Tuesday, February 22, 2011


From watching the TV.. I wonder what ever happened to "The will of the people" in Wisconsin.  Really.  There are protesters about limiting what the ublic Service Unions can use to bargin with for their own members. When all but wages are off the table, there isn't anything left to bargin with.  I thought  our "Goverment" was to follow the will of the people.. they are not allowing "Us" to vote on anything any more. Why not put it to a vote?  Let the people vote on each and every item of the budget to keep it or toss it.  We really no longer have much voice left, I think. We are only mouthing the words and they have lost all meaning.
Tuscaloosa is going to have a vote on wether or not have Liquor sales in Restraunts on Sunday's between the hours of 1pm and 10pm... How silly is that? Oh well.  People who drink, will drink and those who don't, won't.  I think "we, the people" are being duped by how much attention is paid to all the little issues, blowing them way up and the hiding of the larger issues, hidden behind close door and little media presentation.  Who runs our tv and radio any more?  another curtailing of our voices?
Too bad, I don't know what I can do to change things.   I wasn't around when Hitler was setting up his "New" Germany, but from what I read, this sure feels like what he was doing then. Without the hate speaches.
Confuse the people with little things so they don't realize the big things are being decided behind their backs.
Billie C.

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