one or two boxes. The kitchen will be the hardest to pack, this time. There are a couple of things I'm not sure will go with us. We have more and more "stuff" each time we move. To move here I had 27 boxes or items to carry down the stairs into the jeep, then.. I haven't started counting yet,.. just how many boxes I have ready to go. I know of one for the bathroom stuff that I'll have to fill, one for the stuff in the storage in the hallway. the dvd player, and game system are two more boxes, plus the movies and games to go with them. We went through most of our music yesterday. I have most of the cd's in a large carry case, Jerry has a smaller case and we have one for computer cd's, I think. I'll have to look agian and be sure. We need to go to the grocry store for a few small items. We've put it off. I have about 3 or 4 more meals in the freezer here. but need salad stuff to go with it. plenty of canned goods for a couple of weeks. I just ate the last good banana.

I don't know if we are going to try to take the big screen with us, or sell it here, or leave it for the land lady to resell for any bills we leave behind. I'm sure she'll like that (Maybe)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Madness

It's March all right.

I wanted to check out the cost of a cat tree, at PetSmart.. I can make a cat tree from the milk crates at the store and be happier with the results.. but coming out the door.. was a pen full of puppies. I let Rocky visit with the puppies and Jerry watched them all... I went to the car, and here comes Jerry, with one of the pups. We have named him Macon. (We were in Macon at the time we got him) and he's 6 weeks old. I reminded Jerry that he is always telling me we could be back in motel rooms in just a few weeks. But we have a new pup, and I'm having to house break him. also having to kennel break him as well.

I had another eye treatment yesterday. It was the worst yet. If there is another, I think I'll have to ask for the shot in the eye.. this last one HURT LIKE H$!!... But the doc says he thinks it will be the last one I need. (I hope and pray) I go back in a month and will be checked to be sure.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well Poo...

Well Poo, after Jerry got off work, we went and had pizza for dinner, I also had a salad. Jerry ate 3 pieces of pizza, and I had one. We then went to the auction. Only to find out, it's the last one at this building and they don't know where or when the next one will be. We will get a call, when it's set up again. We don't know what we will be doing with ourselfs on Saturday evenings, now. We did pick up a couple of things, but it was at cost and not an auctionat all. Only one other person showed up.
I will miss our aucion nights.

Satureday Morning

As a kid, I use to sleep in till at least 10 am, Unless one of my brothers woke me up to watch cartoons. It was usually our one day a week for some deep cleaning in the house since Mom worked outside the home while we were growing up. It Was the one day that we knew Mom would be doing some real baking as well. In good weather, while we lived in Grand Junction, she would send us kids to the movies in the morning. She said it was her two hours of alone time she allowed herself each week. We would come in from the movie, tell her the plot and eat cookies with a glass of milk before we were expected to clean up our rooms. I think the movie cost us a quarter at the time. If we had put money in our bank account, we got a free ticket from the bank.

Now my Saturday morning start much earlier, Jerry usually ends up having to work most Saturdays, and those he don't work, we still get up early out of habit.

Jerry has to work today, so we were up at 5 am... after sleeping in the living room. One of the pets made a mess on the bed. A wet mess. Now, I'm not sure if it was the dog or the cat. It wasn't huge but maybe more than the cat's bladder would hold, but it wasn't small either. It was on my pillow, and mostly on my side of the bed. So I'm guessing one of them is mad at me. It could have been Rocky, cause I was fast asleep when his usually time to go out in the evening, I was so asleep (napping) that I didn't hear or see him. And Jerry does not speak dog. Rocky can sit at his feet, staring at him, even give his little "I gotta go" bark, and Jerry will not understand what he needs. Or it could have been the cat. I moved the cat box to the middle bedroom while I was cleaning the hallway, with the entent of keeping the cat in that room when it warms up today. Either way. both could have had a reason to get back at me. Anyway... Today I have to strip the bed and treat the spots. At least I have; a spare sheet so we can sleep in it tonight. I only sleep with one pillow so washing the other is not a problem, Just makes the bed look funny when it's made. We also have extra blankets. I'll just have to be sure and keep the door closed from here out.

Rocky got an extra treat this morning. I over cooked the first egg and so I put it in his dish. He wouldn't let the cat even get a sniff of it. He had to wait for it to cool. and he stood guard over it until he could eat it. I had to keep an eye on him so that he didn't try sneaking it off to the living room carpet to eat it. Now he's expecting another I think.

Well. it's a few minutes after 8 am, and I've done little. I'm going through some old emails I have in one of my yahoo id's. Making copies of the recipes and in general just doing some clearing of the box a bit. It's really foggy outside and that just seems to zap and energy I seem to have. I ran the cat out of the back bedroom where my pot of flowers are. He was sitting in the window. He and I are going to go rounds and round over his getting into my flower pots, I'm afraid.

My plans are not much for the rest of the day. A few more emails. Maybe look for some crafts to make later. Jerry said we'd eat out tonight before going to the auction. I may still make some yeast rolls. I'm still thinking about it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday house cleaning

I could use that jolt this morning. I am just dragging around. Not motavated to do any thing yet. First things first is a cup of coffee, so excuse me, while I start the maker going, please.

Ok, I'm back, in a few minutes I'll have a nice hot cup of coffee in front of me. Back in a few more, as I really, really should go make the bed while the coffee brews.

Back again. While I was setting up the coffee pot, I cleaned the waterdish for the pets. Yuck, one of them had dropped a piece of dogfood into it and it was gross. While I was back making the bed, I opened up the curtain. ONe of the first things I did this moring was take out the trash, even before I did my meds. Tuesdays and Fridays are trash day. Same day as the Mega Millions is drawn. We didn't win anything off the Mega Millions.

It's mostly cloudy this morning but our high today is to be around 72. Love it. I'll have to refill the bird feeder this morning. I've already seen birds sitting on the handrail looking in at me. I guess hoping I'll take the hint and refill it soon. It was still about 1/2 filled when I took out that trash.

Ooops, time to get up again. Now I need to go vacumn the bedroom floor and straighten out that 1/2 bath connected to it. For my spring cleaning part of that room is cleaning out from under the sink. I would love to decorate in there, with something. I just don't know what I want to put in there....The only ornamental thing in there is a vase with dark blue Oriental markings on it. I may take some skewers and glue some glass beads to the ends and set a smaller jar filled with liquid scent in there to help it smell better. Humm.. that goes on my want to make list now.

Back again. I had two packages of TP in there. I took one out and will put into the back bed room for some storage. I have three small, hotel type bars of hand soap under the sink as well as 5 washclothes. They are orange and deep red. They don't go well with the room, But that's why they are there, under the sink. Wait, I need another cup of coffee. back in a bit.
Just as I sat down to start writing, Beth called. Not much going on. She's getting over a cold. She's going to go see the doctor about her cramping. It's been getting worse and worse for her with this job. She does a lot of heavy lifting at times, but that's not the reason she's cramping, I think. So she's going to have it checked out soon.

I'm on my second cup of coffee, now. Umm that first one tasted sooo good. I'm eating the left over waffle from when I made them for Jerry's breakfast. He had two of them where he usually have 4. So he is cutting back on some stuff. We don't use syrup so that's a plus as well. Waffles are not an every day item either. He does like biscuits and I've cut back on how often I make those for him.

The trash just got picked up. Rocky wants part of my waffles. He got a couple of bites. I'
l'll not be doing much spring cleaning until April.. Not until Jerry does not need his heavy clothes for work. I'll then have to go pick up a couple more tubs for his winter stuff. He's really gone overboard on buying winter clothes this year. 4 waffle weave shirts, 7 long sleeved shirts and then 10 button up flannel shirts... He hardly ever wore button up shirts before this year. I have to admit, I love how he looks in them. But they are going to take up a tub just for his shirts. Plus I'll need one for his sweat shirts and coats as well. And we are still living out of tubs. He's hoping to get moved over to a Start Up crew. He said he can go back to Temporary Power when Start Up is done, but I think he's hoping "we" will get transferred to a different job, in Alabama. He's not been to happy on this job. I'm not sure just why. Part is Billy, is foreman. Part is just that BE&K is now part of KBR and a lot of the things he had awards for and earned are no longer in force or acknowledged. He has to test for using all the lifts again. He had done that with BE&K a few years ago, but now he has to test for each one. He's not afraid to take the test, it's that he has to find the person giving the test, and take time to do the test and it's just a pain the the rear to have to go over all this stuff again, when just a couple of years ago, he was allowed to even teach how to use a lift so someone else could take the test.

Well, now that Beth has called. I need to get up and do that bedroom floor, and clean the hallway. The rest of the day will just be house cleaning, again.
I got the floor done in the bedroom. I did open the Closet door, to see what I would have to do for spring cleaning in there, and .. nothing.. Put the extra blankets on the shelf would be it. I have our two large suitcases, with our summer clothes in them, in there. I know I have to clean out my drawers for Spring, but that's will be a couple of weeks away. I want to do that after Saint Patricks day. That's when I usually start Spring cleaning.

Next is the hallway. A good sweeping, take care of the cat box, dog kennel and mopping is where I'll be for the next 20 minutes or so. So..... back in a bit.

Back, again. Are you enjoying reading about my day? or have I bored you already?

I'm making a list of all the things I need to take care of for spring cleaning. I just added the shelfs in the hallway. By the time I get around to doing it, It will be time to put the Air Conditioner back in the livingroom window.

I just did the bathroom. swept the floor, wiped down the shower and sink. Straightened the shelfs. Added the shelfs to my spring cleaning list. They will need to be emptied and wiped for that part of spring cleaning.

Next is the kitchen.. the hardest room to keep clean. Dishes first and the countertop around the sink. I keep some fruit on the counter, and the printer is on the counter as well. Best place I've found for it, so far.. So... back in a bit, after I run the dish water.

Back again, now I have to wait for the water to cool enough I can put my hands in it. won't take too long. Wait, Rocky is barking, I've got to bring him back in, again.

Back again. Cleared the table while I was at it. I have to toss a couple of cola bottles out into the recycle bin. I have no idea why Jerry don't toss his own bottles. Or will keep a bottle at the table with just a couple of swallows of drink left in it. I know he's not going to finish it off, so I'll end up dumping it myself and tossing the bottle. either today or tomarrow, I'll have to sort the laundry to do on Sunday. I hate sorting it at the laundry mat. It just seems to take up so much time. I need one of the tubs on Satureday night, though, to carry to the auction. It's easier than filling in grocie bags I take there, just to bring them back home.. I'd rather fill my tub and not have to keep the bags around. Well, my water is cool enough for my hands, now so... back in a bit.

Back yet again... Dishes are done and put away. Counter's cleaned and wiped off. Ready for the next meal.. which will be supper. Fish, rice, Salad and a doughnut for dessert.
Just as I got my hands wet. my phone let me know I had a text message. I haven't "heard" from this friend in a while. Then Beth called. she's filling in a medical history form. I had to give her the answers to some of the history.. cancer. heart problems, high blood presure in the family.. ect.
Dishes are done. Counters cleaned and wiped up. Ready for making supper. All that is left is the floor.

I think lunch is going to be a sandiwich and a glass of V8. The sandwich will be grilled cheese from the toaster oven.

No mail today.. three days in a row, he's not put any thing in the box.

It is still cloudy outside.

I just walked on my treadmill until I ran out of breath. a few more time of that each day, and I hope soon I can go longer and longer each time. the moterized one is more of a flat walk and so I can go longer on it.. going up hill takes more out of me. Also a few times a day, I'll stand at either the counter or the back of the couch and do a few push up to help my arms get stronger as well. I'm up to at least 10 at a time about 3 to 4 times a day.

I'll be cleaning the living room while Y&R is on. I love that show and end up doing more watching than cleaning.

I cleaned out the area above the hot water tank (pantry) a couple of weeks ago and got it sorted into a couple of boxes to make it easier to find stuff. I need smaller boxes to make it even more effencent. I also need a better way to store my herbs and spices. On my spring cleaing list goes the area under the sink, and the kitchen cabnets and cupboards.
Well, Y&R is on, and like I said, I've done more watching that cleaning. I have to do the living room and porches and I'll be done.
Well, Now that Y&R is over, I will get back on track with my housework.

Walked on the treadmill, again, until I ran out of breath again.

I had a small bowl of tapioca pudding for a snack. I made it with artificial sweetner yesterday.

I've moved the couch to the wall, but now that I'm looking at it, I think I'll just change the whole room around, again. I'm considering moving Rocky's chair out of the room altogether. He's hardly ever in it.

Two hours later and I did change the settings in the living room. I put Rocky's chair outside. I may put it in one of the spare bedrooms, but for now, it's on the porch. It gives me so much more room and opens the room up so much. I put Jerry's computer over where Rocky's chair was usually at. I don't know if he'll like it like this or not. Once we no longer need the heat, I can move his chair closer to that wall, over the vent.

I did walk on the treadmill again. It wasn't for long but it's getting longer and longer each time I do it. I do have to remember to drink lots of liquids. I would say water, but I drink flavored water, diet cola's and coffee. All of which help keep me hydrated.

It's finally gotten warm outside. according to my laptop, it's now 67 outside. I have Rocky out front. He's barked a few times, but not that much.

Last night, I bought a African Violet. Grandma Brown loved them. I hope to not kill this one. There was also some cast iron plants and I may try picking up one of them over the weekend. It would look great in a pot outside on the porch once it warms up a bit more. I'll be waiting a couple more weeks before putting anything outside.

(Grrr) I just went into the back bedroom to water my plants. The door has broken hinges and it was open and the cat has been in, on my plants, (again) (Grrr) I can hope that some of the seedlings will continue to grow. Right now they are still two primary top leaves and so there is hope that they will still grow. I also have some moss rose in a couple of pots. He got into one of those as well. (Grrr) I'm not happy with "Jerry's" cat right now. (it's his cat, and my dog)

I have thought of making some bread, but think I'll put that off until tomarrow for our dinner. I have some potato flakes and can make a batch of potato bread in the bread maker.