Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jana wrote me a note

Jana wrote me a note
 <<< I read your blog every day. i am so disapointed when i find you did'nt write do you have to move to another place soon? Or did your husband find more work where you are? when are you going to give those sweet kittens a new home? I don't know how you put up with all their antics.Besides is there really enough room with the two dogs and the cats in the camper? I wish you luck. jana >>>
When Jerry isn't working, We spend as much time together as we can.. The "free" wifi here at the campground has been on the fritze. Jerry uses the internet to find a job and we use a Sprint connection when we don't have Wifi.  He's been using the Sprint and I've not been on line as much.
We don't know yet, about moving. First the job, then we will know. Jerry did rely on Craig's list for a job in Chattanooga but we haven't heard any thing on it, (yet) We are praying and hoping we hear soon, since it's suppose to start on Feb 7th.
He's also looked in This area, the Tuscaloosa Area, Columbus GA area and the Gulfport MS area that I know of.  There are not a lot of jobs in construction right now. They "should" pick up around the first of March though.  He even bought a magazine that lists construction jobs and he said there are not a whole lot of jobs listed and even fewer for eletrictions. We will stay here in Tupelo until another job comes up.
I keep offering to give any one I meet a kitten but no taker's on that. I will not take them to the shelter here since it's not a no kill shelter.  They are learning manners well and are totally pottybox trained (finally)  They are a riot to have around and they are very loving as well.  I'm use to being in close quarters with animals and loved ones.
Try living in a 25 foot camper with three kids and a large dog. That's cramped quarters.
We put the kittens in a kennal at night to keep them out of stuff, during the day, they may "roam" the camper but it they get to be too much, into a kennel for a time out. They are fed a can of cat food and a cup of dry food each evening in the kennel as well as having access to dry cat food during the day. Keeping the waterbowl filled is a challenge when Macon can empty it in 3 seconds when he's thirsty.  I clean the catbox in the morning and early evening. I use the scoopable 24/7 and we go though a container of it a week. That's not bad when you consider it's 4 kittens using the catbox.
The office is working in he wifi today and I hope they get it fixed soon so I can download some graphic from a couple of groups I'm in.
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