Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 17 2011

Good Morning...
Yesterday was my Granddaughter's birthday. Happy Birthday Bailey. I hope you got your cards on time. Thank you for the Valentines card you sent to Grandpa and me. It made us giggle.
 Woke up to heavy clouds this morning. but at least it's warmer.
Hard to believe that the month is over half way over with.  I have always said that the best part about Feb is that it's the shortest month on the calendar and that winter therfore had to be the shortest season. I can't complain about the weather here, though. The last few days have just been heaven. No need for a coat to walk the dogs during the day and only need a light jacet at dark.  We didn't even have the heaters on last night. (9am) it looks like it's going to pour from the sky at any minute. I knew we had a chance of rain today.  The kittens "LOVE" going outside. They don't want to come in at all.. when Jerry got home he called the kittens and they all came running. Smokey came in wet, though. I think he fell into the small creek that is behind the camper. He had help getting dried off. two of the other kittens helped him right off.. by the time I could get a towel,he was dry enough to sit between Jerry and I. I don't know the how's or why's but I bet he don't do it again, at least for a little while.
Rocky and Macon were "desperate" last night so I walked them so Jerry could watch all of Survivor. I don't know what I missed. I know that Boston's Rob's tribe lost a member. But I'm not sure who it was. A woman is all I know of.  When Jerry and I "heard" how Redemtion Island works we both said, We could do that.. Set up our own camp and keep our own fire going, and find our own food, and not deal with the other people.. the only thing that would be a struggle is the dual when the next person shows up. Looks like a great twist to the game.
I need to get up and pull some chicken out of the freezer. That, rice, salad and jell0 will be dinner tonight.
Since I have the roaster oven out, I'll most likely use that to bake the chicken instead of frying in a skillet. The rice, I'll cook in my rice cooker. maybe... as long as I don't blow a breaker that is. Guess I can bake the chicken first, leave it in the roaster and then cook the rice.. or just do it in a pan on the stove.
Don't know what our plans are for the weekend yet. I'm sure Jerry has a few ideas of what he wants to do.I do know that laundry will have to be done. and we will have to food shop as well. but beyond that, not a clue.
"Make a list of all your dreams, and - live the list."

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