Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seeing dots

Well, I now see a cluster of dots from my left eye. I had lazer surgury done and have to go back on the 10th of Dec to have the same thing done to the right. Then back again for a different lazer treatment for the blood vessels in both eyes. It didn't hurt, but I couldn't see very clear for most the afternoon and into the early evening. I didn't ask if I would now forever be seeing these dots. I'll ask at the next appointment. I know it can differ with each person as well. I can read for short amounts of time, but I downloaded all my email without attachments to a folder to try to read later.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This was a lazy day for me. Jerry had to work, and once he was out the door, I went back to bed. Got up just a few minutes before 9. Took my meds and made that bed so I wouldn't crawl back into it. If I was sick it would be one thing, I just didn't feel like doing anything house cleaning wise. so I didn't. Not today. Beth called me an hour later than usual, having just gotten off work.. her shift lasted much longer than anticipated this morning. She talks to me to wind down before going to bed for the day.. She loves her night shift but sometimes the sleeping in the day sucks. (parden the french) I decided to read emails on one of my yahoo id's that I don't often check and spent about 1 1l2 hours just copying recipes that look intresting, to me. Then Heather texted me. Which is her way of asking me to call her. It doesn't cost me to call her, where it costs her to call me from her house phone. We talked about 2 hours total. .with my phone dropping the call, twice. We firmed up plans for Satureday after Thanksgiving, and made up our menu and grocie list. I sent her money last week to cover the meal. I then proceded to take a very hard sleep, sitting on the couch... I mean I was dead to the world, until Jerry called to let me know he was on his way home... I seem to sleep that hard more and more often, now.. I don't know why and sometimes it really puts a scare into me. And the dreams I have, they don't help me feel any better. I don't even feel rested after that kind of hard sleep.
Dinner was easy tonight. I opened a can of Chili with no beans in it, and once it was warmed up, added in the mac and cheese I made a couple of nights ago..Let it warm up, turned it off, until about 3 minutes before Jerry was to come through the door. and put the salad in a couple of bowls... We did snack a bit after dinner, but not much. I ate the last of the fruit salad we picked up at the store an Jerry ate some nuts and then some chex mix that we bought. Rocky finished off the bag of mini marshmellows we had.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm not a daily poster

Well, I'm not. My house is small but I have lots of emails to read each day. I could go digest on a couple of groups, but then I'd not get to see the pictures. And I try to not let the computer rule my life. My dog is sleeping in his chair since I've brought him in. He wasn't Cold, but he was cool and since he has a short coat, I don't want him out too long when the temps are below the 60's. I want to make some ginger cake today.. I'll wait till about 430 to make so the smell will still be in the house when DH gets home from work. He has to work tomarrow as well. Ugh. We will do the laundry tonight so he can watch one of his favorite shows after work tomarrow night.

anyway.. tonights dinner will be Chili Mac, Salad and the gingerbread cake.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

crock pot rice

Oh well. I started the rice too late, so I put it all in a pot on the stove and will finish it up that way.
Dinner is easy tonight. I've started some rice in the crockpot. Will see how it turns out. Last time not so good. Jerry picked out some Breaded Flounder in the frozen fish area. I'm going to fix them, in the oven and a potato for him. He's not much on rice. Salad of course. Humm. I wonder if a carrot can be baked in the oven. think I'll try it since I have a few of them, and it's going to be on, anyway.

The weather here has turned cold. The low tonight in the upper 20's. That means I'll have to run the water in a thin stream out of the faucets. (Great).

I walked to town yesterday and today my ankels are telling me about it. At least I can stand. There have been times in the past that I've not even be able to stand when they hurt.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinner tonight

Not knowing when Jerry will be home after work. He has to go pick out frames for his new glasses since the last ones he chose were out of stock.. I made a crockpot meal. I put a nice Roast in the bottom. topped with green beans and three small potatoes on top. Been cooking all day long and smells good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my daily "to do" list

I am house keeping challanged. I have struggled all my adult life in keeping a home neat. I get distracted easily, Get bored, Get upset that no one else seems to care that I did all that work... ect.. We have been in this house for just over three weeks now. and I can't believe that I am still keeping it clean. Of course we don't have a lot of stuff in the way, right now, either. but for me to keep it this clean for this long is a record. I like reading emails. I get between 200 and 300 in one account alone, not counting my yahoo id's (7) So I said I can make this work for me... for every 5 I read, I have to get up and do "something". Most times I'll do two or three items on my list so I can read 5x that number..i.e, do three things, read 15 emails. Now don't go thinking I'm crazy. many of my emails are either from the three chatty groups I'm in, or from recipe groups I'm in. but over-all. I am pleased that I have found a way to get my work done, and still enjoy being on the Net... course Rocky still takes me away from the computer as well. He has to have his attention and walks every day.

here is my "Daily To Do" list. Under the *** Stuff *** list are things that are done once. or only a few times to finish up.. it gets longer and shorter as the week goes by.

***** Dinner *****
What's for supper (place it here each day)
***** Take Care of Me *****
Am Blood sugar check
Brush Hair
Pm Blood Sugar Check
**** To Do ****
Check the montly calendar in housekeeping file.
Read a chapter in the Bible
Say prayers
**** Water Closet ****
Clean Mirror
Wipe Sink
Swish Toilet
Clean Floor, mop as needed
*** Bed room ****
Make Bed
dust all wood tops and doors
Vacume Floor
**** Bathroom ****
Clean Mirror
Wipe Sink
Wipe Tub
Swish Toilet
Straighten shelfs
Sweep floor, mop as needed
**** Hallway ****
Sweep floor
Mop as needed
**** Kitchen ****
Wipe around sinks
Wipe Fridge
Wipe Stove
Wipe Countertops
Sweep Floor, mop as needed
Make Lunch for me
Make Tea For Jerry
Thaw out Hashbrown For Jerry's breakfast tomarrow
**** Living Room ****
sweep and mop entranceway.
Coffee table top, clear and dust
Left End table clear and dust
Right End Table, Clear and Dush
dust tv top and screen
Wipe off leather of Chair
Wipe off Leather of couch
Vacume Floor
**** Back Porch ****
Sweep Floor
Knock down cobwebs
Clean around light
**** Front Porch ****
Sweep floor
Knock Down Cobwebs 2x weekly
Clean around Light

*** Middle bedroom ***
Sort daily laundry
Vacume floor
*** Back Bedroom ***
Vacume floor
**** STuff ****

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tonight's dinner, from the oven

For dinner tonight, I used the oven. I cut up three potatoes in nice sized chunks, spread them out on a new cookie sheet sprayed with a bit of canola oil and sprinkled some seasoned salt over them... and then placed two boneless pork chops on a different, smaller cookie sheet sprayed with the same. and covered with foil. to bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. With this we had a salad. After dinner Jerry had a bowlfull of chex mix. for dessert we both had a klondik bar. I savored it as much as I could. later, I made us both a cup of tea for the evening. Jerry's cough seems to be not as bad as it was last week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sad news for Heather's family

Ricky's father has passed away after a few weeks in the hospital. He was pulled off life support on Monday and passed on Saturday. The stress on the family in Tennessee was tremendous and I ask for prayers for all of them and healing of hurt feelings as well. Ricky Jr. and Heather was by his side every day.

Neat Idea, and news

I better get the news out first. I had an eye exam last Wendsday, And was asked to go back on Friday for dilation. He saw some bleeding in the back of my right eye and so I go see someone else later this month. I'll post the date when I know for sure when it will be, but most likely around Thanksgiving week.

I just saw, on someone else's blog, that they post their menu for dinner. Well, I can't do that every day. but I can try to post more often by posting what we are having for dinner. Trying to cook for two people is hard enough. but toss in the amount I have to watch my own diet, yet keep things that Hubby wants to eat.. can drive me crazy at times. Tonight is shopping night, so we are eating out. He didn't say were, yet.

Rocky has been waiting for Jerry to get home from work since 4:45. sitting in his chair, looking out the window. Coming to me every few mintues asking to go out. after just being out. He likes to sit on the porch steps waiting for Jerry to get home. Tonight, we change things up a bit since I'm not taking him out with us this time. Once he sees Jerry home. I'm putting him in the kennel and I'll bring him back a treat.