Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Howdy.... For Tuesday, July 30

Howdy.... Today is Jerry and my Annversary. Yep, 13154 days since we said "I DO" to each other... and still going strong.
Jerry had to work last Sunday, when I expected to celebrate it.. I was so disappointed but things happen. I wanted to go out to eat, someplace speical.  we are still going to eat out but I don't know where we will go tonight.  We are going to east out as much because it's going to be in the upper 80's as its our Anniversary. When I first suggested it to him last night he didn't look happy, but since he forgot to take a letter with him, to put in the post box at the end of the drive, he's just going to have to take me out, now. This letter needs to be in Alaska Saturday as that is my Older Brother's birthday. I have a bag of trash we will need to take to the trash bin, as well. I plan on wearing my new white and blue skirt and a white top with a butterfly I ironed onto it. I'll take a clean shirt out for Jerry and I think I better bring along a hair brush, as well.  Once I send this off, I'll have to go take my shower so my hair will be dry before he gets home.
I've gotten a lot of small stuff done today.  I straighted out the drawers in the kitchen opposite the sink.  Now I can find things, again. I got the back straighted up  and the dishes (what few there was) done and next (after that shower) is to start on the living room, Getting it ready to pack up.  Because We may be moving the camper this weekend.  Oh sure, there a Encampment I want to go to, that is about 2 hours away from here, but Jerry starts on a different job on Monday and I would like to try to find a place closer than an hours drive away from his job and where we are here, is just over and hour.   I'm ready for a change, anyway.  We changed the water filter less than a month ago and it needs changed again. Our water smell like rotten eggs, again. 
Outside my door ...  Mostly Sunny, warm and a slight breeze. I had to close up the camper as it was getting rather warm in here and I was busy enough to not want to stop in the middle of what I was doing to close it up.  The dogs have been outside three times this morning. Barney and Macon had a grand ol time playing with each other, Rocky was just content to sit in the sun shine.  I fed the cats and they were also sunning theyselfs on the picnic tables in our area. I cleaned up the yard each time we were out.
I am hearing... Y&R just went off. I will go take my shower soon so I'll not have to change the channel for a few minutes.
I am wearing... Right now. Black shorts and a dye splattered top that I made last year while we were in Cumberland City. I have on my rainbow colored tennis shoes, as well.
I am reading...  The Bible, Duet 25, and 1225 Christmas Tree Lane. I'm not ver far into it yet.
I am thinking...  What else I need to do before we move the camper. Where I'm going to put things on the floor while we go down the road and without breaking anything. The worst part is going to be getting it up a small but sharp hill in the campground. It has a rut at the bottom that is going to give everything a good hard jolt before we even get on the road.
I am thankful for...  Jerry having another job to go to. It's just across the state line in North Carolina and is suppose to last at least 8 months.  He's said that this job will end soon. Either it will end this week, or next so it's good to know he's already got one to go to from here.
I am hoping...  That, at the next campground, we can find a nice shady place to park the camper.
I am creating...  Well, I fixed the snap on the dress I made for Baby Heather and it's ready to go, I'll have to pack both boxes and the envelope for Nancy so we can send them out this weekend. Once I finish cleaning, I may trying sewing up a couple of things before the end of this week to add to the boxes.
One of my favorite things... is watching Macon rolling in the grass. He just looks so goofy when he does that and Barney just knows it's an invation to go jump and play with Macon.  Barney was even rolling in the grass today. Rocky will roll every now and then, but he's picky about how it smells first and will sniff and sniff the ground to find just the right place before he will roll.

Billie C.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Howdy July 29

Howdy....  and Good Monday Morning. (it's just 11 am right now as I write this) I hope you had an interesting weekend.  Jerry is still working 6 to 4:30.  He was going in a half hour earlier because he was subbing for his foreman.  Even though it's suppose to be hot today, I'm going to try cooking at home this afternoon.  Jerry gave me a bit of a scare over the weekend. We had stopped at a stoplight and he had dosed off. I woke he by saying the light's green, thinking he has turned his head to look at something but when I turned to him, saw that his eyes were closed.  We stopped at Wendy's, ate our dinner, then went back home. I did want to go to Hobby Lobby but what I want can wait a few more days.  He went to bed almost as soon as we got home. Yesterday (Sunday) he didn't have to work the full 8 hours. He called me at 12:30, to let me know they were leaving early. That's a good thing, We had the laundry done by 3:30 and he got to sit for a little bit before we had to go out again. We ended up eating Dinner a bit early (4:30 is a bit early) at Texas Steakhouse and Saloon.  It was wonderful if a bit pricey.  My steak was perfect. I had the 7 ounce Sirloin and Jerry had the chopped steak ( I knew that was what he would get) I ordered Salad and it was huge. Next time (if there is a next time) I will order the salad dressing on the side. Chris put way too much on my salad for me. I had Sauteed Mushrooms and a baked potato for my sides.  I almost didn't want to go to Wal-mart afterwards, I was so full.  I did the shopping while Jerry went and checked prices for new tires for the truck. (Yikes at a bit over $800 for all 4)  I guess we will be doing them two at a time. And to think we had almost new tires on the van we traded in for the truck.  I didn't go to that side of the store and forgot to ask Jerry to pick up the pet food on his way over there. I had mentioned Saturday night that, if he was going to cash his check in South Boston, that he may want to pick up the pet food and cola's and he forgot. I had to send him back over to get the pet food as I was already in line and I am so slow that if he had waited for me, would have been done and out of the store before I got back and we had a slow cashier as it was. He got back to me before I started putting our things up on the belt.
When the alarm went off this morning, I asked Jerry if he wanted to me to make him breakfast. No, I'll buy it on my way into work. Okay.  once he left though, I couldn't get back to sleep. Knowing he said that there's a good chance that this is his last week on the job (not holding my breath) I got in a "pre pack" mood and cleaned up the closest on Jerry's side of the camper.. Yes we have "sides" his is the door side and mine is the other side. I side on the couch on that side and my bed is on that side as well. (I hate twin beds, by the way) I made the beds before I started cleaning. I got the dogs to get out of my way and tossed a few things. After the closest, I went through all the storage areas in the bathroom and got them cleaned up, tossed out the old stuff that I don't need, and cleaned up a mess a small shampoo bottle made. (Yuck) It will be much easier to pack both, once I know we are moving. So, I had the back all finished before 7 am, this morning. I've gotten the kitchen done, dessert made and ready to take on the living room next. I was getting ready to pack up the dress I had made for baby Heather and one of the snaps I had set, pulled apart and I'll have to fix that this afternoon, while I'm cleaning up and sorting and pre packing a few things. I'll end up fixing that, maybe work on a craft and pack (calling the crafts part, part of packing, as doing that is going to get things out of my way) Oh, I've had the dogs out, cleaned up after them, fed the cats both a can of cat food each and a bowl of dry food for the day.  Whew, no longer I already feel a bit tired.. not counting that I started around 4 am and I'm taking my time doing all of this.
I bought a nice slice of ham that I'm going to cut in 1/2 then grill both in the Foreman grill for dinner along with a Salad. I'm not sure what else I'll serve with it. I do have a can of corn I could heat up in the microwave and we haven't had corn in a long time.
I am hearing... "The View" and then it will be the mid day news, then Y&R, then I'll go through some of our DVR' ed shows and watch what I want of them and delete them. 
I am wearing... Black cut off sweat pant shorts and a very light dye splattered T-shirt that Bailey and I did last Summer.
I am reading...  The Bible, and a couple of recipe books looking for some fresh ideas on what to make for dinner.
I am thinking...  I wish this weather would stay like this for a while longer, It's not too hot yet,  and a nice breeze is coming in through the door. I don't know what is "normal" for this area, but this is still nicer than what we had to deal with, last year.
I am thankful for... Jerry not falling asleep behind the wheel of the truck while he's driving home each night.
I am hoping... That Jerry gets plenty of sleep and gets rested before we have to go to the next job. Even if the next job is just across the state line, we will want to move closer to it as it's more than an hours' drive to get there from here.
I am creating... I need to fix the broken snap on Heather's dress, then hand sew the gap on Nancy's cap so I can send it to her in the mail soon. I need to make a Birthday card this afternoon and get it in the mail for my older Brother, as well.
One of my favorite things... Checking things off my "To Do" list and moving them to my "Done" list.
A few plans for the rest of the week...  I plan on pre packing the storage over my bed tomorrow. I'll have to put everything on my bed and then sort through and decide how I'm going to pack it up when we go down the road. I'll also have to do the stuff on my side of the living room.


Billie C.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This is what happened

This is what happened to my old laptop
I closed the top and a pen was near the hinge and it cracked my screen.  I have been trying to get all my files and pictures transferred to the new laptop we bought almost a month ago. I unpacked it and turned it on (finally) after I found my screen like this. I can still read what's on the computer by hooking it up to our tv.  I have lots of emails saved on the old one and need to read them save the ones I want to keep.   At least I haven't lost any of them, they are just harder to get to.

Billie C.

Instead of loving your enemies, try treating your friends a little better ~ Ed Howe

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Howdy.... July 17

Beth called me yesterday and asked if I could possibly make her daughter a nice, light summer dress, to go to a wedding in, next month. I can make the dress easy enough, I picked up some material with butterflies on it, I can make it this week, even with the heat because we will be eating out each night here each day ) so I won't have as much housework to have to deal with. It's getting it to the post office that is going to be a challenge. I went looking for my patterns I picked up late winter and found all sorts of material I have picked up to make her a couple of outfits so I'll make them as well and give her many choices and a few things to wear for a while. While I was looking for that material, I found some things I should have sent out before the 4 th. I'll send them as soon as I can.  I know Beth said that she's having trouble finding some nice clothes to fit her right now as she's almost 2 years old and her local stores carry 24 month but not 2 T and that there is a difference in how they fit.
Outside my door ... It is HOT outside. I may end up spending the afternoon in the middle of the camper where the air conditioner is, to stay cool. I have plenty of things to work on, and I'm almost done with the daily housework.
The Dogs ... are not liking this heat none at all, they have learned to get out there, get "It" done, then sit at the door and wait for me to open it again so they can jump back inside.
The Cats ... are doing well, Sometimes they come inside but they seem to much prefer finding shady places to sleep during the day.
From the kitchen... The kitchen is closed for dinners until the temps drop back down in the mid 80's. I'm still making Jerry's breakfast, don't get me wrong, but I an not doing any other cooking. I can eat sandwiches or fruit from the fridge and we got out for dinner. Last night, I worn my new outfit. I plan on wearing it again tonight since we are going to a different place. I only wore it a couple of hours and I didn't drop anything on my top this time. (a first for me in a long time, I end up dropping something on every new top I wear, I think)
I am wearing...  Today I'm wearing a top with spaghetti straps (no bra under it) and cut off shots. I'm keeping cool until Jerry calls then I'll change back into the skirt and top I bought this past week. Jerry has a clean new(ish) T-shirt he can change into out in the truck.
I am creating... A nice Dress for my youngest grand daughter.

Billie C.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

07 14 13 Howdy

07 14 13  Howdy.... Hello.  I've not had Wifi since mid day Saturday.  I've called the office to have the modem reset, twice. and neither time has the connection been made again. I've unplugged the antenna up here three times. The last time was when I fed Strips, who was late  coming up for his can of food. I unplugged it, sat with Strips to keep his sisters from trying to take his food away from. Then, when he was finished eating, I plugged it back in, came inside and tried to get on again. Still not connection. I restarted my computer, just to be sure. I even ran troubleshoot to see if it may have been my computer and it's not. (sigh) I have no idea when I'll be able to send this out. I've called twice to ask for the modem to be reset. She forgot after  I called the first time. Last week all we had was rain. But it was nice and comfortable temperature wise. Now this week, It's going to be in the low 90's and maybe a few pop up showers.
Jerry took Sunday off.  We slept in a bit. Once we got up, took the dogs out.  We went to Golden Corral for breakfast. Toy's Husband is doing better each day. It's still going to be a long time before he's close to feeling normal.  He was hit by a car while he was riding his scooter. She almost hit two other people when she clipped him. Broken hip, leg, wrist and I forget what else. I sure do hope that she had good insurance. He's going to need it to pay all those medical bills. After Breakfast we went to Wal mart.  We always go to Wal mart. I picked up some sunglasses to keep in the truck. I picked up two cards of new earrings and a couple of tack pins. I hope to stick it to the visor on my side of the truck. It's a USA Flag, made in the USA and an Guardian Angel pin. I picked up a card of earring backs as well because I've lost a few.   I found a skirt  I like but didn't try it on. I should do that before Jerry gets home. I picked up a top to match in color.  I just wanted something I could look "female" in for summer. I have a wintertime outfit, now I have a summer time outfit as well.
The dogs enjoyed being outside this morning, It wasn't raining and the ground was not wet. But now I have to weed eat the grass around the camper, I plan on doing that tomorrow morning before it gets hot.  Barney tried to get Macon to play but Macon was more interested in rolling in the grass and Rocky was sitting by the door, waiting for me to open it for him.  I cleaned up the yard while they were out and fed Tupelo and Fuzzy their cans of food. I still need to take out a bowl of dry food to them.
I used our Sprint Connection to get on line for just a few minutes.  I just sorted out the spam, deleted the old stuff and sent a few things. I hope that the Wifi here will be back on line soon.
Outside my door ...  Just enough clouds that the camper is not heating up from the sun. but that will change when they move off.  When the Sun does come out again, I'll put the bowl of cat food out for them.
The Dogs ... are now all sleeping. Macon in the middle of the floor, Rocky in a kennel with the door open and Barney is in the other kennel with the door closed. I put him in when I went out to feed Strips and just haven't let him back out yet.
The Cats ...  Are all doing well. They each let me love on them this morning and are all over my hands before I can open the food cans for them. I checked Fuzzy for fleas and didn't find any on her. I'll try to check another one later on.
From the kitchen... Salad, Hamburgers, Melon for dessert.
 It's too hot to bake a cake but it I wanted to bake one it would be this one. I have been making this cake since I was 9 years old.
Poor man cake
1/2 C Lard   2 1/2 C Flour   1 tsp Vanilla
2 C Sugar   1/2 c Cocoa   1 C Hot Water
   1 tsp Baking Soda  1 Tbls Vinegar
 Cream Sugar and lard. Sift together flour, Cocoa and Baking Soda combine vinegar, water and vanilla.
Add each in parts to the creamed sugar mixture. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes.
From my childhood. Love this cake, it is a heavy cake. We never gave mom a chance to ice it, but any icing will work on it...
I am hearing... Mid day news right now. Y&R will be on in a few minutes.
I am wearing... Cut off sweat pants (shorts) a white T-Shirt with a Sunflower I painted on it. It's gotten really stained up and is only good for wearing around the camper, any more.
I am reading... "The Bible," one chapter at a time,
'Chilled Out Fruit Smoothie Recipes, Easy Smoothies for One or Two Servings.
"The Christmas Books of MR M.A. Titmarsh
I am thinking... I so do not want to have to walk up to the office in order to get on-line.  The last part of it is a bit steep and of course up-hill. I may ask Jerry to drive me up there after dinner tonight. I tried to call back and get the modem reset again but it went to voice mail. I know they are going to get a new system, but I've been hearing that ever since we got her back in November.
I am thankful for... running water. It makes it so much easier to do the cleaning up when you have running water and can rinse out the stuff that your rags gather up.
I am hoping... The Wifi is fixed soon.  I am not looking forward to having to go up to the office to download all my emails.

Billie C.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Howdy, From a rainy afternoon in Virginia. At least with the rain it's cooler and I'll be able to cook dinner at home tonight. I'm going to cook Hot Dogs on the Foreman Grill. I have cooked the noodles for Mac and Cheese so I can just pop that into the microwave and heat up, then add the Cheese to it once it's hot. I'll put together a Salad in a bit, as well.  I do hope that this slightly cooler weather will last a few days so I can cook at home. Even if it's cooking early, then re-heating when Jerry gets home from work. Rocky does not like being outside much right now.  He does what he has to do then runs and sits by the door waiting for me to open it for him no matter what the other two are going. I'm sure he'll get over it once fall gets here and things cool off more. Tupelo didn't show up for her can of food this afternoon. I fed the cats after it stopped raining for a while. I hope she shows up when Jerry gets home so I can give her a can of food then.

Billie C.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Howdy.... July 8

For Today ...July 8
Howdy....  I hope you had a great weekend. I ended up missing the fireworks this year.  I got soaking wet waiting for them to start and returned to my camper. When they did start I couldn't get outside to see them because I had a lap full of scared dogs. Macon was first into my lap with Barney right behind him, trying to push him out of the way. Rocky jumped up on the couch to look out the window to see all the sparkly lights.
I've heard from both my daughters today. The Girl's Vacation went well.  A few bumps in the plans but over all they girls enjoyed their time together and the problems came from the men in their life's and not the children. The kids all got along great and had a blast. It's too bad that it got  cut a day short. Maybe next year they can get together again and have more time together.
Our son tried to get a load for his truck through the area so they could at least spend an hour or two together but he was not able to get one going that direction.
Hubby Had the 4 TH off but had to work the weekend. And the rumors are that they are going back to 12 hours a day for 6 days a week and only work 10 hours on Sunday.  I'm sure this won't last long if they do go to those hours.  This job is almost done with but there is still lots of small stuff that has to be finished up before they can turn it over. Turn over date is looming and the company loses some of the bonus money each day they take beyond that date. That is the reason for the rush, now.  Too bad they had to let people go two weeks ago.Just not sure any one really knows when this job is going to be over with.
Outside my door ...  Here is Southern Virginia it's sunny, and pleasant at 10:30. With a high expected to be in the upper 80's. and a slight chance of rain or thunderstorms this afternoon.
From the kitchen... With Jerry not knowing if they were going to 12 hour days or not, I picked up a few things I can fix for my dinner in the evenings. It would be way to late for me to be eating if I was to wait for him to come home to have dinner.. and it would be a long time for him as well, since he eats at 3:30 in the morning and rarely picks up anything to eat during the day. He can pick up a fast food meal on his way home.  It takes him over an hour to drive home so he would be eating around 7 PM if he's having to work those hours.
I am hearing... The "Talk" on the T. V. but once it's off I plan to play one of my Christmas CD's then I'll watch something I've DVR 'ed .
I am wearing... Black cut off shorts and a blue top with shoulder straps (no sleeves)(Yes, you can see my bra straps) it's not like I'm going to be out in public where any and every one can see me.
I am reading... I read a chapter in the Bible and emails so far today.
I am creating...  I sent Beth some "puppy" cutouts I made with my Cricut to pick from for the invites for her Daughter's birthday this year. I still have plenty of time to work on them, once she makes her choice.

Billie C.

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Friday, July 5, 2013


Howdy....  and Good afternoon.  I hope you had a great day yesterday. Jerry didn't want to go do any shopping but we did have to do laundry. We went to a different laundry matt and it's much nicer that the one we have been going to. It's newer but has older machines. The "Air" works at this one much better than the other one.  When we got back home, we left the laundry out in the truck. Good thing we did.  After watching a couple of old, and I mean really old. re-runs on the T. V. we wanted to get out. I suggested we Geo-cache hunt and Jerry said that sounds like fun and he went out to the truck and looked up a couple on his phone and put them in the GPS.  He found the first one, no problem.  It's on a post that is in the middle of an very open space.   We have now finished the "Nuts" series.  So, the next clue said it's by where the Blair's Community Center use to be. and His phone kept saying we are very close as we were leaving the second find.  Well. We got out on the main road, and Jerry's following the directions on the phone, and we have no idea what we are heading into. we are driving down an over-grown road. He stops the truck and gets out and walks down the road to the clearing we can see. He checks the ground and comes back and said he thinks we can turn around there rather than try to back up the way we had come in... and the truck got stuck. We have had a lot of rain and the ground is just saturated and the grass has not been mowed in the area, and it took us two hours (and I'll not say how many cuss words).  We tried to use two of our blankets we bought in Niota under the wheels to give the truck traction. Finally, after about two hours, we got the truck to get up on solid ground. We left our floor mats and the blankets there. They are all replaceable. As a matter of fact, I have been thinking of finding some thing more colorful to put in the truck anyway.  Jerry said that, as soon as we are out of this mess we are going home, and staying there. Once we got out of there, we went to a car wash to wash off as much of the mud as we could. There is still a little mud because that wash doesn't give much water for every Fifty cents spent on it.  I am thinking of asking Him to find a better car wash this weekend and wash the truck again.
We didn't watch any fireworks this year. By the time any one was setting them off, we were in bed. Some one here in the campground set off a few and Barney didn't like that. It was rainy in the evening, and that delayed any one setting off any at all.  I had thought of sitting outside and waiting to see if any were going to be set off, but with the rain, decided it wasn't worth it. 
I started to watch fireworks on the T. V. but it's just not the same as being outside watching them.
Outside my door ... It's been raining off and on this morning. More on than off. Right now it's mostly cloudy  and humid. At least the clouds are helping to keep the camper cooler. I need to put some sun shields in the windows in the front of the camper for the rest of summer.
The Dogs ... Rocky didn't like it when I took them out this morning. It was a bit drizzly and he does not like getting wet. He went and sat at the door waiting for me to open it for him. I was sitting at the front of the camper, watching the other two play and he would come over to me, and go back and sit at the door again. When Macon and Barney got tired of playing it was time to go back in. Rocky gave me a look before jumping into the camper.
The Cats ...  have been fed and are laying on the picnic tables when it's not raining. They are a bit spoiled and want their food, NOW!. 
From the kitchen...  the other day, I started a crock pot with potatoes, green beans and Pork chops in it. But Jerry got out of work early (on the 3rd) and we ended up going out to eat, instead.  I put the crock pot on low before leaving the house and put it in the fridge before we went to bed so everything is cooked and just needs to be warmed up. I'm going to put the liner back in the base around 3 PM (giving it about 3 hours to warm up) and I'll make a salad and we will have some melon for dessert.
I am hearing... Of course I have the T. V. on. but I'm thinking of finding my Christmas CD's and playing one once Y&R goes off.
I am wearing... Old cut of blue sweat pants and a striped, no sleeve top. 
I am reading... Christmas Stories this month. I down loaded several a few days ago, and wanted to read some of them this month by reading each evening
I am hoping... That, when this job is finished it's not so hot. It's hard to move the camper with we are sweating a lot just from packing it up, then having to deal with the animals and then, when we get where we are going, we will end up drenched again before we can shower off.  I am trying to figure out a way to pack yet have room to still get from one end to the other.
A few plans for today... I've got the back half cleaned up and am working on the front half of the camper.  I need to clean the counter by the fridge next. I have the dishes done and most of the floor swept in the kitchen but it will need it again. 

Billie C.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


























Billie C.

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