Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st.. 2011

Hello again. Today is My Daughter's birthday. Happy Birthday Heather. No, I won't say how old she is. Old enough to know better, still young enough to enjoy !! Are we or are we not moving the camper, that is the question. First, we are going to Dumas Arkansas, Then we are not, Then we are.. Now we are not. Seems the job there is winding down, The man there does need a couple more people but there isn't anywhere to stay.. and it's only for a week. We are not going for just one week. Jerry will work one more week here, and then we are to head to Thomasville Alabama. About 200 miles from here. Almost straight South. Hum.. I hope we are close enough to the Gulf that I can go and put at least a toe in that water. Gettig ready to move the camper disrupted my routine and now I have a bit of cleaning to do. I spent a day just tyring to find a campground we could stay at. No such luck. Seems there is a three week Bass tourny going on in the Dumas Arkansas area. So much of today will be cleaning up and taking care of the camper and pets.

Back and forth.. phone call after phone call... finally We "think" we know what's going on, maybe.

 Jerry stays where he's at for this next week. Next weekend we move the camper to Thomasville Alabama, Where that job is "suppose" to last 4 to 6 months.


So today, I'll be looking up campgrounds and other things about The Thomasville Alabama area of the country. I had held off posting about moving to Dumas until Jerry had said it was a done deal. And then it turned out to not be a done deal. I will know more later, I'm sure, more on this next job. Sounds like it's a steel mill. Not sure on it yet.

We may put off leaving here a bit because there will be hot air ballons in town next weekend. I would love to go up in one. They may be offering tethered rides. That's not the same thing, but we may do it. Depends on how much it costs. It is also the Elvis Festival. I'll take my camera with me if we go.


Outside my door ... (5am) It's still very dark outside, and drizzely. Suppose to be in the mid 60's today. And clearing.


The dogs ... Are doing well. Have learned that when we get to the wooden bridge they have to really go slow. That wood gets slick when it's damp and I make them slow down while I walk across it. They do like our walks and are more than willing to put their heads through the chain collars we use on the 20 foot leads. If I take them past the office, I will let them have the full length to explore a bit. Macon will sniff and sniff, then throw himself on the ground rolling over and over and twisting both his shoulders and hips into the ground. I don't know what he's smelling, but he sure enjoy's it. I have yet to see Rocky do the same thing. He'll sniff, but he don't roll. He'll stand back and just watch Macon's wild abandoned rolling, then look at me as if to say... "He's still a kid".


The Kittens ... Hey, for once, they are not back in Kitty jail after Jerry left this morning. I'll have to try feeding them a few bites tomorrow morning since that is the only difference this morning from our other mornings. I do have a mess to clean up as they love to scatter things throughout the camper. I am constantly putting my area rugs back in place. And somehow, they have found a paper and toren it to shreds and now have all those little pieces of paper throughout the camper. We have to buy yet another shower curtain. I told Jerry, this time, I want to try one of those cloth curtains and see if they tear it up. I have no idea why they keep jumping on the curtain just to fall back down when they make a hole in it. They are not getting any where when they try to climb it.

  From the kitchen... Since we need to "eat down" our frozen goods this week, Most likely the Hamburger. A friend in a closed group I'm in, posted about browning burger, then adding in a small jar of sharp cheese to the burger, letting it warm up enough to be able to stir in and coat all the burger. I don't have a "Sharp" cheese, but we do have Cheese Whiz and we like that. I may add a bit of Sharp Cheddar cheese to it as well. I have a small block of it and can use my hand grater to shred off some. We will have salad. I cut the lettuce the other day, and picked up a tomato last night for our dinner tonight. Als picked up some Radishes to go in the salad. I have 1/2 a cucumber as well. As for dessert.. too early to think about that.

 I am hearing... Got the tv on. We took the DVD's back last night so I guess it will be the TV all day long.

 I am wearing... (5am) blue house dress. Later, after I shower, I'll wear sweat pants and a top. I think the only top I have left in my drawer is a blue one.

 I am reading... emails.. may try to read another chapter in "The Greatest Knight"

 A few plans for the rest of the day. Jerry may only work 8 hours, today. He'll stop in Sherman and see about getting a different hitch for the van to pull the camper with. Will also see if they will buy the hitch we have. Don't know if that will happen or not. Need to do laundry today. Need to pick up dog food today, sometime. Need to clean house. Need to see about picking up a few boxes. I'm thinking of buying "new" boxes. Use them to pack things so they can be carried on the floor of the camper. Need to empty all the overhead storage so the bouncing of the camper on the road doesn't cause the stuff to beat down the bottom of the shelfs. That means over Jerry's bed, over my bed, both closets and the kitchen stuff.


Caroline said...

Dear Billie, I do enjoy your blog. I was wondering if you could put lots of photos on it? I adore seeing photos... lots of them of everything around you in your daily life! Think about it, dear friend! Love Caroline

Caroline said...

Thanks for the photos you have been putting on! Love them! Need some updated ones of you and Jerry too!
Your kittens are sooooo cute! xx