Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning.  It's been half a day and it's not even 9 am yet.
Got up at 4
got dressed
made Jerry's breakfast
went with him to work so I could have the van today
back home. long enough for me to..
walk the dogs,
take my insulin and get breakfast
back in the van
take the dogs to the spay and nurture  clinic
had to wait for those being picked up to be taken out
had to weigh Rocky to see if he is above or below 30 pounds.
he's a hefty 42 pounds.
paid the $200. for both dogs to be fixed, meds and rabies shots.
I go to pick them up tomorrow morning at 7:30.  found out don't stress if unless it's as late as 9.. but I'll try to be first.
Rocky was scared so I stayed back with him a few minutes. he settled down for a bit. Macon was fine the whole time. Usually it's Macon with seperation issues.
Back to the camper. scoop the cat box. let the cat's out of the kennel.
sorted the last of the laundry
pick up all the blankets spray both mattresses with oder ban.
The kittens know there's something up with the dogs.. they have gone looking for them, jumping up on the beds and looking behind the mattresses and then come and look at me as if to say.."Ok where'd you hide them?"
Billie C

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