Tuesday, October 21, 2014

For Today ... October 21, 2014

Howdy.... I hope your doing well.  I am doing well.  A bit worn out, but not feeling too bad right now. (9am_) The sun is up and things are very bright outside. I so want to go out and start my yard decorating but it's suppose to rain on Thursday and that will ruin most of what I want to do out side.  I will put my wreath I made outside Saturday. Not sure if it will be on the window or on the door. It's going to be very warm so the window by the door may be a better place to put it so it can be seen.  I'm about 1/2 way though my house chores today already. I got the beds made and the bathroom straighted up. In the back half of the camper the only things left is to scoop out the catbox and then sweep and vacumn the floor.  I have to do the dishes. I'm a bit late in getting to them this morning, but they won't take that long.  Then I need to straighten up the counter tops and put away things that are out of place both beside the fridge and on top of it. I also need to find some jars I have under the sink to use as decorations on Saturday.

Outside my door ... The Sun is shining through the trees and it's very bright. It's boing to be very pleasent and the dogs are going to enjoy some time outside this afternoon while I do some yard cleaning and planning on where I want to put a few Halloween things I have planned on putting together.
The Dogs ... are sleeping on the beds right now.  Barney has lost a toe nail. Not sure when that happened.  I don't know if he will be able to grow it back or if it's gone forever. he must have gotten his toenail caught up in the blankets cause that is where I found it.
The Cats ... Almost ended up spending last night in the kennel.. they were bouncing from bed to bed and over, under, around each other on top of the beds and jumping over Macon who was sleeping between the beds. When I went to catch the worst offender, He (or she) stopped doing all the jumping and laid down beside me. The other two got the message very quick and stopped playing as well. One of the cats laid along my back for a while last night and that felt good.
From the kitchen... Cut up Vegetables, Grilled Turkey in Gravy over Fresh Mashed potatoes and Pumpkin Spice cake. I'm thinking of trying to make a couple of Jolly Rancher covered Apples, just to see if I can do that or just end up making a mess.
I am hearing...  I got the Fox local news on right now but am thinking of changing it soon.
I am wearing... my Cave Painting of Horses T-shirt and Brown sweatpants.  This shirt in a orangy yellow. I don't wear Yellow or Orange much because they are not good colors for me, At least not in a light shade. Dark Orange is okay but no yellow.
I am reading...  I had intended to start a book on my Kindle last night but Heather called and instead of reading, I downloaded a few more books onto it
I am thinking... I really need to get outside today and soak up some sunshine and enjoy this weather while I can, soon enough it's going to be cold.
Yesterday, Jerry ended up pocket dialing me and the voicemail was so garbbled I had no clue what he was saying.. the voic mail text was like "Hello, hello, hi, hello hi hi hi, hello hello hi hi"  Have to admit, my first thought was that he got "The CALL" and was so excited that he wasn't making sense... but no, it was just he was trying to turn off his phone and hit the wrong button.
I am thankful for...  Just waking up not hurting. I think I saw a "stone" in the strainer but am not sure. I just cant see with or without glasses any more all the small stuff.
I am hoping...  Britteny remembers that I asked her to come mow the Grass on Friday. It's going to need it and then I can ask her for some more help around the yard.
I am creating... I found my empty jars so now I can mod podge some Halloween napkins onto a couple of those and put candles in those and my gallon jar so I can make a spooky jar full of spiders and spider eggs (Cotton Balls pulled apart and little them rolled into more of a ball shape than a pillow)
One of my favorite things... Making things,  right now, I'm making fire starteds frrom a couple of cat food cans, rolled up newspaper and wax.  I am hoping that they will get my fire going this afternoon so that I get burn off some old weeds and debris from around the fire pit.
A few plans for today... finish cleaning the camper, cleaning the yard, playing with the dogs outside
A few plans for the rest of the week... Getting ready for some fun with the local kids this weekend.  making some candy apples for us, (I know, I shouldn't have the candy but it's only one each)  Stamp on lunch bags with some spooky stamps then filing with candy for the kids. Get out my dress and get it ready for Saturday night.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grand Kids Halloween Cards

I hate that I can not enjoy Halloween with any of our Grand kids each year.  We are just never close enough to any one of them to be there and enjoy watching the other kids in costume as well.  I do enjoy sending them things in the mail and so I made Halloween cards to send to them.
I got a box of embossing folders in the mail this week that I was waiting for and put some of them to good use. First I did the flaps of the envelopes I'm going to use to send out the cards in. I want to work more on doing this, for Christmas time and the card exchanges I hope to be in.
 The spider-web and spider are embossed and one is debossed .. both look good to me.
I am loving this fence idea and used it for the inside of the cards, as well.  I picked up some stamps and wanted to use them inside the cards. They are all three the same .
I printed out Halloween pictures (and a lot of other pictures) a few weeks ago and had to find just the right ones to use on the cards for the kids. I think this one is going to my youngest grand daughter, Heather. She's 3.
I am thinking that this one is going to go to Bailey, our oldest grand daughter. She's 10
and Corbin will getting this scary cat.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mod Podge Molds

I picked up the sticks and the molds over the weekend. lost one of the molds and found it after, I made these.
I wanted to try this out.  Just using the glue gun was messy and didn't turn out as neat as I had hoped. See....
Sorry they are turned sideways. It was how I turned the camera so I could get every thing in the picture
Then I got the "Bright" idea of using my heat gun to warm the glue up with and it worked out so much better.

I'm not much of a painter, but I'll try painting later this week. 

Billie C.

Halloween Wreath

I've been trying to get creative (again) I painted my fingernails on Saturday (My Birthday)  Yes, I wanted them to look like Candy Corn.. I can't find stronger glasses and I don't think it would help. Steadier hands may help.

I picked up some "Halloween" items last weekend and decided that it was time to put them on our wreath.  A bit early but since it's not outside It will be okay.


I love this fuzzy spider and the smaller one in the middle

A Better picture of the spider in the middle

And I could not resist this Owl.


Billie C.