Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jerry got a Job !!!

Jerry got a Job !!!
Jerry found a job. He got a call just before 10 about a job a man he worked for had just gotten and he jumped into the van and went to their office. He filled in some paper (resume and local information) and was told he'd get a call sometime after lunch. Well by 2pm we were just thinking that they didn't need him, and he was called. Asked to come in at 3:30 to fill in more paper work. I set up the crockpot with a roast, potatoes, green beans and carrots. We walk the dogs and head out the door. Get there in plenty of time and he fills in the paperwork for the taxes and stuff. We even looked for a couple of Geo Caches after he was done. Ended up eating out at Ryan's to celebrate his getting another job.
Jerry will be working in the building he just left. He was running wire for that job, Now he's going to be termanating machines. Maybe run a bit of wire as needed as well.
We don't know how long this job is going to last.. and there is another job that he may go to, after this one.. That one is also within driving distance of the camp ground.. but if it's going to be more than a couple of months we may move the camper closer to it, when the time comes.
Today (Sat) we looked for a few more Caches.. Jerry discovered that there have been some new one's set out.. We went to one.. an were walking down the trail, when I spotted a small water jug on the side of the trail. We met someone else who was looking for the same cache. We got to talk for a few minutes.. They don't hunt caches between the end of October and the beginning of March because of Hunting Season. But today's weather was so nice they just had to get out. We spotted them at another cache we have looked for over and over again with no luck. It was cool to find someone else doing it as well.

Our weekend plans.. do some GeoCaching before Jerry starts on a new job, Monday.. do some grocry shopping and maybe a couple of loads of laundry.
I bought a Blind for over my bed.. the one I had, the strings have broken on one side and it gaps badly.. the kittens playing in, on and though it don't help any. I got tired of how it looked and since they are under $4.oo bought one. I had to have Jerry help me put it in. We picked up two of them really, not just one because the size over lapped. I hope to use the smaller one over the sink if it will fit.
The bottom bracket is what I needed the help with. I could have done it, but it gave him something to do. We are NOT taking any of the slats out. I'm not going to mess with that part of it.

We don't go to the Library. We just can't see paying any where from $10 to $40 for the Privilege of using them for just a few short weeks. Before we move on to the next job and town.
the next best thing, for us, are thrift stores for books. We don't have a Goodwill close to here but we have several drop off, collections points in town. One of these drop off places also has books.. lots and lots of books. I try to stop in every couple of weeks or so. I've been looking for some Beverly Lewis books. I know, she's been writing for a while, but I just now have gotten an interest in her work. No luck in finding one of her's at this place though. But I also love picking up Recipe books. I try to find local church books, I had picked up 5 or 6 books. A couple of chocolate books (Hershe's and Baker's choice) but I put them back on the shelf. A couple of other books, but on second look put them back as well.. I did find one put out from people who support the Cancer Society , and the other is 200 dinners under 200 calories.
we got the water problems taken care of. the sewer hose had to thaw, is all.. it had a bit of a block near where it hits the main sewer drops here. finally it got warm enough to thaw out and our water runs out like it's suppose to..
When we know it's going to be below freezing, we run the water a bit, at both sinks. We also have a heat tape wrapped to the waterline as well. That way if it drops below 35 it starts to warm the water line and that helps keep it from freezing as well.
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Caroline said...

Hi Billie, MARVELOUS news about Jerry's job!!!! God bless you both!
Love Caroline