Friday, January 23, 2009


I spent most of yesterday, thinking about my father. I didn't even know I had a living father until I was 14. HIs Grandmother needed someone who could milk goats come by for about two weeks and mik her goats while she was taking care of her husband, Dad's Grandfather. She had called my grandmother to ask if she knew of any one at all who could help out.. I was not told who she was. Just that an old lady needed some help and I had the skills she needed. Sure, why not. Twice a day I was taken over to milk her goats, strain and bottle the milk. I won't tell you the condition of her equipment) in exchange, I got to spend some time with her while I waited for my grandmother or mother to come get me. She taught me how to play "this old man" on her old upright piano. It's the only thing I ever learned to play on it. Near the end of the two weeks, I was told just who she was to me. My Great Grand Mother, my father's Grandmother.. I had to ask where was my dad. I never knew if he was alive or dead.. Not only was he alive, but lived only a few blocks away. She called and asked him to come over. she had a surprise for him. He just happened to be in town. I was soo shy. It was painful for me to meet him. I didn't knw what to say, I was a mess cause I had just finished up with the goats, and so I was also stinky (a bit) and here was this stranger I was meeting. He didn't want to come over. He didn't have time, he was busy, he was going someplace else.. and she told him, You won't regret this, come over, it won't take but a minute. Please come over. And he finally agreed to come over. and I met my father. He was a large man. amost 6 foot tall, if not more. I stood about 4 foot 7 at the time (topped out at 5ft 2 inches) and he had to weigh around 300 pounds. Man,, was my Grandmother Mad when she got there to pick me up.. silence for the whole ride home. I thought I was in trouble. big trouble. silence. I wasn't in trouble Grandma Moore was. She wasn't suppose to tell me that Dad was still alive and lived so close. There was a phone call. then aother. between him and m mom.. Then he came for a visit at our house. Much better, I was cleaned up and in my own enviroment. We talked. they talked. Grandma fumed... silence. more silence. He had remarried. Judy was her name. I got to meet her as well. She was nice. We got along well. My mom and Judy got along well. Had a few laughs at my father's habits that didn't change over the years. It was good. At almost 16, I moved in to Dad's for a year. well amost a year. He got me a horse, (had a condition attached to that) At 17, I moved out again and knew why Mom and Him divorced. But, it was an intresting year. I asked him to give me "away" when I married Jerry. He said, if he was in town... I told him.. I did the right thing, I asked him first. I took his answer as a no more than a maybe and asked my older brother to give me away, instead. We saw each other a few times over the years since I got married. Last time I saw Dad, was he came out to my farm for a while. He was in the area, looking for some goats. I had just sold off the last of our goats but the neighbor behind me had pygmy goats for sale. Dad was dad. He didn't know how to be a father, really. No one really gave him a chance to. He was a bit wild and rough and I will miss him. I tried to send him a Christmas card with a letter in it each year, Some years I didn't send out any cards at all. We were not close, but we were family.

William "Bill" G. Swan

William "Bill" G. Swan, 74, passed away Wednesday, January 14, 2009, in Bolivar, Mo. Bill was born October 2, 1934, in Kansas City, Mo. Bill was a breeder and lover of long and short haired Chihuahuas. He was also an over the road truck driver for many years and an Army veteran. Bill is survived by three children and numerous friends including Alma. Visitation will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday January 21, 2009. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday January 22

My father died

Not that we were close, but I almost didn't even find out about it. A cousin of mine, lives in the same city and asked if I was related to Bill Swann. She read in the paper that he had passed. Um.. I'll have to read the obit. What paper was it and when did you read it... The Kansas City Star but can't remember the day.. so 40 minutes later, I find his obit. and it is my father. Right birth date and right occupation. I called the Place doing the services, explain who I am.. and leave my phone number, expecting a call, hoping for a call. (still waiting for a call) I then called my brother. He hadn't been told either. I do know it was his heart. My Youngest lives close enough that she was able to go to the service and told the lady who made the arrangements that we didn't know until the evening before. That is why we didn't send flower and why I didn't come. I didn't have time to get there from here in Georgia.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter is the time for comfort,

Winter is the time for comfort,
for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly
hand and for a talk
beside the fire:
it is the time for home.
~Edith Sitwell



My thoughts of what this day is.. Inauguration Day of Obama. It's got to be like a marrage. You know, you dream of the day you are going to get married. You find the right guy. You make all those plans..What dress to wear, What flowers to have, The ring. Who will be there, and who won't. Even plan out the Honeymoon.. Then, it's the day, That day... but.. wait... what about tomarrow. You will be a married lady. He will be the US President. and the day after and the day after that... This is just one day of the next four years.. No Matter what happens today, it all the days after that will really tell if Obama is going to do as the Majority of people who voted for him to do.

I have to admit. I would have rather have had a Black Vice President before we had a Black President. but then again... No one wants to correct the public view that he's also 1/2 white. His mother was white. He favors his fathers' race, but he's still 1/2 of each race.

Monday, January 19, 2009


OUr weekend was calm, and quiet. Jerry had to work Saturday, But we went to the auction. Not many showed up and it was finsihed by 9 pm. Very unsusal for that. I picked up a rug for Rockys kennel, and two for in the kitchen for me to stand on. Jerry got a lighter and I got some figurines.
Sunday we ate breakfast at Waffle house and met a man who was up to visit his sister in the hospital, here in town. Found out that you can purchase a "I" bond for under $20 and it takes 10 years to mature. Hummm. sounds very intresting caue in the end you get back $100. but, like I said it takes 10 years... just in time for retirement on Jerry. We had to go to Macon, to Home Depot, so Jerry could pick up some tools he needed for work. Stopped in PetSmart to check the price of a kennel. It was a better price at the auction. I'll pick one up next weekend at the next auction, if Susan brings one with her. From there it was back toward home. We decided to do the grocie shopping.. Jerry grabbed a cart as did I and that always raised the amount we spend. WE did splurge a bit. some fresh cut fruit. Him watermellon, me a tropical mix of pineapple, kiwi and mango. I found a great beef package for just over $10. It has a small roast and 5 steaks that I can cut in half and so get 6 to 7 meals out of it. come chicken breast tenders were a good buy so got them as well. And Jerry picked out some pork chops as well. took it all home and put it all away. Watched a bit of tv. then headed to the laundry matt. While I was starting up the machines, I saw this "gal" come and give Jerry a big hug. (It's ok) I stepped out side and said "Aren't you glade I'm not the Jelouse type?" Then I found out her Boy Friend, who worked on the job, died last month and his family has been reall ugly with her since. Later, while she was putting her clothes in a dryer and I was finishing up, I asked if she knew I was teasing her. She said she wasn't sure. I told her, Yeah.. it's ok for her to hug my hubby. She needed it. We got to talking and I may be keeping her dog for her while she's working nights. Would be good for her dog and her to know it's ok. She may have me watch it for her while she goes to Missouri to take care of a legal problem there. A friend who happens to be male beat the holy S*** out of her and she hopes he gets at least 10 years for it. No man has the right to lay hands on a woman like that. Period. Really he has no right to lay hands on any one like that. The funny thing is.. they were friends and not more than that. So go figure what was going on in his head at the time. Any way, she may have me keep her dog while she's out of town. That will be intresting I'm sure. She was surprised that we got along so well, so quickly.. Hey, it's a small world when your working construction and We stick together. She's been working the toolroom at night.

After we got home from doing the laundry, we sat and watched a movie Jerry picked up a while ago, Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brandan Fraser in it. I made dinner near the end of it. We had salad, smoked sausage and mashed potatoes. Not much, I know. We had a treat afterwards of a Klondike bar.

Friday, January 16, 2009

what a difference a few days make. Last night it was COLD. When we got up at 5, I checked the temp and it was 16. Yikes.. 16 in Georgia is like.. below 0 in Missouri, No one wants to be that cold.

Rocky went out, did what he needed and ran back to the door to come back in. Later, when Tudo showed up, he wanted out again.. for all of 5 minutes or so.. then he wanted back in again. He's not asked to go out since.

I have a large pot for flowers that I brought in when the temps started heading into the the 30's. The flowers I have in it, have all died, all but one and it's looking very poorly. I don't give up hope on it, just yet. But I do keep forgetting to water it, cause it's in a back bedroom. I picked some shorter bamboo canes from the pile I have of those that I picked out of the break that were dead, and pushed them into the pot to hold up a plastic bag from my treadmill to help keep the humidy up in that pot. In a few days, I want to toss in some seeds a friend sent me from South Africa. I figure, if they start now, they will be of good size by the time I can put that pot outside on the porch in a corner and if they are trailing vines like the package looks like they can climb up the hand rail.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Todays weather is in the upper 50's and clear... sure beats what the norther part of our nation is getting. I read where Alaska is breaking records this year with the amount of cold. Some of which is headed this way, which means our lows in the lower 20's and highs for the day in the low to mid 40. Yeah... I'll take it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Morning/ It is a nice bright morning here in Georgia.. Our high today is going to be around 60..I'm enjoying it while it lasts, cause it's to drop into the low 50 by Monday.. with lows in the 20's again.
Brrrr. that's cold around here. But it isnt like the cold up in Alaska which was down to -55 (below 0)

I need a way to keep the kitten out of my flower pot. I have one struggling plant left and he keeps nibbling at it. I found bits of dirt from the flowerpot on my treadmill this morning when I went for my first walk... right now, I'm working at a steady 5 mintues at a time 4 to 5 times a day.. My calfs are very sore from yesterday's 4 five minute sessons. I didn't realize just how out of shape I've gotten.
Rocky got himself tangles under the house this morning. AT first I thought he was tangles around a pipe under there, But now.. a cane stub.. it's about 1 to 2 inches high and he had wrapped around it. I ended up having to take out a screw on the siding to reach in and get the line loose. but first, I had to get the extra line from the front porch. Talk to Beth, it was her time to call, go out the back door, remove the trellis crossboard from under one side of the deck (it's half rotten anyway and easy to move) crawl under the deck (backporch) get to Rocky, and about that time TuDoe shows up and wants me to pet her. and she keeps getting between Rocky and me. I finally get the extra line on Rocky and get him loose. try to pull the line through only to have it catch on something. can't see, it's dark under there...And now Rocky is trying to wrap around the supprt for the deck and retangle himself.. (AARGH) I crawl out,, TuDoe ends up jumponng and banging me on the nose.. then runs off. (I said an unlady like word) Rocky is at the end of the spare line and "knows" he's in some trouble with me..I hvae to come back into the house and find a phillips screwdriver so I can take the siding loose, reach in with a cane pole and figure out what and how is the thing tied up.. it's just a single wrap around the short stub. and within a minute I have it back loose. I tried looking for some place eles I can try Rocky to that he won't get tangled in something else. no luck, I'll just have to hope he doesn't tangle up on that stub again.
Now he's barking at the post truck that just went down the road. will turn around come down our road, and back again.. and he barks at it each time.

Now, it's evening... I did walk 4 times on the treadmill, for about 5 minutes each, that is .. until I run out of breath, and my calfs start to cramp up for the angle of the thing. I did get most of the house cleaned up like I wanted to get done today. Monday afternoon, I have another eye lazering and wanted to try to have as much of the house clean as possible before the weekend. Still don't know if Jerry has to work this weekend or not, yet. We can sure mess up a house in a couple of days.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walking the Treadmill

On Dce 29th, Jerry ordered me a treadmill I saw on the Walmart site to store link.. I sent it to him. It got here yesterday.. When we got it home, Jerry went right to work putting it together for me. Wow.. It took about an hour total for him to put it together. Yes for one part it takes two people.. it's definatly a good beginner item to have ... I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but I plan to preserver. I have had two 5 minute sessions already.. it's like walking up hill. with a small load on my back.. in just 5 minutes, I'm huffing and puffing. But if I keep doing it, over and over, that hill will not seem so bad after a while.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just a few ponderings for the NEW YEAR.

Just a few ponderings for the NEW YEAR.

Why do I wait till after the New Year to take down the tree? because it's always the way we did it. I guess.

Why do I not eat the candy off the tree until after it's taken down? besides the fact I really shouldn't have any candy in the first place? again, because we always did it that way.. and more... Mom hated Christmas trees. I never found out why. But in order for her to get us kids to take it down as quick as possible on New Years Day, we were not allowed to eat any of the candy that was on the tree until it came down. She made sure there was the usual Peppermint canes on it, and Chocolate as well. I use to have the Chocolate on my own tree a few times in the past, but not in the last few years. I havn't found any that I like, that also look good in their foil wrappings.

We don't do the Black eye peas and or Collard greens. We had steak, Mashed Potatoes and a Salad instead. Yesterday, I found the pork I had looked for in the freezer, and fixed it with Rice and another Salad.

I don't know what I'm fixing tonight for dinner yet.. most likely hamburgers since that is what I have in the freezer that will cook up quick, Salad if I have any left, and most likely oven roasted potatoes.

Does my world seem to revolved around food? yes. Par for the course, I guess. Growing up, I was a skinny kid. Even by todays' standards I was skinny and everyone I knew was always asking me to eat more. Mom had the saying that I'm sure all kids my age grew up with, Children in China would love to have what your leaving on your plate. Wish I could have sent it to some kid in China back then. Now, I have a really hard time leaving food on my plate, to be tossed out. Mom's lessons were well taught.

Jerry has of today and tomarrow and we went to the Flea Market in Macon.. I should have taken some Advil had I a known we were going. And, my backpack. We found a few bargains. I found a belt that would fit me, once I get a buckle for it. I stopped the man from punching holes in it, just in time. I explained I wanted to put my own holes in it. That way, I can put them just where I need them.

"The first of January rolls around
Like clockwork it appears
I find it’s timing most profound
As it brings us each new year
Right on time, It’s never late
Has never ever blown it
Apparently this wise old date
Refuses to postpone it
Drink a toast to January one
For annual consistence
It’s coming means the old year’s done
Let’s drink to it’s persistence."

- Stanley Cooper, Happy New Year, 1926

I got Jerry to take me to the thrift store, where I found a great sized table for the two of us. While he was putting it in the car, I went to the book section and found 4 old books. One a song book from Kansas dated in the 1920's. Now, I can't remember if the song author is on the left or right when a song is written out so I'll post it under both names, when two names are presented on a song from the book. Since I don't reconize many of the songs I thought them very fresh to read.

Happy New Year, by Clinto Scollard
French Folk Song

Hark! Hark! Hark, thro` the dark Sounds are stealing, Bells are pealing!
Swing Swing Swing as they ring New Year greetings, unto all!

Hear! Hear! Hear, far and near, Chimes are ring-ing, Bells are flinging
Cheer, Cheer, Cheer thru` the year; Happy New Year unto all!

While we were taking the chairs and table out of the back of the car, the table fell and broke off two of the feet. We had to run to Advance Auto for some J-B Weld to fix it with. At least, we hope it will fix it. Jerry was a long time in the store, and I had someone ask to borrow my phone. I did let him, it was a local (for him ) call, and we talked a little bit, then he left.. and I went it to see what was taking so long. Jerry was ordering a lamp cover for the car and they were trying to find one, someplace.. finally one was found and he paid for it. Came home, fixed the legs back onto the table, letting it sit for the J-B to set and cure, and watched some old tv.. right now, it's North by Northwest.. intresting. We had a time getting the kitten to STOP playing around that table while it's upside down. She was persistent on playing in that area of the house. We finally got her to find a differnt area to play in.