Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Today... March 2, 2011

Good Morning... I got a lot done yesterday. I cleaned from the back to the front The only thing I didn't clean was the bookcase on Jerrys side of the couch.  I may work on that, today. Going to be another nice day here in Tupelo MS. We may have a high of 70.. I love it and plan on spending some time outside this afternoon.
Jerry made the opening to the cat box tub a bit larger. So far, no problems from the kittens. I also kenneled them last night and cleaned the box before Jerry left for work. He takes the trash to the can on his way out to work. I'll have to clean the box again this late afternoon. I may have to change my routine to do it this early each morning.
Today I'm grateful for... The ability to pick and choose what I want to eat.  Too many people have no choice in the world. We have such an abundance that there are times I have too many choices and have to decide what I want.
Outside my door ...  The sun is almost above the horizon. there is a peach colot to everything, right now. With that early morning golden hue right behind it as well. A bit of pink along the edges as the ability to see the colors starts to come as it gets lighter.  I read once that the first color outside of dark and light that a person sees is Red, followed by yellow, green then blues and purples.   Taking the dogs out the first time this morning, I could tell that the days are getting longer as we could see a bit of difference on the horizon and I could see the trail better as well.
Last night.... PEEE UUUUU.....There is a skunk somewhere in the area. And he was letting everyone know it.  Man oh Man.. I don't know where he was but he was close. And almost as soon as we smelled it it was time to take the dogs out for "Last Call".  Not knowing if it was in the woods across the creek behind the camper. Where "Last Call" is usually walked. I took the dogs to behind the office. It's an open field there and so It could see us and avoid us.  I've found most skunks would rather avoid rather than spray.  Since the smell went away after 1/2 an hour or so... It may have been one that was hit along the freeway that is close by. We just were not taking any chances.
The dogs ...  Wanted to track down that Skunk. I woudln't let them. Because it was after dark, I had a bit of a time getting them to walk nice by me, to behind the office. They finally got the message that pulling is not going to do them any good as I pulled back, hard. Because many of the campers were dark I couldn't raise my voice at them, as I didn't want to wake anyone who might be sleeping. This morning they were much nicer about walking. But then, we were not smell skunk, either.
The Kittens ...  are in a playful mood this morning.  I took the core from the last used TP roll and squished the sides in to make a small package and tossed that on the floor for them. Instead. they would rather play hockey with a piece of dog food.. down the hall, back up the hall.. under the edge of the fridge under the couch. Drats, lost it. Pick out another one from the food dish. Bang the trash can with it, under the toe area under the sink, around the dog food dish, down the hall and around the john, back up the hall, under the fridge. Oops.. Macon ate it... pick out another one from the dog dish. Under the fridge, down the hall. two joining in now. back uup the hall, under my feet, around the kennels, under the lip of the door to the kennel. one ate it.. back to the dog dish for another one... I think that all 4 kittens will be fast asleep for a few hours in a little bit.
From the kitchen... Pork Chops, I took them out of the fridge yesterday. A pack of Alfredo noodles Salad. and Jello for dessert.
I am hearing...  Morning News
I am wearing... right now. Blue house dress, When I get dressed for the day, brown sweat pants and a blue t-shirt.
I am reading...  emails and recipes
Billie C.

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt

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