Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Howdy.... April 22

Howdy.... And Good Afternoon.  We just had a small shower go through and it looks like we are going to have more rain. We need this rain and it's going to do a lot of good around here.  We were up around 80 before the rain started. Now it's much closer to 70.  I didn't even have to close the windows or the door because of this rain.  We have a couple of Dog wood trees in our section of the campground and it's nice to see them in bloom. One is a pink Dogwood and is very bright on a day like this.  I really need to have Jerry check out our lawnmower before I try to crank it for the first time.  I do need to mow the grassy are where our dogs potty at. I've been diligent about cleaning up after the dogs but I would still like to mow it myself.  I have not let the dogs go behind the camper at all and that area really needs mowed. There is a power cord on the ground that will have to be picked up before any one can do that.  Jerry put the cover on the canopy frame over the weekend and I'm in no hurry to take it back off. As long as we don't get a strong wind it should stay on okay with these storms we are suppose to get today.
Barney, Macon and Rocky have been outside three times so far today.  Barney wanted to play but the other two just wanted to stand around and stare at nothing.  For a while this afternoon, Macon laid in front of the door staring out. Then one of the cats joined him and he left.  I'm not sure if he got bored or didn't want the company.  The cats have spent some of their time looking out the back window and sleeping on the back of the couch, today.
I'm making one of Hubby's favorite meals tonight for dinner. I'll put together a salad first, but he loves Hot Dogs and Mac & Cheese. I baked some sugar cookies for our dessert tonight. I am slowly emptying the freezer. 
I am hearing... the last couple of days I have been turning off the T. V. for a bit and turning on a Christian Radio Station in the afternoons.  I have been trying to catch up on some of the shows I've DVR-ed but I am not interested in the T. V. as much.  Hubby and I use to watch a lot of the comedy's but not any more. What some are calling funny or comedy just is not funny or entertaining to us any more.
I am wearing... Light Gray Sweat Pants and a dark shirt with horses on it.
I  am creating... I have been trying to gather all my scattered craft stuff into a couple of places. I found some T-shirts I bought last fall and some iron on lace and rhinestones and I really need to work on that this week.
 I should have taken my walk earlier but Now that its raining I don't feel like going walking at all. 

Billie C.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Howdy....  I hope you enjoyed a blessed Easter Sunday yesterday. I have found 5 ticks on me in just one day.  All very, very small. I have found that they die very fast with hand sanitizer.  We got a lot done yesterday. We ate breakfast at Golden Corral although I thought we were going to eat at IHOP. Jerry said he prefers Golden Corral.  I gave our some Easter Mini cards to the girls I know. We drove around a little bit, but there just wasn't anything going on. We never saw any cars at the mall so assumed it was closed for the day. We went to Wal-mart and did our shopping. I picked up the pet food and my insulin before heading to the back. I picked up a rubber made tub before starting the food shopping. Jerry picked up the cola's and the gallons of water I need for this week. I got Eggs and Jerry's breakfast sausage. He picked up one as well. That's okay, we'll use them both.  I really didn't need much more than salad making stuff this week. I did pick up a Chop Magic (dicer) We still were close to $200 total. But then. that's close to $50 in Insulin and at least $30 in pet food and cat litter.
We brought that home. and I put away the food. let the dogs out and Let the cats out for a little bit. We put the cats back into a kennel and then Jerry pulled the screen frame off the front window. I had to help with moving stuff and getting the couch out of the way. Once we had the frame off, it didn't take all that long to cut the hardware wire screening and put it back up.  I moved all my plants out of the back window so we could do that one next.  It went faster since we didn't have to move much out of the way.  Next was the window over my bed. We have 5 more windows to go, but we can do those with 2 foot wide instead of using 3 foot wire screening. One we really don't have to do, but I want them all to look the same. I'll have to unload and move the drawers my Cricut stuff is in to get to it.
Jerry put the compressor together that he bought last week.  He needs to tighten up a couple of couplings.
I got to wear my skirt yesterday. I did change out of it while we were working on the screens and put it back on when we went back to Golden Corral for our dinner.
 Because we usually have so much to do on Sunday's I don't wear a dress or skirt.  We were able to do the laundry on Saturday. Although for a while, it was beginning to look like we were going to have to do it on Sunday. Every laundry mat was busy. The one we stopped at had three cars but one was loading up their laundry so we stayed. I used two large front loading and two double load machines.  I got all of Jerry's winter coats washed and dried as well as half of the blankets from our beds. I want to do the rest of the blankets next time. The blankets I washed included the Electric blankets.  
We were on a hunt Saturday. Not geo-caching but for an item I had seen last fall. A portable storage unit. It's a metal frame with a poly tarp cover that zips up in front. Only two people seem to know what I was talking about and recalled seeing them. but no one had any of them. I did suggest we make our own with PVC pipe but Jerry said no.  I just need large enough to put the compressor and the lawn mower in it.  Maybe I can find a couple of them this fall.
Whew.  That was the weekend for us. Today I have been cleaning the camper. I have worked in all but one room. The living room tends to be more of a catch all and today I am just too done in to work on it now.  Besides, Jerry just texted me that he's on his way home so I now have to start our dinner soon.
Outside my door ...  Sunny, high 74, chance of rain tomorrow.
The Dogs ... were in and out all day yesterday. Of course they were pushing things for a bit. Barney kept wanting to go where I don't want them. and then he peed on the truck tire even though he knows we don't want him doing that. Rocky wanted to go behind the camper as well. I don't want them back there as it's harder to clean up and it needs to be mowed. Jerry didn't get the lawnmower checked for running yet.  I may check out the weed eater and trim around the camper with it. 
The Cats ... Were not happy being in the kennel so much but once they were let out, ran to the back and sat on the counter and looked out the window. Today will be much better. Once it warms up, I'll open the windows and they can look out and enjoy the fresh air from either end of the camper.
From the kitchen... Salad, Pork chops, Boiled/Baked Potato,biscuits Banana Pudding
 I have a problem getting my baked potatoes soft enough to eat. Any more, I boil them for about 15 minutes earlier in the day then bake them while the meat is baking in the roaster and they come out nice and fluffy. I put a bit of salt in the water when I boil them so they taste better.
I am hearing... I asked Jerry to get batteries for my radio since I can't seem to find it's power cord.  I know most of today will be covering the Boston Marathon and I don't want to hear that all day long. I'll turn on the radio while I'm working in the back.
I am wearing...  Yesterday, was a skirt and nice looking T-shirt. Today I'm starting off in brown sweat pants but if I get warm, I can change into the dark blue shorts I wore while we were working on the screens and a stained up (work) T-shirt. 
I am reading... I've restarted Hunger Games, and I'm still reading the Bible a chapter a day. I've started 2 kings.
I am creating... I need to paint up the flower pots I picked up last week and the saucers for them. after that I can repot all my house plants and leave some of them out on the table for a bit.  I started a list of things I need to work on. I keep finding ideas on the weekend then forget them when the weeks starts. 
A few plans for today... Today is "Clean the Camper" day.  I give a through cleaning on Mondays and just have to maintain it the rest of the week.  Weekends I don't do much cleaning at all and we are messy.  Add to that, the pets are shedding and the floors need to be swept before I can run the vacuum over it. and I have to fold the laundry we did over the weekend. I have all of it in today and that is going to take more than the usual amount of time.  I just don't want to spread it over the week this week.

Billie C.

Chop Magic

Just used the Chop Magic I bought yesterday.
celery, harder than I thought it would be,  tomato was good, Green pepper was okay. Cucumber went through well. Onion went through  easy.  Still want to do carrots soon. I think it would have helped if my counter wasn't Booby high to me.  A bit of wiggling got the harder stuff through.  Oh, Yeah, still want to do eggs and cheese for our dinner tonight, as well.
To dice the celery, I put it through long ways then laid the "sticks" across the blades and chopped again. I could have used a knife, to be sure, but wanted to see if this would get me what I wanted.
Cleaning up was easy enough. I rinsed as I went, because I was at the sink anyway.  I have a few small pieces of onion I had to pick out of the pusher but other than that. it was a breeze to clean.  Yep, I think I got a keeper. 

Billie C.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Howdy.  Yesterday Jerry was rained out. After the rain eased up a bit, he took me to town and I was able to do a bit of shopping with him not looking over my shoulder.  I picked up a couple of things I forgot while food shopping. A can of Baked Beans I got hungry for  and some coconut as well as a small package of Chocolate chips to make desserts for the week.  I found a box to send Beth Heather's Easter dress in and had to get a Sharpie pen and tape to close the box with. I was able to get both boxes in the mail and she should have them by Monday.
I had meant to start a roast for our dinner tonight but by the time I remembered it was too late to put into the crock pot. I'll fix it tomorrow.  I have all my dailies done except for making dinner and I'll start  that in about an hour. Salad, Mashed potato and a ham steak.  I'm trying to cacth up with a few shows today. I need to watch and delete all the old Game of Thrones and make room for the new ones of the season.  I also need to catch up on my Y&R soon.   ,
This morning started off very cloudy but now this early evening (5 pm) it's mostly sunny and in the mid 60's. I have two of the vents open and the door is open as well. Suppose to be in the mid 60's tomorrow as well.   The trees are starting to green up around here. Just now starting. I have seen the dog woods and the cottonwoods blooming when we go to town but there are not any close to where we have the camper and I have yet to walk around the lake but I really need to try to do that soon.   I have seen a few Daffidills this year and there are a couple of Tuplip Populars I saw on the way to town that are in bloom. I have seen just one red but tree this year. I think I miss seeing those on dark rainy days most.  The buds just look so much brighter on a rainy day.
The dogs have been sleeping most of today. Barney got in trouble for trying to go after Tupelo. She was at the door and scratched at it and he went after her and Rocky put him down on the floor.  Barney has been trying that more and more here lately and I'm afraid we may have to find him a new home at this rate.  I would much rather find the cats a new home, to be honest. They don't like moving and they really could live at a place they can be outside more.
I went through the tub I had my summer clothes in last week and found my shorts. I'll be wearing some of them this week. Right now i"m in grey sweat pants and my yellowish "cave horses" t shirt we picked up three years ago in Erin TN.
I have re-started reading " Hunger Games" and want to find my copy of "Game of Thrones" since I'm watching the series again. We need to pick up Season three of Game. I already have one and two.  I finished the last chapter in 1 kings in the Bible this morning. Some of those kings I never heard of and I have to wonder why they are not preached about in churches. 
I am looking foward to our next move. I am in hopes that it' to Tennessee but right now it could be any where. It's getting crowded here in this back section. Last fall we wanted to move the camper up front, closer to the road but the space we wanted was suppose to be worked on and we didn't want in the middle in bad weather.  I'm disappointed that the work that was suppose to be done was not done and we could have been more comfortable up front. 
I went through my patterns and material on Sunday and plan on doing some sewing soon.  I need to look through toddler patterns again for a dress I want to make Heather. I do have a few things to cut and sew for Bailey. I found a few tops I want to iron on some designs to and the iron on studs and color dots.  I may work on that tomorrow.

Billie C.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Good Afternoon,

Good Afternoon, I hope you are feeling well and enjoying some good weather. The last three days have been wonderful We had a rain shower mid morning today but it was short and oh so sweet as it washed the pollen out of the air.  By the time I took the dogs out for their afternoon potty it was dry again. The sandy lot has a way of doing that.  I enjoyed a nice walk with Rocky this afternoon. We went to the playground, then down to the roadway, along the lake, up the hill through the middle section to a picnic table for a short rest then back to the camper.  Rocky was fairly good and he also waited until we were back to Poop in the woods. I didn't remember to take a bag with me so that was very good. The cats are not all that happy because they can not be outside, but I only have to rattle some cat food in a dish to get two of them to come to a kennel and the third gets the "Princess"  treatment. That is she is carried and gently put into the kennel with the other two. I put the canopy cover on the frame yesterday, by myself. It took some doing because its a tight fit but I got it done. It smells a bit musty and since we are suppose to get rain tomorrow I plan on spraying it with some cleaner before the rain starts to help clean it up.  I have been trying to catch up with "The Young and the Restless", and "Game of Thrones" the last couple of days.  I need to make some room on the DVR for more recordings.  I'm going to have to ask Jerry to look through his stuff and either watch or delete. 
For Dinner tonight I think I'll make hamburger patties and fried potatoes. Of course I will have a salad but I'm not sure what, if anything, to fix for a dessert.
I am wearing...  For the first time this year, I'm wearing shorts.  I should have worn them yesterday. It was that hot (I'm not complaining about that) when I cleaned out the cat box Monday, I have to clean the whole closet and since I was down to the floor, I opened the tub in there and there was all my summer clothes. I put them out and now that tub is full of my winter tops. So my shorts and white tops are at the top of my drawers and ready to wear.  Too bad the weather is suppose to be back in the upper 50's this weekend.  but I'm ready for that, as well.
I am reading... I am still reading the Bible one chapter at a time (sometimes I may read in the morning then later in the afternoon, and I am now in 1 kings.  Interesting reading and there are kings in there that I never heard of from any pulpit. Each one was worse than the one before.
I am thinking... About when we move the camper again, and what am I going to do with all this stuff and the stuff that is outside, as well.  I'm hoping that it won't be really hot so we can have the cats in the camper and not in the truck, they just don't like moving and are very vocal about it. 
I am thankful for... Still having the ability to walk around the park and driveway.  This week some gravel was dumped along the roadway and into our parking area.  That was noisy and dusty but well worth it. We could use more that at least Jerry doesn't have to worry about slipping in the mud. I know that the girls are going through a lot each but they are each handling it better than I would have, I think. 
I am hoping... that Jerry comes home with some great news. We may be moving sooner rather than later but to where is the question. This company has jobs open in PA, TX and TN. We are hoping for TN but I think Jerry may take TX if we can't go to TN. He's not sure the camper will be able to hold up on that long of a trip is the only draw back on that.
I am creating... A plan on keeping the camper cleaner this summer.  I am also planning on taking better care of "me". I really need to get out and walk more often. Mornings would be better for me than afternoons. finding the perfect place in my "dailies" list for that.
One of my favorite things...  Once I get out, walking.  All the prep just to get out the door, not so much.  I have to be sure the cats are in a kennel, the two dogs left behind are not going to get into any trouble. The camper is not too hot for a bit of time. let the dog I'm walking take a leak, and have time to poop, have a plastic bag in case he waits to do it while we are walking,  and then, finally we can start our walk.. today I had to turn back three times to shush up the other two. Barney ended up with a spanking and he still didn't shut up. I finally had to put Macon in with him because then Macon didn't want to shut up when he saw me walking away from the camper so into the kennel so he couldn't see me, turn up the TV and turn on the fan even though it wasn't hot in the camper. I didn't hear a peep out of them after that.
A few plans for today... Well my day is almost over with. (it's just after 4 so all that is really left is making dinner)  but I might get up from writing this and make a card or two just cause I can.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Tomorrow (Friday) since we eat out on Payday, I may try to make a couple of Easter Cards for my Grand kids or some friends.  Of course I'll be reading emails and doing my dailies, take care of the pets and try to get in a walk.

Billie C.