Thursday, March 3, 2011

For Today... Mar 3, 2011

Good Morning... It's going to be another day to spend some time outside.
Jerry got off work at 2:30 yesterday. They ran out of things to do. We ended up eating at TACO Bell.  It was noisy in there. Two tv's and both were on different stations, and they had some thing on the radio (won't call that music)
 Today is payday so we will eat out again tonight.
This time next week, I'll have the van and be getting the dogs fixed. 
Outside my door ... There is an orang/pink glow to ever thing as the sun is just below the horizon There is a paleness to the sky as well. guessing that means some light, high clouds. Walking the dogs to a potty place was pleasent with just a light jacket on. But this is March, and that means things can and will change. By this time tomorrow, we may have rain or wind or just another plesent morning.
The dogs ... We were picking on the dogs. Rocky had his feet over the edge of the bed and I was tickling the hairs between his toes. He gets all twitchy when I do that. He would move his foot and Eyeball me. then look at Jerry as if to ask him to make me stop. Then would glare at me as I did it again.
Did I tell about giving the dogs an apple? Rocky loves crackers and potatoe chips and if Jerry is eating either, will bring him what ever toy he can find. I had an apple I had planned on eating, but never got around to. So I had Jerry roll it on the floor and tell Rocky to "get it".  Rocky chased it but didn't pick it up. Macon followed it, then bit it. and then went nuts. he loved it. He bit it again. shook his head. pawed at it, it rolled so he chased it to the door. bit it again, then pawed at it where it would roll back into the middle of the floor. and this continued for about 10 minutes. Rocky just sat and looked at Macon like he was crazy. Macon finally got tired of the game and laid down in the hall doorway. One of the kittens decided to find out what Macon was playing with and Macon barked at him as if to say "Stay away, my toy!".
The Kittens ... Are getting playful again. When I cleaned the camper two days ago, I tossed all the pet toys into one of the kennels. The bones, the squicky newspaper, the 5 balls, the rubber horseshoe and rope.  It took them a while because the door was closed, but they finally worked the rope out into the middle of the floor.  Next time we looked up, the rope was halfway down the hallway.  I took the last TP core and folded the ends to make a small packet.. and tossed that to the kittens. They love it. I could see putting a couple of pieces of cat food inside as a treat for them as well, next time we have an empty roll.
From the kitchen... We will be eating out tonight. I have no idea where we will go, yet.
I am hearing... Morning news on the tv. A few birds in the trees outside the camper.
I am wearing... Blue house dress, but when I get dressed for the day, plan on brown sweat pants and a flowered top.
I am reading... emails and recipes.
Billie C.

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Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
Langston Hugues

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