Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For Today... March 22, 2011

Good Morning... Yesterday went well. After dinner, I asked if Jerry wanted to go to Walmart. Sure, why not.  So we went and picked up a few things. I needed two tubs, and got them. One for laundry and one for blankets. I plan to take the blankets I have out of the one and put that tub back in the closet and I'll fill the other tub with Jerry's winter clothes.

The  dogs spent about 3 hours outside yesterday.  I forgot I had tied them out until one of them barked. They usually spend the day sleeping on the beds. Was so funny that they didn't bark until then.

The kittens each spent some alone time in kitty jail. Oops.. that kennel had to be washed out as well. So their time was also in a stinky kennel as well. (wondered what I was smelling every now and then)  They tore a huge hole in the shower curtain and I removed it. The smaller holes we could live with but not this huge hole in the middle. I didn't put up another curtain until it was time for Jerry to take his shower.. and I let him put it on the rod after I put all the rings on it.  I have it pushed to the side away from the counter right now. I may have to find a hair band to keep it tied up during the day.

I had to pick up some trash bags so I can keep the cat box clean.  I can use old plastic bags from the market but they don't keep the smell out as well. I also bought a box of larger bags so taking the trash to the  dump box can be done in one bag instead of two or three. 
 I found the cucumbers were under a dollar each and picked up two of them to add to our salad.  Jerry seems to think the salad is making his tummy upset. I think it could be any preservatives that are used to keep the cut vegetables from wilting after being cut. So I'm buying two heads of lettuce a week as well as the rest of the stuff to make a salad with. I have a few carrots already in the fridge, we picked up tomatoes this week but only two cucumbers. I refuse to pay $1.50 for a green pepper. There just is no reason for them to be that high and I don't know who is buying them at that price. I like a bit of celery but don't have any right now. I'll be glade when more of our salad stuff is not having to be shipped so far.
tonight's dessert will be cup up fruit. Kiwi and Strawberries for me, and watermelon for Jerry. I may add 1/2 a banana to mine.
Jerry looked for a blind for his side of the bed. I'm sure these blinds are as old as the camper and the strings are starting to break from rot. It doesn't help that the kittens want to get between the blinds and the windows to play with each other. he said he couldn't find the size for his window. I didn't go looking. I reminded him that there are two stores in this area.
Outside my door ... A few high clouds, a very warm premature today of around 80F and the rest of the week looks to be just as nice. I'll be opening up the door soon. We left the windows up all night.
The dogs ... Are comfortable. Rocky still wants to be very close to me, laying on me and pushing me as much as I'll let him. I put them outside on their lines and they stayed out about 3 hours. I had water out for them and they played for a bit, then laid down under the camper and went to sleep.
The Kittens ... are settling down for the day. still playing but not as rough as earlier. I think they are learning that rough play gets them put in the kennel again.
From the kitchen... I will fix Ham and home made mashed potatoes. Of course we will have a salad and fruit for dessert.
I am hearing... the TV and birds outside
I am wearing... today is going to be a shorts day, for sure. I'm still in my blue house dress right now, but in a few minutes, I'll change into shorts and a blue top.
Billie C.

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