Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good (early) Morning

Good Morning. I've already sorted the laundry and am now waiting for some daylight before going over to start it up. Don't want to wake the neighbors next to it, if I can help it.
The dog have had their first early morning walk of the day. I need to get a bit of things done before it gets hot today. Our expected high is near 90F. Last Weekend, Jerry found a Guitar at a yard sale. We went back and picked it up for $3.00 The strings were not in good shape at all. Jerry took it to a shop in Clarksville and for less than $25, had new strings put on it, and tuned up. He sat on his bed and strummed on it a bit and it sounds good. It's a Sony, at least that's what I thought he said it was. Was kinda hoping it was a Gibson but it's not. Oh. did I mention it's in a case? The man just wanted to not have to take it back home, I think. He sold a drum set for $100. The brass Cymbals alone were worth that. The rest of the drum set about $50 to $80. so who ever got it, got a bargain.
I spent most of yesterday afternoon, cutting out paper dolls with my Cricut. I want to take it with us to visit Heather but not sure how many of the cartage's I want to take with me. Of course I want to take them all, but that's not reasonable. I know the paper doll one, and a paper lace one, and one that has a card template in it. and.... and... well, maybe I will take them all with us anyway.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Morning

Well. I went back to bed after Jerry left for work and I had read a few emails. I was back awake by 7:30 though. I got my meds takend, breakfast and dressed before taking the dogs out. I had made up sugar water for the hummingbird feeder before we went out.  I let Macon and Barney run (dragging their leads behind them) for about 20 minutes. No one else was out so they did very well. Once they got most of that energy out, I put them on leads and watered my garden.  Why not let Rocky "run"?  Because he didn't want to. He sorta of snarrled at Barney when Barney tackled him and Barney left him alone after that. I guess Rocky reall meant Busness and Barney understood that. Rocky did play a little near the end of "Run Amok" but not like the other two were running. Once they all setteled down, I put 2 quarts of water in all the kitty litter container plants and well watered the two in the smaller pots and put a little water in the bird bath I made. (still need to take a picture of that). The dogs were content to sit in the shade while i watered the plants. I got the sugar water from inside (I put it in the freezer to cool off some) and filled the feeder, then sat in a chair under the awing. About 5 minutes later I was untangling Barney from Macon's line.  about 5 mintues after that, I had to untangle again. After the third time, it was time to bring the dogs in. Barney still wanted to play but Macon has had enough. I did see one hummingbird come to the feeder before we came back inside.
Aahhh... last night, I had just put the potatoes in the roasting oven when Jerry came home. I had figured he wasn't going to get a rain out around 4 pm when he wasn't home by then and I had heard thunder around 3pm.  He was home abour 5pm.. He did get rained out, but had remembered me asking him to make a stop on his way home.  He dropped of the $3.00 Gituar we had picked up for new strings. New strings. them put on and then tuned will cost just around $50. Not bad at all. I just may learn how to play one, now. If not me, then maybe one of the Grandkids will want to learn. It's a smaller one just suited for a smaller person.
Oh yeah. Before Jerry left for work this morning I noticed the livingroom fan making noise. So I stopped it, took off the front, cleaned the dog hair out of it (shedding season) tighted the nut over the blade and put it back together. I had planned on doing that later this morning but the noise Meant it had to be done sooner or the nut would come off and the blade would fall off.
Thinking of fixing ham slices for dinner. I baked potatoes instead of having rice with the chicken last night so I may fix rice tonight.  It's that or Mac and Cheese  (Jerry loves Mac and Cheese).  Well. I have done the dishes but still need to make the beds. Back in a bit to let you know what al else I've done.

Monday, May 21, 2012

my mid morning

I am a bit miffed right now. I found holes in my long blue nightgown. Right under the sleeve and in the sleeve. I don't know how they got there. I found holes in my New Grandma 2011 shirt this week, as well but not like these holes. I"ll have to ask Jerry if he knows how that happened. He was over my bed, putting in the air and may have snagged the dress (it's very old and comfortable)
Ah, but the beds are made. I still have to vac the floors at this time, but maybe by the time I am ready to send this in, they will be done. Next to work on, is dishes. Not that we have a lot over the weekend, but enough to want to get them out of my way.
Did I tell you, I found 13 CD's over the weekend?
Point of Grace, Free to Fly
Allen Asbury
Clay Crosses, Stained Glass
WOW, New & Next
WOW Worship
Natalie Grant, Awaken
Jaci Velasquez Christmas
Mercy Me, Undone
Acquire the Fire, Live the difference
R.I.O.T Righteous Invasion of Truth
Acquire The Fire, Stand Up and Surrender
If My People Pray. The National Day of Prayer Album
Casting Crowns, The Altar and the Door. Special bonus DVD.
I have R.I.O.T. in my laptop right now.
Oh yeah. Looks like we are going to go visit Heather this next weekend. I'll have to pack all the stuff I've picked up for them, this week. I want to take some of my crafting things with me, as well.
After I got dressed, I've gotten the trash out before Mike comes around for it. While I was outside and the trash can empty, I watered my flowers and herbs and added some water to the birdbath I've put together outside. (need to take a picture) Now it's time for my breakfast and insulin. Hard to believe that it's already 7am.
Time to walk the dogs, as I've had my breakfast and taken care of me. back in a few...
back. Now to start the dishes and sweep the back half of the camper. (oh Joy)
(10 am)
Aah. The dishes are done and put away. I am trying my hand at making Yogurt. I've boiled my milk and now it's cooling back down, before I add a bit of yogurt to it. Since I have two 1/2 gallons jugs of milk in the fridge I'm not out very much if this quart of milk doesn't do like it's suppose to.
I took Macon outside for a bit. He got to play with Bro, and they had fun. Bro has a bit of trouble getting around (He's over 8 years old and is a large dog) but he still had fun playing. Barney was not happy to have been left inside. I knew he couldn't see us, but he sure made a lot of noise about it. I got to see a couple of hummingbirds come to my feeder while we were outside.
Raven will feed the cats for me, next weekend. I've put their dishes outside so they get use to that.
We have a chance of rain today, but the rest of the week looks dry and we will be in the lower 90's by the weekend.
I just set a letter out in the mailbox to my Grand-daughter, Bailey. I am sending her a blank card as well as a few things I've cut out and a couple of printed items so she can make her own card. I hope to do this more often for and with her. (starting her crafting life early)
I took Barney with me, and we got to talk to Milk a couple of minutes.

Good (early) Morning

I hope you have slept well. me, I was up at 2 am. The air conditioner is over my bed, and it has a light on the plug and one that tells us how cool the room is. That one reflects off the over-head storage and I think there is just enough to keep me awake. I'm thinking of making an eye mask today and see if that helps me sleep any better.
I know I'll end up taking an afternoon nap on the couch. I don't know why the brighter sunlight doesn't keep me awake as much as a little bit of light at night does.
I sure could tell a big difference between the smaller air and this newer one. It still get a bit warm in here, but it's not sweltering.
Jerry did take a two hour nap yesterday. Good thing, since he watched tv to 10pm last night. (last of Ax Men) There is something he wants to watch tonight, I think so I'll miss DWTS. That's ok, cause I don't know any of these last people so I'm not attached to any of them.
I paid for 1/2 our rent, We are not the only one's paying early. (she's learning to accept that some of us "Want" to pay early)
I'll get her the rest of our rent and the wifi on Friday. She needs the money now to fix a septic tank problem. I'm paying early in hopes that it can be fixed so and I don't have to smell it. It's not that far from our camper. just down the hill and west.
Prayers are needed. Heather quit her job. I don't blame her but it is going to be a burden on them until she finds another job. I would not have put up with what she did for as long as she did without speaking up. The Manager was on her case all week long over little stuff. But when Heather called in, asking her to find someone to take her shift the Manger didn't even find out why Heather needed her shift change. Told her she "Would" be in and then hung up on Heather. That was it. That was just plain rude. Heather doesn't just ask for a change in her shift without good reason. She didn't show up for that shift or the next one either. The lady has just been rude to her all week long and Heather had enough of it.
We still don't know what's going on with Mary, Jerry's twin sister. She was to have a cat scan but she got claustrophobic and couldn't handle going into it. She's going to find out where another one can be done at, something this week.
Well, here it is, just past 5:30 and I've already gotten the bathroom taken care of, The cat box taken care of. Laundry baskets sorted out and the last load of laundry finally folded and put away. Once I send this, I'm going to go make the beds and start the dishes. I hope to have most all the cleaning done before it starts to get hot outside.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saterday Afternoon

Hello.  Been a day and it's not over yet.
Started off waking up at 6:30.  Took the dogs out for first mornings walk. Delayed going inside since Jerry was still asleep when we went out. When I heard him stirring, We went back in.  Took care of checking my blood Sugar, taking my Insulin and putting my vitamins in a small tin to take with me to the cafe.  I had the Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns and Biscuits and Gravy. The bacon was late and cold. I don't care, I ate it anyway. Jerry had the same thing.  Oh wait. We stopped at two yard sales on the way there. Found a couple of things at the first. A base for my birdbath. A pan that will fit in my roaster oven and some plastic cups that are Red, White and Blue.  The next one, I found nothing we wanted. Passed one on our way to breakfast and came back to it. Found an apple pie for Jerry. The next one was jackpot. I found several outfits for Baby Heather, and a dog toy for the dogs. Next one was also good, for me.  I found 12 Christian Rock CD's.  and one Casting Crowns DVD.  Thought I had fond Jerry a new radio control car but he said the battries have been left inside and had blown up inside. ruining the contacts. 
Oh.  yeah, before we left the house we had put the kennels on Jerry's bed and the dogs in them so they were right across from the air conditioner.  We bought the largest Air we could find at Walmart cause the little one just isn't doing it. I found a black T-shirt for Jerry. It has a motorcycle on in it. decked out in red white and blue. I wanted to get him another shirt but there wasn't one in his size.
Picked up the dog food we need for the week, as well.
Stopped at yet one more yard sale on our way home, and picked up a small Guitar for 3 dollars in a case. It needs three strings but for $3. strings are the least of my worries. Either I will learn to play or I'll give it to the Grand kids when they visit.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching up


I've been distracted from the computer for a couple of weeks.  I am loving my Cricut and I'm lucky in that Jerry is ok with me buying a cartridge or two each week, from Hobby Lobby. Of course it's not just that cartridge that I go in for. I need paper to cut with it, as well. 

We heard from Jerry's twin sister last week, after she had surgery in her throat.  It was not a good report, She has  *non-Hodgkin lymphoma. She goes back tomorrow to hear what can be done about it. We are on Pins and needles until we "know" what to expect. We have been trying to get in touch with Kathy to get her to call her sister. So far no luck on that. Mary wants to hear from her. 

Two days ago, I put out  hummingbird feeder. I did notice some activity around it yesterday.  Last night I found out that the man who does the close work (with a weedeater) is going to try to get around our camper tonight. So I moved everything out that I can move. And I noticed a couple of hummingbirds around it this morning. So once I finished up moving things, I put one chair back under the canopy and sat for about 30 minutes. I saw three Red throated, and 4 or 5 others that I don't know the names of. A pair of Grey's and a couple of brownish ones. A Pair was fussing at each other. They sounded just like a couple having their first fight.  Of course, the cats are nosy and want to see what I'm looking at, so I came back inside.



Sunday was a rainy day.  One of our neighbors wanted to have a cook-out to celebrate Mother's day, Her birthday and their Anniversery. But because of the weather had to put it off a day. So, on Monday Chris was smoking 15 pounds of ribs and 30 pounds of Chicken. I fixed Jerry Hot Dog cause I knew he would be to tired to go visiting. After he ate, I went over and was just in time to hear those gathered, sing her "Happy Birthday". I got one rib and one leg quarter to bring back home.  I tried to eat on the rib and they are not very tender. I put them in my crockpot along with another piece of chicken I have in the fridge in my crockpot to finish cooking and sure hope that it turned out much more tender. I did add some KC BBQ Sauce to it, as well.

As I said Sunday was a rainy day. I did hear from both my girls over the weekend, but not from my son. That is usual. He just forgets that Mom would like to hear from him from time to time.  We ate Breakfast in Clarksville at Golden Corral. Boy was it busy this time. We went to Wal-mart and picked up a few things.  Drove around a little bit. Did our grocery shopping at The Hilltop, then home to put it all away. The rest of the day, until Dinnertime was just sitting around at the camper. Jerry did get a nap. He was also on the computer a bit, looking up his family to see if he could find out what their Uncle Sam died of. We know it was cancer but not what kind. He died back in 1963 or 64.  Far as they can remember, He's the only family member who died of a cancer.



Definition of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: Any of a large group of cancers of lymphocytes (white blood cells). Non-Hodgkin lymphomas can occur at any age and are often marked by lymph nodes that are larger than normal, fever, and weight loss. There are many different types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. These types can be divided into aggressive (fast-growing) and indolent (slow-growing) types, and they can be formed from either B-cells or T-cells. B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas include Burkitt lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL), diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, follicular lymphoma, immunoblastic large cell lymphoma, precursor B-lymphoblastic lymphoma, and mantle cell lymphoma. T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas include mycosis fungoides, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, and precursor T-lymphoblastic lymphoma. Lymphomas that occur after bone marrow or stem cell transplantation are usually B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas. Prognosis and treatment depend on the stage and type of disease. Also called NHL.

Billie C.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ahh. Thursday

Ahh. Thursday... The weekend is near.. Oh Drats, Jerry may have to work Saturday. He's having to redo someone else's work in the new building he's been transferred to. Just like when he was in the other building. He is soo tired when he gets home, We eat dinner, Watch and hour of T.V. and then he's gone to bed. Tonight we are eating out, at Bubba's. We like their burgers and they are the closest to us.
It's going to be much cooler today than it was yesterday. We can sure appreciate that. I have no internet as I write this as it's cloudy out. I hope to send it as soon as we get a connection. Today I have to do the laundry. Rain or not,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mid Week

Mid Week
As soon as Jerry left for work this morning, I went back to bed. Was back up before 8am.  I had to "hurry" and get a few things done quickly.
Dressed, Took the dogs out for their first daylight walk. They were out at 4 am, just before Jerry left for work
Then I had to bag up the trash and put it out by the edge of the road
While the trash can was empty, I filled it with water and took out our fold up chair, so I could sit and water my plants. I have three planters and seed in each but so far no sprouts yet. I filled each container with lots of water.
Yesterday, As I was sitting out under the canopy for a bit, I recalled I had put a box of baking soda by the door just for if I did this... the camper in front of us, has standing water around the end of the sewer line and their incomeing water line.  It stinks.  The warmer it gets the worse it stinks.  I sprinkled the whole box of baking soda in the water and on the weeds around it. Well, the man from the last camper on our row, works off some of his rent by weedeating around the camper for Momma D. He was working around that one, just as Jerry and I sat down for dinner.  I went out to tell him what that was. and then moved our chairs out from under the canopy and move a few other items so he could get under and around our camper.  He "moved" and "Put back" my flower containers in front. (Huge Sigh)  I had them just where I wanted them He did a good job weed-eatting, but not so good putting things back excatly where I had them. I had to turn my Elephant Ear container 1/4 turn. And I'm not sure he didn't drop the planter the catnip seeds are in.  I could barely see after walking the dogs, but did notice that my sage was looking very sad, so I put the dogs in the house, didn't remove their leads since Jerry was inside, and took the sage around to the water spigot and gave it a drink last night.  I took extra time this morning, making sure all the tubs had plenty of water.  If I don't see any growth by this weekend, I'll try to find Rosemary and Tarragon and Catnip to go into those containers. That way if it's just very slow germanation, I'll still have the same thing in each one.
Funny. Yesterday afternoon, I took Barney out by himself, to play and get rid of extra energy that's pent up in him.  I got "warm" so I decided to go stand in the shade.. walking right past our water spigot, I turned it on enough it would "mist" and Barney had a great time getting soaked in the mist. Ge t I had to stop the water when he started trying to dig in the mud.totaly forgot about his toy he was playing with.  I think we will do that again this afternoon, only this time, I'll take a dishpan (I have extra's) and put it under the water cause Barney loves to play in the water.
I'm fixing sandwiches tonight.. our high is to be close to 90F and that's just too hot to try to cook inside the camper. We have plenty of sandwich meat. I'll cut up a tomato for each sandwich, as well as have salad and chips. I have Jell-o Already made since we ate Watermelon for dessert last night.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Tuesday Morning
We woke up to a Thunderstorm.  While I was making Jerry's breakfast, Rocky yelped and looked like he was limping. I checked him out and he's ok. I think he stepped on something. He loved the attention though. After I finally got Jerry's breakfast finished, I took the dogs out, The lighting was past but we could still hear the thunder. Macon did not want to go out. Rocky was ok with going out because it wasn't raining yet.  Barney, well he's Barney.  Wanted to run all over the place and got tangled up three times in just the few minutes, I gave up trying to untangle the leads and brought the dogs back in. I let Barney off last and he headed to the bathroom, jumped on the coutner and tried to get to the catfood. To say the least, he got in trouble quickly and is now back in his kennel. Looks like he's going to forever be on a short line in the living room when he's not in his kennel in the house.
Just called in the cats, two came in. Then I  made the beds and put water down for the pets. Turned off the air, Need to go turn on the  hot water tank. back in a minute (cue the humming)
There, the tank is turned on. I can do the dishes here in a bit, and take a shower before I have to turn on the air this afternoon. Our high is expected to be in the lower 80's today. If we keep the cloud cover, I may not even need to turn on the air.  At least I don't have to water my flowers today. We just had a nice rain shower right after I got back in with the dogs.
Jerry brought me "my" rain coat from the van. It was out there because a couple of weeks ago, it was raining when he left here and his was in his gang box at work.  His raincoat is now in the van, at least it is until he gets to work. He may end up "borrowing" mine again before the end of this week. 
We really do need the rain. It's been dry and dusty around here the last few days.
I'm surprised that I have internet this morning. Usuall when we have a storm I can't get on-line for hours.
Today's dinner will be Chicken Parma over Spegettie noodles.  Salad and watermellon for dessert. I took the chicken out of the freezer last night.
Right now, I'm downloading all of Aprils email to my computer. I'll sort through it all later. I'll have to start a new file for May's email later today, I'm sure.
Did you hear any Humming?  I had to get up and run the dish water, pick up in the bathroom, put more water down for the pets, Love on the dogs a minute.  And I set some dried Fruit to soak in some Orange Juice for when I make my breakfast in a couple of hours.
The local news is about the flooding of a couple of years ago in Nashville.  May Day and an all day Rally in one of the parks, with the Occupy movements invited to come out, as well. 
I just finished up taking a shower. Brushed my hair while it's still wet. Maybe it will "stay put" for a while. (yeah, right)
Still downloading emails from April.
Need to work on today's crafts newsletter.
Breakfast is made, ready to eat and I have just taken my meds for this morning.
I've now turned off my alarm, twice. Hopefull this time I got it "right".
AS it gets lighter and lighter out, the birds get noisier and noisier and the cats start going from door to window, looking for them.
I'm slowing down already.
Well. that was intresting.  I took the dogs for the morning walk and all three cats went all the way around with us. When we stopped the cats stopped. Only once did they really get distracted and headed off on their own until I called them back. They were headed into the woods and I think it was either a bird of squirl that distracted them. Tupelo went over toward Chris and Raven's tent, but she came back when she noticed their dog was outside and very intrested in meeting her. Tupelo was not going to get that close to her.
Rocky's leg is still a bit sore, he limped a little. At first I thought we were not going to be able to take our walk, but he didn't seem to be in any pain and was pulling very hard on the line that I figured if he was hurting he wouldn't be pulling that hard.
Well.  I have sent out my Crafts Newsletter and found enough to have one ready to send out tomorrow, as well.   It's about time to take the dogs out, again.  It's cloudy out so maybe it's not as hot out as it looks.
I watched my Soap.
ended up taking an hour nap.
  Cut out a couple of elements for a card I am putting together, had to trim out one by hand. but I'm happy with what I got..
Took the dogs for a walk
started dinner.
fed the cats
put food down for the dogs.

While I was not blogging

Lets see... Going back to before Easter. My Grand daughter sent me a Flat Stanley. We took him just about every where around here on Sunday's. Hubby's day off. We had lots of fun finding places to take pictures. We went to Dickson TN for one day, All around Clarksville the next weekend. I put together a photo album with his pictures and notes of what we did, where we went and even included a game from our local cafe. One of our cats died. Smokey Died. He was fine the night before, but when we got up on Monday Morning he wasn't looking too good. Jerry was also sick and he had to get a doctors excuse so he can still get the end of job bonus. (He really was sick) When we got back home, Smokey was gone. We took his body to the woods, and pray that his spirit has plenty of space to roam now. Easter, Hubby had 4 days off. We stayed "home" and just hung out with each other. Easter Dinner was around in front of the Office here, with others who didn't go anywhere. Burgers, hotdogs, potato salad and chips. Easter Evening, I was checking my emails from the day, and found out my Best Friend in Missouri had Died that morning. That put me in a deep funk. I knew she was not feeling well all winter, but I didn't expect that. It just put me in a tailspin for a while. Been trying to get my Craft Mojo back, as well. I've picked up some white men's t-shirts and have been adding color to a few of them. I like the apray fabric paint I found at Walmart but want to do than just splatter colors all over a shirt. Found some color pens and did some dots on a shirt. Not enough dots to do what I wanted and once I wash it (tomorrow or Thursday) I'll be adding more dots to it. Did up a cute shirt for my Grand son. Don't tell him it's "Cute", boys don't do "Cute", ya know. Jerry said I could get a Cricut and I've been picking a A cartrage or two a week, Plus paper packs. I'm working on making Mother's day Cards for both my girls. Still got a ways to go, but they are starting to come around to what I want them to look like. Hubby now has two day weekends !!! Yea!!!! but that means less time to be on-line and setting up my crafts newsletter so have to sorta scramble during the week to be sure I have plenty to put in each one. Love my crafts newsletter. If we were ever to win the Lottery, I would have to build a house just for all the crafts I want to do. Each room would have to be for a diffent type of craft.

Monday, monday

Monday Morning (5 am)
I've just run up some dish washing water as I know I have got to get them done before the sun comes up today. Our high is to be in the lower 80's and I know I'll have to have the air on. I am going to try to change my habits, at least for this week. I've already picked up some trash (should have been done last night) I've made the beds, put clothes in the laundry tubs off the foot of my bed. and just checked my emails. Need to clean the cat box. I'm going to try my hardest to not take a morning nap, but will see if I can sleep a couple of hours this afternoon instead.

Wait a minute, please, I need to get the pork chops out of the freezer for our dinner tonight.

There, the chops are down, they are for dinner tonight. Not sure how I'm going to fix them. Depends on how hot it gets in here. I want to fix either mashed potatoes or noodles with them. Of course I'll have a salad made up for the two of us. I went through my canned goods tub. I have a few cans of "Cream of" soup. I could smother the chops in that. but I'm not sure Jerry would like that. I might just heat the soup up in a pot on the stove and let him decided if he wants to smother his chop or not. Thinking I'll go with the mashed potatoes as I can use the soup as a gravy and have potatoes and gravy tonight. It's been a long time since I had gravy over anything.

I'll also make a dessert. Thinking of Sugar Free Jell-o with either pineapple or thaw some frozen strawberries and add those to the gell. Just not sure what I want to do, just yet. (still too early to want to think about it)

We got all our "running" around done on Saturday. We went driving around a bit, and since we ended up near the Hilltop grocery store, decided to go ahead and shop on Saturday rather than holding off until Sunday. We ended up eating Dinner at Cracker Barrel on Sunday. I wanted to go to the Dollar Tree store, but after dinner we just headed back home. It is a nice drive and we enjoy the countryside. It take just over an hour to drive from the camper to Dickson. Just under an hour to get to Clarksville.

Saturday, I sent Baby Heather a box, and Flat Stanley is on his way back to Bailey. She should receive him back either today or tomorrow.

Oops. my timer just went off, I have to go wash dishes, back in a few to add more to my note.

(hear me humming in the background?)

First strainer load is done. two more to go.

The sky is much lighter now, and the birds are starting to make a racket. I just turned the tv down a bit. I didn't realize just how loud I had it. I'm thinking of having a Ruben sandwich for lunch today. I found my one can of Sauerkraut when I went through the canned goods box.

Today is Trash day. So Now I have to go through the camper and find all the trash, bag it up, and put it out by the curb. So hear me humming again while I take care of that.
first, the cat box... (Humming)

Then the trash can in the back (more humming)

Back up front, take the bag out of the Tidy Cat tub, and remove the one from under Jerry's computer in a popcorn tin.. find the loose stuff and put it all in the larger bag.. tie the bag and walked it to the curb ( in my shorter nightie) Chris is up. I don't know if he "Saw" me or not..

Usually, I'm too late getting the trash out on Monday's. Mike gets up and takes care of it early on Monday's. The other two days of the week that he picks up the trash he's usually around for it after 10 am.

We have a chance of rain this afternoon. I have to pay the rent sometime today. I can give back the wash-house key, as well. When I went to do laundry this week, I saw that the lock had been removed. "good". We had a nasty family in here for a while. The Man. drives a truck for a living and so was not here all that often. His "wife" would come in, with a bunch of kids, not even sure if any belonged to them or not, and would just trash the place. Toss their trash out the door (not bagged up) Made a huge mess down at the fishing area. And I'll not tell you the mess that was left in the shower/laundry, Twice. Momma D had to serve eviction on them to get them to leave. A lot of yelling was going on two weekends ago. I'm glade they are gone although I never really saw them. I heard them each weekend. They would blast music so loud that I had to turn up the TV, and that was with the air on and the windows and door closed.

The timer has gone off again. I need to put away the clean dishes, wash up another strainer full of dishes,. so hear some more humming while I take care of that
my alarm went off, just as I got up so had to turn that off, Put away the clean dishes. washed and rinsed the next strainer load. put the pots to soak in the water and started a pot of coffee.

Wow, I have most of my "Dailies" done already. Still need to sweep the floor, but I want to also use Resolve on the carpet in the back. Will have to walk the dogs again, soon. and then I need to water my flowers.. The rest is stuff that isn't on a daily need to do list.
Well. It's time for breakfast. Oatmeal with some dried fruit soaked in the orange juice I use instead of milk. Then I can wash out that bowl and the dishes will be done for the day.
Jerry picked up a Radio Controlled Monster truck from Hobby Lobby over the weekend and has had a blast with it. Iexpect he'll have it out this evening as well, if he's not too tired. He had a lot of fun with it and the cats are not sure if they like it or not. They would follow it, until he would turn it around and drive it toward them. They could only handle so much of that and would run away.
Took the dogs for a pee break and walk around the lower level back to the camper. They want to pull all the way around. I cleaned the over the stove vent cover, It was soo bad, it was gummy.

Then I used the 409 carpet cleaner on the carpet in the back up to the kitchen doorway. I'm now waiting for it to dry. ( Hear me humming??)

finished up my pot of coffee.

I used Cricut Craftroom to design the bandana I want to make for Momma D. She's a huge Saint's Fan. I'm putting the emblem in the 4 corners of the bandana, once I get it cut out. It's getting cloudy so I doubt I'll be able to use the spray fabric color on it, today. But I can cut it out and iron it to the material.

I just turned off the hot water tank, closed the door, vents and windows and turned on the air conditioning. Although it's not "Great" is does keep it liveable in here as long as I'm not cooking. I have the back all cleaned up and the dishes done. Next is making a dessert. Thinking of Pudding.
(Rest of Monday)
We had some thunderstorms come through around 4:30 and I expected Jerry home early, and he was, by about 30 minutes. In the afternoon, after my "nap", I set up my Cricut to cut out a couple of things. It will cut construction paper well enough. Just have to change the settings a bit before I try again. I did cut out a couple of pieces for "Mother's Day" cards. One I cut too large and will re-cut a different piece this afternoon, I need to set the pressure setting a bit high as I ended up spending about 2 hours carefully cutting out along the lines it cut to get the frame I wanted. I'll try re-cutting that one as well, but if it doesn't come out, I have it already.

I fixed Pork Chops for dinner along with 4 cheese mashed potatoes, and a salad. I made chocolate sugar free pudding for our dessert. For the pork chops, I took some rice cereal and ground it fine in my mini chopper, added some Season All, then added the last of a bag of Southwester Ranch Seasoned Doritoes (maybe 1/2 a cup's worth of chips and crumbs) It was just enough to really give the chops some great flavor. I completely forgot about the cream of soup for a gravy on the chops.

Jerry went to bed early. He said he's been up and down from the thrid floor to between the 6th and 9th floor all day long. That's because the Fab area is on the 3rd floor. I'm guessing that they are not in a great hurry for this job or the company would have a Fab area on every floor, or at least every other floor.