Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning,
We are still waiting for a job call. But we did get in some information on the un-employment. His "card" came in. No money on it, yet, but the card is here. So we are 90% sure he's going to at least have some income for a bit. Not sure how much a week, yet.
We didn't do much at all yesterday. Jerry walked the dogs, took the trash to the can and checked the mail. His card came in and I recieved two Valentines. I sent birthday cards to my grand-daughter off a few days ago. I hope to hear if she got them or not, soon.
We are not sure what we are having for dinner yet. We have Chicken, a roast that I need to cut in half, and some turkey left from Thanksgiving in the freezer. I really need to get that turkey out. I'm thinking I may turn it into Turkey Salad since Jerry isn't intrested it it.
We are in for a weather change. we woke up to cold and clouds this morning. But the sun came out, for a bit. Now it's getting colder again and we have a good chance of snow this afternoon/evening. Up to 3 inches according to the tv. Along the bottom of the screen, is the rolling scroll tell of the schools that are closing early and church services that are not happening tonight.
I'm thinking that, after the mid day news we may go to the store and check to see if there are any meats we want to pick up. Not sure what else we may pick up. Maybe some chips. I want to go through the produce section and see if anything looks good to me.
Outside my door ... Cloudy and windy. I can see the trees moving in the wind.
The dogs ... are sleeping on my bed. That is when the kittens are not chasing them off of it. They just snuggle up to the dogs and slowly the dogs get tired of them and get up and leave.
The Kittens ... are pestering the dogs, because they can. Tupelo is now on Jerry, loving all over him, since I didn't pet her while she was under my hand while I was typing.
From the kitchen... Still not sure what we want to fix for dinner.
I am hearing... Y&R is on..
I am wearing... Light grey sweatpants and a light colored top that has dark flowers on it.
Billie C.
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Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon...everything's different.
- Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes

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