Saturday, March 12, 2011

For Today... March 12, 2011

Good Morning... Good morning and Hello.
Jerry has to work today and not sure about tomorrow.  The weather is delitful and I have windows and the door open before 10am. The kittens are looking outside. Planning their excape, I'm sure. yesterday, I worked on a project that I think Jerry didn't think I would be able to finish (like so many projects I do) We have a small bookcase (no better word for it) by the door. Tupelo just will not leave my books on the middle shelf alone. She is consistantly scratching at the notebooks there. I did some measuring and found out a 2 by 2 piece of wood would fit inside and I know Lowe's sells smaller panels of that size, or close to it anyway. I got the wood on Wendsday Evening, but didn't work on it Thursday. Thursday was just an "Off" day for me. Friday I deep cleaned the bathroom, clearing off all the cubby holes and shelfs and scrubbing them clean then putting things back in place. Barely got the beds made around the dogs and kittens, and the dishes. but since I was on a roll. started on that bookcase. I had to empty a tub to put all the stuff from the shelf in, in case I ran into trouble. Pulled it away from the wall. I forgot we had the wires for the speakers in it. I was still able to move it far enough from the wall to work on it. tried my piece of wood in it. Took out my measure tape and divied the panel in 1/2 and used the jig saw to cut it, just off center.  First I had to take the board and jig saw outside, unplug the heat tape on the water line, carry the end around the side of the camper so it will reach. plug in the jig saw and with a couple of false starts and having to re-adjust how I was holding the board, cut it apart. Then, I unplugged the jig saw, carried the plug around back to the back, and plugged in the heat tape again. Not that I think we will need it again. but it's only March and still winter. I then took the boards back in and tried then in the hole... oops.. there are two small blocks of wood at the top, inside in the way. Hum.. I tried to mark the wood and my pen ran out of ink. what wait. tried it again. tried to mark it with a different pen.. I still couldn't see the mark.. well no wonder. it's very close to the top. Maybe a 1/2 inch, if that much. so out side again. unplug the water line heat tape, again. plug in the jig saw and cut off the two narrow edges so both pieces will fit. unplug the jig saw, again. plug in the heat tape, again, and then carry in the boards, again. Perfect fit. I moved the middle shelf up a peg and have my books on the bottom shelf now. and the doors work just great in keeping the kittens out of all of it.
Jerry called me when he got off work, and said he had to make a stop. when I mentined I needed to go to the store, we change our dinner plans. We ended up driving all around before going back to the Shoney's. but first the driving around bit.
The engin light came one and didn't go off. but Jerry didn't know why. sone once he picked me and the dogs up. we stopped at Auto Zone for a free check up. the thing said EVOP. I wrote it down. She suggested we take it to a shop to find out just what that meant. We "know" ther's a Chevy place somewhere in town, but can't recall just where. We "Knew" we had seen it on Glosser, but which side?  I told Jerry, I think it's over near the clinic I had taken all the animals too. and sure enough that's where it was. Jerry went inside and of course the shop is now closed until Moday. But the elder showroom man told Jerry it may just be a loose gas cap as the whole thing is now working on a vacum system. I expected Jerry to check the gas cap.. he finally did, this morning. He said it was loose. I tolk he we have better keep a sharper eye on the gas gauge as well. with the price of gas so high, there;s bound to be people stealing it from other tanks. Once the dogs are all healed up. Macon may be spending a few nights in the van, as he's more likely to bark.
We were a bit disappointed in Ryan's the night before. We paid more and nothing seems to have changed in what they offer. Matter of fact, seems like there's less on the hot tables.
Shone's is serving Seafood. We have been looking for a seafood place. I had my fill of shrimp and Jerry got the flounder platter as well as the all you can eat salad bar. yummy for both of us. I think we may be going there for a while, for our Friday night Dinners.
Outside my door ... Nice, nice. nice.. the kind of weather I love. Not to hot, not to cold. The sun is out and it's very pleasent outside. I'm a bit crowded on the couch right now.
The dogs ... str on the couch beside me. watching the men working on the hole in the driveway that they started diggin a couple of days ago. oophing and moofing at them. Not quiet a bark, but almost.. no growling. Just letting them know "we" are watching you.
The Kittens ... are all along the back of the couch as well, watching what's going on, the running to the back of the camper, and up on to the counter to check outside for any birds.
Billie C.

"The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart." - Helen Keller

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