Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

 I already wrote once, and lost it. so I'm trying agian.
It's now raining. We need it. I hope it will wash away the sewer smell outside. The blockage was found and broken up, not far up the line. but the mess is still outside. For a while there, I was hoping we could shower up in the shower house. I can take a 10 minute shower here, If I turn off the water while I soap up.  Takes more time if I'm washing my hair. and it can get a bit chilly even if I have the heater turned on.
The kittens are really trying their best to get in trouble. last night. one of them got into the cupboard over the fridge just after we had turned off the lights. Jerry looked for what being chewed on and never saw what it was. Never did find out what the kitten was chewing on.
They are still trying it this morning. running, jumping, getting into things they don't belong in and know it. scattering stuff,
I've had to put the rugs back in place, three times each.
the dogs, on the other hand, have been very good. With the men outside the side of the camper for so long they didn't go off barking and all. Jerry may not have noticed that, but I did. a vast improvment over all.  We took our morning walk to the back of the office and although there was some pulling it was to hurry me up (MOM, I gotta GO !!) and once that was out of the way were very good on our way back to the camper.
I brought out some boneless pork chops for dinner. they were on sale. I'll fix noodles to go with them, tonight. Salad and I still want to make a cake. I asked Jerry if he wanted pancakes for Fat Tuesday and he said no, just his regular breakfast. I think I may make pancakes for dinner instead. I make fix some biscuits as well. for dessert we will have fresh fruit that we bought Sunday. We need to eat it before it goes bad.
I don't know if I'm going to be able to post a Good Morning message tomorrow or not.
Got to take Jerry to work so I can have the van so I can take the dogs to get them "fixed". while they are there, I'll find a laundry mat and do the laundry. then have to make a mad dash out to the job after picking up the dogs. Jerry gets off at the same time the dogs are released from the office. No place for him to be out of the weather and we may have rain tomorrow evening. We will eat out. I'll try to check my emails with my phone while I'm out and about. May take my lap top with me to the laundry so I can check emails then as well.
Billie C.

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