Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Good Morning... We had wind and rain yesterday. today is much cooler but the sun is out so it will warm up in the camper soon enough.
 I wish that man who was to look over the camper would call. At least appoligize for not showing up. But we at least have an idea of how much to save for a new camper. We know what we want, as well. the style of the bathroom and how many pull-outs. yes, I want at least 2 pull outs. them just help make the inside not look like a small box.

Still having trouble from Strips and using the catbox. Everyone else has used it but him. and he got Jerry's coat this morning. I asked Jerry to make the hole in the tub that covers the catbox a bit larger. think I'll have to add some air holes near the top now, as well. I found a mess in the bathtub as well, this morning, but better the tub than my clothes, bed or floor.

Rocky and Macon are doing well. Keeping out of kittens way when possible. We didn't take a long walk this early morning, as I plan on walking further mid-morning and afternoon.

I'm cleaning out the Fridge and pantry box this week. Just need to empty and see what we need in the line of grocries. I'm making a new list. 
Outside my door ...  the sun is shining, but the high today is only going to be in the low 60's. The trees are starting to really try to leaf out now and the dogwoods are starting to bloom. I'm going to take my camera with me when I walk the dogs and take a few pictures.
The dogs ...  are sleeping as much as they can, when the kittens let them. They do get playful while we are walking and want to wrestle. Macon loves rolling on the fresh green that is just now showing though the dried remains of last years' grass.  Macon's long tail is always the toy of the kittens. they just love batting at it.
The Kittens ...  are doing well. Getting over their operations well. No signs of infections on any of them. Getting more and more playful again. and they are growing. Time to enlarge the hole in the tub that keeps the dogs out of the littlerbox.
From the kitchen...  going to make hamburger something. Not sure just what, yet.  Salad, and some sort of dessert. Most likely sugar free pudding.
I am hearing... Morning news is on
I am wearing...  dark gray sweat pants and my light blue flowered top.
Billie C.

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Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
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