Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Today... March 23, 2011

Good Morning... (5am) I've been going back to bed not long after Jerry leaves for work and getting up between 7 and 8. I think, today, I'm going to stay up and see if I sleep any better tonight. I'm sleeping but I don't wak up rested.
Last night, we ate dinner outside.  I fixed potatoes in the crockpot. I put the steaming basket in poured in some water, then put two about the same size potatoes in it at 2 pm.. they were just rigth when we ate them at 5:30. I made up the salad early so all I had to do was cook the slice of ham after Jerry called me he was on his way home from work.  I bought a bag of peanuts and put them on the table as well as the fruit we picked up over the weekend. It was so nice to sit and enjoy dinner out with him.  I think we took almost an hour befor we went back inside. I hope to eat out at the table again tonight, but the weather man just said that we have a chance of rain this evening. I left my tablecloth out on the table overnight.  This thing is sooo old. I made it when we were in Commerce Georgia back in 1999. It's just a piece of denim, I put grommets in each corner so I could tye them and help it "form" to the table top and not blow away in the breeze. I've used this piece of material for several things. picnic ground cover. table cloth, blanket, and a tarp.  I keep thinking I need to pick up another large 2 yard piece just like this one is.
tonight, I think I'll make a crock pot meal. Of course we will have salad, and most likely the rest of our cut up fruit as we don't want it to go bad on us. I have a recipe for a hash brown casserole that I think I'll try in the crockpot. It don't have to be browned, just done. I'll post the recipe when I find it again. I think I know which file I put it in.
(9am)  It's cloudy and a bit grey. Looks like I better go get in my table cloth so it doesn't get soaked. back in a sec.
Just walked the dogs.. three units left while I was out. One was the lady who spoke french in the pop-up. I hope they had a great vacation.
My bed got wet and I'm not sure if it was kitty or dog. it was a big spot so I think it was kitty so I've proped it up, and have sprayed it with lysol and will do oder ban in a bit before I make my bed.
Outside my door ... (9am) grey and cloudy.. I thought we were going to be sunny today. I know the tempature is still nice and I'm in shorts again today. I pulled in my table cloth so it won't get soaked.
The dogs ... Did not get to spend as much time outside yesterday. Rocky just didn't want to behave and even spent some time in Doggy jail (same as kitty jail only in a different kennel) He followed me every time I get up, even if it's only three steps to the stove to get my coffee cup.
The Kittens ... Are back in Kitty jail for making my bed wet, getting into things they "know" I'm going to yell at them about and them just in general pushing the limits of my patence.
From the kitchen...
Cheesey Beefy Hashbrown Dinner
1/2 a bag of hashbrown potatoes
1 lb of Ground meat (beef or pork)
1/3 to 1/2 jar Cheese Whiz or shredded Velvetta cheese
Spray crockpot with none stick spray.
 Place 1/2 a bag of hashbrown potatoes in a hot large skillet and brown, turn over.
Season and brown ground meat,
place 1/3rd of the potatoes in the crockpot, cover with 1/3 of the browned meat, the a large dollop of the cheese. repeat 2 more times.. ended with the Cheese on top. Put on a lid cook for a couple of hours, to melt the cheese and let it soak into the dish.

I am hearing... T.V., Birds outside, Rocky barking. People moving around. I think "The Kid" is moving out today.
I am wearing... Blue shorts, and my pooh top, (it has the same shade of blue in the background)
I am reading... trying to catch up on emails.
I am creating... A spring plan. My cleaning and "to do" list changes with the seasons.
One of my favorite things...
A few plans for the rest of the week...
make a grocery list.
clean out the shelfs of the closets.
cut up old shirts into cleaning rags.
sort the laundry

Around the house...
Made Jerry's breakfast
scooped catbox
bagged up the trash
took the dogs out
turned on computer
read a few emails
med and breakfast
Post a recipe from "From our home to yours" to groups
pick up dirty clothes
put shower mat over side of the tub
hang wet towels and washrags to dry
spray and scrub sink, tub and  john
straighten up clean folded towels
brush hair
fill water bottles
type out recipe, Pink Ribbon Cookbook
make Jerry's bed
Make my bed
post a recipe from "Pink Ribbon" to groups
wash and refill the pet waterdish
clean stove top
wipe out microwave
wipe sink countertop
Billie C.

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