Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Morning

Good Morning
I did mention that it's COLD outside, this morning. So cold that the dogs were not happy to go outside, but once out were more than ready to "take care of busness" and get back inside. Barney wanted to play ball though and after the first couple of tosses, Macon took the ball away from him.  As soon as Rocky "scratched" the ground (His way of telling me he's finished) he was ready to go back inside. Barney was shivering yet still willing to chase his ball. Macon was more than happy to take that ball and bring it into the house.  The cats have barely moved off my bed. I changed out an non working electric blanket for one that works yesterday and I was fighting the cats off my feet all night long. I don't mind them sleeping with me, but they have to stay away from my feet.They are still on my bed but I turned off the blanket hours ago when we got up.
We have a few flurries overnight, enough to lightly coat every thing with more snow. Nothing deep, just nice and frosty.  Now the sun is shining and I'm hoping for some solar heating here in the camper today. Our high is to be close to 30 according to the news but I see by my weather thing under my signature we won't make that.. but it's warmer than it was yesterday, anyway. We may be getting more snow Saturday. Each time I hear the weather on the news the amount changes.. from 1/2 an inch to up to three inches in this morning news.
Jerry is very happy with his remote starter on the truck. Said it was nice and comfy when he left for work this morning.  I did text him that we are going to have to pick up tubes of sand this weekend. to go over the back tires of the truck.
I think I'm going to have to make a "winter" kit for the truck. I'll have to look in the camper area for one of those silver blankets. They are well worth the cost for the amount of space they safe in a can.. In the can will be a lighter, two candles, some hard candy a space blanket and a set of hand warmers. of course I may toss a couple of regular blankets onto the back seat because I love to cover when we are on a longer trip. Oh yeah, I better find a piece of Red Material as well as a notebook or some paper and a pencil for note writing.
We have left the water running a little bit over night. I made sure that it was warm and not just the cold water that was running because the other night we almost froze our hot water line.  Brenda did say she's seen the time where sewer lines have frozen over, as well.. if it's going to be that cold... I'll just have Jerry remove the water line from the camper and drain it, and put it back on the next day. But from what I just saw on the news about the weather we are not going to have to do that this week.
Jerry is wanting Fish Sticks for dinner. The last few times I've asked him what he wants for dinner he'll mention the fish sticks, then recall that something else is already in the fridge or doesn't take the oven to fix. We can't have both the heater and the oven on at the same time. The breakers just can't handle both at the same time.  Of course,  to go along with those, I'll make a box of Mac and Cheese.  Comfort food, for sure.  I'll make a salad and Sugar Free Butterscotch pudding to go with our meal.
I am considering putting on some fleece leggings under my sweat pants this morning, but I don't want to get use to that and then need even more later this year.  I am wearing a light blue sweat shirt this morning but if this cold keeps up, I'll be putting on a t-shirt under it.
I just saw an idea for a Christmas ornament that I may adjust and use for myself.  (  ). I think I can use my Cricut or the Cuttlbug to do the cutting for me.
Wow. We just had a blast of wind.  It rattled everything. The windows, shook the camper and the apple trees are moving with the wind as well. I sure hope that don't happen too often here.
Well. I have got to get up and away from the computer. I need to do the daily clean up here, including the dishes and sweeping the floors and I know that moving will make me feel warmer so I have got to get up and do that.
I hope your having a good day, I'll check in to my mail box again later today... Be blessed.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

For Today ...Nov 6, 2014

For Today ...Nov 6, 2014
Howdy.... and Good Evening. I've a few minutes before Jerry comes to get me to go ut for dinner tonight.  Wouldn't you know it,  Heather was told she would be able to start moving tonight, now it's been put off until in the morning.. We are both getting very frustrated with how long this is taking. If she's told she has to wait until Monday she is going to be very upset over it all. Jerry is going to have the truck worked on on Monday so I don't expect to be on line much that day since he's taking the whole day off Beth is meeting up with her brother this evening. He's picking up a load not far from where she lives and it is great that they will get together just before Thanksgiving.  Beth will have Thanksgiving day off but has to work the day before and Friday Saterday and Sunday after. Not sure if she's got to work the weekdays as well, yet.  We are still not sure if we will be going down to her place for thanksgiving or not.
Outside my door ... (5:30pm) it's dark. I just brought the dogs back in from their early evening outing. Some kids were playing ball and I called out that I was letting the dogs out so they were warned . Of course the dogs barked but not near as much as I thought they would. The kids dispersed while we were out excpet for three and after I let the dogs back in, I went over to talk to them and two left before we could do much more than just say Hi to each other. The one who was left, was the girl who mowed my grass the other day.  She's a bit loud, and the dogs are finally use to her voice being so loud.
The Dogs ... are not going to be happy with me in a few minutes because Rocky and Barney will be in a kennal and Macon is blocked to the back half of the camper. We have to keep him from the front when we are gone or he will bend some of the ends of the blinds and in the end break them, from looking out all the time. I caught Barney doing the same thing this morning when I took the trash out before the trash truck came around
The Cats ... are enjoying their once a day can of cat food.  The dogs will try to steal the canned food unless I push it back into the kennal they are fed in. When they are done they meow loudly to be let back out but they leave a bit of food behind and I have to convience them they have to eat more of their food. I don't like letting the dogs clean the cans too much because they then get upset tummys from time to time.
We are eating out tonight and I have to hurry and finish this because Jerry just texted that he's on his way home.
I am hearing... evening news on the tv.
I am wearing... a dark green long sleeved top and brown sweat pants
I am reading... I just read a Kid's crafts book and want to try making a few of the things I read in it. 
I am thinking... I am so ready to get moving to Tennessee but from the looks of the news we may be warmer than it will be in Tennessee and Alabama this weekend.
I am thankful for... internet service. it keeps me in touch with my friends and family
I am hoping... that the work on the truck works out well as it is going to be part of Jerry's Christmas present. He's going to have a remote start and door unlock put on the truck so he can start it while he's still in the camper and when he's getting off work
I am creating... I made a Birthday Card and worked on a Thanksgiving card this afternoon. I also discovered that I can cut and emboss on thin fun foam.  Sure, figures, I gave a lot of my foam to Bailey not that long ago
One of my favorite things... having time to work on crafts as I wish. Although  I have to clean up before Jerry tells me he's on his way home or everything is going to be in our way for the evening.
A few plans for today...Dinner out. sleeping
A few plans for the rest of the week... clean the camper in the morning and work on some cards in the afternoon.

Billie C.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

For Today ... Nov 4

Howdy and Hello.  It's almost mid day here in Iowa and it's a nice bright day outside. Not ure how warm it is as we havn't been outside since the dogs wanted out at 5 am. I'll take them out at 12:30, after the mid-day news is over. I really need to "scoop" the yard today I put Duct Tape on some of the camper windows and we can sure tell the difference. I can't reach the rest of the window so Jerry is going to have to take care of that for me this next weekend.
Outside my door ... Filted Sunshine.  A few high clouds are doing a bang up job of filtering the sun.  Warm today, warmer tomorrow then the bottom falls out again and we will be cold again.
The Dogs ... are all sleeping but once I get ready to go outside they will be all excited and willing to be ouside. Barney will want to take a ball out and I'm going to let him take it out. We will play ball for a little bit, then Macon will steal the ball (again) and hold onto it until we are all back inside, just like he did yesterday. Rocky will want to find a nice warm sunny place in the grass to lay in and bask in the sun until it's time to come back inside.
The Cats ... are trying to find a sunny window to get into and bask in some sun of their own. I do wish I could let them out from time to time but there are so many strays here and some have been very sick. I know my cats have had their shots but that doesn't mean they still can't catch something.
From the kitchen... I shared a recipe for a cooky I want to make this afternoon, baking them in the toaster oven. We are going to have a smoked sausage, Salad, Baked potatoes and Green Beans for dinner tonight.
I am hearing... The T.V. is on, but once Y and R and the news are over with, I"m thinking of turning it off and playing some Christmas music for a couple of hours.
I am wearing... black sweat pants and my bright pink t-shirt with ironed on stones in a flower pattern on it. My button tennis shoes. The buttons are held together with elastic through the lace holes and are easy on and easy off.
I am reading... emails and craft instructions and a chapter of the Bible. I need to find a book on my Kindle to read, and soon.
I am thinking... I need to get up from this chair and do something soon
I am thankful for... Wonderful weather in November. It could be so much worse than just a bit cool around here. 
I am hoping... That my daughter hears about getting into her new apartment soon. She really needs to move into a safe, clean place. She will be so much happyer if she could move where her Ex can't watch her every move.
I am creating... A cleaner camper and I think I'll try to make a plant poke for my pot or Rosemary that is Thanksgiving Themed this afternoon.
One of my favorite things... playing with the dogs outside and making things .
A few plans for today... Making dinner here in a while. baking a small batch of cookies
A few plans for the rest of the week... No set plans . Weekend plans are laundry and shopping and letting Jerry rest.

Billie C.

Monday, November 3, 2014

For Today ...Nov 3, 2014

Howdy.... I hope you had a good weekend.  Jerry had to work both Saturday and Sunday. He only had to work 8 hours on Sunday and that feels more like only working a half day most of the time.  He will have next Sunday off, and I expect we will sleep in very late.  I am thinking of doing the shopping Saturday after he gets off work but only if he wants to cash his check then and not wait until Sunday morning to do it. We will have to do laundry sometime on Sunday. We put off until Monday last week and that was okay but made for a very long day for both of us. I missed our breakfast out yesterday.  I missed it more than eating dinner out Saturday night.  It's been our habit for a while now to eat breakfast out on Sunday mornings.  I have almost all of our Halloween things put away. I just have to take the window clings off the front window of the camper.
Outside my door ... The sun is almost to the horizon.  It's not up yet, but it won't be much longer. The gray is starting to pick up a little bit of pink on the undersides of the clouds an there is a bit of yellow you can just see in the tops of the trees across the way.  The breeze is making what leaves are left on the trees dance and wiggle and make me wonder just how much longer those few that are holding on so tight are going to let loose and float to the ground. We had a heavy frost Saturday morning and I think the grass has gone dormant now.  It's not brown but I don't think it's going to do any more growing either. I am glade we got the Grass mowed last week instead of waiting. 
The Dogs ... (7:15) are sleeping but s soon as I get up to put on some "day" clothes they will be ready to go outside and look around and play and potty, not in that order though, I'm sure.  They will want to come back in soon enough as it's still chilly this morning and they don't like to stay out for long when its like this. Neither do I and I can put on a coat.  Barney will try to take a ball out, then will try to get me to toss it for him. I have to take it away before we go out or he will bark and its too early in the day for that.
The Cats ... like the dogs, are sleeping for now. Earlier they were having a merry game of chase and pounce on each other.  One jumped up on the sink countertop and didn't like that I told her to get off. She gave me a look but she did jump down, right on top of her brother. Then the chase to the bathroom was on, jumping over the other sister then jumping over Macon who happened to be sleeping in the flor at the time. He got up and got on my bed after that. The two chased each other back into the front of the camper then went chasing back to the back again, jumping from bed to bed and Macon snapped at both of them for distrubing him again. The cats can't believe that I didn't yell at Macon for snapping at them and gave me looks to let me know they noticed that. I told them... He warned you to leave hi alone. It was after that they have all curled up on Jerry's bed and gone to sleep for a bit.
From the kitchen... The last couple of weeks we have just had cut up vegetable instead of salad but I did pick up a bag of precut salad this week. I'll cut up cucumber and green peppers, and tomatoes to go into that for the next couple of days.  We bought a large pack of Hamburger and I'll divid that into two or three meals then decide what I'm going to make with each. Today I'm leaning to seasoning a portion with Taco Seasoning and forming into patties.  I'lll make some instant mashed ptatoes for our starch and I may make a cake for dessert. 
I am hearing... The morning local news and political ads. Rocky is asleep in the chair beside me and is snoring loudly.  Evern now and then I hear Barney, who is in the kennel in front of me, stirring around a bit. The heater just cycled off but I expect it will be back on soon and the coffee pot just gurggled, letting me know it's done brewing and now my coffee if ready to go into my cup.
I am wearing... Right this minute, white socks with pink toes and heels, a house dress that my good friend Donna gave me a couple of years ago.  I'll be changing into sweat pants, and a t-shirt and putting tennis shoes on my feet when I finish this up.  I think I'll wear my shoes with the buttons at the lace holes today. I have four pairs of these shoe.s. They are so easy to decorate and change up. I have one colored with permenet marker I call my Rainbow shoes because they have all the colors of the rainbow on them, the button shoes, and a plain pair of shoes. I haven't worn the fourth pair yet, as I'm still deciding how I want to fancy them up a bit before I do wear them. Once I do that, I'll spray with waterproofing and that will help keep them looking nice.
I am reading... emails and recipes right now. I really do need to start carving out an hour a day for reading and another two for crafting each day.
I am thinking... How funny it is that where we want to go (Tennessee) has had snow and where we are now, (Iowa) hasn't had any yet. 
I am thankful for... Jerry still having a job to go to each day. Our neighbor got fired for calling two people slackers, because they are not doing any work and always standing around, not even looking like they are working. Someone else over-heard him call those two "foreigners " that and reported him to the office. He's not all that upset about it. He's already found another job and it's much closer to his home and family. As he told Jerry, He can sleep in his own bed, by his wife, at home on this next job he's going to.
I am hoping... That Jerry can get hired onto a job we know of in Tennessee soon. It's going to be a long term job of over 2 years. I would like to find a place to rent for a while if he gets that job.
I am creating... First a cleaner camper with things put out of the way so I can decorate for Thanksgiving. I will need to make a few things for Thanksgiving and have a few ideas of paper things I can hang from the hooks along the rail above the window.
A few plans for today... First, change my clothes and take the dogs out. Clean the back of the camper, dishes then work in the livingroom area and maybe seal up the rest of the windows with duct tape.
A few plans for the rest of the week... keep doing what I've been doing. cooking, cleaning and crafting.

Billie C.