Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Good Morning for August 24


Good Morning. I do hope you slept well last night. It was a quiet night here.  It is nice and peaceful here. I was able to open the doors and vents for a little while this morning. I had to close them back up just before 10 am though because it was starting to warm up a bit. It's a Sunny day, and there is lots of shade around here.
Heaather came by after she got off work yesterday. I'm going to go to her home to do our laundry tomorrow. Jerry will drive her kids to school, and pick them up after. We need to be to her house by 6 am.. but once Jerry drops off the kids, he's thinking of coming back to the camper so he can keep the dogs quiet. 
The dogs are adjusting to this new area well.  They already do not bark at the people who are walking along the path on the other side of the creek.
Today I'm going to make a crock pot meal. potatoes, green beans and smoked beef sausage layered. I'll also serve a salad and I think we will have pudding for dessert
We can not get a TV signal on the attenia, So we are watching our collection of video's. Right now, we are watching the second season of "Game of Thrones".
I am wearing jean shorts and a teal t-top that I decorated with a rinestone blue bird
I have been trying to down-load a few of the books that I picked up for free. from Amazon over the last few days.  should pick at least one to start reading soon.
I am still hoping (and praying) that Jerry gets a call for a job that is going to pay enough to cover the bills and get us caught up with them. I do hope we don't haave to wait until November for the jobs to open up.
I am creating... I saw a video on how to make a stamp from making impressions into fun foam and I want to try that soon.
A few plans for today... We need to go to the store in a little bit to pick up some bread, more fresh vegetables and some snacks.

Billie C.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Halloween Food Fun.

Halloween Food Fun.
It's not too early to be thinking about Halloween, is it? 

Good Morning


Good Morning From a Sunny Tennessee.
We are right beside a walking path that has just been opened up within the last few weeks. We have seen a few people using it. Kids love riding their bikes on it. One of the entrances is right next door to the entrance to this campground. I have yet to try to walk on it, I may try later this week, to at least go a little way.
It took a bit, but between the owner and myself, we got my computer to find his WiFi and so now, I'm a happy camper.
Barney is happy, as well.. across the driveway is a bit of grassy area, and at the edge of that is a creek (Coop's creek) and the banks are low enough he can get down and get into the water. It's very shallow and is only as high as his belly. He loves running and jumping and playing in the water so much that he did it twice yesterday.  After his second time in the water, We sat outside so he could dry off a bit. I took him for a short walk around the driveway.  My back had been hurting me almost all day long, off and on.. about 1/2 way around the drive, it finally stopped hurting. I am thinking of trying to walk around it twice tonight, if not more.
Jerry made Breakfast today. I asked for an egg  sandwich.   He's feeling only a little better, but at least he's up and awake. He spent most of yesterday asleep in bed. When I woke up at 4 am. he was reading a book, but soon afterturned it off and went back to sleep. We are now waiting for a phone call in hopes of his getting another job.  Can't believe that these people can't seem to get their $%^& together.  Jerry will be calling that office soon to see what the rush was about since most of Friday, he ended up doing more nothing that accually working.  At leaast today, I might get to clean the bedroom, unless he starts to not feel so good again.

Billie C.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Good morning August 22, 2o16

Written in the morning of August 22, 2o16
Good morning
We are back in Dunlap, in a small campground and we don't have access to the wifi.
Jerry is home sick. Having to move and set the camper up while it was raining sure didn't help him feel any better, either.  The camper is not level side to side and I can sure tell. I can hope that we can fix that in a day or two when Jerry's feeling much better. I made him two plain egg sandwiches for breakfast but I'm not sure if that is going to help him feel better or not.
Outside My Door... The weekend was damp and in the low 80's and I felt like it was more the first  fall  day even though the first day of all is still a month away. Even some of the trees around here are changing colors.. The Hickory trees at our daughters' home are dropping their nuts already.  I am thinking either we are going to have a long fall, or we are going to have an early winter, as well. 
The dogs ... are glade to be out of their kennels for a while. They got some extra lovin for being so good for us.  Barney and Rocky got extra loving from a lady who was out walking. She would have pet Macon as well, but she wanted to finsh her walk before it got too dark.  Two of the dogs snuck in and slept with Jerry last night when I moved to the couch. I had to sit up to sleep because my back was hurting and when I woke up, Macon and slipped up on the couch to lay beside me. For a big dog, he can sure be sneaky.
From the Kitchen... I'm still not sure what I'm going to make for our dinner yet.  Something quick or from the crock pot. I know I'll be putting together a salad, and I will fix potatoes, I just don't know how yet... but already Chile tater tots is sounding good to me. but I don't know if Jerry will want that, or not.
I Am Hearing... We can't seem to get any tv stations over the antenna and we didn't see any cable connections outside either. So no TV for a bit. There doesn't seem to be any Wifi yet, either.  But I do have a medium to strong signal but it needs a security key. I need to see if that is the wifi for here, or if it is for someplace that is close by.  There  are only about 8 camper lots in this campground. It's being renovated. I am in hopes of getting the Wifi  key code  sometime today for the wifi. 
I woke up to the Jerry's phone ringing.  Then there was a crow cawing from out in the yard.. Now I'm hearing traffic from the main road through town. I think I just heard a School Bus, I hope so, that woul mean that there should be a bus stop very close by that the kids can ride to or from, for school and I can help Heather out with some child care. We can get in one radio station.. but it's not something we both really listen to very often. I think it's NPR, and last night it had on old, classical music.
I Am Wearing... Right now, I have on my flannel nighty.. but after my shower I'll be changing into shorts, most likely dark blue ones and a lighter blue t-shirt. I think that is what is on the top of the pile of my shirts. if not blue, then a red one is..
Oh, I forgot to mention.  Bailey plays in the marching band and the first football game was Friday. The local team won 27 to 20, and the Band played loud and well... and Bailey's picture was taken for the local paper and a local on-line school news.  I hope to post it on face book, once I can connect again.
While I am Sans Wifi... I will be going through some very old emails and saving the craft and recipes to my hard drive as well as other snippets of goodies. I needed to erase some posts that had a lot of pictures in them to make room on my own hard drive for more storage space in my AOL files.  This being without wifi will give me a chance to do some more file clearing.. but if I forget and post something from two years ago... this will explain it.
I am Reading...  I did down-load a few books while we were staying at Heathers and I plan on trying to catch up on reading and crafting on some cards very soon.
I am thinking...  How happy we are to be back closer to Heather and her kids for a while. We do like this area very much and have not given up hope of some day, buying some land and setting up a place to live with a pad to park the camper on. We have seen several people have done that.
I am thankful for... Cooler weather and quiet nights.  Soon enough, we will be in the middle of fall. 
I am hoping... to have wifi access soon without having to go to Heather's all the time. But if that is what we have to do, it will be okay. 
I am creating... A stronger "me".  It felt good to hear that I had lost some weight from the last time I had visited a doctor from three months ago, and I want to continue to lose steadily. While I may not be able to get out and walk every day, I am going to try to get out more often. I do take the dogs on short walks, so they can potty but that is not the same as walking.  There is a walking path behind the campground and I saw a few people on it while we were setting up, yesterday. I know one end stops at the Sonic's and am not sure where the other end goes, yet... and the end at Sonic's is suppose to extent all the way to the school complex.  All three school for Dunlap are in one place which makes it much easier to bus the kids to school and back home again.
A few plans for today... I need to get up from here and Shower,  get dressed then take the dogs out again. Breakfast and meds then clean up and put up from moving the camper. 
A few plans for the rest of the week... Well.. the usual... cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dogs.. and now, hopefully. seeing Heather and the kids more often.

Billie C.