Friday, June 26, 2009

Catching UP

So much has gone on. We heard from both Girls on Father's Day. And started payments on a small car. Jerry needs something a little more easy on gas for his drive back and forth. It's air conditioner is not as good as the vans is, though.

We got down right hot in the camper. I had Jerry take me to Wal-mart and we picked up a few car windshield reflecters. I cut them to fit inside the windows and it really helped drop the tempatrue inside here. There is one full one on the back window and the rest are cut to fit the 6 smaller windows. I didn't cover the front window as I do want to be able to look out once in a while.

With the car I have a little more ability to move around a bit. Each morning, I take the dogs down to the Splatzone area and they them play with each other and roll in the dewy grass. Macon really loves to roll in the wet grass much more than Rocky does.

We had bought a canopy for outside the camper so I could cook under shade. A week later, we had storm and it brought it down. We tossed the frame and gave the cover to someone who had a frame. We don't know if they had a cover or not. As much as I would like another one, I doubt we will get another one. We were not the only ones to lose a canopy that day. across the road from ours lost one of theirs as well. I would like one more like how theirs is made. It looks more like a car port but they only lost one out of three. A different one did have the tarp come lose, but the frame held up well.

We have no plans for the 4th of July this year. No money to travel with. Jerry will have three days off, though. Since the weather is suppose to be a bit cooler, we may go find one of the local lakes and see if there is any place to get in and get wet. I sure hope so.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jun 09/

I went to bed early last night. I just could not get comfortable sitting on the couch and then one of the dogs "Dribbled" on my side of it. I was 1/2 asleep any way, but as soon as I went to bed, I couldn't fall asleep. I did finally sleep, after Jerry came to bed. I was just able to get comfortable. The camper was just not warm enough or cool enough. I would put a cover on me. then get hot and take it off until I got cold again.
AS soon as Jerry called me to let me know he was on his way home, the dogs "had" to go outside. They took so long, that dinner wasn't ready when he got home. I had planned on grilling the pork chops outside on the grill, instead, I cooked them inside in a skillet on the electric unit I have.

While I was sitting outside with the dogs this afternoon, I saw the first butterfly of the season flutter by. I don't know what kind it was, and I didn't get a close enough look to be able to look it up.

The dogs are doing well. The cat is still trying to get outside. He'll sit in the front window at night "calling" then run to the back window and do it, again. I think we have a few other cats roaming around at night. I gave the camper a good cleaning yesterday so I just had a few things I had to do this morning.

Tonight I'll fix hot dogs for supper on the grill. I do need to fix up salads and have them ready before Jerry calls and I don't know what starch I'm going to fix, yet. I cooked potatoes in the microwave yesterday. I don't want to do so again today. I saw another recipe I want to try. Take chicken breasts, coat in Itailian dressing the roll in some potatoe flakes, Bake at 350 for 20 to 30 minutes, until done. I may try that later this week, if it cools off some. I could take the toaster oven outside to the table and do them out there just as easily.

I cut the legs off a pair of sweat pants this morning. then made a bit of fringe along the bottom. I need to cut off one more pair of pants at least. Isn't it funny, I prefer mens pants as well. Sometimes I cut the elastic out of the hems, Sometimes I don't. I love the canopy. It does give me lots of shade. I put two wind chimes on it yesterday. I do have some keeping up out there I need to attend to, soon. I have to bring in a clothes hamper and sort whats in it. It has our sheets from the queen size bed in it. I was thinking of using the flat sheet for a cloth wall along the west side of the canopy or at least in the corner for even more coverage.

I can't tye the dogs out. Against the rules.. or maybe not.. but I need something to tye them to. Jerry says not the grab handle, they'll pull it off. Not the steps, they "May" be rotted. Not around a tire because it might break a wire. And I know not the table or canopy they are not anchored down and will just get pulled around.
Jerry is good about helping me with walking them in the evening and when he's home. He has one thing though. If he's home he wants them in the kennels all the time. I only put them in if they are getting to playful. Right now, Macon is on the floor in the bed area and Rocky on the floor in the kitchen area. fast asleep.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jun 08 09

I sliced a tomato and the onion before fixing hamburgers for dinner yesterday. I was surprised at how sweet this onion is, I hope to pick up a couple more next time I go.

Jerry had his first aid class on Saturday. Afterwards we kept busy. We picked up a canopy and he set it up. I need to reanchor the canopy this morning. I noticed that two of the stakes are not holding down legs like they should. We got a new neighbor who also has an airstream. We learned a lot about ours in just a few minutes and that made it more tolerable when he moved in so closeto ours. At least he's been quiet so far. I'm afraid we may be to noisy for him. The dogs are not very quiet at times.

We are working out a new Sunday schedual. Ryan's for breakfast, laundry, back to storage, then grocie shopping on the way home. We can add Walmart after laundry but before storage if we need to go there.

Sunday was too long but not long enough. We both fell asleep from the heat, I slept for about an hour. Jerry for over three hours. After Jerry woke from his nap, I reminded him that we didn't go to storage like we had planned on, in the morning. He was a bit grumpy but he took me there. Of course he wanted me to give him a list of what I wanted and let him look for it. NOT this time. I made him stand outside while I went through stuff. I found my two smaller skillets that I needed, Got the breadmaker that he said was too far to get to. (yeah, right) Going to make fresh bread for dinner tonight, to make it worth getting. Found the box my swap was in, I havn't opened it, yet. Got the printer he said was impossible to get to. Re setteled a couple of boxes that were threating to fall. One was my good plates. Found our first aid stuff and I got my wind chimes box out as well. I didn't get my sewing tub, that will have to wait until next week. I limit myself to only what will fit on the cart, comeing out. That way we are not over crowded when we bring it all inside. We are crowded but not badly, until I put it away and put the empty boxes or items we don't need back into the van while I'm sorting things out. I've gone through two of the boxes already.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We are doing well. It's getting Hot in Alabama. Yesterday we had a afternoon thunderstorm and our power was out for just ove an hour. Good thing the rain cooled things off. I opened the roof vents and the windows for a good breeze. The dogs are doing well. Macon is now taller than Rocky. When they play it's like watching the younger brother teasing the older one. Macon still being the younger brother. Rocky tolorates his bolsturst play, but would rather not. Kelly Cat, stays in the bathroom most of the time. He comes out only after Jerry gets home from work. Yesterday, I cooked a roast in the crockpot so the power outage didn't effect dinner any. We had power back by the time Jerry got home. Today, I'm going to fix some chicken breast. I saw a recipe I want to try.. you smear a little honey on each side of a chicken breast then roll in cruched saltine crackers and seasoning before baking. I have a toaster oven here I can bake in so I'm going to try it.

We live in a Silver Bullet.. without shade it gets down right hot inside and the air conditioning just keeps it bearable. I found a car shelter on line via walmart that is reasonable priced that Jerry is thinking of getting. We can put it over the camper and it will clear the air conditioner so we can still keep the camper cool. It's a bit high but would be better than no shade at all.