Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feb 4, 2015,

It's been a few days since I wrote to my blog. 
WE got about 9 inches of snow over the weekend and then it got Cold. We may start thawing and melting snow by this next weekend. Jerry didn't go into work on Monday due to the amount of snow and the road around the trailer court didn't get cleared until late Monday night.
The snowplow (on the front of a pickup truck) almost pushed the snow onto our Dish connection and the back of the truck. He did miss both so he's a lucky fellow.  He even missed the trash can and that reminds me that, if we got another snow like this last one to move the can to the other side of our driveway until it melts.  that way there is plenty of room at the end of the drive for it to be moved to. 
The dogs are dealing with the snow okay. Barney wants to play in it. Chasing nowballs and I'm thinking he's hearing something from the way he digs in the snow and follows some sort of trail.  Macon will stand and stare at one of the neighbors houses. I'm not sure if he's watching for them or if he is hearing something in that direction. Rocky doesn't much care for the snow this year. He does what he's outside for the runs to the door to be let back into the camper. At almost 8 years old, he's starting the feel his age I'm thinking. He has been more playfull inside the camper the last few days.

The cats are wanting to go out and so I have to put them in a kennel every time I want to open the door.  They have been practicing their Nija moves especially just before we head to bed.

All of the pets but Macon want to sleep in Jerry's chair and they don't want to share all that often.  If the cats are in the chair, the dogs will stare at them. look at me, then stare at the cats again as if I'm suppose to run them off the chair. Every now and then, Rocky will share the chair with a cat, not always though and sometimes the cat just gets up there anyway and makes it self comfortable no matter if Rocky is sleeping there or not.

Jerry texted me about eating out yesterday but I was busy starting dinner and didn't read the text. He called, asking if I got the text and I said I knew I had a text but couldn't get to my phone as it was on the other side of a small table I use when I am cooking and need more space. He said he needed to pick up another bag of hot hands and we could just eat out since he had to go out anyway.  Theisons only had a few 6 pack bags left and Jerry got the last of those. They should last him this week.  We ate at Perkins. I tried their Sunrise Burger. I asked for fruit instead of the fries. After dinner, Jerry took me to Wal-mart so I could pick up a loaf of bread and some breakfast sausage (forgotten when we shopped on Friday) I also picked up a few other things while I was there. Some yogurt I want to try, frozen fruit to go into my oatmeal, a tube of biscuits for late this week. I also picked up some  Snow peas and shrimp for my cabbage soup I made yesterday. I still have enough ingredients  to make more later, when this batch gets low.  I forgot that I wanted to check out the frozen vegetables for some Asian stir fry mix.  When I was checking out, I realized I didn't have my hat with me. I knew I had it in my pocket when we went into Perkins so I called Jerry to see if it was in the truck. No, it wasn't. I looked around the ground from where I got out of the truck and it wasn't there. Jerry drove me back to Perkins and it was on the ground from where I got out of the truck.  I like this hat because it has a clip on it and I don't have to tie it to keep it on my head.

My Cabbage soup is more a "clean the Fridge" soup.  I started with a cup of V8, then added to that 1/2 a bag of Cole Slaw mix.  I had some Green pepper cut up and I diced it up smaller to add to the pan along with a bit of Yellow pepper and a Red pepper as well.  I cut the corn off the cobs that I had in the freezer, then thawed. I have a bag of shredded carrots and I added a handful  of that to my pan, as well as a half a box of mushrooms and I diced up a small chicken breast I had cooked last week... When I get it out today, I'll add a stalk of Celery since I forgot that, and I'll open a can of water chestnuts that I also forgot I wanted to add, along with  few of the snow peas I picked up last night and some of the shrimp

 I've not gotten dressed for the day just yet.  Right now, I'm wearing my flannel  nightgown that Donna gave me. I love, love, love it. I have a pair of leggings on under it and a sweat shirt over it. I'll put the leggings back on, after I take my shower, after I take the dogs out, here in a bit. I need to clean out the bathtub so I can take my shower, but that is  after I make our beds and sort the laundry. I think I'll wear my red sweat shirt since it has a nice large heart on it's front. I might also wear the red sweat pants that match the shirt just because it matches and I doubt we are going to go out tonight since we were out last night.

While Jerry was home Monday, I worked on putting together a couple of card fronts to send to a couple of our grand kids for Valentines day. l want to finish those up today so I can put them in the mail by this weekend.  Plus  I want to make a couple of cards for Jerry, as well.

Billie C.