Friday, July 29, 2011

For Today... July 29, 2011

Good Morning... As usual. I headed back to bed once Jerry left for work.  And now, of course, I feel like I'm behind in my daily upkeep of the camper.  I have taken care of the animals needs right off.. you know.. cat box and walks outside. putting down water and food for them. That water dish is in constant need of re filling. But then, with 2 dogs and 4 cats, it's a bit on the small side. When the bowl is empty.. Rocky will turn it over.  Strips will sit in it and meow.  The others come look at me and then at the bowl.  Macon will sit at the door and look over his shoulder at me if he needs to go out. a silent sigh maybe.  Rocky is much better. He comes and gets on the edge of the couch, gets in my face and gives a little bark. That's what I need for him to do to. That gets my attention that he needs to go out. That silent sitting at the door just doesn't always get read as a need to go out.. Now, when Jerry is home.  Macon just comes up to him and slowly tries to crawl into his lap. Mind you, Macon is a large dog and watching him trying to make himself small while getting in Jerry's lap is very funny.
I have been thinking about what things my grand daughter and I can make while they are here for a couple of days. I know the colored Modge Podge is one thing.  Coffee flilter flower is another project she will love. She loves flowers. Not so sure about sewing up something.  We can walk around with sacks and pick up pine cones and bring them back and do something with them as well.  Mom is going to need a nap when they get here. She said something about leaving almost straight from work to get here. after working all night and a 3 hour drive, she's really going to need that sleep.There's a table behind the camper that I'm sure we can sit at and do things while Mom's sleeping. Oh, that reminds me, I need to pick up a couple of plastic small glasses for the kids to drink out of. Hum... I might best pick up a box of tissues while I'm at it.
Netiher kids likes to eat vegetables. So I'm not sure just what we will be having for dinners each night.  I understand they both like chicken nuggets. and hamburgers.Mom isn't sure if they will eat beans or not. As she said. there is always a peanut butter sandwich. 
Oh, MOM if your reading this.... if you have any Easter Eggs, please bring a few with you, please.
Outside my door ...  it's over cast but still very warm.  it's going in to the low 90's today, and that's considered cooler.  By the end of next week we will be very close to 100 for a couple of days. But then, it's August so it is suppose to be hot.  I think I know why people take a vacation in mid summer. They are looking for cooler places to go for a few days. Up in the mountains, or go jump in the ocean, or just finding a different hot place that isn't home.  Mom told me, that in the worst heat of summer. Grandpa Chowning would set the beds outside under the persimmon trees and then cover them with netting to keep the bugs off while every one slept, outside. She said it was almost like camping.
The Dogs ... are loving the early morning walk and the after the sun is down but still some light out walks. The rest of the walks are "get it done then hurry back inside".
The Cats ... are wondering when they will get their next can of catfood added to the dry food they get every day. We had to take away the canned for for a bit because we just didn't have the money for it. Now they get a can every other day. Of course they are still practicing their nija moves,, jumping bed to bed, from the counter onto each other and then racing into the front of the camper and seeing who can stop the closest to me, without touching me. or better yet. tag me then run off before I can squirt them with the water bottle.
From the kitchen... I think Jerry is going to pick up something on his way home.  if not, then sandwiches/
I am hearing... got the tv on, as usuasl.  A fan is blowing on me and the overhead air is on low, for now.
I am wearing... jean shorts and a white tshirt.  Oh, I finally found out where the laundry room is, here at the campground. it's by the office, inside.  6 washers and 4 dryers. I would still need a wagon to get all the laundry up there. I don't know where Jerry will want me to do it this week, yet.
Billie C.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Morning... er, afternoon.

Good Morning... er, afternoon. (I just looked at the clock) where did the morning go?  Well, I got up early and made Jerry's breakfast and took the dogs out. then went back to bed. Got up at 8 and did the usual of taking the dogs out, scooping the cat box and taking care of me.  I had to wash out both kennels this morning. What a mess. I did clean up where they sit while I had them out from under the small shelf. Boy was there a lot of dog hair under and around them.  I got the Bathroom straighted up, but still have the rest of the camper to straighten up. I just got to get up and do it.
It's another hot, sunny day.  I dread having to take the dogs out again, but it has to be done. Beth called and just wanted to chat while she was driving in to work for a meeting about their insurance. I wonder how her being Pg is going to effect that, if they change company's.  Not good, I'm sure.
The dogs don't want to go outside much, Not until the sun goes down anyway. Then they want to stay out while I'm being eaten by bugs. The cats are being very lazy and laying around on my bed. It's not cool in here but neigher is it hot. I have the air on low cool but think I better turn it up soon.  In a way, I wish I had someone here I knew so we could go into the pool. I don't swim so I don't go into the pool alone.
Billie C.

July 27

It's lovely here. The spot we have the camper is mostly shaded and the camper stays so cool. The sun hits the back from about 2 to 3 30, then it's in the shade again. Plenty of area and road to walk safely. A few dogs, and those that I've seen are either behind a fence or on a lead. Finally, a place that "knows" dogs need some control. Well almost. there was two dogs loose the other evening, and they wanted to come meet my dogs while we were walking. They did go back when they were called and they are not large dogs. I did see a couple of Pit Bull dogs being walked not that long ago. They look to be friendly and were very well behaved.
Dickson is a small town, just off the interstate. There is a small college nearby, so it's part college town. We tried to find downtown but the roads are under re-construction and it was Sunday and we didn't want to get caught up in too much traffic. Laundry is a bit higher here, for machins that are old. We left one place when we saw the prices and the conditions of the machines. We checked out a back of a building place we saw as we were leaving Shoney's after breakfast and its a little cheaper. This next week, I'll have the laundry ready to go and we will eat at Shoney's then do laundry there and get it over with.
We really haven't seen much more than a few stores so far. What with having to run to Heather's last weekend and the weekend before driving here, then going to Clarksville to find the motel where Jerry needed to be the following morning, Very early in the morning. We now get up at 3:45 so he can leave by 4:30, The job starts at 6:30 and the parking lot is full before 6 so he wants to get there extra early so he can get a parking spot closer to the gate. it takes him over an hour to drive back home because the traffic is even worse in the evenings.
Now, you know I don't usually like to take pictures of "new" buildings. I like old courthouses or churches with steeples. But, there is one building here I want to take a picture of. I'm not sure if it's just live theater, or a fine arts, but it is unique.. At one end there is a part that looks like a ball about to roll down the hill. I do know that there have been some summer "camps" there for the kids as the light up sign tells when camps are. I'm sure that there is some crafts store around here, somewhere. That's because the Crafts department in Wal-mart really is less than two isles large. not even a good selection of bead and jewerly making and no material at all. So you know, I'll have to find out where all the Craft suppliers are around here. I've seen a couple of Amish ladies going into the store, So now I want to find out where they are and if they have eggs for sale. I so want farm fresh eggs. The lady who was in the office last week said she sells eggs, but at $2 a dozen, Jerry said no.
I would like to rent a place then so some major work on the camper. Repaint and repair a few things. Nothing major but you know how hard it is to paint a place your living in. It's three times harder when the place is as small as the camper is.
Billie C.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For Today... July 26

Good Morning... Well, I'm up. showered, dressed and taken care of the pets.  That's about all I've gotten done so far today.  Now the bathroom floor is soaked (again).  After I took my shower, I sat on the couch, ready to read some emails and fell asleep. I woke up when I got too warm, and took the dogs out. I had turned off the over head air conditioner before I took my shower or I think I would still be alseep.
I had talked to the man who runs this R.V. Park about a way for my daughter to spend a few days. Unless she has a camper, she won't be able to stay here. That's ok. There are motel close by and Hubby will check the price of a coupl of night in one that is within walking distance of us, on his way home tonigh.
 Most of the Motels are running about $40 a night. Just for a place to sleep.
We now have T.V. again.  All it took was a part that costs less than $4.00 and an hour of Jerry's time, and borrowing a ladder.  yea! I can watch my soap again.  I was watching it via the computer.
 It's going to be another hot and humid day outside. But I think it's expected to be hot at time time of the year. I would be more surprised if any one in the USA had weather that was cool, say in the mid 60.s at this time of the year.  We just took our morning walk and I came home drenched. So much for taking that shower. There are some (7 ) small dogs that just love to bark while we walk past... this time I didn't have to have my dogs sit while we walked past. My dogs  are getting use to them barking, I think. I think it would be great if we could let them all meet, one of these days.
The cats are still in trouble, though. although they are behaving better they are still in trouble. they still want to knock things off the counter tops. When one gets in trouble, all get put in the kennels, unless I can tell it's Smokey. That's because they are all black except for Smokey and once in trouble, and they know it, the one in trouble will run and find the other two as if to say "Protect Me".  I can usually still tell but not always, which one is getting where it's not suppose to be.
From the kitchen... Salad, Chicken Tenders, Rice,  I need to turn the large pack of chicken tenders into two meals. I'll season the ones for tonight with season salt and roll in cracker crumbs. Then I'll put them on the Foreman Grill.  I'll add some chicken seasoning to the rice.  I'm still thinking about what I want to make for a dessert.
I am hearing...  The TV is on and the View is on, I'll change it back to CBS once it goes off.
I am wearing... black cut off sweat pants shorts and my eyor top.

Cheddar and Bacon Potatoes

Cheddar and Bacon Potatoes

"From Our Home to Yours"
Ozark First Church of the Nazarene"

4 Medium Potatoes, scrubbed
2 Tablespoons Butter
1/2 Cup Bell Pepper, chopped
1/3 Cup Onion
1 Cup thinly sliced Fresh Mushrooms
1/4 Cup cooked Bacon Pieces
3/4 Cup Cheddar Cheese, divided
1/4 cup Milk
Pirece potatoes several times with a fork. Microwave on High until tender, about 10 minutes. While those cook, melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Saute bell pepper and onion in the butter for 2 minutres. Add Mushrooms and bacon to skillet. Cook about 2 Minutes, remove from heat.
Slice of tops of potatoes, Scoop out the meat of the potatoe, leaving the Shell intact. Mash the scooped out potato, 1/2 cup of the cheese and milk in a large bowl.  Stir in the sauted vegetables. Spoon potato mixture into the potato shells. Place on baking sheet. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake until potatoes are heated through and cheese is melted, about 15 minutes.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wow

We did go to see Heather and we had a blast. Of course we were a bit stressed about having so little money for gas, until we put our change together and took it to Coin Star in Wal-mart. Between the two of us, we had over $70. (including 1 gold dollar, drats forgot it was in there) Jerry put in on the Wal-mart gas card so we could get 10 cents more off per gallon. we made the trip there and back on 1/2 a tank of gas.. That's not bad, considering that's a 350 mile round trip. I'm just glade we were not towing the camper or that we had his tools in the back cause that would have made the miles per gallon less.
It took a bit, but Corbin finally came out and started talking to us. He's only 3 and a bit shy. But he loved the dogs. He would run, they would run and he though they were running after him.. then figures out no. they were just running.  After a while I was able to give him Rocky's lead, while watching of course, and Rocky was soo good. He didn't pull but a couple of times and as soon as he realised that he had tripped up Corbin was sorry and tried to kiss him.. OH YUCK.. dog slobbers... more crying.. then up on his feet and running again. Tears didn't last long when he discovered that the dogs have to be put up if they are in trouble.
Poor dogs, they were totally worn out by the two kids. Bailey loved playing with Macon. It's too bad they can't afford a dog for the kids.
Macon was called Mason, Macon, Bacon.. Racon, and so on.. Bailey was trying out every combonation she could think of, I think. Jerry checked out an electrical problem they have been having and think they just need to replace an old breaker. if that doesn't fix it, he will check it out more next time. Hopefully we will have enough notice that he can bring some of his own tools with him. Bailey loved talking to me and I loved that she wanted to spend time with me. Last time she was too busy playing with her neighbor.  School starts in a couple of weeks for her and she was in one of her new outfits. Mom got a bit miffed that she got grass stains on the knee's before she got to wear it to school. She was copying Macon, rolling in the grass. He just loved rolling in the grass. There isn't much grass around here for him to roll in.
It was an un-eventful trip up, and a bit of excitement on the way back home. just after we got past Nashville and the lanes were back to two lanes each direction, a truck beside us, lost a back wheel. We all jumped and he did a great job of keeping his truck under control Jerry said he saw sparks flying everywhere. We got pass quick.. and just ahead of him was a dead deer at the side of road, we were just praying that he was stopped before he hit it . cause it was in bad shape.  There wasn't a place for us to pull over and make sure he was ok.
Now that we are back home. We watched Twister, again, to unwind from the trip. We didn't go to bed until after midnight.  We were up around 7 am. we decided to eat out at Shoney's. then do the shopping. We did all the shopping we needed for this week at Wal-mart. Even the pet food, that I usually pick up at Dollar General.  Jerry needed a lunch box, so I picked up one from the sports section along with a couple of ice packs for it.  I picked up a pump hand soap to keep by the kitchen. Once it's emptied, I'll refill with dish soap to do dishes with.
Oh, I forgot to mention. Heather had a counter top dish washer that she gave us. She's had it about a year and is not happy with it, not unhappy either but she said that it's more a size for Jerry and I than her family of 4. I'm not sure we can make enough room for it to work in our little kitchen.. it's larger than a microwave and we would have to tear out some trim to get it to fit. I'm not sure I want to do that, or not.

July 25, 2011.


Good Morning... Yesterday was David's Birthday, Jerry spoke to him on the phone.  I wanted to talk to him, but David was trying to get some sleep before going in to work last night. Maybe next time, right?
We had a nice weekend even if it did start with stress.  Money was getting tight, and Jerry was going to need every thing we had, just to get back and forth to work. His check didn't get to Heather's until Saturday. I had suggested on Friday to him, that instead of her putting it in the mail and it taking another 4 days to get here, that we just use what little we had, and go get it. He could ( and did) cash it there. We didn't leave here until Heather called that it was in. We cashed in all our change and  we have just over $75 dollars worth of change between the two of us. Now, that would have taken care of us, I think, but it was better to go get his check. We really had a nice visit with Heather and the kids. I finally got my box of clothes that I had ordered and yep, as I figured. The jumps are too small for me and they are XXX.  Oh well. if I don't loose weight, I can always send them to the Auction next year. I didn't try on the Chemis yet, but it looks large enough. Not sure on the apron as of yet, either. The ties are a bit short but I can extend them.
We left here around Noon and got there a bit after 3 pm. We left there at almost 9 pm and got home before midnight. Jerry and I watched Twister (again) to wind down from the drive back. We were almost in a wreck just after we passed through Nashville. A truck passing us, lost a tire and he was all over the place. I don't know how he manges but he missed us. he lost the tire on the back driver's side. Jerry said there were sparks flying every where.  We would have stopped to help but there wasn't a good place to stop along that stretch of road.
I have a couple of apron kits that I picked up from a sale at Wal-mark and I have one cut out. I think I'll put it together and send it to Bailey. She sure looked like she wanted the apron I had. She's getting to be such a grown up little lady, now. She loves to wear dresses and was showing me all her new clothes for school. Corbin is finally figuring out that we are kin. He did more talking this time than he's ever done with us before. Both kids loved playing with the dogs and both dogs were worn out by the time we left Heather's home.
Once Corbin figured out the dogs just wanted to "kiss" him, (YUCK) he would run then call the dogs to follow him. then run because they were following him.  after a few minutes of running and me watching Rocky to be sure he would behave, I gave Corbin Rocky's lead. Bailey already had Macon's lead (he''s better about not pulling as hard) and we let the kids run to the neighbors trailer and back. Corbin didn't know to let go and got tripped up once by Macon and Rocky's leads being tangled and i had to tye Rocky up and go to him. He was ok, just knocked down. But he got a bit upset that I had tied Rocky back up. Next time he fell, Rocky went to him cause he was crying and he got up quick and stopped crying. He grabbed Rocky's lead and started running again I think he figured that Rocky was in trouble when he falls down. It was fun watching the kids and dogs running around like that. Bailey so wants a dog. but I did explain to her just how much work a dog can be, especally when you get them as a puppy cause you have to teach them every thing. Like train them to go outside to potty. and that you have to pick it up, once they do potty. (another YUCKY) how they don't know sit, lay or roll over, they have to be taught that.  Macon and Rocky both were rolling in the grass when we got them out of the van. The grass had been cut only a couple of days before and I guess, to the dogs, it was a natural High to roll and roll. I was surprised at how much Rocky did roll in the grass as he usually just sits and watches Macon roll.  This afternoon/evening I want to walk the dogs outside the rv park and let them roll in the grass/weeds at the Driver's testing building. Macon rolled there the other day.  it's away from the rv park by only a few feet.  All I find around here are brush and rocks and sting weed.
We came back to a mess in the camper. Somehow, the cats managed to knock the tv off the DVD player and it was in the floor and damp from where it had hit the water dish. I'm guessing the cats were chasing a bug for that to have happened.  They are still trying their luck today with me. I would think they would learn by now that they just get locked up when they start getting into things.
Outside my door ...  here it is, just a bit past 10:3o and it's 83F outside with a fells like tempature of 91F.  According to The Weather Channel for desktop. It's overcast outside and it's muggy. I was wet from walking the dogs after taking them to potty in the woods.
From the kitchen...Salad, Hot dogs, Mac and Cheese. I'm not sure, yet, how I'm going to fix the hot dogs. I like them fried in the skillet and Jerry seems to prefer them boiled.  Since they are not the all beef dogs, I think I'll fry them anyway.
I am hearing...  The air conditioner and the fan on the shelf next to me. No tv. no radio... I have mis placed my MP3 player (that or the cats had fun with it) and I miss my noise. I may play some of the music I have on this comptuer here in a bit.
I am wearing...  cut off sweat pant shorts and a stained up white t-shirt. My "cleaning house" clothes. it's a mess in here and I really need to finish this up and get started on my housework today.
I am reading... emails
I am creating... I do need to put the finishing touches on a couple of "C" items and get them ready to mail off this next weekend.
One of my favorite things...  visiting with Heather and the kids. She is hoping to come here and rent one of the cabins for a few days before summer is over with.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For Today... July 19, afternoon

Hello, I'm running a bit behind in my chores today. I did get Jerry off to work or rather orentation, on time. But I went back to bed and didn't get up until almost 9am.  Of course the first thing I had to  do was take the dogs out and take them for a short walk.
when we got back I had to let the cats out of the kennels, again.  A bit later, I had to put the cats back into the kennels so the dogs and I could walk again. This time, I had to walk to the top of a short hill so I coule put some things in the mail box. I've only now finished up the back 1/2 of the camper with the bathroom straighted up and the beds made up. I took down the piece of fleece I hemed last week and put it on my bed while the un-hemmed piece is on Jerry's bed. He's not going to be working nights. Yea !!.  I like how both beds now match, even if the fleece is too short for the beds as well as for hanging up in the doorways.. Ah...well..  I'm sure if I buy more fleece in the right length, I can use what I have here to make pillow cases (will be sooo soft when I do that) and then use what's left from that for covers for the open spaces over the beds and in the bathroom. That is, unless I find more polyester curtains to go with the two I have over the tub already. and make all that match up nicely.  Yeah, next time I'm getting the fleece cut in at 6 1/2 foot sections. I'll need four for what I want done.  two for the beds and two for door way curtains. 
Ah. Shade... we have lots of Shade. even though yesterday's high was in the low 90's I was able to stay comfortable with the over head air on low cool. We have a small problem that Jerry can fix this weekend. The camper is a bit lower in front than in back and we have a small break in the back of the bathtub. Since we both shower and not sit in the tub, usually the water doesn't flow out the hole and goes down the drain like it should. Well that's because the back is usually lower than the front when we get the camper leveled.. This lot is so hard to get the camper level on though. I'm sure I'll hear about it from Jerry while he's working on it.
I've started a pot of pinto beans. I may have to drain off some of the water when I'm ready to add a can of chili to it. We just don't like plain beans. It's got to have some meat in it. Chili has enough meat to meet that need. I started them before 10 so they should be ready by the time Jerry gets home tonight. No idea how long he's going to be today. He was home right around 7 last night. Fouund out this job is going to be even longer than he was first told.  It's a 3 to 10 year job.  So... give us a few weeks and we may be looking for a house to rent. We can take our time looking though cause there are a few things I want in a place... like room for some chickens. I really miss my chickens and the horses. May find a place large enough I can get a couple of those as well (wishful thinking) Needs a yard for the dogs, of course. I think I'll go look on Craig's list for anything to rent around here.
I'm in a house cleaning mood today. I've been straightening up my corner while I had Y&R on my computer. At least I'm caught up until today on it. I'm just not intrested enough to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" or "the View" as well.
I now have my mp3 player hooked to my computer speakers so I can have a radio on while I do the rest of my chores.
The dogs like it here. We walk more. They have their own place they want to potty and we have to ho over there at least twice a day. Yesterday, while we were walking down the dirt road where the trash and brush gets tossed, we started a Deer. All I saw was a tawny tail disappearing in the woods. Of course the dogs wanted to follow it, and I had a bit of a time telling them, NO. Finally they realized that it was long gone and that they were not going to get to chase it.  The Cats love that the shields are not in all the windows. They go from window to window looking out. I'm guessing they want to find the birds that they can hear.
I had to step outside for a few minutes before I started writing this and man is it hot outside. I put a wash rag over the back of my chair and some bamboo skewers outside on the chair to dry. I dyed them a dark green.  Opps. they are for a craft exchange so I better not say what they are for, just yet.
It's a shorts day, for sure. I'm wearing dark grey shorts and a light purple flowered top today. I have a light blue bandana covering my hair. I still need to brush it out. I may walk up to the office here in a bit and ask when the pool closes. I think Jerry would like to jump in for a bit.
I have over 400 emails just from yesterday and today. I saved all the ones from earlier this week to read later. We have had some trouble with the wifi here. It's not as good as we were told it was, but it's good enough that I can get on each day and read emails and go to most of the websites I visit often.
Billie C.

"Life is simply a collection of memories...but memories are like starlight...they live forever." C. W. McCall

Monday, July 18, 2011


Good Morning... Jerry left here just before 5 am. It took us about an hour yesterday to find the motel that he has to be at. He has to be there by 7am.  That gives him an hour extra in case something goes wrong. We never expect something will, though.  I did our usual morning routine.. cooked his breakfast, scooped the catbox, bagged up the trash and took the dogs out. Very dark when I took them out so they didn't do much more than pee.
I'm trying to find a station worth hearing on my little mp3 player that doesn't have much static in it.  So far.. well, I'm not giving up but may soon.  I need to get my computer speakers out and plugged in so I can plug my mp3 player into it. that may help reduce some of the static.
I read over a message I sent on Saturday evening to a couple of groups, and I must have been much more tired that I first thought cause it sure was a jumbled mess. I'm going to go find it. and re write it and have it make more sense.   the parts in <<<  and >>> are the original message.
<< to Paraphrase A Song, "We has Arrived". It's an old C.W McCall song called Crispy Critters. >>
This song is based on a real event from the late 1960s, when a band of hippies rolled into Ouray  Colorado, and decided to stay.  Ouray is not that far from where my Grandfathter built his home from a chicken coop. what was once a small animal shelter it turned into a 5 bedroom home with a double car garge. The only bad part was the driveway was very, very steep. He was one of the first to have a heated driveway, just so he could get out of his home.. His wife's uncle owned the property and sold to her because they were also best friend while growing up. Anyway, back to the song...
One day about four or five years ago
We is settin' at the Conoco station
Kickin' tires, and swattin' flies,
And discussin' the State of the Union
When right out in front of the Baptist church
Come a big ol' purple school bus
Had astrological signs upon it
And thirty-five hippies and dogs inside
About half of 'em went for the courthouse lawn
And them dogs commenced on the fireplug
Rest of 'em set there starin' at us
And I says, "Roy, go get your Flit gun"
He says, "Which is the hippies? And which is the dogs?"
I says, "Beats the hell outta me, Roy."
What they was, was a bunch a' them Crispy Critters
And their leader was a space cadet
He says, "Sagittarius, we has arrived.
"Prepare to disembark, men.
"Get the incense goin' and the sitar out
"We gonna camp in the city park, man."
I says, "Boys, let me explain the situation to ya.
"A: you're gettin' me down
"And B: we got us a leash law here
"And C: you in the wrong town.
"You drop one string a' beads in that there park
"And you gonna see a whole lotta stars.
"You got fifteen seconds to get out of town, boys,
"Or we gonna blow ya ta Mars."
Well, they all got back in the purple bus
And proceeded to the city limits.
Then the telephone rang, was the swimmin' pool
Says a mess a' wild Critters was in it!
So we all got in the Marshal's Plymouth
(Which is always at the Conoco station)
Went flashin' on down to the swimmin' pool
To give them Critters a citation
By the time we arrived, it was too damn late
Them critters is all had their pants down
Them dogs was tearin' the bathhouse apart,
And they's after the fish in the fish pond!
I says, "Roy, you get the one in the silver T-shirt
"And I'll get the rest with a net.
"We gonna have a jail full a' naked Crispy Critters
"And a drip-dry space cadet."
[You've watched The Dukes of Hazzard, haven't you? C'mon, admit it; nobody's looking. Well, at this point in the song there's a short interlude which resembles a car chase on Dukes. There's banjo pickin' and yee-hawin' and a general sense of raucous abandon. Oh, yeah, and a few dog barks. It's round-up time at the swimmin' pool.]
Well, we gave 'em hell, but we lost the war
'Cause them Critters outnumbered us
So they moved in and set up camp
And they lived in that purple school bus
Six weeks later, there was nothin' in town
But eighty-four dogs and a head shop
Sellin' dried up weeds, and sunflower seeds,
And astrological postcards
Yeah, Critters took over the City Council
And the dogs all barked their brains out
And the whole damn town was Crispy Critters
And the mayor was a space cadet
<<< We got a late start. and took our time eating breakfast. Didn't leave Tuscumbia until around 10 am... We got to Dickson TN around 1pm >>>
We did get a late start. Jerry set his alarm to go off at 5 but it never went off so we ended up not getting up until 6. Of course we had to walk the dogs. round up the cats, and then put the cats in the kennels. empty the cat box and start the packing up.  Yes, I had to wait until we got up to do all of it. And Jerry was helping, as only a man can. He was good about getting out boxes for me and taping them up for me. and he did the living room.
Now I can't find a couple of things I would have known where they were if he hadn't helped me, but at least I know they are in the camper. I thought he was just going to go down the Jack's and pick up a couple of biscuits.. No, we ate at the Rocking Chair. He must like it to want to eat there before we left the area. it was good. but it was a bit tricky getting the camper turned around in the side parking lot. A sti down breakfast just takes more time, was my only issue with it. That is why it took much longer for us to leave Tuscumbia.  I had  so hoped to leave much earlier.
<<< We took "The Trace" most of the way and, as usual, It was nice. It wasn't hot, hurried or boring.. although I did fall asleep a few times, then Jerry would wake me up again.>>>
 I didn't sleep well the night before and had hoped to sleep while Jerry was driving. Several times, just as I fell asleep he would say something and I would wake back up. That may be the reason I took a 3 hour nap yesterday.  We did get in to the camp ground at 1 pm.   
<<<  The first lot he took us to, won't work for our camper. The sewer was too far for our sewer hose to reach. It's a bit cramped but we had shade trees over us.>>>
We got to the campground and was taken to a site that wouldn't work with the camper. We had to pull throughh and go to a different site that works out much better. It's lower down the line and I'm waiting for our first rain to see if we get a lot of water under the camer or not.  We are not that far from the next camper up, and with the slope of the hill, makes it seem even closer than it really is. I still need to set the extra lead up around a tire so that I can put the dog out and not have to hold onto them all the time while I'm outside.  We are right under a tree and the shade is nice. As I said above.. we will not have that much trouble keeping the camper cool in ths spot.  I told Jerry that the extra time to drive to work is well worth keeping this spot. that is, unless he hears of a camp ground closer to the job that is just as shady. and it's going to be at least 6 weeks before we can afford to move the camper again anyway. 
<<< Yippie. We finally got set up on the lot. we are not level yet, but that just takes some time for things to settle and redo. We had to run to Lowe's and pick up a 2x10 and had it cut into 8 pieces. We forgot about lunch. brought it back and have the camper "almost" level. >>>
We will have to let the camper settle and try to level it again, soon. Usually the back side seems to be lower, this time it's the front. While we were at Lowe's, and getting a piece of wood cut, I also found a step stool to use outside the door as the step we have been using for the last two years is a bit too short and I'm tired of it almost tipping out from under me. The steps only cost $14 and I consider that a deal. We brought back the wood an placed some of it under the wheels to make the camper almost level.. We had such a large breakfast and were so busy that we forgot to get a lunch.
<<< We both have been unpacking boxes, There is one more to go and it's going to wait until either tomorrow or Monday..>>>
Well, it's Monday and I do have to unpack that box. It's the last to be done though.  It's from one of the closest and after it's done I'll be able to put a tub in there, then the laundry tubs go on top of it. That one tub that goes in first is winter clothes.  Jerry was tod he needs to wear long sleeve shirts out here. We don't have that many with us. I'll have to go throuh that tub today and see if I put any in it, I don't think so, I think it's just coats.
<<<  the "plan" is to drive from here to Clarksville in the morning and see how far, and how long it takes to drive . >>>
We did do that Yesterday (Sunday) Following mapquest directions  and then having to hear Jerry stress out because the directions were off a bit. We did find where he had to go so he can find it easy this morning. It took us right at an hour to get there. It's all two lane road and some of it is 35mph and very little is 55mph.  But it's lovely county and since he's working nights at least he'll get to see it on his way into work.
<<<The animals all handled the trip well. I didn't even try putting a litter box in either kennel since both times we have tried that all they did was empty out the litter first thing and then not use it. No messes in the boxes>>>>
We didn't put any litter boxes in the kennels this time since all the cats do is scratch out the litter first thing then not use the litter or the box once they have them emptyed out.  Surprise,  neither kennel had to be washed out, this time. 
<<<. Lots of people have pets here. Oh, there's a swimminhg pool here. Got to find out if my swim suit still fits or not. And I plan on doing lots of walking since all the roads are shaded. That is going to help me feel so much better. >>>
We had thought of going to the pool yetserday (Sunday) but I fell asleep and forgot. Jerry never really said if he wanted to get into the pool or not. I'll be going up to the office after a bit and checking out a few things. Like what do they sell and all about getting into the pool. I will not go alone since I can't swim. But it's nice to know it's there for us if we want it. And with Jerry working nights he may want to get in for a few mintues before leaving for work.  Jerry and I eack walked a dog yesterday afternoon, after my nap, and saw more of the campground. We've been taking a long way out and found a road going out that is closer to the camper. That will make it easier for him to leave for work.  My plan it to walk the dogs to some woods nearby. let them do what they got to do, then take a walk along the roadss when I can, once I get the camper cleaned up again.
<<<<While at Lowe's, I found the fire pit we wanted, on sale. Drats, It's going to be a couple of weeks at least before we can get it. Don't need a big one, just large enough to break the chill in the evenings after Jerry gets home since there is not cable here. We can get dish or Driectv. But we need to take care of a couple of bills before we can do either one of those. I'm not sure we can get a signal through the trees here. That's ok, I can catch up on my "show" from the internet easy enough and we have a few dvd's we can watch. >>>>
I meant to say, that if we get the fire pit, ,we can sit around it when Jerry is home. since it's so nice outside. We don't have cable to the sites here, and if we want to watch T.V. we will have to get our own dish set up. We want to do that, but it's going to have to wait until we get a couple of bills paid off first. As long as I have internet, I can catch the one soap I lile to watch and hopefully we will have somethinh set up by the time the new season statts up. All we are watchinh is reruns anyway. We have a few DVD's with us that we can watch.. Sure we've seen them all, but that's ok as well. We did look for a redbox and found it, but I'm surprised that Jerry didn't look for anything to watch last night.
Now, I hope that clears up any confusion my note on Saturday made..
Outside my door ... It's been much cooler than where we were in Tuscumbia.  Dickson R.V park has lots of shade trees. And so far, keeping the camper cooler has not been a problem. We have yet to put the air unit back in the window. We may not need to, here. It's going to be another nice sunny day here and I really need to get out and walk the dogs a few times.
The Dogs ... I just put some dry cat food in the treat ball and they wore themselfs out rolling it around to get the treats out of it. Both are alreayd back asleep.
The Cats ... have had their early morning rough houseing play and are now just laying around, looking for me to put some food down for them.. They still have plenty in their bowls. I still have to put them in kennels when I take the dogs out so they don't try to "excape" when we come back to the camper. I'm thinkingg of pulling all the shades out of the windows this morning and letting some fresh air in for awhile. I know that I'll have to put the shades back in the bedroom area, at least, when Jerry starts working nights.
From the kitchen... We only bought sandwich makings this week. I do have a couple of cans of chili I can add to either Mac and Chees or maybe bake up a couple of potatos and have the chili over them for a couple of dinners. Either sounds good right now. I'll have to make up some Jell-o for dessert today.
I am hearing... We are clos enough to I-40 that I can hear the traffic on it. I have the music player on my computer playing right now.. I'll be editing a few items I'm sure.
I am wearing... right this second, my blue dress, after I shower, I'll be wearing black shorts and a stained white t-shirt for the day. that's my work clothes for cleaning the camper.
I am reading... emails. I hope to send off a couple of recipes here in a bit as well.
I am creating... I have to finish up a couple of craft items and get them ready to send off for a swap. I'll post pictures once they have arrived and been seen first.
One of my favorite things... Knowing that Jerry is happy.  He posted something on Facebook not that long ago that I found and pasted to mine as well. about being married married to your best friend.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Just taking care of Jerry and the pets.
Billie C.

"Life is simply a collection of memories...but memories are like starlight...they live forever." C. W. McCall

Saturday, July 16, 2011

See you later

I'll be back on line some time tomorrow, I hope.  We want to pull out before 8am.  According to mapquest, it's going to take about 3 hours, Remember, we are pulling the camper so that slows us down a little bit.  I figure it will take close to two hours to pull even thing down and into boxes and tubs so we may be getting up extra early,. want to get to Dickson TN before it starts to get too hot.  Tomorrows; forecast isn't too bad, but come Monday it looks like almost every one is going to be frying. 
Just remember
As a very nice ol lady once told me
Horses sweat
Men perspire
and Women "Glow".
and Honey, I'z a glowing.
Billie C.

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.
--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15

We are moving, tomorrow. We are going to Dickson TN and the job is in Clarksville TN. Dickson is the closest place with a camp ground with openings.  We will be about 25 miles from Nashville. Who knows, maybe we will be able to catch a few shows while we are there. We will be close to "Land Between the Lakes" and I know I'll love that. We were there about 10 years ago and had a blast. and that was before we learned about Geo Caching.  We did some last minute Geo Caching this morning and came up with none. we are 0 for 5 today. We were looking for some we had already looked for before. Trying one more time to find them.  Today's tempatrues are so much nicer than yesterday. Although it is very cloudy. All the animals are enjoying sleeping.  We found one of the balls for the dogs under the couch and we had a fine ol time playing "keep away from the fat lady". they really do enjoy that game alot.
Billie C.

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12

Hello. Not a lot going on around here, today. I got the minumn done this morning, then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Beth called. Just catching me up on what's going on there with her.  She was having some issues with her phone and on one of those times we lost connection, I took the dogs out. She called while we were out and I let the dogs play and jump and roll while we were talking. I had a couple of people that were leaving watching the dogs and watching me. I think they finally realized I was on the phone cause they then turned and went about their busness.  It's not as steamy as it was yesterday but it's still misserable out there. Of course, this time I was wearing one of the neck coolers and that sure does help.  Beth found out she can wear a bandana over her hair at work as long as she has a hairnet over it. That's good cause then if she's getting sweaty she can pull the bandana down a bit and keep the sweat out of her eyes.  It will also help reduce her headaches from having her hair pulled so tight in a bun, as well.  There are times I will switch from a bun to wearing a bandana because my head will ach from the pulling all the time.
As usuall.. I really can't pack up much of anything until the last minute. Every thing is in it's place. It would all be in our way of getting around if I packed it right now. About the only thing I can do is take the breakable off the shelf over the couch. I know I said I needed to do that yeterday but forgot by mid afternoon. Instead I made the first of two curtains I know I'm going to need so Jerry can sleep.
The dogs and cats are behaving, for once.  After a bit of run amuck this morning, they have all laid down and gone to sleep. I found a ball under the couch and got the dogs to play a few minutes with it, before they both said "ugg" and laid down. It's too hot outside to play and its to small inside to play. 
Lunch is a slice of cheese, 1/2 of a sliced tomoato and a handfull of chips. Dinnere will be sandwiches with lettuce and a tomato slice, chips and something from the freezer for dessert. We will have flavored water. Lots and lots of flavored water.
This is Tuesday so I know what we are going to do tonight. Watch T.V.  NCIS. NCIS LA. and then what ever is on after that.
Of course it's a shorts day.  I'm wearing my red shorts and another stained white t shirt. I've spent part of the morning reading emails. That is when I wasn't sleeping.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Calico Beans

Calico Beans

"From Our Home to Yours"
Ozark First Church of the Nazarene"

1 Lb Bacon, cut into small pieces and fry until crisp. Drain and set aside
1 Lb Ground Beef, Brown and drain.
In a large Dutch Oven, place bacon and ground beef, then add the following:
1 Onion, chopped
1 can Pork and Beans
1 can Great White Northern Beans
1 can Pinto Beans
1 10 oz frozen Lima's
1/2 cup Ketchup
3/4 cup Brown Sugar
Stir well and simmer on top of stove for 1 hour OR bake at 350 for one hour.
Can be fixed in a Crock Pot.

July 11, 2011

Good Morning... Man oh Man it's HOT outside. Of course it's July so it should be Hot outside, right?  While I was walking the dogs this morning it felt more like I was swimming throug the air than walking through it. I swear, it if was any more humid I think I would be seeing some Fish floating by in the air.
We will be moving the camper this next weekend to Clarksville Tennessee. That's about 150 miles from here. I need to look up the forecast for Clarksville to know what we are heading into. I know Jerry will work today though Thursday but not sure about Friday. He may be asked to work some overtime. he said he wouldn't work on Friday. But if he's asked he could change his mind on that.
With all this heat, we will be eating sandwiches for the next few days. It's just too hot to cook and too hot to eat. Lots of water for all of us.
Over the weekend, I picked up 4 yards of fleece to make dark curtains for each end of the bed room. I'll have to work on that today. I'l only have to fold over and sew in place one hem on each.  I can use the broom handle on one end and the shower rod on the other. Jerry will be working nights, at least for a while. Hopefully he won't have to be on nights for too long.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Morning...

Good Morning...
Hello.  We are still waiting for one more phone call. Jerry's clearences are done, now he just has to wait for a call that will tell him when and were to show up for his orentation. If he gets the call today, we will be leaving tomorrow and moving the camper. If not, then we will pay by the week here.
We ate at the local truck stop last night. Every time Jerry has driven by, there's been cars there. He wanted to try it out.  I had the chicken fried stead and it was good. I was expecting it to be more of a steak than a breaded hamburger though. Jerry had the ground steak burger, no onions. 
I went back to bed, this morning. I kept waking up last night. I had to get up at 4am and take the dogs out. Then we were up at 5:15.
I hope to hear from Jerry around Noon today as to wether or not to start packing up. Before then, I'm just taking a "me" day (again this week). I hope to be packing it all up this afternoon/evening. 
Who's going to watch the last shuttle launch.. doesn't look like I'll have much choice in it. As all the local stations will be focused on that. They are all based out of Huntsville and much of the major busnesses are Based on Aeronatics. Plus there is an astronaut training center in Huntsville plus the Kids center.
I think part of the reason I felt like going back to bed is we have dark skys and rain. At least it's a gentle rain and not blowing in through the window. I have raised Jerry's foam pad up, again so it can still air out more. I sprayed it with more lysol as well. I've also sorted the laundry this morning. If we go or not, I want to get the laundry done tonight.
One of the reason's the dogs had to go out at 4 am is I forgot to take them out after 8 pm last night. When we got to the grass they were both "happy" to lift a leg.  I took them again after we gott up, and now it's time to take them out, again.  Rocky didn't want to be very good this morning, but he finally figured out that I was in no mood for his antices. The cats have been in and out of the kennels today. They just want to get into things they "know" I don't want them in.
I'll have to cook tonight. I need to empty the freezer a bit anyway.  I took out the half pack of hamburger and will figure out what I'm going to make with it, here in a bit. I have some Mac and Cheese I could add it to, or some rice I made the other day could be used as well. Might go with the rice since it's already cookedd and will just need reheating. I will make a salad and try to finish up the fresh vegetables as much as I can. dessert will be instant pudding so I can use up the milk we have.
I have the local station of CBS on, right now. ?they are doing a special about the shuttle mission and the history of all the missions. Oh. I'll be back in a few. I got to walk the dogs.
Ok, I'm back. Macon just had to roll in the wet grass. The kingfisher birds are in fine fettle this morning and Macon is just sure they are out to get him. He so wants to give chase and I just won't let him. So, instead, He decided to try to chase a butterfly.  It just kept out of his reach and fluttered on it's way to the tall weeds behind him.
One reason I enjoy watching about the space programs is a bit of affinaty.  I was born the the day the space age started.  Sputnik was launched on October 4th.  The same day I was born. Maybe that's why I enjoy reading fiction story's that include space travel.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chicken Gumbo

Chicken Gumbo
Pink Ribbon Cookbook,
Women First Breast Cancer Support Group
1 Chicken, cut up, boiled and deboned
1 can Stewed Tomatoes
1 1/2 cups Okra
1 Onion, Chopped
1 cup Water
4 Tablespoons Flour
2 or 3 Tablespoons Gumbo File
Red and Black Pepper
3 Tablespoons shortening
Mix tomatoes, okra, onions and water. Cook for 20 to 25 minutes. Add Mixture to chicken broth. Add Tomato sauce;add salt and both peppers to taste. Brown shortening and flour, add to mixture (thickner) Cook 40 to 45 minutes. Add Gumbo File. Turn burner off, cover and let stand a few minutes. Serve over rice.
In Memory of Sue Franks.

Broccoli and Noodles Parmesan

Broccoli and Noodles Parmesan

"From Our Home to Yours"
Ozark First Church of the Nazarene"
1 1/2 lbs Broccoli
2 Tablespoons Butter
1/2 cup chopped Onions
1 clove Garlic, minced
1/2 cup Parmeasan Cheese
8 oz Noodles, cooked and drained
1 can Cream of Chicken, Mushroom, Onion or Cheddar Cheese soup
1/2 teaspoon Seasoning (choose either Basil, Curry Powder, or Cayenne Pepper)
1 cup Shredded Cheese ( American,Cheddar, Swiss or Montery Jack)
1 cup Dairy (Sour Cream, plain Yougur, Ricotta, or small curd Cottage Cheese)
 Cut broccoli into bite sized pieces. In a covered pot over medium heat, in 1 inch of boiling water, cook broccoli until just tender. Drain in colander.
 In same pot, add butter, onions and garlic until tender. Stir in soup and seasoning of choice. Mix well. Add cheese and parmeasan, Stirring until melted. Stir in dairy, broccoli and cooked noodles.
 In a casserole dish sprayed with nonstick spray, pour mixture. Cover and bake at 350F for 30 minutes or until bubbly

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For Today... July 6, 2011

Hello.  We are still waiting for a phone call. Jerry will call me at noon only if he hears some thing.
We have "new" people behind us, and guess what... they have a dog and they didn't have it on a lead when they came in last night. Jerry had to cut our dogs' out side time short. I haven't seen any one over there, yet today.
Rocky was a bit "runny" this morning so I gave them their second walk a bit earlier than usual and he's now just fine. I'm not sure what he got into. Macon is such a lug. He just loves to roll in the grass. He will find a patch of grass that "smells" right and will roll and roll, Get up and shake off then go find another patch of grass to roll in.  Some times I'm thinking he's taking a dew bath, but when he's doing it in the after noon, I'm just not sure why he's rolling except that its just got to be fun for him.
We have a decent chance of rain this afternoon and that means I'll have to move my mattress over to Jerry's side of the camper. Im still waiting for him to come up with a way to stop the rain from coming in around the air conditioner.  I'll be taking the dogs out as soon as the news is off. By then, Jerry will be back at work. It's cloudy so the camper isn't heating up as much as when it's sunny out.
For dinner tonight, I'll fix some steak we have in the freezer, Need to get it cleared out even if we don't leave soon. The freezer needs a bit of baking soda.  I'll bake some potatoes in the crock pot. I need to start those in a bit. I'll make extra so I can use a couple for Jerry's breakfast.
I went looking through my stash of craft stuff and I can't find the things I want to make a card with for a challenge.  I hope that I can get to Walmart and pick up something tonight or by this weekend at least. I have a few more days to work on it. I thought I could use an index card for it, but it's just not going to work like I want it to. I'll either find card blanks, card stock or come colored papers to work with.
Othewise I've been working on a clean(er) camper.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

French Onion Soup.

French Onion Soup.
Pink Ribbon Cookbook,
Women First Breast Cancer Support Group
3 Large Onions, thinly sliced
1/2 cup Butter
1 can Beef Bouillion
4 soup cans of Water
1/2 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/8 teaspoon Pepper
1 teaspoon Worceshershire Sauce
6 slices French Bread. toasted
Brown onions in butter until lightly browned. In a large pot, combine all ingredients except bread and cheese. Simmer for 2 to 3 hours until onions are tender. Sprinkle cheese in bottom of bowls and add soup. Place French Bread on top and sprinkle with additional cheese. Serve immediately.
IN Memory of Jewel tutor

For Today... July 5, 2011

Good Morning...Jerry had 4 days off for the holiday and I was not able to keep a journal of the time.
We did do some Geo Cache looking. Found a few more. I still need to log those finds into my account. Found one we had looked for, before.
Friday, Jerry got a call he's been waitnig for, from Fagon.  We may be on the road next weekend since this job pays better and has per deim.  At first it will be working nights.. well from 3 pm to 2 am, but that's ok, we no longer have any kids at home and the animals sleep most of the time anyway. Sleeping through most of the heat of the day this way as well.  Of course, I'll be up most of the day, anyway. and can sleep while he's working. I'll just have to do the noisy parts of house keeping, after he goes to work. The noisy things such as vacuming and doing dishes.  Jerry's been searching for campgrounds and R.V. parks in the area. I did tell him that WiFi is very important this time.  This looks like a 1 to 3 year job. If it looks like that and if rents are reasonable in the area we will look for a house to rent for a bit.
The weather is hot, as is normal for this time of year in the south. That means shorter walks for the dogs, no matter who is taking them out. Luckily the dogs much prefer to sleep with it's this hot out.  The cats are also enjoying longer napt times. /we finally got the laundry done on Sunday, and every time I went past the one last basket of things to put away, there was at least one cat in it.  It's mostly some rags, the socks and some towels in that tub. 
Macon is in trouble. He peed on the bed Monday morning. Not sure why it is, but that's the second time he's done that. Each time is when we place the board between the beds and make one large bed. So next time we make the big bed, he's going to sleep in a kennel. 
For dinner today, I'm going to fix Hamburger in something.. Either make beefy rice, or add it to tomato sauce and have it over noodles or in Mac and Cheese. Salad is always fixed. At least the weather isn't going to be as hot so I can cook wihtout over heating the camper too much. Cooler meaning lower than 95F.. closer to 90F.  I'm thinking of making Jell-o with Pineapple in it, for dessert. I could just go with banana as I have two that need using up soon.
We did get to watch some of the fireworks last night. As first we grabbed our chairs and headed to the edge of the grass to the east of the area all the campers park.. within 3 minutes we were headed back to the camper.  We were being eating alive with mosquetoes. Yikes we both still have welts left over from their feasting on un last night. Jerry said. Let's get in the van, drive to the edge and sit in the air conditioning.. Good idea. Not that we were hot, but it kept the bugs off of us. Then Jerry had to walk the dogs before going to bed.  I was taking care of the cats while he was taking care of the dogs. At times last night,  we were hearing fireworks just outside the camp groud. I do miss firing off our own fireworks at times. There were a few people here who were firing out fireworks. I was surprised as most R.V. parks and Campground forbid them. but then again... the owner wasn't here, he doesn't live on site. I'm sure though, that when he reviews some of his security camera's he's going to see that someone was setting off fireworks close to his propane tank. It's one of those that holds about 300 pounds of propane. I'm glade we moved the van over there when we did, since that made them move off away from the tank to another area of the grass to finish off their fireworks.
I am wearing. Well, right now my blue house dress.  Once I get some cleaning up done, I'll be taking my shower and then it will be a stained up white tshirt that altough it's stained, it's clean, and some shorts.  I bought 5 white tshirts not that long ago and had hoped to keep at least 2 from being stained so I could craft with them.. oh well.... I'll be buying more before too much longer. This time I will be painting or cutting or both on them.
While I was washing up the blankets from where Macon had peed on them, I picked up a book from the small library in the launddry room. It's Starefire, by Paul Preuss. It's a Science Fiction. I hope to read it by the end of this week.
Wel, I need to get up from the comptuter and clean the camper before it starts to get too hot to move in here, again. this afternoon, I need to work on a card project that I am going to put in a card challenge, and then work on another project that involves the letter "C". first time for both. Not the makeing of the card, but putting it into a challenge.
Oh, I did hear from Beth over the weekend. She's doing well, but stressing because they have not moved into their own home yet. She is also getting some flack about what she's eating and or not eating from those around her. She's not eating Junk food as much. She maybe could go picl up commidies and also go pick up from a food hand-out that is close by. But, as she said, this time of year most of the fresh food is all but trash by the time it's delevered and she doesn't have time to deal with getting the good out of the bad before it's tained as well. and it takes hours to get a number, then wait for the food to arraive, then wait while it's set up to hand out, then stand in line while someone gets your number, then walk down the line and pick up. of course, if your need it, you can go through twice.  For a $5.00 bill, though.. sometimes it's just not worht it.  Use to be you got some meat and some bread but from my understanding, there hasn't been much meat in the last couple of years and most of the bread is either squished or moldy. 
Jerry is suppose to call me around noon to let me know if he heard from that other job he wants to go to. If he has, then the rest of this week will be prepacking for moving the camper.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day, USA

Hello.  Happy Independence Day

I know it's been a few days since I wrote in any thing. Sorry  but Hubby
has been off work for 4 days. All for the holiday. It looks like we  might
have some rain this evening. At least that will cool things off for a bit. 
There upper 90's are not pleasant to me. Not at all.  I'm have been lucky  in
that Hubby has been taking the dogs out in the heat of the day. That's cause 
he smokes and he's taking care of two things at once.

He had to put his mattress outside because Macon peed on it  this morning. 
We were not later than usual getting up so we have no idea  why he did that
unless he was dreaming of peeing and woke up doing it. Luckily  it was just
the bedding that got wet. 

We had egg sandwiches for breakfast and peanut butter on  crackers for lunch
. Not sure if we are going to just have cold sandwiches  tonight or if I'm
going to cook up something just yet. I better find out soon as  it's already
5:30. We don't have a grill with us or we would cook outside today.
My sinuses are draining and I'm sneezing.. that means more  trips to the
bathroom cause when I sneeze, I wee.. not fun.

We got the laundry done last night, it stayed out in the van  over night.
I've put away Jerry's stuff and my stuff but not the miscellanies  stuff and
the cats have found their way into that tub. They managed to make one  tub
fall off the bed, this moring and the looks on their faces when they cam 
crawling out from under it was priceless. Too bad I didn't have a camera on
them  at the time.