Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another day

Just another day in the motel. At least this morning, Rocky and I got in a short walk. It's been too long since I was able to do more than just amble around this building. I still rumble in my windpipe but it's not in the lungs and it is clearing up. It was foggy when we went out, the Sun came out and it got worse. I was dripping with sweat by the time I got back to our room. We are on the top floor. and there is very little air movment up here. No air conditioning in the hall and it stays humid as well. So yes, it also has a smell.. Yesterday, as I was walking to meet my Jerry for dinner, I caught a "strange" whiff... hum.... Another person living on the floor was behind me, catching the same elevator and when she got where I smelled it, I asked is she smelled "something off" in that area as well... it smells like dead meat. She works here some nights so I'm sure she'll keep a nose (eye) on it. I hope so anyway.

We have kids on this floor, including her son. Austin is about 4 or 5 years old and such a great little boy.. it's too bad he has to spend most of his play hours out in that hall but I know that their room is even more crowded than our is since they also have a baby in there. The baby's walker spends time in the hallway along with the carrage. If the kids would just keep the toys at one end of the hall it would be ok, I could use the other (further away) elevator when I need to go out. but they use the whole hallway, and by the time Jerry gets home the whole thing may have kids clutter along the way. Sometimes they make noise and Rocky will bark. Austin loves Rocky, Rocky loves to give him kisses. I'm not so sure his mother approves. If the baby is outside and she hears us out in the hall she swoops up the baby.. Rocky likes to lick baby toes. He has been very good to be gentle around that baby.. he knows the differenct in the kids out in the hall. One kids does not like Rocky and will kick at him. I have asked him not to several times when we have to pass him on our way out. I hold Rocky up close to me so he can't go to that kid, but Rocky doesn't understand that he's not liked by everyone. How do you convience a dog that not every one likes a little brown engery fill dog? The staff here have no problem with him and will give him attention, if they are not busy.. even if they are, they may take a second to at least say Hi to him.. ha ha.

Rocky and Jerry have a "new" game. Rocky likes to play (tear off the lables) with cola bottles... and thinks every empty one is his.. I have to watch that he leaves the ones with liquid in them alone. last night Jerry tossed one, when Rocky brought it back, Jerry tossed another. Rocky, carring the first, went to get the second one.. and Jerry tossed another one and Rocky just didn't know which ones to get.. because this lasted through about 8 bottles. I have found more and loaded up a large bag for them to play this game again, tonight.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End of day

Jerry ended up home by 6 pm. We ate out at The Red Apple. We both chose a breakfast. We are thinking of getting a GPS . We would like to try some Geo Caching. I have a couple of ideas of where to place a box or two. but first, I need the gps. It's something we have wanted for a while, now.

wiped out

Maturity is the ability to do a job whether or not you are supervised,
to carry money without spending it,
and to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.
-Ann Landers

Today is Our Anniversy. 31 years. No big plans this year. I gave up on making any plans last year. I never get that big dinner out, flowers or any thing like that. I have now grown to accept that this is how it is with us. I love him. I can't change that. He does try to spoil me. He tried to help us get one of those attena things that works like the cell phone to get us on the internet where ever we are ... but we can't get it til November. I'm sure we will try to get it then. We have found that not all motels in Iowa have internet. Not all those in Illionis have it as well. I don't have a gift for him, this year.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday, July 24th

Today is my Son's Birthday, Happy Birthday David, where ever you are. I will try to call him at the only number we have for him, this evening after Jerry gets home from work.

Thanks Alice, for reading my blog.

I still feel rough. Cough all night long. stuffy head. Not too achky.

When we bought the Jeep, we knew we would have to either rent or buy a small enclosed trailer. This last trip was with a rental. I'l still looking to buy one so we can just park it in a corner when we are not using it. I have three of the rubber maid tubs with me. Too many to count in storage. 3 clearn tubs, one that looks like it would fit under a bed... won't. two boxes that TP come in for motels, they are nice big boxes. I do plan on more tubs just to make carrying things a bit easier.. When we moved into the motel in Vicksburg MS it took us about 1o trips from the van to the room with their laundry cart. This time, it took us about 5 trips with a luggage cart. The extra bed has all most all our stuff on it, right now. I am trying to not get more stuff because we don't have room to store much. I have our kitchen in tubs. two large tubs are just foods. Rice, beans, tea, seasonings, ect. two tubs and a box are for either cooking or eating. We have to large suitcases with wheels for our clothes and they are not enough. I have 4 laundry bags that I use for the clothes we just wore or are out of season. One bag is just coats. We don't need a coat in summer, but I don't want to buy yet another coat for winter, not when I have 3 in storage. But,, it's getting to that storage that is the problem. I did decide that I wanted a new coat this year. But I will miss my older coat. Jerry usuallly gets a new coat each year, but he is very hard on coats because he works outside more than inside. Even if he's working inside, he's wearing his coat because there ususally isn't any heat on. Here it is, end of July, and I'm thinking of winter coats.

I am sooo use to highs in the upper 90's to lower 100's that these days of lower 80's are a sheer joy to be out in. Even with the cold. I am slowly getting things sorted and put someplace. There are two drawers here. One for him, and one for me. There is a larger dresser in the hall I could use, if I wanted it. I think I'll leave it there, since we are only a few weeks.

I did find out there is a place I want to go.There is a fall Rendezvous in Rockhome IL. From Aug30 through Sept 1. I don't think I can get a set of clothes up by then but I can still go and look and ask questions. I just hope Jerry will let me go to it. or that he can get some time off as that is labor day weekend and so should be able to go with me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

on the road again, again.

After spending the weekend near Menlo IA, and going to the job site on Monday morning, we found out we were at the wrong job. We were suppose to be in Mineral IL. So it was pack everything back into the trailer, go change the contrac, reall it was complicated. had to turn in the trailer then get it again. on paper.... and it cost almost twice as much to head it back east. I don't know, yet , if the company will re-emburse us for that or not. Jerry said he's not going to fight for that expence. He will get a days pay for being on the road, and the per diem, I hope. plus travel from Mineral to Menlo and back.. so double the travel pay. We didn't un pack much at all, until we were sure we were at the right job, this time... almost looked like he was going to be put on a night shift, which Jerry does not like working any more. but he's on days. so it's good. We should be here around 5 to 6 weeks.

I have a cold and have not paid that much attention to beyound the bare basics.. so much so, that I didn't even realize that we are across the street from a walmart store. Talk about being out of it... so close. I did a load of laundry here in the motel and hope to catch things up by this weekend if possible. The dryer costs $1.00 a load and I don't know for how long it will go, because my wash was dry before the dryer shut off this morning.

I have made a pot of Pinto Beans for dinner tonight. I will cook up a couple of Pork chops to go with the beans and salad we have already. I guess I'll have to take the jeep and go shopping after dinner tonight. I would rather drive than walk across the busy street out front.

Friday, July 18, 2008

On The Road Again

Yes, tomarrow we will be on the road, again. After breakfast, Jerry will go get the U-Haul and we will pack up, and drive about 4 hours west to the next motel. I found a room at Stuart Motor Lodge. They have weekly rates. And allow pets.

I am almost finsihed cleaning and packing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time to pack it up

Time to pack up the stuff in this room and get on the road, again. Yep, the end of this job is near. Next stop in our wonderings will be Menlo IA, unless minds change at the last minute tomarrow. I'll not be on much tomarrow. I will end up driving Hubby into work, driving back to the motel to wait for his phone call. When/if he calls me, I then go get a U-Haul trailer, and then back to the job to pick up the tools box. Then back to this room and pack up all but the nightly necessitys. That way, by 10 Saturday morning, we can be on our way. According to Mapquest it's only about a 4 hour drive since it's just the other side of Des Moines IA. Course we will have to find a motel. And that is going to be a challenge since we looked up Menlo the other day and it's a very, very small town. population of around 365. Well, I better look and see if I can find any motels that will accept a dog and have free wifi, our only two real requirments. Cooking in the room would be nice. and we don't really need a pool. We've been in once, and then we both got sick.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On The Road Again, maybe

Jerry got into work yesterday, to find out this may be the last week on this job. That was before 9 got fired for not tying off to work above the ground so maybe next week is it. We will need to rent a U-Haul to take his tools to the next job, that is for sure. But we knew that. Unless he can get through the bank in a hurry, I'll have to pick up the Jeep on Saterday.. unless Friday is last day, then he can walk down while I pack up. It won't take that much to pack up this room this time. I haven't gotten out all that much. Since there is no cooking in the room, only a few dishes are out. Mostly it's our clothes thats out, and of course the computers. and the personal stuff we use every day.

From my understanding the next job with this company is within 100 miles of here. In any direction. There are 3 or 4 on going jobs he may be asked to go to. We will, of course, use the computers to find a motel to go to. It has to have at least two things. Wifi. and allow pets. A pool would be nice. This one has a pool but the water has been so cold that we think it's what got us our colds.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jeep woes, life in general, working on

Well, after getting the jeep worked on, it went down again. We had just filled the tank when the fuel pump went out. I was lucky to be able to find someone to drive Dear Hubby to work, and pick him up from there, for $50 a day. That covers gas and her time. Got the call this morning, it's going to cost $550 to get the pump replaced. Good thing Friday is pay day. I have caught Jerry's cold. I did take a walk this morning with Rocky. I did some stitches on one of my roses, yesterday, but not enough to really brag about. I went out, sat in front of the room, stitched a few, then here came Jerry with Rocky. Can't stitch while Rocky's out as he wants attention and I just drop what's in my hands when he's like that.

Monday, July 7, 2008

What I've been working on

A Summer Challange. This is one of four images to Embroider from the yahoo group, Hand-embroidery (sp). I liked the idea of coloring with Crayon first. So I did. Now I have to stitch it, as well. I don't know, yet, if I am going to do all four or not. I like the rose since I go by the name Mountain Rose. My Hubby has called me his Mountain Rose for years.
I am working on another copy with just stitching and no coloring that I'll have to finish up soon and take a picture of, as well.

Life as I know it

Don't you just love it when a loved one is home sick? (NOT)

My Beloved is home, not feeling well. He slept all day yesterday. He called into work today. He should have stayed home Saterday, but went to work anway.

So, I put him to work, so to speak. He had wanted me to make a couple of calls on some repairs on the Jeep. Since he knows what he's talking about more than I do, I had him take care of it. We found a shop close to the motel that would do the work reasonable. So we drove over and walked back. WE took Rocky with us. Walkning back was fine with me, it's less than a mile away, uphill part of the way. Rocky wanted more to walk with Jerry than me so we had to have an understanding.

I finshed up a side on my neck kerchief. I have one more side to hem, then some white work to get done on it. I really need to make two of them. I may hem both, then do the white work. I also need to start on the chemises I want to get made. I need the sleeve larger than the orginal pattern I used showed.

Breakfast was at IHOP this morning. A bit more than I usually eat, but it was good, anway.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy and Safe Independence Day !!

I do hope that any one who reads my blog, has a great, safe and relaxing day, today.

Jerry had to work, as I wrote in my blog, yesterday. And he has to work tomarrow. The pay check will look good, but he does need some rest. At least he'll have Sunday off.

I did plan on a picnic, but since we didn't go out, there was no picnic. We didn't go see the fireworks, as we heard there would be a crowd.. and man was there. According to Mary in the office, There were more people there than lives in the whole town. I guess a lot of people from around the area know just how popular the fireworks show is here in Dubuque.

Today is room cleaning day and Rocky is all excited, because he knows it. He knows that when the room gets it's cleaning he gets some extra time outside. Dan got to stop and pet Rocky today. Sonny has eased up on the "No talking to the guest" I think. I got a large trash bag to get all our trash picked up and outside for him to take to the trash bin. He'll let me know when his day is done, and I'll let him toss the ball for Rocky a few times. I do encourage Rocky to play with others, as it keeps him friendly. As long as it's outside our door. I want Rocky to be able to get along with just about anyone, outside the door. When we are inside the door, that's another matter.

We took our walk this morning. I took him along the roadway instead of behind the buildings, so he could walk in the grass more. I think I'll talk Jerry into dineer at the family restraunt when he gets in. It's about the only place I know of that will still be open when he gets off, and home. Most places are closing around 5 pm today.

Beth has to work but she got the morning shift. 6 to 3. She texted me at 5:55 this morning, wishing us a safe and happy 4th. I texted her, around 8, giving her the same wish. I tried to call Heather, but I guess they are already over at Dotties, since no one answered the phone. I'll try calling again in a bit.

Todays weather is nice and cool, for July. There are high fluffy clouds and no rain in today's forcaste.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

Silly Question,, Does England have a 4th of July? why of course they do, it comes after the 3rd of July, every year.. But do they celebrate Independence day? that would be the question to ask... Independence from what? Rule? I don't know.. someone else will have to answer that question.

Dubuque Iowa's fireworks show is tonight. I'll have to go through the paper and see if I can find a good place for us to view it from. We will not have fireworks this year. Most all motels frown on that, for good reason. IF we go out, Rocky will have to stay home, in his kennel. He's a good dog, but I don't know how he will react to the noise.

The last couple of days, I've been quiet on the computer. Just not felt much like posting a lot. I did read some in the book I picked up, did some stitches on a Rose block I started. and have ideas on doing another one. Cut out two Fichues, and have one almost completly hemed so I can start some white on white needlework on it.

WE got rain last night, Just as Jerry was getting out of work. He called me, to let me know he was on his way and wanted to stay in and not eat out.. and then the theft alarm went off. He said it was raining and I told him he would have to use the lock on the passenger side to shut off the alarm, for some reason the one on the driver's side doesn't do as well on shutting it off. Jerry has not been so happy with the purchase of the Jeep, but I think, given time to figure out all it's quirks we will do ok with it. At least until we have enough to trade it in on a larger truck, that is. Yes, Larger. His tool box alone takes up about 1/3 of the bed of a truck, plus add in our suitcases and tubs of stuff and we have a full truck. We need at least a 3/4 ton or larger to pull the camper with, once we pay for it. I don't know if the Jeep has enough motor and suspention to carry the camper, or not. Jerry hasn't checked that part out, yet. AT least the Jeep gets us from point A to point B without having to wait an hour before starting it back up, again.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life with the Jeep

Well, we were given a tip on a place that would re-weld the broken hinge on the driver's door of the jeep.
So.. at 4 am, on Monday morning, I'm up, getting dressed. Walk Rocky and put him into the Jeep, wait for Jerry to get in. over the console, then in myself.. I have to stay awake to see how to get to his job site. We stop at a little store so he can pick up his breakfast and a sandwich for lunch and a bag of ice. On to the job, where he gets out and goes in, gets his brass, then over to the gate. I leave, turning on the radio. Get back to the motel, walk Rocky again. Just take my insluin when Jerry calls me. I have to go back to the job site as he left his work keys with me, since it was his truck key that I drove home with. Oh my... I eat a banana so my sugar won't drop, the drive back out there... to find my sunglasses are now broken and I'm driving back to the motel, facing the sun. I manange to get a 40 minute nap, before taking the Jeep over to the body shop, They were kind enough to give me a ride back to the motel. Then, to show me the door is fixed, the man who did the welding tries the door... it's good but not perfect. so he gets out our sledge hammer, a tap here a pull, using it as a block there, and he breaks a different weld.. Oh man... can I bring it in tomarrow morning and he'll fix it. Yeah, not a problem.. "um... how are we going to work this out"... "I'll pay you 100 now and the rest tomarrow after it's fixed if that's ok with you."

. It's ok, I go get Jerry, we eat at Perkins after I drive us back, and surprise Jerry by using that door. It works, if your gentle with it.

Tuesday Morning. UP at 4 am (grrr, again) dressed, walk Rocky.. get into the Jeep... Jerry gets in and .. nothing.. won't start. he gets out, wiggles the battery cable.. now the thieft alarm is going off, (at least the horn isn't honking) sort of.. the lights are flashing, but the battery is weak..maybe. first we turn the key in the lock to turn off the alarm setting. then Jerry "taps" the battery terminals with that sledge. lightly.. it works, the Jeep starts. we go down to that store we stopped at yesterday morning.. He puts gas in, and waits for it to open.. goes to move the Jeep, and it won't start, again... GRRR.... a few "taps" and it starts. We leave after he picks up his drinks and sandwiches. We get to the job, he gets out, picks up his brass, I drive him to the gate. it's not that far, but I figure every step we save is that much easier on his feet. He gets out, picks up his lunch box and drinks, and I ask him, is he going to get his ice as well, or let it melt onto the tool box in the back.. he grins and goes back and gets his ice. In through the gate he goes, and I come back to the motel. NO call this time. I lay down for 1 1/2 hours. Get up, redress, walk Rocky, then get my own breakfast after I take my meds. At 9 am, I'm headed back to the body shop. a few mis turns and I finall find the way in. The corner it sits as is two one ways.. the one I'm on, does not have a drive into his place without jumping the curb.. with the short axels not being "right" I'm not taking chances and find a way to go around and come down the other one way street to get into his driveway, finally. Only he's not there, taking a truck back to some cement company. He comes in about 40 minutes later. pulls the jeep in, fixes the door and we are good to go. I pay him the rest of the money and I think we are both happy with his work. OH, they have the sweetest black dog. I can tell she's been hit by a car, her hips are out of whack. I give her a good hip rub and she's in love with me. She's really a sweet dog. Anyway. while I was waiting, I was reading Earagon. I picked up a copy the other night since I didn't have room for the hardbound book that Beth said I could borrow. I re-read most of what I had read over winter at her place. I get back to the motel in time to walk Rocky and then watch my soap. Beth calls. She owes the state some more money.. I did some more sewing on my rose block, then it's time to go get Jerry. We ate at "The Four Seasons", going in, not knowing it's Asian. I'm fine with it, Jerry left hungery. He don't much care for that style of cooking. We drove past the PetSmart to see that they are having a drive in cruse. If you have an old car, drive it in and show it off.. looked like fun and I expected Jerry to stop, but we came on back to the motel. We've been here 2 1/2 weeks now and tonight is the first time we got into the pool. It says it's a heated pool... yeah right.. That water is cold. but we got in anyway. Jerry was in longer than I was. Once we were in, it felt good, but getting use to the water was the pits.