Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For Today... March 31, 2010

For Today...

March 31, 2010

I haven't kept up with my log for the last couple of days. Jerry and I have been walking the dogs on longer walks now that we have some pleasent weather to enjoy. Monday, we got lost and a 1/2 mile walk turned closer to 2 miles, at least. We went back today and stuck to the paved pathes. Macon was well behaved last time and not so much this time. Although it wasn't the ideal walk, it was still a good walk. We then went driving and got lost on the back roads. That's ok, though as we really needed to ge out for a bit. We really needed to be away from the camper for a bit.

Today is call in day for Jerry's un-employment. Hopefully, Friday's being a bank holiday won't mess with it being put on his debit card. We don't know for sure until then.

While we were waiting for NCIS to come on last night. I had Jerry help me with a grocery list. All in all it's not a long list and most of whats on the list "should" last us about two weeks.


Outside my window... The sky is clear and blue, the ground is drying for the last weekend rains and the tempature is very pleasent. The trees are starting to leaf out, and many of the flowering trees are in full bloom. I took a couple of pictures of a pine tree and a tulip popular this morning.

I am thinking... We are going crazy, waiting for a phone call. It's really eating at our nerves and we have to be very vilagent not to take it out on each other that Jerry isn't working, yet. He's looking as hard as he knows how, to find a job. Checking all the resources he knows of for work. Internet, making phone calls, filling in apps and talking to others who may have a lead on a job.

I am thankful for... being able to spend time with my Hubby, right now. We are able to get out and enjoy the weather together. Winter was too cold and too long to really want to go out and do anything. Now, we can walk some trails and just be outside in the fresh air.

From the kitchen... Breakfast was two egg and ham burritos, and a bowl of cereal. Lunch is a can of tomato soup. Dinner was Salad and a couple of burritoes each. I took my steam basket and put it in one of my cast iron skillets to keep them off the bottom of the skillet and put a lid on top. They were done but not really hot. I wasn't sure how long to cook them that way.

I am wearing... light grey sweat pants and my light purple Eagles nest t-shirt. The sleeve of it got ripped last week, when Macon took off after a bug and dumped me out of my chair. Luckly I only ended up with a few scratches on my arm from hitting the ground.

I am reading... emails and some recipes I found loose in the back of the van. I need to put them on my computer.

I am hoping... The same thing I've been hopeing for, for the last 6 months. I'm hoping that Jerry will get a call to go to work.

I am creating... working on some embrodry

I am hearing...(11am ) Y and R is on. There are a few songbirds outside on the power lines singing their love songs.

(8pm) Taps is on.

Around the house... (11am) I haven't done any thing yet, this morning. need to make beds, do dishes and straighten up the living room.

(8 pm) did the dishes and made supper after helping Jerry with the sink problem in the back.

One of my favorite things... Just going out and walking along a path I've not been on before. And also driving around just seeing where a road goes. We found a dairy while we were driving. Too bad we didn't stop to see if we could buy milk straight from the farm there.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Wait to see of the un-employment money is here on Friday or not. If it is, we will have to go do some food shopping.


Today, I was helping Jerry play plumber to the camper. We "finally" got the last of the leaks fixed, we think. We had to replace the bathroom sink faucet. Bent up a corner of the sink doing it and now I have to be careful(er) wiping down the counter back there. Hopefully now the floor will dry out.

We have also be job hunting. Monday and Tuesday we went to the old job site. Still no word. Jerry had a question about a job that was listed on-line. If he applied for it would it change his statis on being a Journeyman electriction since this other job was more of a top helper type job. No, he could apply for it and if he didn't get it, would still be considere for the next journeyman electriction job that comes up. (whew) now if only they would need him for either one of them. Today, driving hither and youn looking for a part for the sink, We happened upon another BE&K job. (what??) We stopped to ask and the man we talked to said he was the man to talk to about the electrical on the job, He had fun making the dogs bark. Gave us directions on the main office for this job. Took us a bit to find it, then a bit to find a parking space as well. But we did it. and Jerry got the information he needed. He'll be applying with this sub-contractor tomorrow. They are out of Birmingham so even if they don't need him here, maybe they will use him elsewhere. Please help pray that this works out.

Bad news on his unemployment today. He has one week coming, not two. that's barely enough to cover the lot rent for a month. I have a very little stashed back, maybe enough for insulin for a week and a few grocries but not much more than that. Jerry's going to be on the phone a lot tomorrow, straightening that out and calling on that job. I can't even ask my kids for a bit of help because they are all as broke as we are.

We have been doing a lot more walking. twice a day, now. This morning, we went to the golf course. Macon didn't do so good this time. He kept pulling and jerking and then stopping and not moving. WE had an eye to eye.. he got a bit better after that. This eveing, We took them to the lower level here. We have to drive to the lower level or Macon will "poop" in the middle of the driveway and that means one of us has to pick it up. (Yucky part of dog ownership) If we drive down, he still poops, but not where anyone is going to say anything about it. We did a bit of walking around both lower level this eveniing. That's made me a bit winded but not as bad as it would have last week if I had tried to walk that much at one time.

Friday, March 26, 2010

For Today... March 26, 2010

For Today... March 26, 2010

Outside my window... It's cool and grey out. Very dreary looking. Not the best of days to be outside, but sure beats all that cold and ice we had last month.

I am thinking... ( 11am ) I'm feeling good. I'm getting outside more, walking more and getting more sun and fresh air. I need to remember to go outside more often. I really should spend less time on the computer. I think I'll limit myself to mornings only for a while.

I am thankful for...

From the kitchen... Breakfast was waffels.

I am wearing... light grey sweat pants and a blue flowered top

I am reading... emails

I am hoping... WE get that phone call, today. Beth texted us yesterday, wondering what was up with the satilight service. I texted her back. bill not paid. We can only pay so many of our bills and tv service we are not watching is not high on our list of what we need to pay.

I am creating... I want to work on a quilt block this afternoon while we wait on the laundry to get done. (4 pm ) Well, I had wanted to work on a quilt block. I didn't have a hoop with me so I didn't work on it. I may work on it later this evening.

I am hearing...( 11am ) Y and R is on right now.

Around the house... (11 am ) Got to do laundry today. I seperated the laundry a bit ago, have to take the dogs with us, because they get noisy when we are not home. We'll do the laundry this afternoon. (4pm) Yep, got the laundry done. Talked to a gal with a kid most of the time. Her "ol man" is working out at Hunts and wanted to know about us. I did talk to her about homeschooling and she's thinking about it. The boy is only 3 so she still has a couple of years to think on it.

One of my favorite things...

A few plans for the rest of the week... Still in hopes of a phone call.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Today... March 24, 2010

For Today... March 24, 2010

Outside my window... Today was Nice. not to hot or too cold. A bit cool when we got up this morning, but not bad. and the sun was out all day long.

I am thinking... The neighbor kids can't go home soon enough. One of the kids broke a beer bottle behind our camper this afternoon. I mentioned it to the parents when James asked to borrow the drill. The kids had to go clean up the broken glass. I told the older boy that I would hate for one of the dogs to get a cut on their paw because of the broken glass. We didn't say who broke the glass. I'm not sure which one it was, but Jerry knows.

I am thankful for... Clear sunny days like today. Although the call didn't come in, we got one call that was promising, until the man said Jerry didn't know what he was talking about. Jerry does know conduit bending and knows it well.

From the kitchen... Jerry made breakfast this morning. Eggs, sausage and potatoes. Lunch was a sandwich and some chips. Dinner was chili with added hamburger. I toasted a couple of pieces of bread to put mine on. Now we are out of bread.

I am wearing... dark blue sweatpants and my wild and free tshirt.

I am reading... I read most of my countrside magazine. I saw one thing in it, that I want Jerry to consider. A moveable fire ring. I know that there are ones you can buy, but I think I'll have to wait a while on that.

I am hoping... that Jerry gets an honest job call soon. The man who called seems to want to have journeyman on the job. but only pay them top helper pay at best. Jerry can bring home more money on his unemployment than what top helper pay is, right now.

I am creating... I empted a box today. I have three or four more boxes to go to storage. There are two more boxes in the back of the van that I need to clear out and put away.

I am hearing... Suvivor is on.

Around the house... not much going on. I need to vacume the floor for sure. It's covered in dog hair.

One of my favorite things... being able to get out and in the sun. May have rain tonight but it still isn't bad weather.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Not many plans right now. Just hanging out and waiting for a phone call.


We took the dogs down to the lower level for a bit this morning. My knees hurt a bit from all the walking we did yesterday. found out, we were at the old golf course not the arboritum. I hope to be able to walk at the golf course tomorrown.

We ended up having to re-fax some papers to a man looking to man up a job in B-ham. When he called Jerry back he said that Jerry got all the conduit questions wrong. I don't see how, since Jerry loves running conduit and knows what he's doing and has been doing it for years.

Jerry said that he will just keep going back to the old job site each Monday and re-appling for a job until he gets a job. Can only pray that it's soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For Today, March 23, 2010

For Today... March 23, 2010

Yesterday was cool and we just sorta hid in the camper all day long. We did take the dogs for a small walk in the afternoon, but none of us were really wanting to.
We've taken the dogs out once for a long walk already today, and plan on another this afternoon. I have the door open and the vetns up and letting the camper air out.
The neighbors' wife has shown up, with kids. I counted at least 4 kids and there may be 5.. gads. The kids are young, loud and the dogs want to go play with them. Jerry is yelling at the dogs to be quiet and then the kids get louder and the dogs want to go out all the more.. I looked out back, and the kids have scattered beer cans and beer bottles all over the place. I hope they clean it up. I'll just have to wait and see if they pick up or not.
We are doing some minor work on the camper. Jerry thinks he's fixed all the leaks. I hope so. He's putting the bathroom back together. He took off some trim thinking he could get under the sink and now it needs to be pop-rivited back in place. The plastic insert was painted but since it's plastic, the paint isn't staying on it. So I took it outside and used a small sanding block to remove what paint was left on it.

I have the door open and the vents up and it's wonderful to hear the birds singing on the hill. I think We'll sit outisde again this afternoon.

I need to work on some handicrafts sometime soon. I have to repair a quilt that my Great Aunt Duke made back in the late 80's to early 90's.. The seams are coming apart. I have some cotton thread that I'll hand sew the pieces together with. I also want to add a lable to the backside explaining who Aunt Duke was, about when she made this quilt and how old she was when she died. If I recall she was 93 or 96.

4 pm. Jerry and I took a long (to me) walk at the AU Arboritum today. I will need to take my camera with me next time we go. There are many trails there, and many people who let their dogs run loose when it is clearly posted that all dogs must be on a lead. I'm glade we went, but I'm also glade we didn't take the dogs with us.

Outside my window... The sky is blue and there are a few high clouds. I have the windows open and the door open and the slight breeze is blowing the stink out of the camper.

I am thinking... I need to walk more often. Although I still have a cough, it's not as bad as it was and walking seems to have helped it out some. Jerry and I are going to try to go walking more often.

I am thankful for... Good weather and sunshine. I need to get outside more and do more walking and good weather is what I need to do that so I'm thankful for good walking weather.

From the kitchen... Althought I pulled out two cans of chili, I'm not sure yet if I'm going to fix that or some chicken I pulled out of the freezer to thaw a couple of days ago. Breakfast was Sausage, potatoe and eggs for Jerry and cereal for me. I made up some fish salad and had some one crackers for lunch.

I am wearing... Light grey sweatpants and a flowered top.

I am reading... besides email, I wnat to read one of my old "Countryside" magazines.

I am hoping... That Jerry gets the phone call soon Sitting here, waiting for a call is hard on our nerves. We know we are in a good place, but for how long.

I am hearing... We have a movie in the DVD player since we lost cable a couple of hours ago.

Around the house... cleaned up in the bedroom area a bit. Cleaned up in the bathroom as well.

One of my favorite things... Bird song. We have windows open so we can hear the birds in the brush behind the camper.

A few plans for the rest of the week... no plans. Hope to do some more walking this week. and do some more sorting and cleaning up.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

For Today... March 18, 2010

For Today... March 18, 2010

We were able to take the dogs for a walk this morning and let them have fun for at least 1/2 an hour. Macon had so much fun running from one side of me to the other and back again. We finally got to do laundry at the office today. We had 5 loads to do. that included to small blankets. We really are not suppose to do blankets but they balaned out the loads better. I have 5 more that need washing but will take them to a laundry mat to do those.

Outside my window... (10 am ) it's grey out but suppose to be warm enough to open the doors for a little bit this afternoon. The greyness keeps us from wanting to go outside, but we really should be out a bit each day so we can have the benifits of fresh air and sunshine. Jerry and I will take the dogs for a walk this aftenoon.

From the kitchen... Jerry made breakfast, Fried Potatoes, fried eggs and sausage.

I am wearing... A black tshirt and dark grey sweat pants.

I am reading... emails

I am hoping... That Jerry gets a phone call for a job, today.

I am hearing... The tv is on.

Around the house... I have water heating to do the dishes. We need to go do laundry and take a shower at the R.V Park office sometime today.

One of my favorite things... sitting outside on a warm spring day. We did our own laundry and sat out in the sunshine waiting for the machines to do the work.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I may have a cleaning job. the man next to us wants his camper cleaned, He said he'd pay me $50 do to it. while I was talking to him, I mentioned that I do laundry for $2 over what it costs me and that I accepts tips for what the rest is worth to the person I did it for. So yes, if it cost me $10 to do wash, I would only charge $12, but I usually recieve $20 because the rest is the tip. I make more that way than chargeing more for my time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010

For Today... March 16, 2010

Today was good. We spent some time on the lower level letting the dogs have some running time. After a bit, when they got tired, we found a piece of wood to attach to the step we use and hopefully it won't keep trying to flip me out the door.

Outside my window... It's been a cool, grey day all day long. At least the temps are in the 50's and not the 30's.

I am thankful for... Being able to still get out and do some walking. The dogs loved some outside time today. I hope to be able to walk them down the hill and back by the time Jerry finds a job.

From the kitchen... Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with milk and a banana. Lunch was a ham sandwich and some chips. dinner was a salad, hamburger helper and peas.

I am wearing... maroon shorts that I put on a little bit ago, and a blue tshirt.

I am hoping... That Jerry gets a phone call for a job this week.

I am hearing... Ncis LA.

Around the house... Cleared out two more tubs and put the empty's back in the van. I have to wash one out but it can wait a bit.

A few plans for the rest of the week... To finish getting our stuff out of the van and finding places for it all, in the camper.

Monday, March 15, 2010

For Today... March 15, 2010

For Today... March 15, 2010


We are in Tuscaloosa Alabama. We left Lawson Mo on Friday morning around 9:30am and got here around 11:45 pm. We slept in a truck stop between a couple of "big rigs" because we just didn't want to pay for one nights' motel room. We paid off the camper, need to get the title tomorrow. We will tag it out on Friday when we do the car tags as well.

The trip was un-eventfull. The camper was not stored where we thought it would be, the back end was up against the dirt and we have many breaks in the water lines. We no sooner get one fixed than we find another. We don't have water to the shower or the bath sink right now. I'm thinking we are going to have to pay someone else to fix it because we can't reach it. We will be washing off at the kitchen sink, or going to the shower house a few times a week to get an all over shower. (Oh Joy,) We went to the shower house last night and ran out of hot water within a few mintues of getting my hair wet. Not happy about that at all.


Outside my window... The sky has been grey all day long, We had about 10 minutes of sun this afternoon.

I started the day in layers, and ended up taking off some of those layers because I got warm. I think our high was right around 60F.

I took the dogs for a walk, had to clean up after Macon ( the dog just can't figure out to go to the hill for that..) I sat outside with the dogs for about 30 mintues this afternoon, while Jerry was fixing the water, again. He had to bypass the bath sink so we can at least have water to the kitchen sink and I can use the stove to warm up dish-water. Jerry went to the trash pile, looking for enough wood to make better steps so I don't get flipped going through the door. Yesterday I got flipped twice, once going in and once going out. I was holding on to the handle by the door so I didn't get hurt, when I was going out. But the time I was going in, I ended up on my knees. my shins hit the metal threshhold and so I have a couple of bruses now.

I am thinking... I hope we didn't make a big mistake coming here. Jerry went to the old job he was working on here and applied. there is one other person on the list, and his name has been on there since Feburary. Not a good sign. Jerry did look on-line with KBR's website to see if there is a job any where, Not yet.

I am thankful for... No problems on the road getting here. It was rainy all the way down here. Only one slow up and it looked like it was two cops giving a ticket and everyone was moving over to the left lane and slowing down for that. The back-up was almost a mile long for that.

From the kitchen... I'm fixing Salad, pork chops, and Mac and Cheese, I may also fix some steamed vegetables for me. I'm cooking tonight. Pork Chops, Mac and Cheese, Salad, steamed stir fry vegetables.

I've sprinkled the chops with some spicy seasoning while I wait for them to thaw and the water for the Mac and Cheese to come to a boil. (I have one working burner right now) I have the stir fry vegetables in a rice steamer and added a dash of vinegar to it to wake up the flavor a bit. I'll be adding a couple of tablespoons of Salsa to my salad instead of dressing. Salsa has much less calories to it.

I am wearing... Dark Grey sweat pants and a teal top. I had on a white long sleeve winter top earlier but I got warm enough to have to take it off.

I am reading... emails. I had over 900 to go through this morning and I can't remember if aol limits me to 1000 or 2000 before sending back emails.

I am hoping... That Jerry finds a job soon. Either here or very close by. We will have to replumb the trailer, and need some money to do that with.

I am creating... a cleaned up camper. I am slowly putting our things back in place. We brought back more than what we took out of here and now I have to find a place for it all. I am thinking we are going to have to have a yard sale before the end of this month, by April 15 at the latest so we can empty the storage unit. We will be looking for a smaller, less expensive unit closer to the R.V. Park as well. We don't need much more than a 4 x 5 or 6 x 8.

I am hearing... American Pickers on the T.V. and some idiot who would rather honk his horn than knock on a door. That's been going on a lot today.

Around the house... Putting our stuff back in place, shoving where I can until I can take time to do it right. Doing ok. Got two tubs that are in the way and will have to be moved from one end to the other until I finaly find a place for the stuff in them.

One of my favorite things... shedding wearing my heavy coat in Spring. sure I'm still going to need it at night, when we take our showers, but looks like we are not going to need them much during the day now. I'll soon be able to wash them and then have to find a place to store them for summer.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Need to clean out the van and take care of what's in it so I can go to storeage and either pick up a vanload to go through and decide what to keep and what to yard sale.

Help Jerry find a job.

Walk the dogs longer each day and spend more time outside.

do some laundry.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

Ah.. the sweet smells and sounds of early Spring. My turn to walk the dogs early this morning. Poor Macon, he had a wet accident in his kennel and by the time I got him out, stank. He was first out, though. and Iwas met with SPRING in the air. The smell of MUD. and the sight of grass just starting to turn green. The air filled the the early morning songs of birds and a light mist in the air that I felt on my bare arms while I guided Macon to where he's 'suppose' to go, rather than where it was he 'went'. Oh well, the rain will wash it all away, I'm sure.

Dawn.. or is there one. When I woke up it was dark outside. I walked the dogs and it was lighter, but I never really saw the Sun peeking between the horizon and the bottom of the sky this morning.

In a recent questionaire, was the question of if you have ever seen the green flash or dawn or sunset. Some people question does it even exist. There is a brief nano second of time that, if your looking in just the right direction, just before the sun rises or just after the tip of it sets, that there is a green flash of light. I've never seen it, but I've heard you see it over the ocean, and sometimes if your on a high mountain you might be lucky enough to catch one. I'm sure it's one of those things of "Magic" that catches you when you least expect it and reminds you that there are still many, many wonders of the world yet to be explored. I read about the green flash in an old Reader's Digest a long time ago. I've been lucky enough to watch a few sunrises over the Atlantic ocean side of the USA, and have yet to be that lucky. I do believe it happens. and, much like a rainbow, happens when you really, really need a boost. A Jolt, almost, to that part of you that holds onto all things of wonder and joy.

Much to my daughters' discomfort, the spiders are out. There are two very small ones in the window to my left. I would not have seen them, except one caught a fly in the web just as I glanced that way. It can stay in the window and it will be fine. Drop near me and it's dead. Beth said it's a dead spider, it just don't know it yet. She's going to get some bug spray once we leave. From the number of dead flies on the bottom of the window edge, the two of them have been there a while. I don't like spiders. I have no love for them on me, but I leave them to the corners and eves as they provide a service of eating other bugs that I also don't like much.


Ah... ha. um.. "MOLLY" " leave it alone!". Silly dog. ... . pinched your nose did it? It's spring and the critters are on the move. Molly found a crayfish, crawdad, mudpuppy, what-every you want to call the inland lobster like critter that lives near waterway and ponds.


Oh Yuck.. Jerry, put your shoes on and come tell me what this is that Molly drug up now.

Jerry said it's a Norwegien Black Rat. (thank gooodness it's dead) the tail does not look like a rats tail to me. it's not round it's not wide and flat like a bever either, though. Not a ground hog? Dead is all I know. Jerry put it in the burn barrel while I was outside talking on the phone.

It was nice to be talking on the phone, but I didn't expect to be outside so long and didn't take my jacket with me. Jerry got me his jacket from the van. Now I have to put it back out there sometime today.

Monday, March 8, 2010

For Today, March8, 2010

For Today... March 8, 2010

I know, it's been a while. I was sick all last week and just didn't have a whole lot to say, by the time I thought of something, I was almost asleep and too lazy to get up and go to my computer and write it down. Call it's some upper respatory thing. Cough, hack Cough cough. Pee my pants every time I cough hard. poor bladder, just can't take the pressure any more. Time to work on some Kigel(or how ever it's spelled) exercises.

Outside my window... SUN SHINE !!! Beautiful Sun shine. for one day at least. We are to finish the night with rain and have rain for the next 4 days at least. But I also see a green tinge to the grassy areas. WhooppEEE !! Spring is here !!! Just in time for us to head South again. Wish I could say that Jerry got a call, but he hasn't yet. We have to go now, or risk not having enough left in savings to pay off the camper and have it ready to go to the next job. I'm ready to go, but I'm not. I'll miss being around Beth a lot. Even when we don't get along all that well. We still can get along well enough.

I am thinking... I sure hope that this is not going to be a big mistake, going back south without a job in sight. But we are not really in any better position here, relying on Beth and her job to keep us afloat. At least we have a roof over our head here, but at what cost to her in the long run. It's better that we go now, and find out, I think.

I am thankful for... Being able to have spent all this time with Beth and being able to help her in what ways we could while here. Jerry driving her when it was bitter cold, because the van she drives has no heat it in. Being able to repair what things we could as well. Keeping an eye on her dogs while she was at work or spending time with friends, again while it was bitter cold. I'm not sure we can "come running" again, like this. This time was a minor(ish) problem with her van that was easyly fixable by the local machanic. Not that I'm glade she had her appendix burst on her, but I am glade we were already here, to help take care of her. And to be sounding boards for her Love life problems. I know she doesn't want to hear what I have to say on that, and I don't try to push it in the ground, but it's what I think and I'm not changing my mind on it.

From the kitchen... Jerry made Breakfast of waffles this morning. Lunch was Peking, my favorite Chinese Buffet in town. Went the first week we were here and figured I would go again the last week we are here, and so far, I'm right. Jerry ate Pizza from the new Pizza place that just opened up. Dinne;r will be browned ground beef in a box of Beef a roni, and a salad.

I am wearing...Wet (from doing the dishes) brown sweat pants and a purple flowered top.

I am reading... emails

I am hoping... That our trip is good and that Jerry gets that phone call before we leave here so all we have to do is pay off the camper, stop by storage and clear it out, and go on down the road.

I am creating... Nothing at this time

I am hearing... Jerry starting to cook dinner

Around the house... We had to take the laundry to town because the washer broke yesterday. Jerry tried to fix it, but it's still no working. Beth got it for free almost 2 years ago.

One of my favorite things... Looking out the window and seeing the grass all but turn green right before my eyes.

A few plans for the rest of the week... pack it all up, and get out of here. next stop, Tuscaloosa Al (again)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning. Sunday's morning's are usually peace filled around here and today is no exception. Our weather has turn warm, finally. High's in the low 50's has help melt off most of the snow. There are still patches of it here and there but mostly we are seeing ground, now. It may be a week or more, before we start to see some green in the underbrush and grass. We are seeing lots and lots of Canandian geese. In the air, in field where corn grew, in small lakes and ponds. and noisy. These around here can be heard very well.

The hawk I've been watching is still around. I see it land in a tree, or on a fence rail every now and then, then take off again. It seems to like to fly the back yard and will flash by the window so fast it's a white streak. I thin i'ts a young bird and still finding it's wings a bit. The cardanels are flirting with each other in the underbrush. The blue Jays are having aireal battles above the ground, vie for each other affection or terratory. Never know for sure just which.

Beth's dog Molly, is a Black Retriver. Some one around here tosses out "intresting" trash. She brings it to "her" yard and not the yard looks like a dump. If I was feeling better, I'd take a few minutes and go pick it all up and get it taken care of. With a hacking cough, and weak bladder control. I'll wait. I sneeze I wee, I laugh hard, I may have a damp spot, but when I cough. it seems like a river flows. laugh. I do... it's life. I just keep a heavy towel folded thick, under my bottom where I sit and change it as it gets soaked. I don't have to have it all the time, but it's embarrasing if I go out and it happenes. When I have a cough like this, I don't go out much at all.

Beth has a friend with a car for sale. She and Jerry have left to go check it out and see if it's worth the amount he's asking for it. The van she drives is on it's last legs. I think we will end up with it on our insurace for a bit, until Beth can afford her own on it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can it Be??

Can it Be??? could all this white stuff really be melting and going away? I sure hope so. Never say it's gone, until at least the end of April, because I have seen it snow in mid April around here, it didn't stick, but it did snow in April.

I can see more "Ground" outside my window and I think just a tenge, a hint, a blur of green under the edges. I'll not hold my breath. This is Missouri and I know the weather here can change in just minutes at times. But I'll take this warmth and soon I'll be able to walk the dogs longer than just a "HURRY UP and FIND A SPOT" Rocky takes the longest time to find the Just Perfect Place to dump his load. He will go back and forth and again and again going in smaller arches at the end of his line. with this desperate look on his face. I'm not sure why that spot wasn't good enough when he searched it a moment ago, but it's just fine now. Go figure.
Macon, on the other hand.. goes out, whizzes, the squats and gets it over with and is more than ready to go back inside. in case you didn't know Rocky is the smaller dog. with a lighter coat. I would figure he'd be the one in a hurry to get back inside.

I need to remember to carry my camera with me all the time, now. I'm sure I'll find some intresting things to take pictures of.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looked out the window

I just looked up, out the window.. I had to rub my eyes and look again.. blinked a couple of time and looked yet again. (too lazy to take the camera out so bear with me)

The sky is blue...


I think I see ground under all that snow !!!

Yep, the area outside my window is definatly melting a bit. Still lots of snow, but I see bare patches of ground as well.. Mostly where the dogs have made a path to the back woods or out the back driveway but it's ground and not snow !!! Yea!! maybe we can get the van all the way to the house again, and not have that uphill cold a H--- walk every time we need something from town.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

how old is too old?

Ok, now the question is ... How old is too old?

Some things, like the mini skirt are easy, if you were old enough to wear one the first time it was in Fashion, then most likely your way too old to wear one the second time around, right?

But really, When do you start to feel "OLD"? Yes, I'm slowing down a bit, But I don't think it's because of age as much as health. I am overly Fluffy, (obese is such an ugly word) But I've been "heavy" since I turned 14. A life time. (blamed it on puberty and life style change in the same summer) Sure, I can't hurry up the driveway, but I can still get up the driveway as long as I can take my time doing so. may take me 5 more minutes than it does Jerry or Beth. Jerry has worked, on his feet, in construction the last 25+ years and Beth is, dare I say it.. only 21. So it can't be age not if Beth's dad can walk it as fast as she can walk it. When is it too old to continue to have Plans and dreams of the future? When my Grandmother was still alive but knew it was near her end said she still have things she wanted to see, or to get done. Are we ever really ready for that final day, I wonder? As for dreaming while sleeping, as opposed to having dreams, She said she stopped having dreams somewhere around 72.

Things I still want to do.

Not just see the Grand Canyon, but go down and back up, again. (yeah, right)
climb Mount Garfield (In Colorado) at least one more time. I did it almost yearly as a kid.
I still want to learn how to ride sidesaddle, and how to drive a horse and buggy
I want to get into the Pacific Ocean. I know, I was in it, as a baby but I don't remember it.
I want to get into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico as well. (I an't swim, but that's doesn't keep me from getting wet)
I want to ride my own motorcycle and not just be the passanger on the back. A motor trike would be just as good
I want to go to Sturgis
I want to go to New Orleans, not necessarly during Carnavale.
I want to see Niagra Falls
I want to visit Alaska
I want to go to California
I want to see Ol faithful and go to Yellow stone park
I want to ride in a hot air balloon
I want to see The Painted Dessert
I want to revisit the area I grew up in. I know, a lot has changed but I want to see those changes.

Things I've done

walked upon the Appalachian trail, Not far, maybe only a 1/2 of mile or so, but I was on it. So was my Mom, Surprise !!
stood in the four corners of Colorado, Utah, Arazona and New Mexico
Been through Ruby Falls (tourest tour)
Seen Rock City
Been in the Atlantic ocean
Been to Lake Michigan
been to a ghost town, didn't find any ghosts though
been into different caves
been on an underground lake
Been to the Smokie mountains and watched the sun rise over the ridges watched the sun set as well.