Monday, March 7, 2011

For Today... Mar 7, 2011

Good Morning... Well. we went to bed early, because we had to get up early this morning.
Jerry left here around 4:30 to be at the new job site before 6am. As soon as he left, I took the dogs out for a quick potty break. I had let the kittens out before Jerry left for work and not soon after he left, I had to put them back in the kennel.. they were going wild. Soon they will learn that the wilder they get, the faster they are put back into the kennel. here it is, just a bit after 7am, and they are out again and already pushing the buttons.
Going to use the roll of hamburger for dinner. Not sure just what yet.
I want to bake a cake today.. maybe two smaller cakes and do one up in Mardi Gras colors, just cause I can.
Outside my door ...  Started off very cloudy. very dark, as the day has gone on, it's gotten lighter but I still need a light jacket in order to be comfortable while walking the dogs. It's still gray out and I'm not sure if we will see the sun today or not.
The dogs ... Are ready for the kittens to go back to kitty jail. Jumping over Macon, and usually missing.. swatting at Rockys nose so much that he has it covered under the edge of the blankets.
The Kittens ... are really pushing it this morning.  Man o man.
one of them jumped at the curtain that hides the cubby above my bed and ended knocking it and a shower curtain pole down. Noisy !! and then all 4 scattered to what ever hiding holes they could find.
Before that, one of the kittens came running in here, with something in it's mouth.. played with it a bit, picked it up and dropped it into the water dish.. I had to get up and find out what it was.. the stopper to the bathroom sink. I put it back into the bathroom, and not 4 minutes later Smokey brought it back into the living room.
I've pulled three dog food nuggets out of my shoes this morning. and picked up my shoes out of the floor because the kittens will not leave them alone.
From the kitchen... I have hamburger thawed. not sure just what I want to make with it. something with some spice and flavor to it.
I am hearing... Y&R.
I am wearing... maroon sweat pants and a light purple top.
I am reading... emails and recipes
A few plans for the rest of the week...
taking the dogs to be fixed mid week, will do laundry then.
look up more geocaches in New Albany
bake a cake for dessert.
Billie C.
most steps taken 10,383

a group I'm in,
"PRAYER - the ultimate wireless connection"

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