Thursday, August 30, 2012

quick note

I took a tub outside and put some water in it today so the dogs could get wet. Only Barney wanted to play in the water. I would toss in a small pebble and he would dive into the water for it. He picked up 4 different ones before he got tired of that game. Next time, I'm going to have the water deeper for him. Macon hardly put his toes in. Rocky not even that close.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments

By: Melba Rhodes for Buggalcrafts

There are tons of crafts to make using cookie cutters, like these Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments! These cute felt ornaments can be made with a sewing machine or a glue gun...whichever technique you prefer. These would be cute on packages, too!

Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments


  • Fabric or Felt
  • Cotton or fiberfill or quilt batting
  • Trims: lace, rick-rack, ribbon, yarn, etc.
  • Embellishments: buttons, beads, etc.
  • Large cookie cutters
  • Newsprint
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle & thread (if sewing)
  • Thread (if sewing)
  • Fabric glue (if gluing)
  • Paper clips (if gluing)


  1. Trace each cookie cutter onto newsprint to make a pattern.

    Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments
  2. Double the fabric with the patterned side on the outside for both sides and then pin the pattern to holiday fabric (such as a Christmas calico) or felt so that you cut out two matching pieces for each shape.

    Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments
  3. With the right (patterned) sides together, sew each ornament by hand or machine, leaving a small space open for turning. If gluing, apply a line of fabric glue around the wrong side edge of the bottom shape.
  4. Turn ornament right side out.
  5. Stuff lightly with cotton or fiberfill.
  6. Hand-stitch the opening closed.
  7. Cut several slightly smaller shapes from the batting (make a copy of the pattern and then trim it down about 3/4ths of an inch. Also cut several squares of batting that fit in the center of the batting shapes to give a little more dimension to the ornament.
  8. Lay quilt batting in the center of the shape. Or place a ball of cotton or fiberfill in the center of the shape.
  9. Decorate with felt shapes, buttons, ribbon, rick rack or lace as desired.

    Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments
  10. Sew a yarn, ribbon or string loop at the top of each ornament and it's ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Large Clay Pot Rabbit


Large Clay Pot Rabbit

  • Two 4.5" clay pots
  • 3" wooden ball
  • 6" straw hat
  • White felt square
  • White fun foam or large heart wood shapes
  • Two 3/4" white pom-poms
  • 1/4 yd. Fabric of choice
  • Pkg. white Ric-Rac
  • Assorted buttons
  • Small fruit or vegetable picks
  • Garden tool
  • Permanent Marker Pen
  • E6000 and Tacky Glue

Base paint white from rim to bottom of one large clay pot. Base paint wooden ball white. Paint rim of white pot color to match fabric chosen. Glue unfinished clay pot on top of painted pot matching rims. Glue wooden ball to top of upper pot. Cut fabric so it fits around large pots from first below glued line and extending about 1/2" up head for stand-up collar look. GLue in back overlapping fabric slightly. Add ric-rac at neck crossing with small tails in front. Cut sleeves out of fabric (2 pieces - approx. 2" wide x 5 1/2" long.) Make circle overlapping slightly and glue making strips 1" x 5 1/2". Stuff slightly with extra fabric or fiber fill making glued seam center back. Turn down top end and glue on side for arm. Repeat for other arm. Overlap ends of strip arms and glue. Glue small pom-poms for hands onto strip. Glue vegetables, fruits or flowers on back of arms like they are being held. Glue on garden tool to make it appear as if it is being held as well. Glue hat onto head. Cut out ear shapes and glue to hat so that they hang down. Paint eyes and cheeks on face. Draw in whisker lines and mouth. Draw line down front of hat from the colored rim to the bottom to form the look of a leg. Glue large wooden heart on bottom for feet or cut similar shape for feet out of fun foam.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Monday Morning

Hello ...  I had an intresting weekend. Of course not a lot going on during the day on Saturday since Jerry had to work. But we met up with Donna and her Hubby, Larry and went to "The Dinner Bell" for dinner. It's buffet style home cooking. Jerry and I had planned on doing the laundry after dinner but we ended talking for over 2 hours so we put off laundry until Sunday.  While we were going back to The Dinner Bell for breakfast Sunday morning Jerry had me look up the Closest Wal-Mart. Well it looked like we were going to be turned around and headed back to Athens and we didn't want to do that. I thought I had reset the GPS for All stores and the closest was said it was a Fabric Outlet Store.. OH Yeah.. my kind of place. When we left after Breakfast, we started following the directions on the GPS. Well I knew that the GPS said the Fabric Store was less than 2 miles away. Um.. we didn't turn.. So.. well... we don't have much else to do, really.. we will go where the GPS is taking us. To the Madisonville Wal-mart. I found out they have a good fabric department. Not as Good as the one in Athens but close. I picked up three different materials and a pattern I had been looking for. One is a light weight denim. another more like Cambry and one a cotton print. I also got an Anti bark collar and the pet food, as well as a few other things. Jerry said they had a computer and thought about getting it. Well, the more he thought about it, the more he wanted it. But we had left there and we did the laundry in Sweetwater. From doing the laundry we also did our shopping. While I went inside, Jerry called his sister to see how she is doing (Great by the way, thanks for all the extra prayers, everyone) But forgot to ask if she liked the fireworks crafts. Mary is having trouble with a computer. Now that it's time for school to be back in session, her grand daughter will need access but the one they have, won't turn on. Hum.. Jerry suggests a few things we know work and none of them work. Well. it seems that sometime in the past some water got inside and shorted the mother board. It will have to be replaced. Mary had been out of work since spring and things are very tight. That was the push Jerry needed to go ahead and buy that new computer and we will send Mary his old one.
The best laid plans. Athens is a bit larger, a bit closer and he didn't want to drive back to Madisdonville. So we go to Athen's Wal-mart. I ended up buying more material. Osenburg, muslin and some other cotton. I hope to make a new shift from the cotton. Use the muslin to make the first jumper, to check for fit and adjust the pattern to fit me. and the Osenburg, I want to make Jerry a hunters shirt circa 1700's.   Anyway. Athens does not have the computer Jerry wanted. I ended up sitting by the door for about 45 minutes waiting for him to have costomer Service call the Cleveland store. They were on hold for 30 minutes. When the store Manager found out, he called his wife who is at the Cleveland Store (working) and asked her to take her phone to the department where computers are sold. Well, at least we found out that Cleveland has the computer Jerry wants. So now. we are off to Cleveland. Yeah, I went to the fabric department but decided I better not buy any more fabric until I get what I have made into things. Jerry got his computer and it was time to eat dinner. We ate at Denny's. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Denny's.  I refuse to go back to the one in North Kansas City. and it's been years since I was in that one. The one in Virginia was ok, but not all that friendly when we were then in 1999.  So I was a bit leary of going, but there have been a lot of ads on the TV and Jerry said we would try it. Really, it's a bit pricey for a burger and fries but they were good. We were the third table in there. Not busy at all.  Jerry orderes their Fried Pancake puppy's. Not the strawberry ones but the plain ones. He was brought the strawberry ones. While we were there, a pickup order was messed up. and like I said. They were not really busy. But it was relaxed and not stressed out like the other two felt like when we had gone to those. I'm sure that they staff enjoyed the strawberry pancake puppy's that were made.
We did watch Ice Road Truckers last night. But that made it a late night since it didn't go off until 11 pm. 
So far this morning, I've taken care of a few small things. took the dogs out, went for a short walk around to the office and back to the camper. ran dish water. planned menu's for the week. So much to still get up and do that I better send this off and get on that. First is the dishes, then cleaning up in the back.  (bathroom, made the bed, put away the laundry) then I'll see what I still feel like working on.

Picture Candle for Christmas

Make a Picture Candle for Christmas, and Surround it With Fluffy Snow

Candle final photoJust before Christmas, my mother would bring out the box of "picture candles" from the big box of decorations in the attic. With the flames lit, the familiar holiday images would dance in the soft candle light.

You can create your own treasures with this simple candle-making technique. We also have a creative variation - a bed of fluffy whipped-wax "snow!"


Crafts & Supplies at!
    • Vintage image (PDF download).
    • Vellum printer paper.
    • Short pillar candle, white or cream.
    • Paraffin wax (1 lb.).
    • Thick craft glue or decoupage medium.
    • Aluminum foil.
    • Scissors.
    • Pyrex or metal wax container, large enough to dip the candle into
    • Cooking pot, large enough to hold the wax container and some water.
    • Stove or some other controlled blaze.


      1. Candle step 1Print your image on the vellum paper, and cut it out
      2. Glue the image in place on the candle (see Tips). Let it dry.
      3. Put a few inches of water in your pot, place your wax container in the water, and put the paraffin in your container. Heat gently, stirring occasionally, until the wax melts (about 15 minutes).

      4. Candle dippingHold the candle by the wick (you may want to use pliers) and dip it straight down into the hot wax. Lift it out after a few seconds and let it dry. You can dip it a second time if you wish, but the image will become more obscured with each dip. Let it cool for an hour before lighting it.

      Variation with Whipped Wax Snow

      Whipped wax is the coolest stuff. It is also among the messiest, so fair warning. To give your candle a bed of "snow," gather together:

      Materials for Whipped Wax
        • Electric hand mixer - hopefully an old one you don't treasure.
        • Pyrex or metal bowl.
        • Forks or spoons for manipulating the whipped wax.
        • Dropcloths, safety glasses, suit of armor.
          Instructions for Whipped Wax
          1. Place the candle on a piece of aluminum foil on a paper plate.
          2. Pour the melted wax (left over from your dipping) into a Pyrex or metal bowl. Let it cool for about 15 minutes, until the surface begins to solidify.
          3. Candle wax whippingWith the mixer on low, begin beating the wax until it begins to thicken and froth. This will take as long as 15 minutes, but you don't need to mix constantly. Let it sit and cool for a few minutes now and then.
          4. When there is a layer of whipped wax about 1" thick on the top, begin to spoon it around your candle. It will be workable for only a few minutes, so shape it with a fork until you get it the way you like it. You can sprinkle lightly with glitter at this point, if you wish.
          5. Let it cool (or pop the paper plate in the refrigerator for a few minutes). Gently remove the aluminum foil. If you sprinkled with glitter, give it a quick spray with varnish to keep it in place.


          • Vellum paper is translucent, and your printer needs to know that you are using it. When printing your image, be sure to set your printer's paper option or media type to "transparency". Your printer will adjust the color and inking accordingly.
          • Short pillar candles (2.75" tall with 2.75" diameter) are easiest to work with because taller candles require a very tall container for the melted paraffin.
          • You can find blocks of paraffin with the canning supplies at the grocery or hardware store. You can also buy it in quick-melting granular form at craft stores.
          • The easiest way to attach the image to the candle is with thick craft glue. We tried the "paint on some hot wax" technique and the "burnish with the back of a hot spoon" technique, but really, just glue it on. Spread the glue evenly over the back of the paper with a brush. Cover it with a small piece of aluminum foil or wax paper (so it doesn't stick) and press it on for a minute until the glue sets.
          • Whipping hot wax with an electric mixer will distribute little blobs of hot wax everywhere. Guard your eyes, cover everything and wear old clothes. Keep the mixer on "low".
          • Don't put leftover wax down your garbage disposal. Keep it in a plastic container for your next project, or put it in the garbage. Your dishwasher should remove remnants of wax from pots, utensils and mixer beaters, but you will be better off using old or disposable things.
          If you are "burning" to know more about holiday candle-making, I suggest you visit The Richly Scented Candle. Gail has brought together ideas and instructions on all kinds of candles and candle crafts, and can even provide the supplies you will need.

          Sunday, August 26, 2012

          Aigust Weekend

          What a weekend. Jerry had to work Saturday and we met up with Donna  O'Daniel and her Hubby Larry, and had a great time. We ate dinner at The Dinner Bell and took 2 hours. Great company and good food. We put off doing the laundry until this morning.  First though, we found the Wal-mart in Madisonville. I picked up some material and a patter that I hope will fit me. I want a jumper. this pattern also has pants so I hope at least one will fit. Jerry saw a computer he watned but didnt want to pick it up.  But after talking to his Sister,  He decied he had to have a new computer and will send her his laptop.  So, off to Athens we go, assuming they had the same deal. Nope. they didn't have that computer. So we headed to Cleveland and found one there. While in Athens, I picked up some more material.  Not that I plan on making a lot of jumpers, but I want something new to wear. I'll be picking up some men's sweat pants this fall as I do every year now. And turn some of the older, thinner ones into shorts next spring.  If the pants part of the pattern fits me well enough, I'll make shorts next spring with that pattern.  (maybe)
          I bought more plastic storage containers and a smaller set of drawers. if they fit where I want, I'll pick up yet another set of drawers, all for small stuff that keeps getting in my way, until I need it then I can't find it. (typical, right?) 
          Some of the material I picked up, I think I'll make me another set of pockets to wear under a pettycote.  The last pocket I made, I made the opening too small for my own hand. I can't remember if I already gave it to my grand daughter or not.  I did see some material I would love to make another pettycote out of. A dark maroon but at almost $8 a yard, will have to wait until at least next week.

          Friday, August 24, 2012

          Romantic Glow Floral Candle Shade

          Romantic Glow Floral Candle Shade

          Add a soft glow to any room with this easy-to-create votive surround. Can you believe it's made from a placemat?


          • Canvas placemat
          • Sheer ribbon, 1/4" wide, 72" length: sage green, cream
          • Glass votive candle holder
          • Votive candle
          • Paper (for punching guide), 8-1/2"x14"

          Basic Supplies

          cutting board, craft knife, scissors, stapler, pencil


          • Floral stamps of choice
          • Ink pads: soft pink, soft rose, soft celery, soft sage, crimson
          • Silver embossing powder or very fine silver glitter
          • Standard hole punch


          • 1. To make punching guide, use pencil to mark hole placement on 8-1/2"x14" sheet of paper. Along each 8-1/2" side, mark 1/8" down from top and 3/4" from side edges. Continue marking holes evenly spaced (1" apart) for a total of nine holes. Mark holes along one 14" edge in same way. Punch holes.
          • 2. Trace punching guide onto placemat; cut out. Holding guide and shade together as one, punch holes in shade.
          • 3. Stamp four large two-step flowers randomly on shade with soft pink backgrounds and soft rose outlines.
          • 4. Stamp random small two-step flowers in clusters around large flowers with soft rose backgrounds and crimson outlines. Stamp soft sage large and small stems close to appropriate flowers.
          • 5. Stamp two or three large two-step leaves around large flowers with soft celery backgrounds and soft sage outlines. While ink is still wet, lightly sprinkle powder or glitter on leaves. In same way, stamp one or two small leaves around small flowers.
          • 6. Place shade on cutting board. Use craft knife to carefully cut around each large leaf, leaving intact at inner points close to flowers.
          • 7. To assemble the candle shade, roll shade into cylinder, overlapping edges 1/2"; staple to secure. (Note: Do not cover punch holes when stapling.)
          • 8. Cut 48" lengths from ribbon. Holding ribbons together as one, insert through bottom holes and pull through until even. Lace back of shade in same way as shoe; leave ends trailing. Lace remaining ribbon lengths through holes in top of shade. Tie all ribbon ends into a bow.
          • 9. Gently push cut-out leaves out to allow light to shine through shade. Place shade over lit candle in glass votive holder.
          • Tip
          • 1. In homes with small children, use a flameless votive in place of the candle.

          Thursday, August 23, 2012

          Chicken Casserole

          Chicken Casserole
          "From Our Home to Yours"
          Ozark First Church of the Nazarene"

          2-3 lb Chicken breast, cooked and boned
          1 Cup Mayonnaise
          Salt and Pepper
          1 1/2 Cup white Rice, cooked
          2 cans Cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup
          1 Large Onion, chopped
          1 Tube Ritz Crackers, crushed
          1/2 stick Butter, melted
          In a 9 x 11 greased baking pan, mix chicken, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, rice, soup and onion. Top with crushed crackers, pour melted butter over crackers. Cover with foil and bake at 350F for 30 minutes.

          Wednesday, August 22, 2012

          New Scam going around

          I just got this email from a friend...
          I have been getting a scam call. I dismissed it the first time. Then I decided to check it out the next. Someone called my cell phone (we use it as our home phone -- even though we have an actual land line). It's a Washington, DC number. They say that I've qualified for a government grant and that they just need an account to transfer the money to. I can be checking, savings, credit card, or even a pre-paid card. As soon as I give them the info, she says they'll transfer me to someone where I'll get a confirmation number and a phone number to call back if there's problems. I've told them twice now that if they can put it on a pre-paid card that I already have, they can go ahead and get a prepaid card themselves and just send it to me. So, I googled the phone #. Others are getting the same call. I guess they ask for money (anywhere from $150 to $500) for whatever reason (charity, taxes, etc.) before you can get your $8,000. And you never get your $8,000.

          New Scam Call

          I just got this email from a friend...
           I have been getting a scam call. I dismissed it the first time. Then I decided to check it out the next. Someone called my cell phone (we use it as our home phone -- even though we have an actual land line). It's a Washington, DC number. They say that I've qualified for a government grant and that they just need an account to transfer the money to. I can be checking, savings, credit card, or even a pre-paid card. As soon as I give them the info, she says they'll transfer me to someone where I'll get a confirmation number and a phone number to call back if there's problems. I've told them twice now that if they can put it on a pre-paid card that I already have, they can go ahead and get a prepaid card themselves and just send it to me. So, I googled the phone #. Others are getting the same call. I guess they ask for money (anywhere from $150 to $500) for whatever reason (charity, taxes, etc.) before you can get your $8,000. And you never get your $8,000.

          Ouch !!

          I just had the dogs out, for the morning walk.. play time. roll in the grass ect.... Met someone, had to keep them from all jumping on her. Barney scratched my arm a little. Didn't even break the skin, but it feels like it's on fire. I don't normally react to Poison Ivy. but this isn't acting like I've seen Heather react to PI either. But I have two welts on my arm. My right leg itches a bit as well.. but not welt. or at least I dont feel or see a welt. I could have broken it when I scratched the itch.I rinsed my arm under cool running water for a few minutes. Then washed with a bit of Dish soap. I put anti itch cream on both my arm and leg. It's helping. I also took some Benadril. (to be on the safe side)
          I broke out like this one other time. Back when I was 12 or 13.. We had dug up some ground for a tomato garden and the next morning I had red welts along one arm and across my belly. It didn't burn like this though it did itch. By the time Mom got off work, and came home I only had a time bit of that left on me. I had my younger brother look at it before he left for school so he could tell Mom I wasn't kidding when I said I was broke out.

          Fall Pencil Holder

          Recycling Craft - Fall Pencil Holder

          Cans are often left over in the kitchen and it is always great to recycle them instead of throwing them away. This can is being used as a pencil holder. Paper napkin leaves adorn twine, giving it a natural look, which is perfect for the season.

          Fall Pencil Holder

          For this project you will need:

          - small empty can
          - twine
          - strong wide double sided tape
          - paper napkins with leaf motifs
          - paper napkin glue or decoupage glue
          - soft and flat paint brush


          1. First you need to wrap double sided tape around the entire surface of the can.
          2. Take the twine and tightly wrap it around the can. Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. Press the twine onto the tape while wrapping.
          3. Once the entire can is covered, you will decorate it with the paper napkins.
          4. Cut the leaf motifs separately out and remove all but the top napkin layers if it has more than 1 ply.
          5. Brush paper napkin glue onto an area you wish to decorate. Then press the paper napkin gently onto this area. Gently brush more glue onto the leaf so that it adheres to the glue. Repeat this step until the can is decorated they way you wish.

          Fall Pencil Holder Detail
          Detail of the Pencil Holder


          Chili Pie

          Chili Pie

          "From Our Home to Yours"
          Ozark First Church of the Nazarene"
          2 Cups Corn Chips
          1 Cup finely chopped Onion
          1/2 Cup shredded Cheddar Cheese
          Left over Chili ( 1 small can if you don't have any left over Chili)
          Spread corn chips in a baking dish. Top with onion and cheese. Cover with left over Chili, and them more chips and cheese. Bake at 350F until bubbly.

          Tuesday, August 21, 2012


          Ah. I saw the owner up on one of his horses this morning. Finally someone riding a horse.

          Cheesy Mac and Ham Casserole

          Cheesy Mac and Ham Casserole
          "From Our Home to Yours"
          Ozark First Church of the Nazarene"
          1 box "Kraft Deluxe" Mac and Cheese
          1 Cup Frozen Peas, thawed
          1 Cup cubed Ham
          1/2 Cup Milk
          1/2 Cup Cheddare Cheese
          Make Mac and Cheese according to box. Add peas, ham and milk, mix well. Spoon into 1 1/2 quart casserole dish. Sprinkle with Cheese. Baked uncovered at 400F for 15 minutes or until heated through.

          Monday, August 20, 2012


          As a child, I was compaired to Ms. Diller as my red hair was never neat.  I remember her playing a hair dresser and make-up artist on The Bold and the Beautiful a few years ago.  

          Newspaper Clutch

          [My DIY] Newspaper Clutch
          After stumbling across this photo, I knew I wanted to take what looks like a rolled up newspaper, and turn into a clutch. Perfect to pair with a classic outfit, I love how this becomes a newsworthy statement piece. A flat clutch works best for this project, and after spotting one at H&M for under $20, I raced home, grabbed my ModPodge and the latest headlines to create the look.
          Supplies: Newspapers, Paintbrush, Clutch from H&M, ModPodge from BlickArt
          There are a couple ways to do this DIY:
          You can measure out each side of your bag and cut out the correct size pieces to attached to the clutch.
          OR my technique: free hand cutting and patch together pieces to cover each surface.
          Steps after the break...

          After you cut your pieces of newspaper, paint the ModPodge on the surface of your clutch, work in sections so the glue does not dry too quickly.

          Lay down the piece, then paint over it with ModPodge.

          Cover the entire bag by layering pieces of newspaper, make sure to paint the ModPodge under and on top of each piece. Cover one side and let it dry for a couple hours, then flip and cover the opposite side and let dry.

          Todays Dessert

          We ate at Western Sizzling on Friday.. The first time we were there, last week, we were a bit disappointed, but we had both ordered steaks, We usually just get the food bars.
          This time we got the food bars and were much happier with our meals. While sitting at our table, the people beside us, asked someone about getting some cantaloupe. Seems one of the patrons had a whole truck load and they had noticed them but didn't know who it was. It was the coupe sitting behind them in a booth. (easy enough to figure out)  Well. People kept asking for cantaloupes. When I saw him get up, to go get more, I asked for one, for us. At $5 each, I thought Hum... but man oh man, this thing is huge.  I'm sure we are going to get may more than just a couple of meals out of it. It's heavy as well.
          You know your in a nice area, when a place like WS, will allow a patron to sell his produce from INSIDE their place. The waitresses and Manager where hard at work,  Yet still took the time to collect his money and get it to him.  I over-heard him say he was going to have to go back out to his farm and pick more to take to the Sweet Water Flea Market on Satureday.
          Billie C.

          Christmas countdown banner

          Menus for this week Aug 20 - 25

          From the Crockpot, Roast, Potatoes and Fresh Green Beans
          Salad, Hot dogs, on the grill. Mac and Cheese
          Salad, Burgers from the outside Grill, Potato Chips
          Eat out, payday
          Salad, Ham steaks, Rice,
          Mon. AT 10 am. Clean and remove ends of (1 1/2 pounds) Fresh green beans. Wash in cold water.  Wash (1 pound) small potatoes, about 8. Add to Crock pot. add 1 cup, Beef Broth. Put 1 1/2 pound Roast (Beef) on top. Turn on low.  about 1pm Add 2 carrots cut to bite size pieces, I stalk celery, cut in smaller pieces. (add onion if you like them, Hubby does not like them) about 5:30, add Lowery's season salt (your choice) to taste to meat. Fix Salad.
          Make Salad at 5pm. Make Mac and cheese, keep in Microwave to keep warm. Can turn on if needed to warm it up. At 6:15, turn on gas grill. clean racks if needed. Place Hot dogs on top rack so they don't char while cooking. Keep flames low
          Repeat of Tuesday, except use hambugers, on lower rack, keep eye on it to avoid over cooking burger.
          don't have to worry about cooking
          5 Pm. make salad. 6: pm.  Start Rice. 2 cups water (or 1 cup chicken broth and 1 cup water), 1 cup rice and 1 tablespoon Butter. 1/4 teaspoon season salt. Bring to a boil. reduce heat to simmer.
          Start Gas Grill, Clean racks, if needed. Place one medium sized ham steak each on rack. Keep flame low to avoid over cooking. If I can find my can of pineapple will put one pineapple ring on each steak.

          Ah Man

          Ah Man.... The American Queen Steam boat is in Chattanooga !!! I want to go see it !!! I think on my bucket list should be A Steamboat Trip. 
          I wrote about the American Queen before.  (  )  I just love the memory I have of my Mom looking into the cabins while one of the steamships went through Nick a Jack Locks. For two reasons. I got her out on the lock in the first place although she was shaking. that the fact that not only did she face her fear, she over came it and enjoyed herself. She even looked over the side at the roiling water and didn't get sick like she thought she would. My Mom had a great fear of water. She never did figure out why. She never learned how to swim. She did get in the Pacific Ocean, but only up to her knees. I wish I had a picture of her doing that. I heard about it, from my grandmother, who took me out far enough that I cried when the water lapped my diaper.  I heard about that, as well, Many times.
          American Queen - Underway

          Saturday, August 18, 2012

          Monkey Invite Cards finished

          The card blank I cut using Cricut's Joy of the Seasons at 6 inches.
          The monkey is from the Cricut Cartridge Sweethearts.
          The heart for the lips was a paper punch find in a Wal-mart bin under the party and scrapbooking stuff.
          I used Clearly Better Gold ink for the " Your Invited" stamp, stamp I picked up at Hobby Lobby, as well as the Party details for inside the card
          Ink for inside the cards. Belle Rose Palette Pink and French Liac Purple. I over lapped the colors a bit and it's not excate on each card some cards have more pink and some have more purple..
          They are now ready to send to my daughter along with enough stamps to send them out. (My gift to her)

          Friday, August 17, 2012

          Surprise.. pictures

          The manager of the campground found a Great Surprise in his pasture this morning. His Mini Horse has a baby. They have named her Rosemary. She is so cute. I'll take pictures in a bit. I thought the mare was Waxing (coating over her teats) When he walked her past Rocky a few days ago. (last weekend I think it was) But didn't mention it. She, like most mini, was very plump. They have had her about 10 months so they got a two for, when they bought her. That baby is so cute. Great markings on her. Mom, of course, is a bit worn out. I didn't get too close as I'm a stranger, but others have been right up to the area he's put them in, and petted both. He said the baby came right up to him. (wonderful) He has handled her already and she's just a darling. I bet she's going to be easy to train.