Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 7. 2011

I'm doing well. Jerry made a few phone calls but we havn't heard any back, yet.
Jerry is making supper tongiht. Spegettie with hamburger in the sauce. Not sure what else is going to be fixed.
We went Geo-caching again this afternoon.
found 4 out of 5.
 We went down (or is it up) to 20 mile bottom, an overlook on the Natches trace, to read the sign there for a virtual Cache. There are three questions we have to answer and then we either get "credit" for the find or a clue to the next cache. Once we read the sign, we headed back to one of the caches we were at yesterday, To place a travel bug we had picked up, into that cache to it can continue on it's way
. From there we headed down the trace to the Tupelo's Main Street Exit, so we could go look around Fairpark for one. Jerry found it on a stand close to the weather station that is hiden behind some bushes close to the entrance. I took pictures of a statue (not of Elvis) and read the plaque that is on it. MLK is not the only one with a dream. A local Indian had expressed his dream of all peoples getting along in peace, back in the late 1700's.
  Then we ended up going past the campground on our way to the next one.  which is out close to the ballfield in Saltillo. There is a marker at a corner that tells about how this road was the first concrete road, South of the Mason Dixson line.
 From there we headed back into Saltillo for a cache that ended up behind the brick entrance "gate" (no gate just the brick thing with the name of the residentual area on it) and Jerry found that one easy enough as well. But the next one.  Wasn't there. Said it was in the rafters.. No building so no rafters. Suppose to be "Under Construction". Jerry looked all along the brick/rock wall where the GPS showed it to be, but it wasn't there.
We stopped at Dollar General for a can of nuts and some chips to snack on this eveing. We are craving salty, then we will crave sweet.
I asked Jerry if it was ok if I picked up a wood burning tool. I reminded him that he smokes and I get nothing out of that.. I could use what he's spending on smoking on getting this and have some "smoke" of my own. (haha) So instead of turning into the campground, he drove me to Hobby Lobby and I went in and picked on a wood burning tool and a bag of wood to boot. As I told him.. if he wanted, he could try it as well and see if it's a hobby he would like.. While I was inside the ladies behind the regester were talking about how they don't get Good Friday off and may not be getting Easter Monday off either. and that they wanted the time off.. This Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays. And i so wanted to tell them to be happy they have a job, as there are a lot of people who would like their job, even if it meant working the day before or the day after Easter.
When we left the camper around Noon it was nice and warm(ish) and we didn't need to zip up our jackets.. by the time we got to the third Cache, the one about the concrete road, we were zipping up quickly. Our high today was 42 and we are now at 35F (it's just a it past 6 pm as I write this) I know I saw a few snow flakes in the air.
I took my bags into the camper while Jerry walked the dogs. Jerry then brought in the dog food. Once I put the bags down that I had,, I headed down the hallway toward the bathroom (needed it) and had to clean up along the way. The kittens had somehow gotten into the storage above my bed. Knocking things out onto the floor. The shield that I use to keep the light out of my eyes, A couple of sweat shirts that I don't have room for in my drawers, A couple of boxes.... were all on the floor. I found all 4 of the kittens sound asleep in the middle of my bed. As if to say,, Hey Mom, I have no idea how all that stuff fell out of your shelf and onto the floor. oh, by the way.. we like sleeping on your purple fluffy scarft, please unhook it from the thing it's stuck on and lay in on the bed, please. please, please!!!

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