Monday, February 28, 2011

For Today... Feb 28

Good Morning... what a weekend. We got a lot taken care of. The RV show, found 4 out of 5 Geo Caches on Saturday. Waited for a no show, to find out if the air stream could be used for a down on a Jayco. laundry and food shopping on Sunday as well as a stop for Cat food.
I have discovered which kitten is using Jerry's bed for his litter box. He tried to use my clean clothes and I caught him. He's now in kitten jail. triing to dig his way out and begging the others to let him out. I checked the litter box and it was hardly used so it's not because the box is filled. I'll take him out in a couple of hours and take him to the box. give him a chance to use it, then put him back in the kennel and that will be repeated every two hours, today.
*10am, can you believe it.. let him out and he went in our dirty clothes. I'm going to break him of this, or out the door !! going to let him go out again at noon. I need to find a way to block the hole to the tub over the catbox.. it's clean so no excuses.
looks like we are about to get hit with some wild weather today. We woke up to Thunderstorm and tornado watches. We left a couple of our window up all night and it was nice and comfortable. Oh yuck.. tomorrow night is going to be back in the 3o0's. Usually happens around here after a storm. once the front comes through, it cools off a lot.
Outside my door ... it's windy and we have some rain coming in as well. I have the door open and a couple of window's oopen and I'm wearing shorts.
The dogs ...  have been doing good. We have walked pass a couple of dogs with no problems and they are getting better about not trying to pull me to people when they say "Hi" to us. I keep telling the dogs that just cause someone says Hi, it's not an invitation for pettings. I think they are starting to get the message.
The Kittens ... Strips is in kitty jail. The other three are doing well, but strips has a bad, bad habit to break and quick. three nights in a row, Jerry has found a wet spot on his bed.
From the kitchen... pork chops, not sure what starch yet. salad. and sugar free jell-0 with mandrine orange slices in i.
I am hearing... morning news on the tv, rain on the roof
I am wearing... dark grey shorts and a light purple top
I am reading... emails, I have over 900
Billie C.

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Have great hopes and dare to go all out for them. Have great dreams and dare to live them. Have tremendous expectations and believe in them.
Norman Vincent Pea

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