Monday, December 15, 2014

For Today ... Dec 15

For Today ... Dec 15
Howdy.... And Good Afternoon.
Jerry only had to work 8 hours on Saturday and he was hombe just a few minutes before 4 pm. We went to town for dinner, then shopping for the week. Sunday we ate at a new to us Buffet place in Boone and it was good. I think we will end up going back more often.  We had the laundry with us and did it on our way home.  Took it into the camper and let the dogs out for a few minutes.  We talked about going to De Moines and looking for Costco. Jerry looked it up and found out where it's at so we went and got a membership and did some more shopping. Now I really need a larger camper. I forgot just how limited space we have in the kitchen until we brought in the things we bought. Yikes I need more room but the bargins were worth it. So worth it.
I woke up extra early this morning (3am) and just could not get back to sleep.  I can't do house work that early or I'll wake Jerry up so I did a few things on my computer. Discovered that our new Connection was not as secure as we thought and when Jerry woke up I told him about it. We are back on the old Belkin until he can get home tonight and set up a password for it. He got a bit behind in getting ready for work and forgot a few things this morning. His watch and his phone are still here at the house. 
It's been a cloudy day and we have had rain off and on as well. Enough so, that when I take the dogs out I need to wear a light jacket just to keep the damp off. They went out then came right back inside. They didn't want to even sniff the air for new scents.
The cats are enjoying sleeping together on Jerry's bed where it's nice and warm. They are curled up around each other.
Dinner is going to be Bread and Parmagane Chicken tenders over noodles with a Salad. It is so quiet here that I have the TV on for the noise almost all day long. I have been playing a few Christmas CD's and still have a few more to play before I start over again from the begining. I am also catching up on shows I've DVR'ed over the past few weeks.
I am wearing... a purple T-shirt and black sweat pants. I've been straightening out my drawers and found few things I still need to go through. I think I'm going to put off folding the laundry until tomorrow afternoon at this rate.
I am reading... Reading Ezra in the Bible, I read a Children's Christmas craft book over the weekend and I'm always reading emails.
I am thankful for... Warmer weather even though the rain makes it very muddy outside and the dogs bring a lot of mud inside on their feet and we bring a lot of it in on our shoes as well. 
I am creating... I made a Fleece scarf the other day for my older Grand daughter and I have one ready to do for her brother, that I will work on soon. I have everything needed for one for me that I need to work on this week, as well.  I have a few half done Christmas ornaments done and there are some I really need to get made this week to give to a friend we have made here. It's for where we eat at each week on Thursdays and Sundays.
I have put a few Christmas ornaments up around the edge of the front room. I still have a long ways to go to make it look like Christmas in here and Christms is next week.
One of my favorite things... Taking care of Jerry and making sure he is happy.
A few plans for today... Besides making dinner, I need to straighten up the kitchen and put away a few things and hope to clean up in the living room again.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Straightening up the living room and over my bed to make room for some of the stuff in here.
Work on Menu planning for the beginig of the New Year and take better care of us.
Waiting for a few things to come in the mail over the next few days.

Billie C.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Elf Report foe Dec 11

On the move again. Now our Elf has decided to visit the bedroom. She is checking out the shelf over Hubby's side of the bed. I think she has a thing for the T.V.


Billie C.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

For Today ... Dec 10, 2014

For Today ... Dec 10, 2014
Howdy.... And Good Afternoon. 
I got most of the house chores done. Just a few things still left on my to do list, and those are mostly oprional.
It's cool outside but not the Cold of just a couple of weeks ago. Here in a few minutes, I need to take the dogs out, but there isn't any hurry just yet.  The dogs will be able to enjoy some outside time although it's cloudy there isn't any rain or snow falling.
I just caught one of the cats sleeping in a box.
Last night, the dogs all had to sleep in kennels. They are going to sleep in them again tonight and this will continue until they let us sleep through the night and then a few more days beyond that as well. I know I had at least one cat almost all night long, sleeping at my feet. Jerry had one with him and I think the third just could not make up her mind if she wanted to sleep with Jerry or with Me.  I woke up just before the alarm went off, and when I came back out of the bathroom all three were on my bed, stealing my warm spot. When I got back, they all jumped over onto Jerry's bed and started loving on him, trying to wake him up. Strips (Motorboat) was so sure we just wanted to pet him that he would push the other cats ot of his way so he could get to our hands. They, of course, pushed back.
I can sure tell that the days are much shorter right now and can't wait for them to start getting longer again.  I know the weather has warmed up and we have been enjoying some very nice days. And we are not having to run our water over night as much.
Breakfast was Oatmeal and coffee this morning. I like to use juice to make my oatmeal. I add some raisins and frozen fruit to a cup of juice I have heating on the stove, then add in some cinnamon and either clove or cardamon. I miight add some brown sugar if I think about it, usually I forgot that though.
Dinner is going to be Salad, Pinto beans with diced up Ham, and maybe some cornbread.  Tomorrow we will eat out at Nilands again. I want to make them some ornaments to go on their tree, but I need them to look 1950ish. I found several pictures of the place on the internet and I will either slip them into clear glass bulbs or use the plastic cups and do them up more like snow globes but right now, I'm still leaning toward the glass bulbs with some red ribbon around the tops.
I am hearing... The TV. The fan from the heater just went off and from time to time, I can hear a car out on the road out front of the camper.
I am wearing... a dark T-shirt with a horse on it and brown sweat pants. yesterday I wore a blue sweat shirt but it's warmer in here today. No wind outside helps to keep it warm in here. It's not sucking out the warm air.
I am reading... Ezra in the bible. A Kids crafts book, And Dragon's Time by Anne and Todd McCaffery
I am thinking... I really need to get up from this chair and take my cards to the mail box and get them sent out. I know the mail has run today so I have until tomorrow morning to deal with it. I also need to find my birthday cards and find a couple to send to Jerry's twin sister.
I am thankful for... Living out in the country. it's so nice and quiet here and yet, neighbors are so close if I need help I can get one to help me.
I am hoping... that the weather stays nice for a few days.  It does look like it is going to be nice through the weekend and even after that isn't not going to get brutally cold, just more Normal for this area of highs in the mid to low 30's.
I am creating... I need a scarf to cover my face with when it gets cold again. I found some fleece in the discount bin and picked up three different pieces of it. I'll make me a scarf and then two more to use as gifts.
One of my favorite things... is playing Christmas music in the afternoons, while working on a craft or two.
A few plans for today... make cornbread for dinner. make a scarf (or two) take care of the pets
A few plans for the rest of the week...  Eating out a couple of days, and if I can, order a new Cricut Expressions 2 over the phone and hope it gets here. The Christmas rush isn't going to help that out much.

Billie C.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dec 2. Elf Report

Dec 2nd. Hanging out with his best Bud on the shelf over our chairs.  It took Jerry only a few minutes to find him, after wondering where he had been "hiding" the day before.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Howdy, Dec 3. 2014

Howdy.... And Good Morning. (10:30)
Ah... I have gotten my shower. I heard a sizzle and pop after I got out of the tub. Not smoke or heat from that area, so I'll have to ask Jerry about it.  I Had a bit of rouble with the shower head and may have gotten a bit of water in a light fixture by the shower.  I took the dogs out before I took my shower. they liked that the sun was shining and they got to play a little bit before they got cold and it was time to come back inside.  We may only get in the upper 20's today, but the sun is making the camper nice and warm. I've turned down the heater and turned off the Sun heater.
I added some more stuff to my Chicken soup I made the other day. More vegetables and some more chicken I cooked for our dinner last night.It will be my lunch today ad most likely for the rest of this week, as well. 
Aw Man.... Mannheim Steamroller is going to be in De Moines the 19 and 20 and we can't afford the tickets to go. I would so so love to go see the show.  I play the CD's very loud.  I just love the Steamroller Christmas music as well as the Trans Siberian Orchestra. This is twice I have been close enough to a town the Mannheim Steemroller is going to be at and can't go either time.  But I'm not going to let that get me down.  I'm sure if we had it, Jerry would make sure we got to go.
The cats are not really happy with me. I didn't give them canned food last night. I gave them dry food several times but didn't give them the canned stuff. 
Dinner tonight is going to be a Pork Roast with Green Beans and Potatoes cooked with it.  I would add Carrot but Jerry is not fond of carrots or Onion added to his roast. 
I am hearing... Elvis Christmas.  " I Believe". I love that song, no matter who is singing it. 
I am wearing... Black Sweat Pants and a black T-Shirt thatt I put some iron on "Stones" on. a blue heart, the word "Love" in pink and a small green flower. I've just brushed my hair and now need for it to dry so I can put it up in a pony tail. I am so wanting to get my hair cut short again.
I am reading... I am now in Ezra in "The Bible".  I am reading a lot of e-mails and don't seem to find much time for books any more.
I am thankful for... The weather being warmer. Jerry  has to work and although he's inside a building there isn't much heat in it. He is working on one of the rooms that has to have heat in it (control room) but I know he still hurts when he has to come out of it.
I am hoping...  That Jerry hears from a job we want him to get on, soon. We have not give up hope on it.. This job is scheduled to work until April at least, if not longer. I am not fond of winter in the mid-west and a camper is not really made for living in, when there's a lot of ice and snow outside.
I am creating... A Christmas decorated camper. I have done a good clean up in the bathroom and now need to find a few things to put back there to help make it Christmasy. There are a few things I want to make for in the front and to put in the kitchen as well.
One of my favorite things... Is getting my house chores done early in the morning so I can don what ever I feel like for the rest of the day... only my list is so long that I never seem to totally get everything done on it.
A few plans for today... Start dinner in the crock pot. Bake some Ginger bread, I didn't get to that yesterday.. and then maybe some Banana Walnut cake.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Keep the camper taken care of .  Straighen up my crafting area, Clean over my bed and re-arrange it to store more craft stuff up there. Find my Christmas cards or if I can't find them, make more to send out next week.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Good Morning

Good Morning.It's another Cold Morning, but tomorrow is to be above Freezing.  We still have running water and the Toilet is working as it should (again) so all is well.  Jerry went in to work. He is on a new Med and it is suppose to be taken an half an hour before eating. So either he has to get up earlier or I can slow down on making his breakfast of a combo of both.  We (I) asked if it could be taken in the evening before dinner and the doctor was a bit hesitant on saying yes to that. After reading the papers from the Pharmacy, it said to take it in the morning. It made Jerry a bit light headed for a few minutes yesterday morning but once that passed he was fine for the rest of the day, until dinner, but that was a different issue.  He's been having some trouble with his stomach over the last few days. That started before he started taking this new med.
We have about have the windows covered with plastic and I am going to try to get at least two more done today after I send this off.  I have lots of laundry to fold and pt away as well.  But if I jump up from here and get that done, I can work on a craft this afternoon. So if you don't hear from me for a while, you know I'm either cleaning the camper or folding laundry or making a count down calendar.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Morning

Good Morning
I did mention that it's COLD outside, this morning. So cold that the dogs were not happy to go outside, but once out were more than ready to "take care of busness" and get back inside. Barney wanted to play ball though and after the first couple of tosses, Macon took the ball away from him.  As soon as Rocky "scratched" the ground (His way of telling me he's finished) he was ready to go back inside. Barney was shivering yet still willing to chase his ball. Macon was more than happy to take that ball and bring it into the house.  The cats have barely moved off my bed. I changed out an non working electric blanket for one that works yesterday and I was fighting the cats off my feet all night long. I don't mind them sleeping with me, but they have to stay away from my feet.They are still on my bed but I turned off the blanket hours ago when we got up.
We have a few flurries overnight, enough to lightly coat every thing with more snow. Nothing deep, just nice and frosty.  Now the sun is shining and I'm hoping for some solar heating here in the camper today. Our high is to be close to 30 according to the news but I see by my weather thing under my signature we won't make that.. but it's warmer than it was yesterday, anyway. We may be getting more snow Saturday. Each time I hear the weather on the news the amount changes.. from 1/2 an inch to up to three inches in this morning news.
Jerry is very happy with his remote starter on the truck. Said it was nice and comfy when he left for work this morning.  I did text him that we are going to have to pick up tubes of sand this weekend. to go over the back tires of the truck.
I think I'm going to have to make a "winter" kit for the truck. I'll have to look in the camper area for one of those silver blankets. They are well worth the cost for the amount of space they safe in a can.. In the can will be a lighter, two candles, some hard candy a space blanket and a set of hand warmers. of course I may toss a couple of regular blankets onto the back seat because I love to cover when we are on a longer trip. Oh yeah, I better find a piece of Red Material as well as a notebook or some paper and a pencil for note writing.
We have left the water running a little bit over night. I made sure that it was warm and not just the cold water that was running because the other night we almost froze our hot water line.  Brenda did say she's seen the time where sewer lines have frozen over, as well.. if it's going to be that cold... I'll just have Jerry remove the water line from the camper and drain it, and put it back on the next day. But from what I just saw on the news about the weather we are not going to have to do that this week.
Jerry is wanting Fish Sticks for dinner. The last few times I've asked him what he wants for dinner he'll mention the fish sticks, then recall that something else is already in the fridge or doesn't take the oven to fix. We can't have both the heater and the oven on at the same time. The breakers just can't handle both at the same time.  Of course,  to go along with those, I'll make a box of Mac and Cheese.  Comfort food, for sure.  I'll make a salad and Sugar Free Butterscotch pudding to go with our meal.
I am considering putting on some fleece leggings under my sweat pants this morning, but I don't want to get use to that and then need even more later this year.  I am wearing a light blue sweat shirt this morning but if this cold keeps up, I'll be putting on a t-shirt under it.
I just saw an idea for a Christmas ornament that I may adjust and use for myself.  (  ). I think I can use my Cricut or the Cuttlbug to do the cutting for me.
Wow. We just had a blast of wind.  It rattled everything. The windows, shook the camper and the apple trees are moving with the wind as well. I sure hope that don't happen too often here.
Well. I have got to get up and away from the computer. I need to do the daily clean up here, including the dishes and sweeping the floors and I know that moving will make me feel warmer so I have got to get up and do that.
I hope your having a good day, I'll check in to my mail box again later today... Be blessed.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

For Today ...Nov 6, 2014

For Today ...Nov 6, 2014
Howdy.... and Good Evening. I've a few minutes before Jerry comes to get me to go ut for dinner tonight.  Wouldn't you know it,  Heather was told she would be able to start moving tonight, now it's been put off until in the morning.. We are both getting very frustrated with how long this is taking. If she's told she has to wait until Monday she is going to be very upset over it all. Jerry is going to have the truck worked on on Monday so I don't expect to be on line much that day since he's taking the whole day off Beth is meeting up with her brother this evening. He's picking up a load not far from where she lives and it is great that they will get together just before Thanksgiving.  Beth will have Thanksgiving day off but has to work the day before and Friday Saterday and Sunday after. Not sure if she's got to work the weekdays as well, yet.  We are still not sure if we will be going down to her place for thanksgiving or not.
Outside my door ... (5:30pm) it's dark. I just brought the dogs back in from their early evening outing. Some kids were playing ball and I called out that I was letting the dogs out so they were warned . Of course the dogs barked but not near as much as I thought they would. The kids dispersed while we were out excpet for three and after I let the dogs back in, I went over to talk to them and two left before we could do much more than just say Hi to each other. The one who was left, was the girl who mowed my grass the other day.  She's a bit loud, and the dogs are finally use to her voice being so loud.
The Dogs ... are not going to be happy with me in a few minutes because Rocky and Barney will be in a kennal and Macon is blocked to the back half of the camper. We have to keep him from the front when we are gone or he will bend some of the ends of the blinds and in the end break them, from looking out all the time. I caught Barney doing the same thing this morning when I took the trash out before the trash truck came around
The Cats ... are enjoying their once a day can of cat food.  The dogs will try to steal the canned food unless I push it back into the kennal they are fed in. When they are done they meow loudly to be let back out but they leave a bit of food behind and I have to convience them they have to eat more of their food. I don't like letting the dogs clean the cans too much because they then get upset tummys from time to time.
We are eating out tonight and I have to hurry and finish this because Jerry just texted that he's on his way home.
I am hearing... evening news on the tv.
I am wearing... a dark green long sleeved top and brown sweat pants
I am reading... I just read a Kid's crafts book and want to try making a few of the things I read in it. 
I am thinking... I am so ready to get moving to Tennessee but from the looks of the news we may be warmer than it will be in Tennessee and Alabama this weekend.
I am thankful for... internet service. it keeps me in touch with my friends and family
I am hoping... that the work on the truck works out well as it is going to be part of Jerry's Christmas present. He's going to have a remote start and door unlock put on the truck so he can start it while he's still in the camper and when he's getting off work
I am creating... I made a Birthday Card and worked on a Thanksgiving card this afternoon. I also discovered that I can cut and emboss on thin fun foam.  Sure, figures, I gave a lot of my foam to Bailey not that long ago
One of my favorite things... having time to work on crafts as I wish. Although  I have to clean up before Jerry tells me he's on his way home or everything is going to be in our way for the evening.
A few plans for today...Dinner out. sleeping
A few plans for the rest of the week... clean the camper in the morning and work on some cards in the afternoon.

Billie C.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

For Today ... Nov 4

Howdy and Hello.  It's almost mid day here in Iowa and it's a nice bright day outside. Not ure how warm it is as we havn't been outside since the dogs wanted out at 5 am. I'll take them out at 12:30, after the mid-day news is over. I really need to "scoop" the yard today I put Duct Tape on some of the camper windows and we can sure tell the difference. I can't reach the rest of the window so Jerry is going to have to take care of that for me this next weekend.
Outside my door ... Filted Sunshine.  A few high clouds are doing a bang up job of filtering the sun.  Warm today, warmer tomorrow then the bottom falls out again and we will be cold again.
The Dogs ... are all sleeping but once I get ready to go outside they will be all excited and willing to be ouside. Barney will want to take a ball out and I'm going to let him take it out. We will play ball for a little bit, then Macon will steal the ball (again) and hold onto it until we are all back inside, just like he did yesterday. Rocky will want to find a nice warm sunny place in the grass to lay in and bask in the sun until it's time to come back inside.
The Cats ... are trying to find a sunny window to get into and bask in some sun of their own. I do wish I could let them out from time to time but there are so many strays here and some have been very sick. I know my cats have had their shots but that doesn't mean they still can't catch something.
From the kitchen... I shared a recipe for a cooky I want to make this afternoon, baking them in the toaster oven. We are going to have a smoked sausage, Salad, Baked potatoes and Green Beans for dinner tonight.
I am hearing... The T.V. is on, but once Y and R and the news are over with, I"m thinking of turning it off and playing some Christmas music for a couple of hours.
I am wearing... black sweat pants and my bright pink t-shirt with ironed on stones in a flower pattern on it. My button tennis shoes. The buttons are held together with elastic through the lace holes and are easy on and easy off.
I am reading... emails and craft instructions and a chapter of the Bible. I need to find a book on my Kindle to read, and soon.
I am thinking... I need to get up from this chair and do something soon
I am thankful for... Wonderful weather in November. It could be so much worse than just a bit cool around here. 
I am hoping... That my daughter hears about getting into her new apartment soon. She really needs to move into a safe, clean place. She will be so much happyer if she could move where her Ex can't watch her every move.
I am creating... A cleaner camper and I think I'll try to make a plant poke for my pot or Rosemary that is Thanksgiving Themed this afternoon.
One of my favorite things... playing with the dogs outside and making things .
A few plans for today... Making dinner here in a while. baking a small batch of cookies
A few plans for the rest of the week... No set plans . Weekend plans are laundry and shopping and letting Jerry rest.

Billie C.

Monday, November 3, 2014

For Today ...Nov 3, 2014

Howdy.... I hope you had a good weekend.  Jerry had to work both Saturday and Sunday. He only had to work 8 hours on Sunday and that feels more like only working a half day most of the time.  He will have next Sunday off, and I expect we will sleep in very late.  I am thinking of doing the shopping Saturday after he gets off work but only if he wants to cash his check then and not wait until Sunday morning to do it. We will have to do laundry sometime on Sunday. We put off until Monday last week and that was okay but made for a very long day for both of us. I missed our breakfast out yesterday.  I missed it more than eating dinner out Saturday night.  It's been our habit for a while now to eat breakfast out on Sunday mornings.  I have almost all of our Halloween things put away. I just have to take the window clings off the front window of the camper.
Outside my door ... The sun is almost to the horizon.  It's not up yet, but it won't be much longer. The gray is starting to pick up a little bit of pink on the undersides of the clouds an there is a bit of yellow you can just see in the tops of the trees across the way.  The breeze is making what leaves are left on the trees dance and wiggle and make me wonder just how much longer those few that are holding on so tight are going to let loose and float to the ground. We had a heavy frost Saturday morning and I think the grass has gone dormant now.  It's not brown but I don't think it's going to do any more growing either. I am glade we got the Grass mowed last week instead of waiting. 
The Dogs ... (7:15) are sleeping but s soon as I get up to put on some "day" clothes they will be ready to go outside and look around and play and potty, not in that order though, I'm sure.  They will want to come back in soon enough as it's still chilly this morning and they don't like to stay out for long when its like this. Neither do I and I can put on a coat.  Barney will try to take a ball out, then will try to get me to toss it for him. I have to take it away before we go out or he will bark and its too early in the day for that.
The Cats ... like the dogs, are sleeping for now. Earlier they were having a merry game of chase and pounce on each other.  One jumped up on the sink countertop and didn't like that I told her to get off. She gave me a look but she did jump down, right on top of her brother. Then the chase to the bathroom was on, jumping over the other sister then jumping over Macon who happened to be sleeping in the flor at the time. He got up and got on my bed after that. The two chased each other back into the front of the camper then went chasing back to the back again, jumping from bed to bed and Macon snapped at both of them for distrubing him again. The cats can't believe that I didn't yell at Macon for snapping at them and gave me looks to let me know they noticed that. I told them... He warned you to leave hi alone. It was after that they have all curled up on Jerry's bed and gone to sleep for a bit.
From the kitchen... The last couple of weeks we have just had cut up vegetable instead of salad but I did pick up a bag of precut salad this week. I'll cut up cucumber and green peppers, and tomatoes to go into that for the next couple of days.  We bought a large pack of Hamburger and I'll divid that into two or three meals then decide what I'm going to make with each. Today I'm leaning to seasoning a portion with Taco Seasoning and forming into patties.  I'lll make some instant mashed ptatoes for our starch and I may make a cake for dessert. 
I am hearing... The morning local news and political ads. Rocky is asleep in the chair beside me and is snoring loudly.  Evern now and then I hear Barney, who is in the kennel in front of me, stirring around a bit. The heater just cycled off but I expect it will be back on soon and the coffee pot just gurggled, letting me know it's done brewing and now my coffee if ready to go into my cup.
I am wearing... Right this minute, white socks with pink toes and heels, a house dress that my good friend Donna gave me a couple of years ago.  I'll be changing into sweat pants, and a t-shirt and putting tennis shoes on my feet when I finish this up.  I think I'll wear my shoes with the buttons at the lace holes today. I have four pairs of these shoe.s. They are so easy to decorate and change up. I have one colored with permenet marker I call my Rainbow shoes because they have all the colors of the rainbow on them, the button shoes, and a plain pair of shoes. I haven't worn the fourth pair yet, as I'm still deciding how I want to fancy them up a bit before I do wear them. Once I do that, I'll spray with waterproofing and that will help keep them looking nice.
I am reading... emails and recipes right now. I really do need to start carving out an hour a day for reading and another two for crafting each day.
I am thinking... How funny it is that where we want to go (Tennessee) has had snow and where we are now, (Iowa) hasn't had any yet. 
I am thankful for... Jerry still having a job to go to each day. Our neighbor got fired for calling two people slackers, because they are not doing any work and always standing around, not even looking like they are working. Someone else over-heard him call those two "foreigners " that and reported him to the office. He's not all that upset about it. He's already found another job and it's much closer to his home and family. As he told Jerry, He can sleep in his own bed, by his wife, at home on this next job he's going to.
I am hoping... That Jerry can get hired onto a job we know of in Tennessee soon. It's going to be a long term job of over 2 years. I would like to find a place to rent for a while if he gets that job.
I am creating... First a cleaner camper with things put out of the way so I can decorate for Thanksgiving. I will need to make a few things for Thanksgiving and have a few ideas of paper things I can hang from the hooks along the rail above the window.
A few plans for today... First, change my clothes and take the dogs out. Clean the back of the camper, dishes then work in the livingroom area and maybe seal up the rest of the windows with duct tape.
A few plans for the rest of the week... keep doing what I've been doing. cooking, cleaning and crafting.

Billie C.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

For Today ... October 21, 2014

Howdy.... I hope your doing well.  I am doing well.  A bit worn out, but not feeling too bad right now. (9am_) The sun is up and things are very bright outside. I so want to go out and start my yard decorating but it's suppose to rain on Thursday and that will ruin most of what I want to do out side.  I will put my wreath I made outside Saturday. Not sure if it will be on the window or on the door. It's going to be very warm so the window by the door may be a better place to put it so it can be seen.  I'm about 1/2 way though my house chores today already. I got the beds made and the bathroom straighted up. In the back half of the camper the only things left is to scoop out the catbox and then sweep and vacumn the floor.  I have to do the dishes. I'm a bit late in getting to them this morning, but they won't take that long.  Then I need to straighten up the counter tops and put away things that are out of place both beside the fridge and on top of it. I also need to find some jars I have under the sink to use as decorations on Saturday.

Outside my door ... The Sun is shining through the trees and it's very bright. It's boing to be very pleasent and the dogs are going to enjoy some time outside this afternoon while I do some yard cleaning and planning on where I want to put a few Halloween things I have planned on putting together.
The Dogs ... are sleeping on the beds right now.  Barney has lost a toe nail. Not sure when that happened.  I don't know if he will be able to grow it back or if it's gone forever. he must have gotten his toenail caught up in the blankets cause that is where I found it.
The Cats ... Almost ended up spending last night in the kennel.. they were bouncing from bed to bed and over, under, around each other on top of the beds and jumping over Macon who was sleeping between the beds. When I went to catch the worst offender, He (or she) stopped doing all the jumping and laid down beside me. The other two got the message very quick and stopped playing as well. One of the cats laid along my back for a while last night and that felt good.
From the kitchen... Cut up Vegetables, Grilled Turkey in Gravy over Fresh Mashed potatoes and Pumpkin Spice cake. I'm thinking of trying to make a couple of Jolly Rancher covered Apples, just to see if I can do that or just end up making a mess.
I am hearing...  I got the Fox local news on right now but am thinking of changing it soon.
I am wearing... my Cave Painting of Horses T-shirt and Brown sweatpants.  This shirt in a orangy yellow. I don't wear Yellow or Orange much because they are not good colors for me, At least not in a light shade. Dark Orange is okay but no yellow.
I am reading...  I had intended to start a book on my Kindle last night but Heather called and instead of reading, I downloaded a few more books onto it
I am thinking... I really need to get outside today and soak up some sunshine and enjoy this weather while I can, soon enough it's going to be cold.
Yesterday, Jerry ended up pocket dialing me and the voicemail was so garbbled I had no clue what he was saying.. the voic mail text was like "Hello, hello, hi, hello hi hi hi, hello hello hi hi"  Have to admit, my first thought was that he got "The CALL" and was so excited that he wasn't making sense... but no, it was just he was trying to turn off his phone and hit the wrong button.
I am thankful for...  Just waking up not hurting. I think I saw a "stone" in the strainer but am not sure. I just cant see with or without glasses any more all the small stuff.
I am hoping...  Britteny remembers that I asked her to come mow the Grass on Friday. It's going to need it and then I can ask her for some more help around the yard.
I am creating... I found my empty jars so now I can mod podge some Halloween napkins onto a couple of those and put candles in those and my gallon jar so I can make a spooky jar full of spiders and spider eggs (Cotton Balls pulled apart and little them rolled into more of a ball shape than a pillow)
One of my favorite things... Making things,  right now, I'm making fire starteds frrom a couple of cat food cans, rolled up newspaper and wax.  I am hoping that they will get my fire going this afternoon so that I get burn off some old weeds and debris from around the fire pit.
A few plans for today... finish cleaning the camper, cleaning the yard, playing with the dogs outside
A few plans for the rest of the week... Getting ready for some fun with the local kids this weekend.  making some candy apples for us, (I know, I shouldn't have the candy but it's only one each)  Stamp on lunch bags with some spooky stamps then filing with candy for the kids. Get out my dress and get it ready for Saturday night.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grand Kids Halloween Cards

I hate that I can not enjoy Halloween with any of our Grand kids each year.  We are just never close enough to any one of them to be there and enjoy watching the other kids in costume as well.  I do enjoy sending them things in the mail and so I made Halloween cards to send to them.
I got a box of embossing folders in the mail this week that I was waiting for and put some of them to good use. First I did the flaps of the envelopes I'm going to use to send out the cards in. I want to work more on doing this, for Christmas time and the card exchanges I hope to be in.
 The spider-web and spider are embossed and one is debossed .. both look good to me.
I am loving this fence idea and used it for the inside of the cards, as well.  I picked up some stamps and wanted to use them inside the cards. They are all three the same .
I printed out Halloween pictures (and a lot of other pictures) a few weeks ago and had to find just the right ones to use on the cards for the kids. I think this one is going to my youngest grand daughter, Heather. She's 3.
I am thinking that this one is going to go to Bailey, our oldest grand daughter. She's 10
and Corbin will getting this scary cat.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mod Podge Molds

I picked up the sticks and the molds over the weekend. lost one of the molds and found it after, I made these.
I wanted to try this out.  Just using the glue gun was messy and didn't turn out as neat as I had hoped. See....
Sorry they are turned sideways. It was how I turned the camera so I could get every thing in the picture
Then I got the "Bright" idea of using my heat gun to warm the glue up with and it worked out so much better.

I'm not much of a painter, but I'll try painting later this week. 

Billie C.

Halloween Wreath

I've been trying to get creative (again) I painted my fingernails on Saturday (My Birthday)  Yes, I wanted them to look like Candy Corn.. I can't find stronger glasses and I don't think it would help. Steadier hands may help.

I picked up some "Halloween" items last weekend and decided that it was time to put them on our wreath.  A bit early but since it's not outside It will be okay.


I love this fuzzy spider and the smaller one in the middle

A Better picture of the spider in the middle

And I could not resist this Owl.


Billie C.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Busy afternoon

Busy afternoon
I made my fall wreath today. I still need a few "spooky" items to add in October but I have plenty of time to find those. 
I started with these things.. It took me almost 1 1/2 hours the other day to wrap the wreath form with the twine.
Here it is with just the leaves and flowers on it.. Good for the whole season
and this is what it looks like with the pumpins and scare crow man and woman on it.
Here it is, on my door. I took it back down because it's windy and rainy outside today.

Billie C.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Banana Oat Cookies

Banana Oat Cookies    
Makes 12 to 16 cookies
2 very ripe bananas, mashed ½ teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup oats, rolled or quick Dash of vanilla extract
Optional add-ins:  small handful high quality dark chocolate chips, or shredded coconut or chopped nuts, or dried fruit
 In a medium size bowl, mash bananas fairly smooth, a few small chunks is ok. Add oats and cinnamon, mix well.  Fold in any extras listed.  Lightly grease a cookies sheet. Place tablespoon fulls on the sheet in little mounds. You can also flatten them a bit if desired. (They don't spread out when baking.)  Bake in oven for 15 -25 minutes depending on the size.
Notes: These are not bread-like but yummy just the same! Due to the bananas they may darken a little after a day or so. Doesn't hurt them a bit!

Billie C.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

For Today ... Jul 28, 2014

For Today ... Jul 28, 2014
Howdy.... I'm taking a breather from camper cleaning to write this part (10 am)
We had a great Sunday and got a lot done in such a short time.  We started a habit in Danville, of eating Breakfast at a Buffet on Sunday mornings. The closest Golden Corral is way to far away for us to just hop over and eat breakfast. But Nyland Cafe, has a good breakfast that is reasonably priced. I had the Scrambled eggs, A spoon of the breakfast casserole (no potatoes in this one) a couple of slices of bacon and one sausage link and two pieces of Waffle.  My second plate was a small slice of Lemon Poppy seed cake, two slices of watermelon and three large strawberries.  I had two cups of coffee, as well.
    From there, we headed to Marshaltown (sp) and Menards to check it out. We were looking for a couple of chairs that would fit where our Love-seat/couch is, in the camper.  Jerry seems to have mis-understood  what I meant by Office Chairs. I meant the type of chairs in the waiting area of the local Ford dealership. Deep seat, thin but nicely padded arms and  comfortable. He thought  Desk chairs.  We didn't find what we were looking for at Menards. I did see Cricut Cartridges but I didn't find one I wanted. I did find glass Votive candle holders for Fifty cents a pair and picked up two pairs.  (Christmas gift in the making)  From there we headed back to Wal-mart in Ames because I had a script to pick up.  Found that the "Back to College" stuff is out.  I picked up a tail gateing Table for $25 and into my cart it went without me asking Jerry about it.  My table I have been using is rather large, missing a bolt and now outside with my plants on it. This one is much smaller and I don't know how tall yet. but I am hoping it's just the right size for me to sew on.  Then be able to put away when I have to, or leave out for a day or two and not be tripping over it or have it filled up with "Other" stuff when my back is turned.  Jerry went looking for chairs. I thought he had stopped at a small pull out bed. Not bad in price but a bit too small for the two of us to sit on, but plenty large enough for one to sit on. Nope, he found the office chairs (remember he didn't know just what I had thought to get) and was trying to put them on his cart. He called me to bring him my cart so he could put the pet food he picked up into my cart. I was looking at Plush throws at the time and ended up putting one in my cart. I didn't buy it , but left it at the register and told Jerry that's what happens when he doesn't let me finish doing my looking. I am thinking of picking up a few of them for Christmas gifts this year, They are so soft. The two chairs cost us a bit over $200 but are well worth it.  When we got home. Jerry mowed the grass and I cleaned up the yard, and held things up off the ground so he could mow around things that don't move ( Wires) The dogs spent most of the time he was mowing outside, out of the way. I put Rocky and Macon inside when they wouldn't shut up but tied Barney to a tree on a short line because he's had a lot of time in the kennel and I figured he needed a break from that. He had a blast while I sat in the chair and read to Jerry the directions on how to put these chairs together.  Once they were done, we had to move things around in the camper so we could get the love seat out.  That was a job. I ended up having to turn it around inside the living room space and then tilting it forward to get the first arm out, smashing Jerry's hand by accident while doing that. Then work the back out. The back cushions are attached and were in the way and had to be pushed out of the way. Jerry was able to put the base in the truck before I even got out the door. Tossed in the legs we had removed, and the seat cushions and a very short drive to the burn pit and a quick dump. we were done with that. Of course we cleaned out around the edges before taking it out of the camper. Jerry found a dollar and a few coins. 
Jerry cooked Hamburgers for our dinner. I Sliced up a large tomato and we had a few potato chips, as well. Yes, I ate a few chips. Not a lot of them.  We had watermelon for dessert and later we had some cookies for a snack.
Rocky got in trouble for jumping into my new chair.  I turned the chairs toward the window before going to bed.  I found kitty tracks in the seats when I got up this morning. I now have both chairs covered in matching blankets
One of the cats is on my "Short List"  I was sound asleep and it attacked my feet with it's claws out. OUCH!  Not sure just which cat it was but all three got booted off my bed and they all know they are in trouble with me, now. That is not a nice way to wake up.
It is soo nice outside that I hate to have to be inside doing all this housework and I plan on spending a bit of time outside in just a little bit with the dogs and a ball or two. Our high today is suppose to be in the low 70'2.  Tomorrow in the mid 70's and Wed. still in the 70's.. the rest of the week in the low 80's.  I  am loving this weather. I want it to last a really long time.  Oh, I do miss the heat a little bit. Not much though. I just hope that this mild summer does not mean a really cold winter.
Tonight I'm going to "bake" a few potatoes in the crock pot once I get the dishes done (just did about half of them) And we will have salad with radishes, tomatoes, Green peppers and Cucumbers added to it.  I plan on making a Jell-o dessert.  I'm going Umber with it.  Staring out with a dark red (Raspberry flavor) then a layer of Orange, and last a layer of Lemon.  I like Jell-O and what I don't use in the cups, I'll chill in a pan and then cut into cubes and make a different dessert for later this week from the rest.
I am hearing... Y&R right now.  had "The View" on a bit ago.  Watching for the Hummingbirds around the feeder than I cleaned and refilled this morning. I know of three that are now visiting it each day.  I hear a car door from time to time as someone here goes out or comes back in. A few birds chirping in the trees, the wind in the trees. There is wind here, all the time. Even a tree windbreak does not stop the wind much.  We have a nice cloud cover right now and we might have  a shower later today or over night.  I'll have to check my plants I have outside to see if I need to water them when I take the dogs out next time.
I am wearing... Cut off  brown sweat pant shorts and a purple top with short sleeves. I have my hair in a pony tail.  I found out I have 3 pairs of tennis shoes, plus three other pairs of shoes and I'm switching them out on a daily basis. Today's shoes are the ones I'm using buttons to keep closed. I do need to replace my slip on, low heeled shoes soon. They are breaking down and I need something easy to get into in a hurry in the dark shoes.
I am reading... Face book and E-mails. 
I am creating... A sewing center in my living room.  I have some material set out for a skirt for Heather and some set out for a dress for Bailey as well as a dress I need to finish for her that I started last Spring. 
One of my favorite things...  working with Jerry outside when it's not too hot. He can sure mow faster than I can, and he's good about putting things together for me.  I wish we knew just how long we are going to be here. I would pick up a few pallets to make a deck outside the door If we are going to be here until December. That is when this job is suppose to be finished.  But we are still waiting for a call from a job in Tennessee that should be starting in late August. But then the worst of the heat of summer will be over with "down South".
A few plans for today...Finish cleaning the kitchen.
sweep the floors and maybe even vacuum the whole camper. 
Sort the laundry and then straighten up the bathroom.
 Set up the tailgating table and see how high it will go. 
iron some material to get it ready to cut.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Keep the camper nice.
spend some time outside with the dogs,
cut out a skirt pattern for Heather. a dress for Bailey

Billie C.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014

For Today ... July 8, 2014
Howdy....  And good Morning. (It's early, 5:30) The daylight hours are getting shorter and I can already see a difference. It's light out, but not as light as it use to be. Harder to tell the colors of things outside just yet. But the great thing is I can open the windows and door and vents for a while each morning to let in the fresh cool air. If we were still "south" I doubt I would still be able to do that. Our high today is in the low 80's.  I'm loving this.... but I know that Winter in Iowa can be way more cold that this or any camper is able to handle and keep comfortable in. We will want to leave here before wintertime gets here.  The weather man just said that our high today is going to be around 82, I may not even have to turn on the air at all today.
The dogs are loving this weather most of the time. I have them tied to one of the Apple trees here and they get to run out into the sun or lay in the shade when they are out. I do have to "clean up" after them at least once a day, but that's okay, I want to keep this lot looking as nice as I can.  I have some things I need to move around a few things and straighten up around the camper a bit,  maybe I can do that this morning, while the dogs are out for their second break. I'm going to let Barney take a ball out then and that will keep him busy for a bit and Rocky will get to lay in the sun. Macon will find a few places to roll.
 I had all three cats sleeping on my bed with me this morning.  They all went into the kennel without any trouble today. Yesterday I had to chase the cats down to put them in the kennel before Jerry left for work. Today they were more than willing to go in on their own. I was able to let them out sooner, as well. They are not allowed "out" while they are protesting being in the kennel. Once they shut up for a few minutes, I'll open the door.
I just cooked up some Onion and Mushrooms in butter. I didn't want to lose my Mushrooms and they were starting to weep a little. I also cooked up some bulk Sausage I had on hand. Jerry didn't like it so we will not be getting more of it.  Now that its cooked, I'll divid it up into serving portions and freeze for my own use later. 
I am hearing... I've got morning news on, but the birds are singing in the morning sun and it can get very noisy at times as there seems to be plenty of birds in this area. We have some Cardnals in the apple trees and I saw a Blue Jay in the tree next door. I've seen a few hawks and finches and swallow's flying around from time to time. I have not seen many wild geese or turkeys or buzzards here.
The other day, while talking to the neighbor, Brian, we saw a deer come out of the trees bewteen two campers across the street and come over to the road before she noticed us watching her and she took off back into the woods. That's the third deer I've  seen since we got here.
I am wearing... Brown cut off sweat pants (shorts) and a stained up white t-shirt. I'm not going any where so I can wear stuff like this that don't look the greatest. I have a pair of pink earrings in my ears.
I am hoping... That Jerry is feeling better when he gets home today than what he felt yesterday when he got home. He hardly said anything to me last night. We both went to bed early. He said he got too hot yesterday. I believe that because it was so humid out and I didnt take the dogs out much yesterday and they were more than willing to run back into the house as soon as they finished what they were outside for.
A few plans for today...  Once I clean up the dishes and fold some laundry and make the beds, I want to clean up outside and tranplant some plants into some fresh soil and find a safe place for them outside for the rest of summer.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Keep up with the housework,  and take care of the pets. I would like to work on some craft before the week is done.
07 03 14
 We went to De Moines just to see how far away it is... it's a good sized city. Should be, because it's the capital of the state. We did a bit of shopping. Bought two new computers, Jerry has his set up. I'll keep mine in the box until I really need it as it's larger than this laptop is that I'm using now. It will be my back up for when this one acts up again. Picked up a carpet to go outside the door so the dirt will hopefully stay outside now and not on my brown carpet inside. I got a humming bird feeder, still need to fill it and hang it up. A "Y" for the water hose outside. I picked up a couple of plants. I need to take my table outside, but first I need to clean up and move a few things. We stopped at the food store on the way home. Good thing we did as its going to be closed tomorrow. We Needed to pick up a meat for tomorrow, the rest was just stuff I knew we were out of. I needed oil as I used the last of it cooking Jerry's breakfast two mornings ago but the rest was just extra's. I found a good sized bag of ripe bananas for 99 cents. A quart box of strawberries for $1.69. We picked up Charcoal for when we want to cook our hamburgers. Every else where we were today was selling either two bags of Charcoal or large bags and we only need a small bag because we may only cook outside two or three times and just don't need that much of the stuff. Jerry also picked up some Hickory Charcoal briquettes to put with the charcoal to help flavor our burgers with. We got the pet food first thing this morning and I already have everything else we need for a while in the fridge.
I've met a few of the neighbors. A couple of girls who help with cleaning up. across the road and behind the trailer behind our camper. It's nice and usually quiet around here. Every now and then I hear a radio or someone talking loud. I think the older neighbor across the street is a bit deaf and so every one talks really loud around him. Most are long stays here as it's a trailer park and not a campground. There is about 10 campers here, plus those owned by those living in the trailers. There is about 15 trailers that I can think of. 5 or 6 of those are torn up and empty. Most of those, are in the process of being cleaned up or moved off.
07 04 14
Yesterday,We went to Walmart to cash Jerry's check and he picked up two computer I spotted on sale. Then, we ate breakfast at Perkins. Then we headed to De Moines just because we could. We drove around on the interstate twice I think, before we headed back home. We did stop at a home depot where I picked up a couple of plants and a piece of carpet I could lay outside our doorway.  Back home and Jerry put the carpet down for me and we let the dogs outside for a while. I also picked up a 6 pack of Tiki lamps, and while at Walmart, I got a hanging basket so I can move some of my plants outside and hang them off of one of the trees here.
today (4th) We went to a little mom and pop's cafe and found a treasure. It's not only a cafe but a museum (of sorts) all sorts of information on the Lincoln Highway and how it came about.  We loved it. Then a short drive to a local Dollar General, looking for a grill, No grill but we did pick up a few items. I got another wind chime, and found some candy we wanted (don't "Need" it but wanted it)  From there it was head to Walmart to find a grill. Jerry found one. priced a canopy (didn't pick one up) then home again. Jerry put the grill together and I got to talk to the little boy next door for a bit while his father was working under the trailer that is parked next to our camper. He put the wheels on the axles so it can be moved (soon, I hope)  I hung up a few things in the trees and Jerry is taking a nap while I'm on my computer

Billie C.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I've been a bit quiet the last couple of days,

I've been a bit quiet the last couple of days, dealing with a problem.  I knew I should have waited to have my eye worked on.  Oh, it's doing okay. But I'm suppose to have a check up soon.  Well, because we moved and we now don't have insurance (we can't pay the CORBA, and we were not offered it either)  The Iowa University wants me to pay up front $1,000 before they can see me for it.  No way can we come up with that in the next three weeks.  I will just have to pray that nothing goes wrong with my eye, and hope that PCL calls Jerry soon. I know that it is now considered a pre existing condition, but that just means a delay, not never to be taken care of (If I understand the New Rules of Medical Care) I am feeling like I've been S(Bleep) over.  I still have this green thing on my wrist that says I'm not to go above 3000 feet up.  When do I remove it?  at the end of 6 weeks?  I am not going to continue wearing it forever.  I was "pushing" it to ask for an appointment for the week after Independence Day, because that's more than a week past when it's due.  I don't know any one who can come up with that kind of money, not after three weeks of lay off  and trying to get something from un-employment
Befire that therewas  one day pay for the week he got laid off, so that does not count as a waiting week, then the waiting week, and now fighting with North Carolina and or Virginia to find out who is going to pay one weeks' worth of "un-employment" and still waiting to hear from either one of them. At least now Jerry is working, but we are three weeks with no income and trying to catch up with bills before they over whelm us.  As long as my eye is healing, I am good. I know there is more work to be done on it, from the way Dr. Mahmoud was talking. but it's all going to have to wait a while now.   And I know I'm going to get a "talking to" about having put off the check up after, from who ever sees me next. It's not like I have much choice in it.  I couldn't stay in Virginia alone. I had no way to get anywhere. Even if I had gone to my Daughter in Tennessee, We still would not have had insurance and it's an 8 hour trip from her place to Duke so that was out of the question, as well. 

Billie C.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive; and than go and do that ~ unk

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 13, 2014

June 13, 2014
Howdy. I hope you are having a great day.
I had breakfast outside this morning. Grapes, a Banana and some Strawberries.  I had to put Macon back inside because he didn't want to pay attention when I called his name. I have a kennel outside and Had to put Rocky in it when he refused to stop barking at neighbors who were walking close to the yard. Barney got to stay on his line because he wasn't getting into too much trouble. He can hardly bark when he has a ball in his mouth.  It was very cool this morning when we woke up. (47F) and I went back to bed once Jerry left for work, until it warmed up a bit.
I've gotten the dishes done and the beds made. I still have a way to go on the house chores and I'm taking my time. Dinner will be easy tonight since I cooked the hamburger meat yesterday with Taco seasoning in it and then we ended up eating out because we had to go to Nevada for parts to fix a water leak.  It's fixed and changed a bit. Jerry put a 90 angle connection on both the in and out of the hot water tank so the flex hose is not longer bent at a sharp angle. I just don't know why he didn't do that the firs time he had to replace one of the hoses a while ago. At leat now, that will not be a problem.
 I plan on spending more time outside this afternoon, under the apple trees while the dogs do what dogs do. I do have to clean up their messes, but that isn't going to take me too long. I just have to get the bags ready to do that with. I'll move our trash can back from the curb while I'm at it.  I need to put on my gloves and do some cleaning around the fire pit, as well. 
I did get the dog poop cleaned up, after I cleaned out the cat box. I used the same bag for both. I tied that bag tight, then put in the trash bag and tied it up tight as well, Hope that helps keep the smell down in the trash can. 
The cats are not happy since I won't let them go outside. Tupelo got out a couple of times yesterday and when I tried to get her to come inside and eat her canned food she refuesed to come in. So when she did come in, she didn't get her canned food. Bad cats don't get canned food.
I want to make or pick up a couple of wind chimes to hang in the trees. I may get more pony beads and make my own, as well as buy a couple. With 5 trees I have plenty of branches to hang things off of. 
I am waiting for the mobil home that is next to us to be moved out. I'm sure that area will need some cleaning up and I can help with that.
I have the radio on since we havn't called the Dishtv yet to see what we need to have service again. That is why these daily Howdy notes are so old. I'm writing and will send them once we get service again.
It's been so cool here that I've only worn shorts one time and that was only for a few hours.  Once I take my shower this afternoon, I think I'll put on shorts for the rest of this day.  I cut a few of my older sweat pants into shorts just before leaving Danville. Good thing I left a few pants because it's been so much cooler here, that I need pants to wear. 
Whew. I just (finally) got my shower.  It's about time.  Jerry needs to lower the back just a little bit so the tub will drain. I sorted the launcry while I have the tubs out of the way.  Now my nose wants to run away with me.  Yuck.  Fighting a headache as well. I can't find my usual stuff to take so I took some Asprin. It's going to take a bit to work, I think. 
Yes, I put on shorts after my shower. I have to find my shampoo and stuff but at least I can wash up with hand soap and that will get me clean. I just need to take my time and find the rest of the things and put them back where they belong.
Afternoon "snack" was a cup of strawberry yogurt and a bread stick. I think I need to bake them in the toaster oven a bit longer as it just isn't what I expected it to be.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 12, 2014 Howdy

June 12, 2014 Howdy
Hello, and it's another Day in the life of Billie.  We get to sleep in each morning until 4:30 now.  Jerry needs to leave here around 5:30 to go to work and it's less than 20 minutes to get to the job site.  I went back to bed this morning after he left and was up again at 7:30. I got dressed and took care of taking my meds, then took the dogs out for a quick potty break. I've been poking at a few things in here and I about have the dishes finished up. 
Did I mention that there are 5 apple trees outside my doorway?  they provide a nice amount of shade for me to sit in and we can sit under them while we are eating dinner. We did that last night. I grilled up some chicken on the Forman Grill and put that over salad.  Jerry got the sewer line ran to under the trailer next door and so we are now able to run as much water a s we need to. (whew)  Still have to calll the Dish TV so we can get our shows back. Good thing that, right now, it's summer and all reruns.  We have had a lot of wind so far today and clouds. We are suppose to be in the 80's be the end of the week.
We have to go to town, again today, (Nevada) to pick up another service hose for the hot water tank. The other one is leaking now. We may as well see if we can find some foam core board to set in the window around the air conditioner to keep the cold and cats inside.
I don't know if we are going to eat out or not. I'll have everything ready to eat at home, just in case. I just need to cook and season the meat for taco's and shredd up some cheese to go on top. I picked up some ice cream last night but since we didn't eat it, we can have that for our dessert tonight. I may bake a cake later if I get up some energy to move off this couch.
Just brought the dogs back inside from a quick potty break and fresh air. Rocky laid in the sun. Barney got tangeled around two trees and Macon found a place to roll out of Barney's reach.  Then a dog came in sight. I had to put Barney and Macon in the camper, Rocky didn't bark. I let him stay out a little while longer before coming into the camper.  I have put the stove top in the sink to soak in some Fast Orange and then sprayed the cover underside to clean it up, as well. a few minutes soak does a worlds of good in making it easier in cleaning up.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 11, 2014

June 11, 2014
It was a long weekend for us. Jerry got the call he was waiting for, last Thursday. We took care of a few last minute things. repacked the back of the truck, sorted through the stuff under the camper. Friday morning, early, I'm packing up inside the camper, sorting what can go into storage to the front of the camper to make it easier to take out once we get to Heathers. We left the ramps, lawn mower, weed eater and trash behind.
We left Danville around noon.
We got to Athens and had a late dessert with Donna around 8 pm and spent about 45 minutes quickly catching up with each other. We got to Heather's around 10 her time. (11 for us) and had hot dogs and S'mores over a bonfire with her and the kids and neighbor kids.  Heather is still not in a good place and there isn't anything I can do to help her through it.  She said she can no longer trust Ricky, yet they are still living in the same house.  She has her name on the list for a 3 bedroom low income housing but who knows how long that is going to take. Once she moves out, is Ricky still going to try to be sleeping on her couch?  I told her that would most likely get them thrown out.  But is she strong enough to tell him to stay away, I don't know. He is the father of the kids and he's okay with them. I could wish for better but he's not hitting them. Words are bad enough though. He was decent while we were there. Jerry slept in the truck to keep the dogs quiet and I slept on the couch. Ricky put Corbin's mattress on the floor, but I have too hard of a time trying to get up off the floor to want to try that. The couch was bad enough to try to get off of. A quick run to Wal-mart with Bailey while everyone else slept, to pick up a couple of needed items, cover for the waste tank, clean shirts for the two of us, underwear, socks.  and the largest under wear they had, are too small for me. I now have 6 pairs of underwear I can not wear.  (new weight loss goal, get down into a size 10 under wear).  Picked up donuts for breakfast for every one. Fresh ones.  Bailey told us about them picking up stale donuts from a bread bank. Corbin almost didn't try one, until Bailey told him we got them at Walmart. We also picked up biscuits for everyone for breakfast. Well, every one but Ricky, Bailey said that he doesn't eat breakfast most of the time and never know what he will want to eat, if he does eat breakfast.  Once everyone was up, Heather, Bailey and I headed to the camper (Parked at our favorite motel to stay at) and removed lots of stuff to go to storage. Filled her van full, and still have a couple of things to go. Took it to storage and filled it up.  Not much room left at all in there, now.  Back to the camper, Picked up a few things going to Heather's and left Jerry and Bailey to work on the wires. (Bailey loved that) Jerry said it would only take about 15 minutes. 45 minutes later they are back to Heathers.  I had enough time to take a shower, dry off and have my hair almost dry before they go there. Jerry took a shower as well, before we left. We left there around 2 pm.  slept in a rest area for about 6 hours. We were in the last rest stop in Kentucky before crossing into Illonise.  From there it was up to St. Louis, then north through Hannabul then the Iowa state line before getting on 30 west.  We got to Nevada around 4 pm.  Jerry called the campgrounds listed on the work papers and neither one has any open spots left. We over nighted in a state park. No power, No water and No sewer.  We spend most of the morning trying to find a place to park the camper. The first place we went to, Ugh.  there was one spot open but no way could we get the camper and truck to make that swing to put it in there. Well, there's a place out here by me, (Said Brenda) you can come check it out.  Weedy, unkept and right next to a torn up mobil home. It's on the lot we will be renting for $240 a month. That includes water, sewer and trash pick up. Okay.  We have to pay for our power. $145 deposit.  We go pay the deposit, sleep one more night in the state campground. Tuesday afternoon we finally move the camper to the site. Still no running water but the grass and weeds have been mowed down. don't know if we will have to do the mowing for the rest of the year or not.  The water line is an old farm hose, but it's clean and that is all that matters. The mobil home is to be moved today (Wed, June 11) but I haven't seeb any one over here to deal with it yet and it's after 4 now. We did get to Walmart last night to put money on the card so Jerry could make the truck payment (late, firs time late) and picked up enough food for a couple of days here. I had to clear the path to the bathroom but couldn't do it fast enough and had to ask Jerry to take me to the bathhouse at a different state park that is just across the road from this mobil home park. about 1/3 mile down the road. I know where we are going to be goind swimming.. nice sandy beaches there.
Back to the camper I get the rest of the path cleared. I'm to not use much water unitl the trailer next door is moved, then we will be using it's sewer drop in. For now, it's just a waiting game to see what happens first, them moving it or our waste water tank getting over filled. I know it won't take long to hook up and pull it out, but how long to drop a sewer line is going to be the question.
All that leads up to Today.
I asked Jerry to buy breakfast, once we woke up. Too much to still move just to be able to cook for him. He wasn't happy but he wasn't mad about it, either.  I have unpacked all the tubs and boxes now. that's taken most all day. A lot of stuff is still out of place but it's workable now.  I need to get up from here and clear off Jerry's bed. I cleared mine off earlier, looking for the power cord for my phone which was in the table top oven in the living room and I just happend to look in there, while taking the dogs outside for some fresh air and potty break.  We have been outside 5 times today and still have at least one more to go. The cats are happy to be out of the kennel. One got out while I had to door open to bring in a kennel while changing out and cleaning the one they traveled in.  I fed the other two cans of food and this one came running in to get her's (I'm fairly sure it was Tupelo) Ha ha.. cats who run outside, don't get fed canned food. They are each still checking to see if they can sneak out the door or out the back window but I know they are sure happy to not be in that kennel in the back of the truck any more. I've seen 5 or 6 dogs here, only one not on lead. its a puppy. I heard there are some feral cats but havn't seen any yet. I did mention that the cats are excape artists but we don't let them run unless we get permission first. No permission, yet.   I did explain that they have had their shots and are fixed. We still need to get Barney fixed.  Jerry will have to figure a way to block the window when he puts in the air conditioner this weekend. It got a bit warm this afternoon for a bit but it's cooling off now. I'll have to get up from here, check the time. clear off Jerry's bed and make our dinner of grilled chicken over salad.