Monday, February 21, 2011

We had a long, intresting day.
We found 5 out of 8 Geo Caches today. I found three on my own. So funny. We decided to look for some we have missed, after I had gone to the Geocache site and re-read the navagation numbers and the details.
We have tried to find Bel Aire several times. every time we were close to the golf course, we would stop and Jerry would look. I found it right off. I walked straight to the tree and looked around the base and there it was, behind a piece of bark.
I all but forgot that I had my camera with me. I took this picture first, I like taking pictures of flower, I just wish I knew what these were.

Can you see where the cache is?

From Bel Aire we went to look "One more time" for the one at the big valve.. Oh my.. we looked high, we looked low, we looking in the holes. and we looked around the edges.. and Jerry found it I had to retrieve it because he couldn't get his fingers in to it. They are just a tad to big to reach in. I used my pen to help push it where I could get it.

Our next stop was Ballard Park. We've been here before as well, twice before. We ran into another Geocacher here. He's was looking and looking.. and we all gave up. I went back to look, one more time after I went to the van and got out my notebook. Jerry was in the woods and I asked him to move some brush aside for me.. there it was. I thought it was another empyt can of Red Bull (the blue can) and Oh my.. it was the cache. the other man had just left when we found it.
our next look was not one we had been to before. I figured it was close to where we would be, and wrote it in the book. I was working on my notebook and Jerry took off. I got out of he van and followed him. He found it before I could get close. Here it is, though.

Well, of course I knew of yet one more in this area. Only a couple of miles down the road.. but which road.. we took some back road and byways to find it. Loved the backroad drive. it's here in these signs.. can you tell which one it's behind?
Hint.. not for us "short" people. I had to go back to the van and get a pencil because the pen I had was too fat to hold he container in place so I could inch it up some more. then I also had to watch for traffic and not let anyone see what I was doing. I wonder what people though as they drove by us and me standing outside the van, near the back. I was kinds hoping they thought we were arguing and I was cooling off (ha ha)
here is what it looks like

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