Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 4 2011

Good Morning... Jerry got off work at his usual time, last night. He said he has no idea how long he's going to be working today. Some machinrey is supose to be in today. Really, it was suppose to have come in yesterday, but didn't.
I'll be making Pork Chops in the crockpot today. I'll smother them in some Cream of Chicken soup.
The kittens are driving the dogs crazy. Again Macon has his toes over the edge of the bed and every now and then one of the kittens will run in reach up and tap his foot, then run.
I bought two small area rugs last night. The one for the kitchen has a Rooster on it. The one for the bathroom has flowers on it. The kittens have discovered both. I found the Rooster one pulled away from under the sink. There were 4 pieces of dog food hidden under it. The bathroom one was up against the wall when I walked back there.
I tossed one of my blankets off the bed last night. It was damp but I'm not sure if it was from a kitty or a dog's nose. Macon has a habit of burrowing his nose in a blanket when he's sleeping and he drools when he does that. either way, I didn't want to sleep under that. Every time I got up last night, Macon was sleeping on that blanket.
A few years ago, I bought some raw bees wax. Yesterday afternoon, I finnally decided that I wanted to filter it and clean it up a bit. I am using my rice cooker to warm up some water that a jar is in with a knee high hose it it. I had to leave before I was done so decided I'd finish up this morning. I had a time of it, cutting the wax into smaller pieces. I have more of this wax in storage in Missouri. it's very dark in color and not at all what you would expect wax to look like.
Today, I plan on sorting the laundry, stripping both beds spraying with oder ban, then lysol, before re-making them with fresh sheets. I still need to wash all the blankets. and hopefully we can don the laundry tonight. If we don't, I'll get the van tomorrow if Jerry works and do the blankets on my way home.
We ate at Arby's last night. I had their Ruben sandwich.
It looks like rain out, today. According to the tv, we may get over an inch of rain today and tonight. Good thing I walked the dogs already this morning.
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