Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For Today... Feb 15, 2011

Good Morning, and Hello.

Jerry "surprised" me last night by bringing me a Valentines gift.  We had talked about not giving each other a gift. He brought me home a stuffed white and red puppy with a bone Pillow that says hugs on it. 
 I Was surprised. Dinner turned out well. I was a bit late starting it, but baking the chicken in the roaster oven gave me time to walk the dogs when they needed it, then I was able to fix the rest when I got back inside.

Yesterday's weather.. Man oh man.. I had the window's open, the vents up, and the door open as well.. and it looks like I'll be able to do the same again today.
 Now.. to convince the kittens to stay closer to the camper. And to come in when they are called. Smokey looked at me when I called, then turned and walked away. I brought out the cat food.. tossed a couple of handfuls into the kennel (a sound he know well) and he still ignored me.  I put the 1/2 screen in the door and went on about my cleaning.. about 15 minutes later he was up on the screen, coming in, and meowing for me to now feed him.. I told him. You Snooze, you lose.  Hopefully today, when I shake the cat food bag and call kitty kitty, he'll come running.
Today's dinner will be a pot of pinto beans and cornbread, Salad and left over cake from yesterday.  I didn't frost the cake yesterday. and I don't have any powdered sugar to make my own.  I had bought a small container of strawberries and I had some of them on my cake. Jerry loved his cake ,"bare". 
I offered to pack him a lunch for today and he said no. I asked if he wanted tea for his lunch.. and again he said no. He said it's too far to walk to the van, eat, then walk back to his work station. He'll pick up something to drink on his way to work (Diet Cola) and will just have that at lunch while he's smoking his cigar. No wonder he's losing weight.
Today I'm grateful for... Jerry loving me for who I am. I asked him if my not working was a problem and he said no.
Outside my door ... Sunny skies and warmer weather. I expect to see lots of buds swelling and breaking open within the next few days. I love that very first sign of Spring. And the smell that comes with it.
The dogs ...  Are enjoying our walks. They also got a ride last night. Jerry has lost a tool, and we had to go buy a replacement for it. A holding screwdriver runs close to $30.  Yikes.  But he's had the last one for over 10 years.. and the tip was getting really bad as well, because he uses it so much.
The Kittens ... Loved going outside yesterday. They have each gone to the door and looked at it, then at me, then at the door again.. asking for me to let them out. Not until this afternoon,
From the kitchen... Beans with burger, Corn bread, left over cake
I am hearing... Morning news on the tv. a crow is close by, as I can hear him (or her) over the tv. I love it when we are walking and I can see all sorts of birds around.  The campground feeds the wild birds and when we walk past the office, Macon gets all excited because he gets to see birds. I reconize Cardnals (of course) red wings, titmouse and a couple of jays are here.
I am wearing... Still in my morning dress.. going to put on dark grey sweat pants here in a bit, and my Grey tshirt.
I am reading... Greatest Knight on my pc.. so far it's a bit dry. Jumps over a lot of assumed stuff. one minute he's talking to his sponser (who is paying for his training into knighthood.) then he's talking to his brother, talking about some tournies he's been in, with not giving any details about them.. then he's talking to his Uncle, then a Queen and her son's.. now.. he's been taken hostage when the Queens party was attacked on their way to someplace I can't pronounce.
I am thinking... I'm glade I didn't pay for the book I'm reading. It's a freeby off of Amazon.
I am thankful for... Jerry being ok that I don't work outside our home.  I can work or not on anything that's needed here in the camper.
I am hoping... That we can find a few Geo Caches this next weekend. I found two of the 7 we found over the weekend. We found 7 out of 9 we looked for. not a bad average, really.
I am creating... A Cleaner, fresher smelling home for us.  with 4 kittens and 2 dogs that can be a challenge.
Billie C.

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