Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Morning...

Good Morning... Wow,I'm  asking for  prayers for the people of New Zealand and for my on line friend, Caroline and her family. With no power, she can't get on line and let us know if she's ok or not. I can not even imange what it's like in Christchurch right now.
Sunday I was on my feet more than usual and I sure felt it. My right knee was in pain all Sunday night. Late in the night, I recalled that I have a knee brace and found it and put it on.. wore it all day yesterday. It did help a lot. I took it off last night and was able to sleep with no pain in the knee.  I had my pedometer on Sunday as I had over 8,000 steps on it.. the most yet since getting this one. Yesterday, I still got in over 5,000 steps.
I think the kittens are going to be in time out today. While I was taking my shower, they dumped the dogs' food out all over the floor. Now they are playing with the broom, after knocking it down from where I put it after sweeping up the dog food.
Outside my door ... We have gray skies today.. with a chance of rain and a high in the upper 50's. That's not too bad.
The dogs and the kittens ... Are sleeping on my bed, trying to ignore the kittens as they are jumping bed to bed. playing "hockey" with the dog food they spilled and then having a race down the hall, jumping up by me on the couch, to turn around and race back to the bathroom, bashing into the wall back there. tumbling over each other on the way back again. stopping to bat at a dog food piece. Jumping up at each other, like pudgiest in a ring.
Poor Strips. Don't know how he did it, but he had a string from his collar caught in his bottom teeth. He finally got close enough I could catch him and fix it. The other three were also trying to help get it out for him but he let me do it. I then clipped off the loose string and petted him to calm him back down.
From the kitchen... Hamburger something. Not sure what I'll make of it. Jerry suggested Spaghetti, but I'm not interested in that.
I am hearing...  Morning news
I am wearing...brown sweat pants and a light blue T-shirt
I am reading... emails, recipes
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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ~ William Arthur Ward

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