Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jan 17, 2018

I am having trouble finding propane.  I have been having trouble out of the heaters control as well.   The heater is working, when I turn off the control then turn it back on. but it is going to need to be replaced and I don't know how to do that. Hubby is going to be home this weekend and will take care of it when he gets here. The place we will (Hopfully) get the pars also sells Propane and I just hope they are not out, like all the places here in town are out.
I think I'm going to make a pot of beans tomorrow for my dinner. My last pot of beans were white beans so this time, I'll make Pinto beans. I think I'll get out everything for cornbread and make some to go with the beans. 
Hubby isn't working today, because of the weather where he's at. The roads were too slick to go to work and the job site isn't in any better shape either. He said that they should ony lose today and that the weather is suppose to improve quickly.
Last night, when Itook the dogs out for last call. Barney got loose, or I didn't get the hook on his collar very well. Either way, I'm calling him, but he's having a grand time. I can't see him cause he's as black as the night. I'm calling and calling, the other two can at least see him a bit cause I can see them looking, tracking, him. Just as I'm ready to leave his arse outside and put the other two in, here he comes back, all wiggles and joy. I sure hope he peed while he was out because im not going to open that door again until morning. If he had not come back in with the others i would be opening that door in about 30 minutes and calling for him. That is if he'd not already come to the door and barked.

Billie C.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January 16, 2018

It's been a bit chilly here today and we have snow on the ground. Not a lot of it, not enough to cover the ground but enough to see it around the base of trees. Scchools were canceled as was the Senior Center today. I just check the Closings list from one of the local TV stations and so far nothing around here has been canceled tomorrow but there is still plenty of time for that to still happen.  If it stays cold there is a chance that the schools and the Senior Center wil be closed. To much risk of someone getting hurt on the roads around here. We don't usually get a lot of slick roads and it's better to stay home and be safe than to risk anyone getting hurt trying to come down off one of the mountains. Welp, I just checked the closing again.. and our local schools are closed so the Senior Center will also be closed tomorrow.
I had the dogs out just a bit ago. Once the all pee'd Barney got a wild bee, and was trying to get the other two to play with him in the snow. He was "Mad Dashing" back and florth a ew times and barking and just plain out enjoying himself in the snow. I would have stayed out longer but my feet were getting cold. When we came back inside I changed my socks. I didn't realize that my socks had gotten that damp before  i went outside or I would have changed them before we went out.  I changed my shoes, as well. I think I may have to toss out that pair of shoes at this rate.  The heat has come on a couple of times. I am wearing layers and am comfortable enough for now. I still need to  call the Gas Station where we get propane  in a bit to see if they have gotten a delivery in or not.  According to the local weather, it's going to warm up into the 50's by this next weekend. Not sure for how long that is going to last.
I fixed the last of the white beans for my lunch and pulled a container of Beef Stew out of the bunk room to fix for my dinner.It's easy to warm up and easy to clean up when I'm done.  I'm debatting about wether to have a fruit cup or a cream filled cookie for my dessert.   my breakfast was oatmeal with Ginger Sugar and Cinnamon in it. two slicees of toast and two scrambled eggs.
I've been catching up on some of the things recorded over the last couple of weeks.  Mainly Scorpion and now, Call the Midwife.
I've been wearing layers today. PJ bottoms under my jogging pants. three tops and a hat. My feet are still cold even with two pairs of socks on so I might have to find something else to put on them to warm them up.
I painted 4 rocks today. I need to seal them soon.

Billie C.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Hello.  I do hope you are doing well.  It's been a bit dreary here and although I have enjoyed being outside, it's very damp and gray.

I did paint a rock while at the Senior Center today. I just put the year on it (2018). I will seal it in a few days.  I did paint 4 rocks here at the camper, last night. I already had one painted and after I returned from the Center, I put the first coat of sealer on them. I will put another one in a little while then, I'll turn them over and add "F #Dunlaprocks" to the backs and then seal those as well. I don't know if I'll put them out this weekend or not.  
You know. most years of the Olympics, there is some fuss being made. I wonder why not this year.

There isn't much housework I need to attend to today. Most I got done, before I left for the center. The bed is made and the few dishes are washed up and the floors are all swept.
Because the Center will be closed for MLK day, next Monday, I received a box of frozen food to be warmed up in the microwave. It has two days of food in it. one the holiday and one for the Wednesday after next. The Place that sends the hot meals, does not send meals on two Wednesday a month. November and December, we had a  carry in (Pot luck) on one of those days. I'm not sure yet, if there will be a carry in this month or not.  The Director of the center is decorating for Valentines day, already. I kinda hoped that she would have put up snowflakes and winter stuff for January, instead.  I just don't  want to get  tired of Valentine and "Love" stuff before February 14.
I saw with Doris this morning, before and after painting a rock. She didn't look very well after we had our dinner. I sure hope she's not getting sick. I changed tables where I sit because at the first table, I was the only one there until a few minutes before 11 each day. Dinner is serve at 11:30.  I was asked if any one at that table had upset me and I reassured her no, but that I had noticed that Doris has been sitting alone and wanted to keep her company. Also Doris and the other ladies who sit at that table also ride the bus to the center. I do enjoy the ride in and from the Center. It's not a long ride and without it, I would not be able to go.
I made oatmeal for my breakfast this morning. I added a ripe banana a spoonful of ginger sugar, and a large spoonful of peanut butter. I had two small spoonfuls of Cherry Dumplings that Evelyn had made for this morning. She used pie crust for the dumplings. She also made a vegetable soup and I had a small bowlful of that just before dinner was served. The menu called for BBQ Chicken but it was not BBQ at all. It was a bit spicy but it was not BBQ sauce. I got too much corn and a bit to much of the greens. The "Biscuit" was not very large which was a good thing since I was almost full by the time I got to it on my plate. I brought home the banana and the carton of milk. I'll use the milk over some cereal this weekend.
I am going through some of the things we have recorded over the last few weeks. Right now I am watching "Victoria". Once I finish that, I'll catch up on "Y&R" or watch something on Nexflix.
I work a lighter weight gray T-shirt that has Angel wings and the word "Faith" on it. I did change my nail polish yesterday from a red to a dark purple. I think Purple is a good color for cold weather.

Billie C.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jan 10, 2018

I hope your not bored with my writing a daily note to my blog.
I really, really need to get back to posting to all my blogs much more often.  It's drippy outside. not much fog but I can tell it really wouldn't take much more humidity for there to be fog . I am enjoying this brief warm up, but know it's going to get cold again, all too soon. I'm ready for more cold but I'm not looking foreward to it.
I am going to the Senior Center today, more to "Hang out" that because the food is good. i am not much for playing cards, but i like to sit and watch.  I think I might paint a rock or two today, though. I took in a few printed off pictures in case anyone wanted to color. I know many still think of "coloring" as a kid thing, but I enjoy doing it and that's all that matter.
I had Oatmeal with an over ripe banana and ginger sugar in it. I hope that Evlyn has made something "sweet" for this morning to finish my breakfast with. Today is "Regular Meal" which means that Evlyne will be doing the cooking at the center today.Todays' meal was Sloppy Joe's with a bun, Cole Slaw, corn and a Cream filled Oatmeal cookie.
  I'm not sure what I will fix for my dinner tonight. I have some burger that needs used up, but I also have some pork that I should use soon, as well. I might use the pork and use it like I would for a tuna salad and have that on crackers.
Rocky is fussing at Barney because Barney wants in the kennel with Rocky. I'll soon ahve to lock Rocky in, because He just will not stay in the bunkroom, where I want him to stay when I'm not home. Barney and Macon are good about not jumping the table that is on it's side as a gate but Rocky figured out a way to get over it. If he's not jumping it, he's pulling or pushing it to get it to open up. If they would stay out of the trash cans, I might not mind them in the middle of the camer when I'm gone, but they make a mess if I'm gone and they are not put in "Their" room.
I really should start finding a Quote for each day.  I Think today's quote would belong the lines of "Make the most of each day".
I have the TV on. The news on CBS, but like yesterday, there really isn't a lot of "News" but a lot of gossip.  Actor's, movie promotions, What the "Royals" are or are not doing. Locally, there been an oil or petrolum spill near the Tennessee River in Chattanooga.
I don't have to dress as warmly as I did yesterday. I'm still wearing "Jogging" pants. Brown ones today, as well as a grey long sleeved T-Shirt.  I changed my earrings from small red flowers to Crystal hearts. 
I'm going to take the book I picked up yesterday with me today and when I'm not painting, will start reading it. It's large print so it should not take me a long time to read it. I really do need to get back into reading again. Emails and notes are good but I need to get back to reading  stories that take a bit of time to finish. 
When I get back from the Center, I will do up what few dishes I have in the sink, and then clean off the dining room table. I did paint a few rocks yesterday and need to seal them and take pictures of them. I might get out my Cricut after I get that done, and just cut a bit of paper to get back into crafting again.
I need to have Daughter take me to get propane tomorrow afternoon. The man who puts it into the tanks won't be there until after 3 pm. I messaged her this mornig to ask when she gets of work tomorrow but not heard back from her, just yet. I'm not low but I don't want to have empty tanks when these run out.  I really dont have any other plans, just yet. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January 9, 2018

Ah, a change in the weather. It won't last but while it's here, I'm going to enjoy it. It's cloudy and foggy outside right now but a high of the ay near 50 will be most welcomed. We might have some Snow on Saturday. but as long as it's not really, really cold, I'll enjoy it. But before that we might even be in the mid to 60's on Thursday. The dogs didn't want to hurry this morning. I let them have the few extra minutes while I did some cleaning up of the yard. Trying to keep ahead of that while I can because when it gets cold again, it will be harder to get off the ground. It was pleasant enough to not feel a chill while walking around in the grass "hunting' it all.

 It's nice to not have to leave the water dripping or have the heaters going full blast today. I'll be gone most of the morning and the dogs don't need it as warm as I do in here.

 Yesterday's dinner was more of a breakfast. I made buttermilk pancakes and then fried an egg to go on top. I had a cup of mandarin oranges for dessert.
Today I went to the Center and the menu called for roasted pork with gravy,Pinto beans, Okra and tomatoes, along with some cornbread. The Center was closed due to weather so instead of the roasted pork with a  dessert of diet Cherry Jell-o.  we had what was on the menu for yesterday.  we had beef teriyaki, Oriental Blend Vegetables that was mostly broccoli, pineapple orange juice, and a chocolate Marshmallow pie (snack cake)

 I wondered what Evelyn was going to make for those who don't much care for the offered meal. Evelyn made a large pot of white beans and a pan of corn bread. She had some cut up onion to go in the beans.  I crumbled up a small piece of the cornbread into a small bowl then put the beans on top then added a few onion pieces to it. Very good. 
My breakfast this morning was a banana, cut up into a bowl along with a serving of oatmeal with cinnamon and ginger added to the bowl. I've not added anything else because I figure I can get a bite or two at the center. Evelyn had made a fruit cobbler that I had a small serving of that was just the perfect. Half a spoon full was more than enough.
 I sat with Doris this morning. We chatted a bit, mostly about our dogs. Someone brought in a hand full of books and I picked up "The Amish Groom". I will read it then take it in for someone else to read, when I'm done with it. I really do need to start reading again.  I'm taking in a rock I finally finished, to put on Evelyn's desk. It says "I'd Rather Be At The Beach". and has a painted shell of a beach with two more much smaller shells glued to it.

 The worst thing about weather like this, is I don't get out and see people. I did talk with Hubby on the phone, after he got off work after 8 hours. and Don called to let me know he would be here to get me around 8:30 this morning. 

 I watched the local news this morning and the national news on CBS but really, there isn't a whole lot of "News" on the news any more. They were talking about how this is the 6th anniversary of the makeover of the news show. but they didn't mention that Charlie Rose is no longer on the show. Most of the rest was either about North and South Korea or what Oprah said at an awards show on Sunday.
 I'm wearing "warm" clothes today. Gray Jogging pants and a purple sweater .Heather doesn't like it when I call my pants "sweat pants". I did get my hair brushed and sprayed to keep it from going all wild on me this morning. I found a blue button up sweater at Serenity Thrift store and decided I want to take it with me today. I did get my blue parka mended. It took me much longer than I expected. 
 I need to change my nail polish soon and I noticed a few chips after I got dressed. 
I need to find something to either finish or add more to. I might get out the Cricut and cut some paper or paint some rocks when I get home, after I do the dishes and paint my nails that is.
 I do need to get a few things done around here, before I do any crafting. Dishes and sweep the floors. maybe even mop the floors if it's not still muddy outside.  I should go through and print out old "Crafts Newsletters'. First thing I do, after I put my things down inside, is let the dogs go out for a quick Potty break. The neighbor across the drive was out, on his phone so I had to cut the dogs being out a bit short since they wanted to stare and bark at him rather than taking care of business.

 My plans for today are still to get the dishes done and then I want to work on a craft or two. I'm not sure what I'll fix for dinner yet. Maybe a Bateman meal, or I'll open a can of pork and warm it up and put it on a roll.  I'll sweep the floors but not mop until tomorrow since it's still very muddy outside. I am thinking of moving a couple of rocks from the other side of the house to put under the steps so I'm not sliding around in mud when I'm trying to come into the camper.