Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh Yucky

Man oh man.... now I went and did it.
Ever wonder how you get rid of the stuff in your camper.. you know .. the dish water and bath water and well.. the toilet water?  There is a hose that attaches to your camper that runs to a sewer drop.  The hose is large enough to handle must anything that you would dump in the house as well... the hose is flexable and lays on the ground or in a rack of sorts that helps it all go downhill.  Well.. Rocky keeps coming in "smelling" just a little.. Just enough to make me wonder what's stinking. and it's not all the time. Well, I have the dogs tied out today.. and the smell is getting worse.. I had to pull Rocky out from under the camper.. and he stinks again. So I go around the back of the camper and push a little on that sewer line.. it drips just a bit from the connection point (not suppose to do that)  so I nudge it a bit closer to the sewer drop point.. it's still full so I go around the end (it's on a bit of a still place that I don't want to slip on) and nudge it closer still to the sewer drop and it fell out,, and spewed nasty nasty "stuff" all over the ground, and, of course, some of that got on me as well... the line is blocked up, again. Oh yuck.. I had to come in rinse off my hands and arms..take off my shoes and change my pants cause it's all over them.
I called the office and someone will be here in a bit to help take care of the blockage. in the mean time. I can't do anything that takes water. No dishes, no shower (planned on that this afternoon) Not use the john. I closed the tanks off but they don't hold much... once they have the blockage opened up,, I hope they will rinse the area out.. I tried to take my waterhose off so I could do that and it's on too tight.. I hate it when a "Man" has to turn it just as tight as he can. I "Know" it needs to be tight,,, but that's just too tight for me be be able to take it off.
Billie C.

There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.
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