Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Teri's Crafts News letter for May 16, 2017

Teri's Crafts News letter for May 16, 2017
If you ever wonder why I post Christmas crafts all year round here is one reason. Some of the things "needed" for making a craft are just not easy to find in fall or winter. Example- Pool Noodles. Just try to find some nice PN's for crafts in November in the northern  hemisphere. Almost impossible. And if you are lucky to find any at all, they may have been used in a pool and the chemicals that are used in pools may have altered how the PN's look or feel.
Pool Noodle Palm Trees (could be used for Easter next year)
Pool Noodle sprinklers
Pool Noodle race tracks
Pool Noodle Luminaries.
Tulle Santas Wreath
Use Pool Noodles as a base for a wreath
It's not just little boys who would love this race track. I think their fathers would also enjoy a few races on family Night.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

For Today ... May 10, 2017

For Today ... May 10, 2017
Outside my door ...
How is your weather today?
It's going to be almost HOT outside today with our expected high around 85. Right now, it's almost comfortable cool. It's always the coolest of the day just before the sun comes up. We have an extended Dawn since we are down in a valley and can watch the sun creep down the side of the mountain to our west each morning, and watch the shade of night creep up the side of the mountain to our east each evening. Right now (5:45 local) It's still dark enough that most every thing is still a shade of gray to our west, but the Green of the leaves and the reds of the roses are just now showing up with the slowly raising of the sun shedding more and more light on every thing. The yellow of the flowers outside our front door really starts to pop while the red of the roses is still a darker shade of red. The edges of the yellow tipped Hostas lining the walk help define just where the flagstones are and as it gets lighter outside the birds get noisier and louder until the sun tops that eastern ridge and then they suddenly get quiet.
The birds start their songs about 4 am, with just one or two pipping a few notes.. but soon it will sound like every bird in town is just outside our door. The sudden quiet is loud enough to wake me up, if I have gone back to bed once Hubby had left for work. He leaves so early, and I just can't seem to stay awake most mornings, and will go back to bed. He goes to bed at 8 pm, and I go to the bedroom not long afterwards. He's been sleeping on the love seat for a few weeks now. No, he's not mad at me, but he discovered, as I did, that the couch, which is more a Loveseat size, is very comfortable. He has a bad knee and has found that he can either prop his foot on the armrest or have his leg stay bended and is less painful when he wakes up. He also once told me it's easier to get up to go to the bathroom from the couch that it is from our bed. There isn't much room on either side of the bed so we both end up "crawling" out off the foot of the bed.
sunny or cloudy?
(5:50) The sky is still a very pale color. The lightest of blue broken by the pinkish opal of the clouds as they catch the raising rays of the sun. The ridge to the west has a haze to it and is why this area is part of the Smokey Mountain Ranges. it looks very misty but not long after the sun is over the east ridge all that mist will burn off and it will be a bright green color. We are expecting only a few high light clouds today and tomorrow.
Rain, snow, or foggy?
Sunny, Lots and lots of sun shine today.
Cold, cool, warm or hot?
It's a bit cool here in the camper but that's because I have a fan on to move the air. We had the air conditioner on all night, set at about 74, so mostly it was only the fan running. I turned it off not long after Hubby left for work, the noise was just getting to me. I'll be opening the doors and over-head vents soon, and will be forced to close them all this afternoon. I turn on the air about an hour before Hubby gets home from work, unless I am getting too hot then I turn it on before that. I love being able to have the doors open and the vents up in spring and summer time.
I don't know what this is, but it's huge.

I cleaned up the yard this morning, The young man that Keith has hired to help around her has the riding mower out and I needed to clean up after the dogs. I heard a squeel though and so think that the belt is gone on that mower. Now I can see him out the dining room window and he's using the push mower around the rock wall, walkway and rock lined flower beds. I don't mind at all that he's using our mower as long as he mows our area while he's at it. Part of cleaning up the yard was cleaning out most of the fire pit. Almost every time I take Barney out, he manages to run past the fire pit and the lead gets caught on some of the wood and it goes flying. It's not like Barney is playing with the wood or bringing me a piece of it to toss for him. He is just running off some pent up energy. I really do need to get his ball out from under the couch and toss it for him a few times each day. I put the pieces of wood in one of the kennels we keep outside.
I decided to plant a few seeds and to try growing things in "pots".
I've put a few colorful pieces in the pots to help add some color.
I have Kohlrabi planted in this one.

What are you wearing, Wednesday, May 10, 2017
What are you wearing today? Are you in pants or a dress or a skirt?  I'm wearing Jean Capries today. Our high is expected to be 90 (What happened to Spring?)
What color is your top?  My top is teal and bluish, with lighter and darker plant leaves on it. Some of the leaves have a white sparkle glitter on them. It's very "Jungle" looking.
Socks and shoes or boots? White socks in blue canvas shoes
Are you wearing any jewelry? My gold band and Earrings that are small gold balls, but I'm going to e changing them in a little bit and not sure what I'll pick out to go with my top.
Have you any nail polish on? Not yet. maybe not, unless I can find my box of nail colors

A few plans for today...
Straighten up the camper for the day , bed made and dishes done. Table 'found'.
Clean top left bunk, sorting things into a couple of large tubs ..... didn't even get it started.

Print out some papers for Jerry.  I need to find the power cord and the printer cord first.

Well, I got the dishes washed, and the bed made yesterday,so I got most of my top three things done yesterday.

It is really hard to break a soft drink addiction. And I have and enabler, Named Jerry. During the week I can usually avoid all soft drinks. That is until He decided we need to go someplace and if it's more than just to the trash collection, He will stop and buy us both a drink. I don't like paying for bottled water, unless I just have to. It's just ridiculous to pay as much for plain water as it is for a cola.
During the week, while I'm alone in the camper, I drink water with powdered flavoring in it. I've tried using just lemon juice but I don't like that too much.
I use lemon aid, pink lemon aid or Orange aid drink powders. From time to time, I get a different flavor, but those three I will buy each week.
I wonder if you could quit cola much like you can smoking? Or, at least quit it like my mother did. She was a pack a day smoker at one time. But she realized that, at work, most of her cigarettes she would light at her disk were just burning up. So she moved her ash tray to the break room and would only smoke on her breaks. Once she got comfortable about that, she started dropping one smoke break a week. She started with her Mid morning cigarette, Because she could keep her hands busy with a cup of coffee. After that week, she worked on dropping her afternoon break one, but kept the one she would smoke at lunch time.. Then she was able to drop the ones she smoked between dinner and bed time.
She was able to work her way down to just 4 a day. Those last four though, she just could not drop. She would have one when she woke up. One at Lunch, one after dinner and the last before bed. considering she started smoking at 14, that wasn't bad.
Funny thing is. Mom smoked, Her mother smoked. Her father smoked. My dad smoked for a long time but gave them up. Both of my brothers smoke. I think David has given it up, I didn't see him smoke at all at the rehearsal or at the Wedding. Jamie smokes, but not around her mother. I don't smoke and never have. I have tried 3 times. Once as a kid, I think I was 9 at the time. Again when I was 16, choked up so bad, I couldn't breath well for hours. I tried again when Heather was small so I was maybe 23 or so. And well... I just never picked up that habit.

Wedding pictures 2

Resetting up after the wind came and blew things about.
 Jerry was on his way to our car, to get out something  while I was walking back to the pavilion. This was a bit after the wind came through.
Jamie made all the signs.. I love this one. Pick a seat and not a side.
This was set up on the parking side.  A nice way to be guiding into the area. There is a small dance area defined by some hay bales that the kids loved jumping on.
Here's the guest book and the treats for the guest. I don't know how many got the small pouches with silver Kisses, but there were a lot left when we left.
David, waiting for his Bride to come down to meet him.
This is Jamie, the bride. Her aunt is helping with the train and veil, keeping them out of the wet grass. I think this is her Father.
He passed Jamie to her Daddy, at the edge of the concrete. He and her mother "gave" the bride to our Son.
They make a beautiful couple.  This is the last picture I was able to get. My batter died on me.
Jamie posted a few pictures on facebook and I snatched them up.

Billie C.

Mothers hold their children's hands for just a little while...
And their hearts forever.

Proverbs 1:8
My son, hear the instruction of your father, And do not forsake the law of your mother;

May 10, 2017 Wedding pictures

Last Saturday, Our Son David married Jamie.
Hanging up the lights and stacking the hay were done on Friday evening just before rehearsal. It was cool but not awful cold but it was also cloudy and we had a couple of showers. We all had lots of fun though, and lots of laughter.
Every thing was set and people were just starting to come in when we had a storm come through. It was not nice and we had to scramble to save everything. A couple of the jars got knocked over and spilled their water that the candles were floating in. A few of the table clothes got soaked and had to be replaced.
The Photo wall (hay bales) was blown over. We were lucky that none of the children were nearby when it fell in.
It was a walk from the parking area to the pavillion but well worth it.  Jerry wore over alls as did many of the men in the wedding party including the father of the bride.
There was a lot of "Last minute" things going on. getting the lights and tulle to come together and hang as it should. The bells over the cake station, setting up the tables and all this was before the storm.
Jamie, David and Landon used a sand ceramony to show how their lifes, separate at first, have come together to become one. Landon is Jamie's son. I didn't get a picture of the sand in the mason jar as the finished product of their life starting together.
The Brides cake. The lady doing the cake worked hard on it. and then the storm and it was moved to a safer place. I think the hardest part was keeping the kids and the best man out of the frosting.
The Grooms cake. I had a small piece of this. Red Velvet cake.  I love the detail that was put into both cakes.