Friday, February 25, 2011

Good Morning, and Hello.

Good Morning, and Hello.

I have had a busy morning already. Got up, got dressed, after a wild night of storms last night. We went to bed kinda late because of the Tornado warning sirins and storms. Plus Jerry was later going to be as he was waiting for a phone call that never came. My "New" phone came in. I got a blackberry. Now to figure it out. (got to read the book)  So after a late night, but good sleep. We got up, dressed, walked the dogs put them in the van.. and off we took. First stop, Hardies for breakfast, then across the road for Jerry. (cigars) On to his job. I end up driving around the building since they are lifting up a huge tall tank. Not sure where they were setting it, but I had to drive out a differnt way that what we came in. But I know where to park to pick up Jerry.
Back home. walk the dogs, quickly. Put all the kittens in a kennel and and drive to the clinic. Found it but had to drive behind, turn around and come back up, go out one drive and back in the other to find a suitable parking spot. (the van is rather large) Walk inside, am told to fill out papers, one for each cat. So, I fill in 4 papers. there are 5 or 6 others in there filling or waiting as well. My turn.  total $160. That's for the fix, the meds and the rabies shot. Not bad for 4 kittens.  the dogs will almost be the same but I won't need to take in the kennels for them. Pick up at 4:30 this afternoon.  With them "Fixed" I may be able to find a couple of them a home easier now. I do know that it would give them more time in a shelter. (or so I've been told)
after dropping off the kittens I stopped at the Walmart on Main Street.. I knew I should have gone in there before now. This one has a fabrics department.  Wow. a nice one at that. now, to find that pattern I want and find out how much material I would need to make a top, and either a skirt or pants. Looked at the patterns that Simplicty has for historcal costumes... ugh.  But I found material there that I want. A wide, blue strip. Now to find how much I need for a pettycote.  But they didn't have the cat litter I wanted. They have the smaller container but I want the bucket. After it's empty, I can recycle it. Planning on planting tomatoes or peppers in it.  I did pick up the ink we need and a cd I found of some Worship songs.
After I left there, I headed to the other walmart. The one closer to the camper. Picked up 4 new collars for the kittens. I asked that if they have to take off the collars, be sure to put each on the right kitten as they are color coded at home. smokey is the only one that is easy to know which one he is. I have to get closer to tell on the other three. I found a black collar (Smokey) Pink (Tupelo), Red, (Fuzzybutt) and blue (Strips) When they asked about Fuzzybutts coat I had to say short.. it was longer when she was smaller but she's lost her baby coat but she still has the white undercoat. Picked up new leads for the dogs.  and a couple of boxes of tissues for Jerry and I.
Now I'm home until this after noon. I have to put the other kennel in the van. Depends on what time I start off, may stop at the dollar store or a thrift store. Pick up kittens, (have to take the dogs with me) Pick up Jerry, eat out again (ate at Torallines last night, good food) then either do the laundry or come home. Depends on how tired Jerry is.
I can't believe that a Sprint Rep said he (or she) would call back within a hour and never called back.  I usually get the call, asking about how our service call went and I'm going to give an earfull.
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